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Hi simn11,
Thats what happens when you are starving, you see panera and sandwiches everywhere. Actually Pune is a city in India. Puneri means from Pune.
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Bobbi - Blowing on the ceiling - your DH does have some talent. And you will be laying the floor - where do you get your energy
Dee...I don't work anymore, retired at 54. I don't have to hold down a full time job like you all do, if I did I'd not have so much energy. That plus I've always had lots of enery, sort of like the Energizer bunny.Add attention deficit to that mixture and you get me.
I will post my menu from yesterday, today I didn't keep track. We were laying the kitchen floor, got it all cut out and laid down. Tomorrow we'll pull it back up, smear some glue on the back and attach it. I still have the small bathroom off the kitchen to cut out, lay and glue. We have to measure and buy new floor moldings, quarter rounds, cut and stain. I'm feeling really good right now, I thought I was going to have a panic attack working with DH. More than once I said, STOP! You're not cutting that straight. 4-5 years ago I put DD's kitchen floor in all my myself with no problems. Unfortunately we had to replace that one because of our daughter's recklessness. I had the frig unloaded, put in the dining room, food put back in. When I finished the floor, Tiff said she could slide the frig back into the kitchen. She didn't bother to take the food, just slide it unto the new floor fully loaded. She tore a huge hole in the NEW floor. dummy So tomorrow after we get the floor glued down, I will unload the frig, put some "furniture sliders" under it and carefully move it back into the kitchen.
Okay, that's my whining for the day. Here's yesterdays menu:
Keep me Accountable menu 916 calories + 38 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Caramel Cinnamon yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch - Veggie Soup
I turned one of my cherry berry puddings into a smoothie, added coconut extract and stevia. I think I’ll do that again, yummy!

Supper -I flattened out some Venison, seasoned and rolled it around dill pickles, cooked slow in crock pot with broth. Mashed potatoes with ff sour cream, spinach.

Pudding/Cool whip, dry ˝ serving fiber one

Popcorn and frozen grapes

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Good morning girls,

I can't believe that another week has passed and we are half way through February - before we know it Easter will be upon us.

Back later in the day.

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I just learned that Dad has non small cell lung cancer...they will do MRI on his brain to make sure cancer does NOT reach it...HOPE NOT! HE will do chemo and radiation 2/17...wish now... Dad knows how I feel and stuff...I said everything and did everything to make him know I love him, etc... still I plan to see him soon... Hope he will live longer than should have...

thank you guys for prayers and thoughts...

I do food journal...everyday I eat differently but my stress may have hold my water in me--have not yet lost another new pound but my pant hanging on door fits me more... I make sure I dont overdo it... but hard to avoid stess when I think about Dad alot...I even cry alot... not today but still sad...

Have great weekend...those who lose weight, congrats!


Happy weekend
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Hello Goldens!

I came here in the hope that it will improve my lousy mood! I have some stuff going on at work. (Me to unemployment insurance appeal: "no, I don't have a specific policy against killing people. Yes, I believe he actually knew it was wrong - that's why I fired him!" ) OK, not quite that bad but almost - and I don't DARE post the true facts on a public forum. But really!

I don't think that it responsible for my mood. Maybe I am having an old school PMS day even though I am well through early menopause. I could cheerfully go around smacking people poopless (as Donna says) I think I even scared my ds because the house is clean, all the dishes done, and he even cleaned the bathroom without prompting... Maybe I need to act like a Biaootch more often! I have eaten very little today because I am in one of those moods that I am afraid to start! We are having chicken stir fry with lots of veggies ("what can I make you for supper, Mom?") I am going to have a couple glasses of wine this evening and relax - I have the calories to spare...

Rosey, hopefully Sadie getting fixed will settle her down a bit. Although labs usually take at least two years to mature. Sorry.

Puneri, I know about the city but I always think of the sandwich. How is your 17 day diet going?

Carol, boy, your dh was lucky to find you. My dad has always done the finances in their house. I am a lot better about it than I used to be. I also would have checked out his financial situation. Good for you.

Donna, I wouldn't have to make any effort to put a mistake in an afgan - it would be a mass of mistakes!

Gayle, I like your new plan! It seems to be working for you. You need something positive to focus on.

Freda, hope your back is improving. Must be hard on the back being a nurse. How much longer do you have to work?

Zoe, I hope the consulting gig went well the last couple of days. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend.

Karenmo, I copied the picture of the husband day care to tease my dad. I told him that I was sending him there when he retires. LOL

Karenfl, are you still in your 40 degree cold front? tee hee.

