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Hi Golden Gals!

I won at canasta last night - $30. I had a few evil treats. Have to see how the scale was.

Marie - DH is an animal lover. He was teasing me, and can have a perverse sense of humor that I donít always find amusing. If he had been there he would have paid the $75 to cure Boomer. And as for dogs - we like big ones too. But after watching the Westy I realized how nice medium dogs are. Whenever weíre with friends with dogs, even little ones, he turns into a twelve year old boy again and starts running with them, throwing balls or frisbies for them and tug toys. I feel guilty that the family wasnít able to get a dog because of me. I know Iím allergic to most big hairy dogs so I assumed I would be to huskies but I havenít been around one in 40 years. You are less allergic to them? I loved training my dogs, nothing fancy but they would heel off leash - til they saw a rabbit! They are more obedient than kids! DH canít understand why I started screaming like I was being raped when I found a dead mouse in our basement. He saunters down the stairs (what if I was being raped?!) and tells me, ďItís just a little mouse and its dead. It canít hurt you.Ē My husband is always having car parts being shipped in for his old Jaguar (his money pit.) Maybe it came in one of those. We had 2 chip monks get into our house. DH always leaves door from house to garage open. Theyíre very smart. We tried to catch them with a live trap. Finally DH had large plywood and I had a broom and we were able to angle and shoo them out the door.

Bobbi - I love the cooking shows too but I donít watch much anymore cuz they make me hungry! And cup cakes - just one of my most favorite things. So I donít watch. Had 4 mini cupcakes at canasta last night. Havenít weighed yet.

Gotta go. Have a nice Sunday everyone!
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Hello Goldens!

I am home from the tourney. I didn't play very well and it was a really tough field. I am tired because I got less than 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend. The scale is awful but I know that I didn't gain that much weight in two days... Sigh....

One really fun thing happened: On saturday night we were in transit between two bars.... We were traveling with 3 people in the back seat. They said I had to get in back because I take up "less room". Oh my, when I got in, now we fit! I don't think that has ever happened to me.

Marie, I loved the rocking horse! David did good. And when you add new appliances... I think he is a keeper!

Sorry, all, just too tired. Be back tomorrow.

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Want to feel better
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Good afternoon GGís,

I havenít accomplished much of anything this weekend ~ just some resting up.

Had my weigh in today ~ not surprisingly ~ the scale moved up. I have been struggling (truthfully not even trying sometimes) lately. I need to update my ticker.

I donít know what is wrong with me or how to fix it. I know the risks of weighing too much. I say, ok, I am going to get back on that wagon ~ such and such day. Either I donít even start, or I do start, but it doesnít last very long. Sometimes I even make it for a few days, but then ~ same old ~ same old ~ I (for what ever reason) fall back into my old habits. I have tried all the tricks I know, but just canít seem to last enough to make any progress. Or, I finally make some progress only to fall or jump off the wagon and by the time I finally get back on, Iíve undone all my progress.

Deelee ~ congrats on your $30 win at canasta. Hope those evil treats didnít affect the scale too much

Donna ~ did you have your outing with Auntie Ann this afternoon? Did GM go with you? Hoping SamCatís appetite picks up. Sending him an ear rub.

Marie ~ your kitchen update sounds beautiful. Glad the scale was kind to you this morning. How are Kai and the rest of your babies doing?

Jenye ~ hope the scale is kind to you as well on your weigh in day. Glad you enjoyed your alone time

Rosey ~ glad you found some bread that DH likes. Sorry for the cranky times you have had to endure.

Bobbi ~ did you enjoy the dinner get-together with your family and the pictures to look at

Carol Sue ~ how is your wound doing? Continuing to heal well I hope.

CK ~ any news on the house situation? Hope you have had a nice weekend. You always have a fun time with your family.

Lynn ~ glad your culture showed no infection ~ now hope you can begin to feel better

Isabella ~ the things you have chosen for your kitchen look beautiful. Canít wait to see pictures when it is completed.

K3 ~ hope you are not hurting too badly after your fancy dance steps (stumble and sprall). Glad your ungrateful house guests have gone. Geesh

Lucinda ~ your description of your grapefruit made me just want to go get one. Darn ~ one of my medications makes it so I canít eat them anymore.

Web Woman (Andi) ~ your home fix up hobby sounds like fun.

Rie ~ sorry you are tired and that you didnít play as well as you had hoped, but awesome that you didnít take up as much room as you used to when getting into that back seat with your friends.

