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Andi, here is the laminate counter top that we'll be eventually installing. It's called Labrador Granite. And the back splash will be similar to the tile shown. We have a modest 3 bedroom bungalow with a fully developed basement. I didn't want to go with real granite because it would be a little too pretentious for our home. The back splash is a smart tile. It is actually not a real tile but a vinyl type self stick. Our cupboards will be painted an antique white. I'm not sure about the flooring but I'd like to do a cork floor as it is easy on the feet.

I'll be back later on with more personals.

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Marie - Thanks for computer tip. I will try that. I hope Kai bounces back quickly. I would love to have a cat but Iím allergic. I didnít know that having the teeth scrapped would be so difficult. I have a friend who brushes her dogs teeth. Not with toothpaste, just a brush. Iíll have to ask her if it helps. I imagine it might be more difficult with a cat.

Andi- refresh my memory, (It always needs it. Wish I had a button I could push like the computer.) you have 3 kids in college? Very expensive. Now is the time to get that hobby going. More than one. My youngest ds graduated in May and moved 800 miles away in the summer for his dream job. This is a good thing. Two employed kids and no college tuition to pay for! But I was hoping heíd get a job nearby and live at home for a year like my older ds. I was very unprepared. I am very busy a lot of the time - all having to do with health care for dm, df, dh, and myself. Weíve done some traveling for fun. Itís all enough to fill my time but it does not bring me joy. I have to find something that brings me joy while Iím waiting for grandchildren. I have to say, friends tell me there is something worse than an empty nest - itís even worse when they donít move out, ever! LOL. But youíve got the right idea about the hobbies. And LOL about leaving rather than walking on eggshells!

Bobbi - I know what you mean about the F bombs. DH used to do a lot of our remodeling and Iíd hear it then. Now, I hear them when heís on the computer. And of course being a
Chicago sports fanÖ

Lucinda - another LOL. I love the way you say it out loud!

Karen 3 - OUCH! Glad you didnít break anything and that the evil guests are gone.

Rie - Sorry about your cold. Traveling with a cold is not fun. You probably know to take a decongestant if you are flying.

Donna- loved the dog clip! And as I just reread the William Gibson quote, I realized I wasnít depressed for a few days, I was dealing with ********! I need to print a few copies of that a tape it around my house.

Hmm. I should go to the health club, then wash my hair. Going to Bunko tonight. Bunko will have a bunch of very evil snacks that none of the anorexic women will eat. Iíve really been having trouble, diet wise, the past few days. Iím just not motivated. I havenít been eating large quantities but a little bad stuff at the bewitching hour. I have to go into detox mode I guess. I told dh to hide his jam. We have 2 refrigerators. I asked him to put it in the laundry room refrigerator. He put it in the vegetable bin of the kitchen fridge. He canít imagine anyone going in the vegetable bin. He should realize that if there are vegetables in there - SOMEONE MUST GO IN THERE. Yep, only me. Now, I realize itís not his fault that I am an addict. Or that I discovered when we had some special jam from our travels and took a little dab on a spoon to taste it that I would find that, DARN, ITíS QUITE GOOD, and then that any old Smuckers jam will do. Itís embarrassing. Iím like an ex-smoker picking up cigarette butts and smoking them. On a more positive note, I havenít touched the Caesar Salad croutonsÖ
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Good morning GG's

Good week so far - I have made my appointment to see the neuro-opthomologist after speaking to my son and also my GP.

Thanks Marie for your comment.

Working real hard on my diet and have not had anything other than planned - I am following WW.

Just waiting for my carer then I will have my shower. We are going to the library to get a few books later for us both (of course, mine are talking books) then do a bit of shopping.

Have a great week everyone.

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Hola, All...

Marie - SamCat and I are so glad, so relieved that BelovedKai is okay! I'm sure Sasha, Cody, Blizzie, and David are also happy pups (yes, that was intentional)!!