Mary, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that good news about the house is on its way. How are Joe's eyes doing these days? I thought about you today as I was working my way through a giant bowl of romaine lettuce.

Bobbi, hopefully, the house project is winding down.

Marie, did you say that you are losing your ovaries, too? Your dh is the best. What are you doing this weekend?

Tomorrow I am playing in a mixed scotch doubles tourney with my friend Sean. Scotch doubles means that if I make the ball, he shoots, then I shoot, until one of us misses. It is fun but really challenging. I am looking forward to it.

Ds just came home and brought me the little "4pack" of single portion wine. I think he must have been concerned about my mood. Grr. He was so proud of himself.... "look mom!" Always looking out for me - the turd! I DO mean that lovingly, of course.

Sorry for those that I have missed. I am off to practice pool and hopefully avoid bodily injury to anyone. I think I am going to practice the breaks...... I wonder how hard I can hit em? LOL

Later! Rie
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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG’s,

It’s been a busy day. Didn’t get everything done I had hoped to do. Tired and achy all day ~ I think this damp weather makes my joints ache.

Got to see Maddie a few times today as she and Grandpa popped in and out as they went about their day. She cracks me up. When she came by the first time, I had had a shower, but wasn’t dressed yet and my hair wasn’t fixed. She said ~ Grandma you look different. But the big crack up came when she looked at my bare feet and told me that my toenails were ugly. You never know what is coming out of that mouth.

I was telling my sister about it later ~ she did not think it was funny and worries that Maddie doesn’t have good manners. I tried to tell her that Maddie is only 4 and that she doesn’t mean anything by it. She is not saying these kinds of things to be mean ~ just making an observation.

I love my sister, but she can be exhausting to talk to sometimes. She can’t help herself I guess. She has had a hard life and has had to be tough. She is always telling me I need to do this or that or the other thing. If I had asked her what I should do, I wouldn’t mind her telling me. But she just tells me and is quite insistent in doing so.

Went down to my work place to try to line up my physical therapy the dr wants me to do (for the sciatic pain). Wasn’t able to do that there, had to come back home and call to arrange it. Made a couple other stops trying to find a little table to use at work. They got us new chairs and they are nice. I have to lower the seat to help with my sciatic pain. It has helped that, but makes me have pain other places as the desk top then is too high. So, I am going to try this little table that I can slide under the desk when it is not in use ~ it is lower and hopefully will help my other pain problems. Also have to try to get the maintenance people to get my phone so that it can be moved around. As it is now, it is attached to the wall and because God gave me these short little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms ~ I can’t reach the phone (now that my chair is lower) without straining.

Got the trims for my ugly black scrubs. (DH sent me a text the other day to tell me that my ugly clothes had arrived.) I had looked at them one other day to get some idea of what was available ~ saw a ribbon kind of thing that had skulls on it ~ my ornery self thought ~ if they are going to make us wear that morbid black stuff ~ maybe some skull trim would be just the thing. I’m too chicken to do it ~ LOL.

I will have my hearing aid next week. Kind of apprehensive about it. Adjusting to it and all. Wondering how it will work out at work.

My eating wasn’t so good today. Got to work on my routine for my days off. I did ok part of the day, then fell apart in the evening. No time to post it yesterday, running out of time today. Still have some getting ready for work tomorrow stuff to do. Wishing I could just go to bed now. Oh well.

Sorry for the long saga ~ writing therapy I guess. Sorry too that I won’t get to the personals tonight.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Take care
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I am surprised to know, that you know Pune. Are you a software person?
Bobby, are you making a quilt? I am also making one.
I did 17DD for 3 times and lost 22 lbs. Then was on maintenance for 4 months
Started again on 3rd feb.
Today i read about metabolic exercises and started doing it from today.
Exercise lifts your mood.
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OK, we’ll start the post off the same as yesterday. Surgery update. It has been scheduled (firmly this time) again on March 6th. Perhaps my sad “oh” at the news of the postponement helped. I don’t know. But it is March 6th again. It was another not nice Friday at work. After I was home I thought about it. Next Friday is the colonoscopy (yuck) but no work. The Friday after I will have to work. Then I’ll have a month of no working on site. I decided that should stop the Cluster Friday problems. BTW ClusterF… turned into Cluster Monday on Monday when I was joking with one of the principals. I liked it so much that it started to spread as a saying and DH shared it with his co-workers so its going there too. But I decided today was one as well. But that bad was over by 11:00 this am but work interfered with Starbucks Friday. My weekly reward if I’m on plan is I get a skinny mocha from SBUX (trading symbol) on Fridays. But work interfered and that was irritating. But alas, it is weekend and that is awesome. And I got the news that I don’t have to wait longer for the surgery so I’m pleased about that.