Mary ~ always busy busy. But it sounds like you are feeling well, so that is good. I have been trying to find an audio download for an author I like to put on my tablet ~ but not having much luck. I really donít know what I am doing ~ LOL.

Zoe ~ hope you have had a nice weekend. What adventures did you have with your family?

Freda ~ I know you are working this weekend. Hope it has been a good one.

MsCinnamonie ~ any news on your dad? Sending good thoughts.

Chickadeee ~ where are you? Miss you

Lyn ~ did you have a nice trip and visit with your daughter? Are you back home now?

Nancy ~ hope you are doing well. Miss you too.

Welcome Prescottlady ~ jump in and enjoy.

Iíve probably forgotten someone please forgive me. Hello to anyone I missed.
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Evening all....just checking in after a quiet weekend. We had a weird cold front drop down here and the temp is only 48 right now and that has warmed up from 24 this morning!!! Plus it is blowing huge gusts. Makes the tv blink on and off and drives the cable box insane.

I could have slept all day. Having guests has always been hard work and this time it was hard to work with such a bad taste in my mouth. DH has finally blasted the old bud and told him he was not welcome here anymore.

Marie...That hobby horse is fabulous. We need one each with reins that match our chosen lawn chairs...think mine was blue.

Lynn....okay not UTI what is the explanation of symptoms??? Hey Wednesday night is new season opener of Survivor!

Karen....House poss sold again??? When will you know absolutely for sure? I'd be growling.....

Rie....Sometimes just getting to tourney is enough and even not winning what a great feeling to be the tiny one!

Deelee...great on $30. Be careful I always end up spending a windfall 2 or 3 times over and costs me money.

I wanna a new kitchen. Mine is big and weird. We thought it was white cabinets with blue laminate when we bought the house, but the cabinets are actually pale lavender or slightly purple????? This house was flooded in the no name storm in 1996 and they must have gotten a buy on cabinets....Painted the walls a gray and it tones down the purplish tones. Keep hoping for an explosion so we can redo the whole thing.

Dash may be a German Wirehaired but he has some Italian in there. I need to take a clip of him sucking down 3' long strands of pasta. He purses his lips and sucks....makes humming sounds afterwards.

CarolSue....So glad to hear you are healing properly.

Zoe....Must be chasing those twinsys again. Think the snow missed them again.

Rosey....So glad that he can tolerate moose meat. Venison? Salmon? What else have you got stashed in freezer?

Bobbi...What do you have scheduled this week? You2 are done enough flooring now to be labeled pros!

Donna....Dash says to tell Samcat EAT!

Back to my curled up position with kindle....have a velvour blankie and wee dab of white'll never believe the label. Citrus Manatee! Local winery.

Hugs to everyone I missed k3

Hi Gayle see your egg yolk!

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Hi everyone! I'm so behind, I am not even going to try to catch up with all the chatter but couldn't stop myself from quickly skimming through all the posts. I'm ok, just keeping busy. I've also been trying out blenders...kind of like Karen31, I've had to "kiss a lot of frogs before meeting my prince," and I'm now on my 4th counting the one I had that leaked the black stuff. The second one had a handle that cracked and fell off (not sure which happened first), and the 3rd had such sharp blades I'm still wearing a bandaid and It didn't do all it promised and now the fourth, so far seems to be ok. It is a Ninja Kitchen System Pulse. No buttons, you just push on the lid. I've got an Ultimate Chopper that is that way and I like it so thought I'd give this a try. I've only tried it on my mocha and it did pretty well. Only one small ice ball left it in...and I only worked it a few seconds mostly just pulsing..might have done better if I'd done it a bit longer. The mocha was pretty thick...more the consistency of a very thick malt or even a little thicker. Wonder which would be best to thin it out just a little..more liquid or less ice? I had to eat it with a spoon which I don't really mind but would prefer it to be slightly more liquid. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $79.99 (same as amazon but Walmart has it for $79). I didn't have a coupon with me but they told me I can take in an expired coupon along with my receipt and they will give me 20% that will beat Walmart and BB&B is closer to me too. Just got it today ...we went to church and then to McDonalds for a quick lunch and then to buy it. First thing I did when I got home was try it I needed a mocha after fast food... So lunch was too high in calories and carbs but for the day I'm still ok if I am careful tonight. I'm going to a meeting tonight so won't be home to eat too much, hopefully.