Everyone, thanks for the book recommendations! I'll order them from my place as soon as I hang up from here... and I enjoyed Evanovich's "Eighteen whatever"... too. Her other books suck, though... keep that in mind (the so-called romances. UGH)!

Showered GM, then she fed me dinner... SO GOOD!! The best sauerkraut EVER (was I just hungry???), noodles, and a pork w/veggie dish. OMG, I am happy! Best, I have leftovers.

Onward! Isabella - I really like your kitchen choices, and I really need to do something with my kitchen. It's hard to do alone, and it's so prohibitive to hire someone. This might be a project for the far distant time.

Boobi - thanks for the wave of wisdom. BTW, that name is going to stick!

Stay warm, Everyone! Newbies, welcome.
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Hi all the lovely"GG" another quiet day for me. i spent hrs in e-bay looking for used stuffed animals for my puppies. i defluff them and put squeakers and crinkly paper in side. i try and find a lot of them for little cashola and free shipping. then found a stash of fake fur i had used for making teddy bears and cut strips and braided and knotted them for the puppies. they seem to know when im making things for them as they line up around me in a semi circle waiting for them lol so cute. dh is doing ok with this experimenting with foods. he must be getting better as he went around emptying trash cans,cleaning up after the dogs(toys) changing light bulbs must be bored hmmm i like it. have a super evening. rosey


1 c chix rice stew (leftovers)

coffee mocha
1/4 c trail mix(i make my own)

1 cup gluten and fat free cassrole(hamb,rice noodles,tomatoes)
small green salad
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Hello Goldens!

I was moving from one thing to another all day today and this is the first minutes that I have taken for myself. I got most of my goals accomplished today and I only have a couple of things to get done tomorrow. I leave tomorrow night for the Randy Will Memorial tournament in Sheridan, Wyoming. It is a pool fanaticís dream. I actually won that tourney a couple of years ago and I sure enjoy the people there. Eating will be hard but I usually donít eat too much on a tourney day. Anyway, I am looking forward to the grown-up time.

Rosey, so glad that Steve is feeling well enough to be bored around the house. I loved the image of your doggies waiting for their toys!

Donna, I donít like Evanovich much eitherÖ Saurkraut? Are you sure that you are not a Montana farm girl? We must be cousins or something. I had a dream last night about the Blue Bonnet. What does it mean when you dream of Mexican food?

Jenye, good job on staying with the WW plan!

DeeLee, I LOL at the idea of you finding the jam in the veggie bin! I think I have too many hobbies but I refuse to give them up!

Andi, yes, it is weird when the kids are gone but I have to admit, that I didnít have much of an empty nest. I have lots of interests and friends. I was young when I had my kids so I enjoyed the freedom of only caring for myself on a daily basis. Hobbies are good!

Karenfl, sorry about your fall. I smiled when I read about your dh yelling. My dad is always yelling when he gets scared about my mom. I never understood how he thinks that will help but it comes from love and fear. Yukon gold potatoes are the bomb!

Mary, I hope you have another good month with bringing in a little cash.

Karenmo, how is your bible study going?

Isabella, I like the countertop a lot. I hate things on the cabinet but my ds seems to think that it is a storage area. It never looks cleaned up to me but I remember to pick my battlesÖ..

Lucinda, I think the story about your kids is really funny. I moved all my living room furniture into the dining room and the only thing in the living room is the pool table. It is one of my prized possessionsÖ

Cinnamonie, so sorry about your dad. I am hoping for good results.

Gayle, I am glad that your meetings are now over and you can get back to normal.

Zoe, I hope your trip went well.

Carol Sue, lol on the brine assaulted chicken!

Marie, I hate it when work interferes with my 3fc habit, donít you?

Well, sorry for missing anyone. I am off to get some rest. I wonít have internet over the weekend.