Now the sadder news – I think my soul doggie, Ms. Blizzard Bear, is starting to fail. For the last 3 days she’s had some labored breathing but not always (like right now she’s breathing normal and seems normal). Last night she had a convulsion or mini-seizure. She’s got that sick doggie smell and is just more hesitant. And I found another lump. (She had a cancerous one removed in December). She and I had a good talk and I told her it was okay if she leaves me because I don’t want her to suffer. And I promised her (even crossing my heart) I will not let her suffer and I won’t have vet intervention to prolong. And I will stop playing Jackson Brown’s STAY for her anymore. So, I could lose my soul dog but I will be ok. She was given a 5 year life expectancy and she’s over 11 years old. I got way more than predicted. Of course, I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it is a faze and she’ll be with me forever and ever. But I’m also not in fantasy land.

Donna, repeat after me “I will not smack the patients”. Chant it until you can find a punching bag. You and Rosey should stop by my office. I have my Billy Blanks punching bag in the corner and I did smack it a good one yesterday.

Deelee, way to go ignoring the chocolate chip cookies. That is not an easy thing. A fresh from the oven gooey choc chip cookie ranks up with the butter slathered bread fresh from the oven that Bobbi and I raved about yesterday.

KarenMO, I don’t think I could handle birthday dinnerS. The plural is what would get me. I can falter one day but repeated days to celebrate make getting back on track so hard.

Rie, I’m glad you posted yesterday. I was getting worried. Having been the employer in unemployment hearings in the past, they are frustrating. Sorry you’re dealing with idiots. At least you have a really clean house now. And it’s the ovaries causing the majority of the problems. So adios, I say.

Rosey, naughty Sadie. I hope the hole in the kitchen floor is in a conspicuous spot. If Sadie is like my dogs, they like to play in the middle of a room, not a corner…

Carol Sue, my first thought on your confession was that it was fine, you were protecting yourself. Then I thought about whether I’d like it if someone, even my true love that I wasn’t married or similar, did that to me and my immediate answer was no. But alas, now you are married and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and from your accounts of his bookkeeping skills, he’s lucky you looked.

Jenye, I find that getting to the end of the week is a good thing. I love weekends.

Cinne, I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Gayle at the idea of skull ribbon on the ugly black scrubs. Very, very morbid color for a hospital.

Puneri, I totally believe in exercise for mood lifting. If I don’t exercise, I’m crankyskirt (skirt since we’re calling the men crankypants). One day of no movement and I can have the label. Good for you getting on the move.

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Hi everyone just a quick post. got back from grsons bbgame,they lost by3 was fun to watch. and my throat is horse from cheering.another game tomorrow. (((hugs)) for all hope your weekends awsome. rosey


stuffed bell pepper
iced tea

coffee mocha
slice of banana bread

bq moose sausage
1/2 cup macaroni salad
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Marie - I understand what you're saying about how you would feel if someone snooped on you and I agree. That is why I somewhat feel guilty! He, on the other hand, would have wanted to snoop into my sexual past if he could, and he did try, by asking me too many questions. Every time I said "Hello" to another man he asked "Did you sleep with him?" Finally I told him "I'm 31 years old. It's unrealistic to expect me to be a virgin. Let it go!" And he did, pretty much.

I'm glad your surgery is back on schedule when you want it to be. This is going to bring you relief, and that's what's important.

Puneri - Are you from Pune?

Rie - I loved your comment on not having a specific policy on killing someone! At least you showed up for the appeal. When my daughter was fired because she could not meet deadlines, her employer failed to make it to the hearing. Was that the pot calling the kettle black? LOL She won her case, but it took so long and she went so long without a check that her credit ended up in the toilet anyway.

Cinnamoni - I'm hurting with you, hearing about your Dad. Just be there for him and he will understand that you love him. It is very hard when the person who raised you and took care of you all those years is failing. I pray that the two of you have the time you need for all you want to do.