Bobbi - I just realized that I recently read another book by Barclay that I liked too. I think it was called Don't Look Away and I may have mentioned it here. I'm now on my third one by him...this one is called Bad Guys. It's interesting but so far I don't like it quite as well as the other two, however I'm only half way through it. For my inspirational reading, I'm reading Without Regrets by Kristi was a FB win from a few months ago that I'm just finally getting to. I have so many books (not counting my ebooks!) that I may never get them all read!

Marie- I love the rocking horse!! Your dishwasher sounds like's a GE but it's great too. Love no pre-washing! A quick scrape if there's lots of food on it or a quick rinse is the most I ever do. Sometimes not even that. Mine's actually getting pretty old I guess but unless it stops working I'm holding onto it.

Rosey - How's your man doing? You are always so disciplined with your eating you put me to shame. I haven't posted my eating for a while ...I enter it in Lose It! and haven't been doing very well recently. Same old well all day then eat everything in sight in the evening! I forget the lettuce tip, and it does work, Rie! Gotta get back to that. Recently I made the mistake of buying this granola with flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in it..I absolutely love the stuff and can't stop with just one serving..and as you all know.that's my problem!! Today being Sunday we eat a little differently and had lunch out at McDonalds. I had a free hamburger coupon for Ruby Tuesdays but figured by the time dh b ought his meal it'd be the same or more likely more money and at McDonalds I know the calories I'm getting. Other than that and the mocha (about 30 min later), I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Used an old single serving blender I used to use in the RV, lost the lid but it works with an Asian tea cup held on top.

Donna - My range isn't as wide as yours but it is wider than the usual ones in houses today. I'm glad you are happy with yours. I wanted gas but couldn't find one to fit my space at the time. I didn't want to have to use those strips along the sides to fill in the space, so I bought one of the few wider stoves I could find and it is electric. It was expensive but rated very highly however in many ways it's been a disappointment. First we had to open up the wall (baseboard area) in back to accomodate it in our kitchen (not really that noticeable but I didn't like having to do it), and worse, it's difficult to clean and tends to turn yellow in some places, in other areas the white color is wearing off and is turning black. The oven has never cooked evenly even though I've exchanged the stove once and have had it serviced several times (in the beginning) plus there is always an ugly drip down the window glass in front of the oven. I have to take the door apart to clean it and anymore I'm too lazy to bother. I just hang a dishtowel in front of it.

Well, guess I'd better stop yakking...didn't mean to type a book and I have other things to do before the meeting tonight. Take care,

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So far we haven't heard anymore on the house except that we have the contract on it. We did meet the buyers and they are very anxious to get it all taken care of so maybe they will move faster.....Ho Hum!! We have been looking at other houses but haven't put any offers in on anything yet. Did look at another one this afternoon which is really pretty nice so that makes about 5 that we would be willing to put offers in on. Of course we have the ones we like best, which is actually the one we looked at today. I just don't want to get all excited about a house and then have the deal fall through again. So I haven't even started packing anything..... so if they want to close by March 15th they better move faster!!

Gosh, I don't think I will ever get caught up with all the posts! Welcome to everyone. I just realized I haven't done any of the Esther bible study homework this week.....glas my sister is delayiing it until Thursday this week!

We met the family after church today for lunch at a chinese buffet. I ate too much AGAIN!! But there was 10 of us today so it was lots of fun and laughs!!

Going to make this short tonight. I just think I'm tired....maybe because they are predicting snow for us here tonight and tomorrow... Just feel like curling up with the afghan anda couple poms!!!
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Hi everyone another quiet day,after a few chores i had my nose in a new Baldacci book.glynn im sry you are struggling and everyone else who is also.i have been in that exact spot like scarlett"theres always another day" i had many other days and then my health went to pot, im so glad i had gastric bypass surg. it really saved my life. all i can say is you have to keep trying,find what works for you befor you wind up like i did fighting for my life. all the "GG" are so supportive now i need to get the exercise part going hope your evening awsome rosey

1/2 banana

tomatoe soup
6 flat bread crackers with chive cream cheese

iced tes
1/2 c granola

baked chix
3 bean salad
cukes and tomatoes
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Hi everyone,

Nightime here again and you are just getting the end of your "beauty sleep" before tackling a new day.

I lost 400 grams this week and at long last the motivation has returned. Ted and I went dowb the street this afternoon and I am quite worried about him - he was breathless and had mild chest pain - but on asking if he was alright " I am fine, stop worrying" but I do.

Marie - Gayle Weigh in was successful 400 grams.

DeeLee Congrats on your win at Canasta

Well friends that is all now. Hello to all the other members.

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Back to work today. Back to my regular routine ~ that is a comfort I think.

Trying to think of how to get beyond my pitiful whining yesterday. I was sort of thinking of putting some money in a jar for each thing I did right in a day. Or give myself a point or what ever. Some kind of reward system. Not sure what I would reward myself with. Gotta keep trying different things until I find something that works.

Off to a good start so far ~ recorded my food (that I have eaten/will eat) up until supper.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Good Morning girls
I'm staying home today, DH is going to do some calking. No...we didn't lay the floor yet, not until the ceiling is fixed and painted. They were going to put a new ceiling on today but will have to put that off until they find the leak. When they take a shower upstairs, sometimes something leaks, comes down thru the kitchen ceiling. DD has had it checked many times and nobody can find the leak. So frustrating This guy that's helping can do anything, maybe he can find it. We're hoping by friday we can get the floor in so she can use her stove. It's unfortunate DD couldn't afford professional contractors to do all this work, it would have been finished by now. But.........she's really struggling and can't afford it. We're paying for 2/3rd of the project which we can't afford living on social security.
I roasted a whole chicken on Saturday for supper, had left-overs last night. I cooked up all the bones, skin for chicken broth and will make some chicken rice soup for tonight. (We usually get 4 meals on a whole chicken, can't beat that) I purchased a rice mixture at our local food coop that's to die for. It has 3 kinds of brown rice and some kind of bean in it, really delicious. I was thinking of putting gnocci in the soup but DH loves the rice mixture so much that maybe I'll put that in instead. I will weigh all the ingredients and get back to counting calories today, post my day's intake.
Glynne...I'm so sorry for your struggles, you're not alone. We all go through that, we wouldn't be congregating here if we didn't have an eating problem. Did you stop walking around the parking lot? If that's the case, you have to be even more determined to watch your calories. Old habits are hard to break, I've been at goal many times and always have to get back on the wagon eventually.Maybe you should try a different program? Do you have a picture of yourself when you were slimmer? Post it on your refrigerator where you can look at it daily. ...
I am going to get back on that wagon ~ such and such day. Either I don’t even start, or I do start, but it doesn’t last very long. Sometimes I even make it for a few days, but then ~ same old ~ same old ~ I (for what ever reason) fall back into my old habits. I have tried all the tricks I know, but just can’t seem to last enough to make any progress. Or, I finally make some progress only to fall or jump off the wagon and by the time I finally get back on, I’ve undone all my progress.
Our little bitty thread has grown by leaps and bounds with so many wonderful gals sharing their lives with each other. You all are such a blessing to me, thank you. We all just have to keep on keeping on. We don't always have time to respond to everyone's post but we keep each other in our thoughts, prayers when needed, an ear full when we fall off the track and of course our posse with rolling pins.
Anyone heard from Nancy?

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Want to feel better
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Bobbi ~ I saw a picture of Nancy on FB with a fellow at a restaurant ~ someone "tagged" the photo ~ don't know who the fellow was. Hopefully maybe she is getting out and about and having some fun.
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Want to feel better
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A question ~ you know where your avatar pic is. Like on mine ~ first is my 3FC name, then under that it says senior member, then under that the avatar pic. I have noticed that some of you have a different word under your name. Bobbi, Donna, Marie and Carol Sue have your name or other words there. How do you change that. At one time I was thinking of changing my 3FC name, but I can not decide on one ~ so I was thinking maybe I could change the words under my name and try out some different ones to see what I liked. I was looking for something that every time I see it would remind me of......something along the lines of having some other joy in life besides eating.
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Good Morning, All...
I'm at work... and it's gorgeous here today, sunny and clear.

Nothing much to report. SamCat finally ate a little. He's just so persnickety, and, of course, I can't stand to see him not eat. These little animals can't afford to lose their weight. He's old man skinny, anyway.

Dinner with Aunty Ann was nice. She's 97 this year, almost totally blind. Her brain and heart both work fine, though, and she gets by pretty well. I love her.

Later... maybe something exciting (or, even, interesting!) will happen that I can report! Later, lovelies!
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Glynne...UserCp on top left, look under 'edit profile'.Then where it says Custom user title, type in your name. On the far right is a reset button.

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Maryea - I looked on the library e-book website and they don't have the book Fear The Worst, but they had another one by the same author, Never Look Away, so I got on the waiting list. I am patron 2 of 2, so it's not as bad the the other one where I'm patron #66. LOL I love a good mystery.
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