Bobbi - You are a good mother to do all that work for your daughter. Good luck with the floor. When we put our flooring down the floor was still sticky from the tile squares that had been there before. We kept trying to put the flooring in place but it kept sticking. It was a dilemma, but we figured it out. I think maybe we were supposed to use something to get that old glue up off the floor, but we didn't know that. We know now!!!
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Home again…and had a wonderful trip to New Orleans, Panhandle of FL and then on to visit with oldest DD in NC. Put over 3500 miles on the car!!...No snow anywhere on the east cost! Low 70s in New Orleans and FL so had some nice warm sun too. Went to a morning of “cooking school” in New Orleans and had a ball learning about NO culinary history and learning to make shrimp creole and bananas foster! The down side is I am at my highest weight in 4 years!! I will update my tracker after this and truly admit to it there! Since being home (Tuesday pm) have made it back to the gym and walked/jogged another day…back to the gym today. Still can’t get myself to track food like a lot of you do…but have been cutting seconds and more desserts unless it’s fruit.

Have been trying to catch up on all your posts…happy belated B-day, Karen . Sorry I don’t have the time for personals. Just wanted to check in and make myself accountable.
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morning all from the warm South....Everything is blooming now and the pollen is 2" deep on my car.

Bobbi....After DD did the floor in I am so glad you didn't do what Rosie is planning for Sadie!

Rie...Did you crack some balls? at pool that is!

Gayle(my love) criticize you so much....It's okay to just enjoy a wee bit of life!

Marie...phew glad you got back the schedule. I would hate to have that long a wait. Must tell you about when we loss our sweet Cowboy. I worried forever that he would go into status epilepsy (constant seizing) and what we'd have to do at home. When the day came he went out did his business, but collapsed on the lawn we carried him on to my bed and he slowly stopped breathing. It was like a gift that we were able to be petting/telling him of our love as he passed over the rainbow bridge. 7 years later am in tears writing this...Dog love is a perfect love!

Ciannamonie...You are in my prayers.

Lyn....welcome back. Sounds like a fun winter trip.

Zoe....okay stop hiding....what happened on your trip? you were primed to be a ball of fire!

Freda....I don't think most people realize how much pushing shoving lugging physical work on a daily basis nursing put the patient needs above your own. And pay back later hurts. They see nurses as old Flo and not realize she died from syphilis got from caring for soldiers.

Oh Donna....I loved the instant image of poop smacking!

Lynn...Are you knee deep in new students?

Quiet weekend here...would love to be planning on something/trip/ bored! Most excitement was last night the geek squad found 17 virus protectors in DH's computer. This even after he lied and said it was 5yrs old...hey try 10. Then I noticed his cell phone was deactive... he really needs a wife.

Funny but with friends and family that are gone you remember them so vividly
on their birthdays. My DF's was 2/16 and I spent time smiling at memories then DH say hey he would have been 109 today. Had an urge to shot the messenger.

I have to clean the kitchen counters and make a shopping light is burning.....k3
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Good Morning GG's

Not much going on today. Soccer game at 3, sitting on those cold benches, for the LAST time! I love soccer, love watching the kids play. But I think I explained before that the coach had combined 2 teams, 8-12 year olds. Most of our team are in the 8 yearold class and it's sad to watch them constantly trying to play against 12 year olds, and losing. Especially when they had gone undefeated in their own age group for 4 years. But, it's over, and I hope they gained experience or what ever it was the coach thought they were supposed to experience. Nothing much the rest of the evening. I see an early dinner and maybe a glass of wine (or 2) in my future.

Bobbi, LOVE those furniture sliders! Can the floor be repaired or will you have to replace it?

Cinnamonie, so sorry to hear about your dad. Prayers.

Rie, Join me in a glass (or2) of wine. I'll think about you this evening when I pour mine. ha! Some things just go without saying. Or so I thought. Guess some people just don't understand that. But you know they know, they just use it as an excuse.

Lym welcome back. Sounds like you'vev been out having fun.

Carol Sue, some things you just need to know before you join with anyone. Finances is one of those. I married so young that those things didn't even enter my mine. Actually at the time, nothing much practical did. Now, I hope I would be able to discuss things like finance and religion and lots of things that are important. I just had a friend get divorced (and she's 0ld, like me) because she and her 3rd. or 4th husband (i've lost tract) didn't think to discuss how the estate would be divided.

Rosie, I hope your DGS has better luck tonight. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Marie, I'm glad that your surgery got moved back to the original date. I hate waiting! I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. It's so hard to let them go, we hold on way longer than we should. I'm glad you have the courage to let him go. Prayers.

Lynn, Hope your classes are almost done, and hope you are feeling better.

Gayle, I say go for the skulls! I love it. I watch NCIS and love Abby, it's something she would do.

Karen, I wonder how half us nurses get out of this alive! ha. I don't think most people realize how physical it is, especially rehab. I lift all day. But that wasn't how I hurt my back THIS time. It was trying to recertify for BLS. We do it with a dummy that is hooked to a computer now. It's impossible to do. It kept saying "push deeper". I thought I was just weak, but found out later that very few, many younger and stronger than me, we not able to do it either. New and improved isn't always better.

what cha doing Donna?

Pune, I'm originally from KY. too. Actually, I have a niece that works in louisville.

make it a good day,

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Back....energized, excited, even. Our clients think we are *brilliant* (exact quote, I'll have you know) and they continue to treat us like royalty. Well, we are pretty brilliant, come to think of it...makes me wish I were about 20 years younger so that we could really build up this little development firm into an international sensation...okay, maybe national. But I really do have to say that we came up with a totally awesome plan for them, and they are ecstatic. I'm afraid it will mean more of a time investment than I'd anticipated, but honestly? I'm loving it, so why not keep doing it? I'm still looking to fly the coop on my old job by the end of April, and plan some vacation time, but then I believe we'll be talking closer to 20+ hours a week on the Vermont gig, with more time physically up there. They're actually talking about renting us a house to live in while we're there instead of the hotel suites we've been staying in.
Downside? Dh was, I believe, anticipating a more sedentary retirement for me - maybe a little traveling to offset the weekly grocery shopping and family events. So, while he's all for the added money, he's less enthusiastic about the time commitment. I guess I'm just not so ready as I thought to become an "at home" retiree. Maybe I would be if he'd managed to pick up a little more work than he has, and we had more of a nest egg to fall back on, but he hasn't, we don't, and since I'm not much good at economizing in general, I figure I need to take advantage of the opportunity to amass a little padding to cushion the fall when I do stop working altogether....or at least stop working outside the home, so to speak. (Have computer, will research & write, of course).

Freda, oh yes. YOU get it, girlfriend! Only difference between you and I? Those dishes would've stayed right where they were, and the floor would've stayed just as dirty. I don't like it, and it annoys the you-know-what out of me, but I figure if I do it, why should he? Now listen....I've been away for three days, on the run constantly, driven over 600 miles in all and been involved in meetings and strategy sessions from morning until night...I come home and DD, her dh, and her dd and the twinnies (all of whom I love dearly, and was delighted to see) are here because the electricity is out on their street for some crazy reason - no storms, no wind - something about the underground wires - so they spent the night, just left a little while ago, and WHO is napping? Well, you know it's not me, because I'm sitting here typing... I swear, that man can get tired just from sitting around feeling sorry for himself.

Rie, oh, yeah. Sometimes nastiness (unexpected nastiness from an otherwise pleasant person) can work wonders. Spotless house, dinner, wine....****, I wanna marry your son! JUST kidding....if I were to find myself single again, guess what...I'd STAY that way!

Marie, glad about the surgery date, saddened at your pup's health issues. I have always had cats, as you know, but I'm pretty sure we all get attached the same way no matter what the animal. I've experienced some pretty heartwrenching partings, but your approach now is a good one. My dd2's mother-in-law had an old cat who'd been suffering with diabetes - shots every day - for @ 5 years. The poor thing looked scraggly and scruffy, was losing its teeth and could only eat softened foods - when it actually did eat, and was losing bowel control (which embarrassed it terribly; animals DO have a sense of pride) and she absolutely would not let that animal go. She kept it alive seizure after seizure, after it went blind in one eye, oh, lordie, I could go on and on. Bottom line, she tortured the poor thing to death just trying to keep it alive. We ALL have a time to leave this earth, and it's not humane OR caring (in fact, it's very selfish) when we're kept around in misery to benefit somebody else. So, yes, you are being wise and you are being a caring human being.

Rosie, take a broom to that grumpy husband. (I'm glad you got out to the kiddo's games...).

Hiya K3, yup, I'm back. Had fun, am pooped today, tho.
Will check in with the rest of y'all later. I think I'd better get a few things tended to.

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We just got home from DD's house and have the new kitchen and bathroom floor in. The floor DD ruined was the one I installed 4 or 5 years ago, not the new one. We unloaded the frig, put rugs under it instead of the sliders and slipped it into the kitchen with no problems. (The sliders kept coming off, that's why we used rugs) We also got her stove moved back into the kitchen so she can cook again. Monday we'll put on the 1/4 rounds molding, get them stained and we'll be done until the 3 new cabinets get here. Home Depot measured wrong, the idiots! My back aches, I'm going to put ice on it. Later Gators

Bobbi, LOVE those furniture sliders! Can the floor be repaired or will you have to replace it?
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