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

One more all day meeting, then back to regular work. I am glad it is almost over. I am not a meeting type person. I like the staff meetings, they are short and I enjoy hearing the information, but these meetings have felt exhausting. Straining to hear. Partly it has been a good thing though, because my experience with meetings is that ideas are shared, but nothing ever happens, but these meetings have produced some changes for the better. The people listened and acted right away on things that could be done right away, and other things that will take more time are being worked on. I am excited to get back on my unit to be able to try a new method of getting the patient into the computer system faster.

Hope they have enough coffee today ~ every day, I went to the thermos they provided and when I pushed the pump ~ just got splatters of coffee

I think when tonight comes, I will crash and do some extreme gorking

Hope you all have a good day.

Take care

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Morning GG's,

Isabella, I like your kitchen counter choices! I'm in a neighborhood that is probably half laminate and half granite so when (if) I replace my current laminate counter tops I have an expensive decision to make. I'm thinking of moving in about 5 years if my kids get jobs after graduation and move away, and granite would certainly help the house sell faster, but I don't know if I would get the cost back in the selling price. Any Real Estate agents out there?

I guess my current hobby is fixing up my home in mostly a decorative way which is fun but can be expensive. Adding casing to windows, new drapes here and there, a few new smaller furniture pieces and the like. I also need to replace the "hollywood" lights in the bathrooms with something of this century!

So my second hobby should be a physical one where I can meet new friends outside of my kids' parents.

Have a great day all!
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Good Morning girls...Today I'm only bringing lunch to the boys and picking up some stain for the new backboards in DD's kitchen. DH was so discouraged when he got home last night. They found two electric sockets behind the old cupboards which they thought they'd hook up the dishwasher to, Wrong......both lines had been cut who knows how long ago. They had to bust out the wall and install a new line and the walls were plaster. Tiffany has been without a kitchen for two weeks now but since the work is being done quite cheaply, she can't complain. We're paying the cute, tattooed all over his body guy only.
Isabella, those counter tops look like the ones Tiff picked out. She has beautiful bronze faucets to go with it and the sprayer is the actual faucet head. I have the same type in my kitchen and a day doesn't go by that I don't use that sprayer.
Webwoman, sorry but I can't remember if you posted your name. Since you like decorating, do you ever watch the DIY channel or those tv shows that come in and decorate for you to sell a house? I love them myself, decorating is fun and can be very gratifying if you haunt the rummage sales or antique shops.
Rosey...I thought of you last night as I was reading Stephanie Plum and you laughing your way thru the book. I'm right at the point where the fake FBI are knocking at her parents door as they were eating. Stephanie excused herself to answer the door and Grandma Mazur said, "Probably got to let a breezer go,". My MIL purchased 3 very expensive mink teddy bears a few years ago, $300.- 350.00 each. When she moved into the nursing home we auctioned off her home and everything in it. I am still kicking myself for not keeping all three bears. MIL insisted I keep one so I did to appease her. I really didn't want anything of hers since I can't stand her. The other two bears sold for $10.00 each. It poured buckets of rain all day during the auction and everything went dirt cheap. Not that we cared, she kicked both of us out of her will but you know that old story.
Those of you suggesting books, thanks. What was the name of the author who wrote books like the dogs were talking?
Mary...I wrote down Linwood Barcley, will check him out next.
Donna...Noooooooooooooo, I don't like that name.
- thanks for the wave of wisdom. BTW, that name is going to stick!
Good thought to all that have ailing parents, medical issues, boring jobs, boring husbands...ha ha, just kidding.
Sorry I haven't been very sociable lately, I really need to start counting calories and post them but until we get Tiffany's kitchen finished.....It's not going to happen. I'm not much good at multitasking.
See Ya!
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Karen3... I am so sorry i did not read your post more carefully the first time. OMG! You crashed landed on your cement floor. I know, it was not a full body slamming fall, but still. Falling sucks! Well atleast you live in sunny Florida so perhaps the warm sun will nourish a speedy recovery. Hugs and love from me, freezing my fluffy a## off here in New York.
Kudos to all of your who are in the process of redoing your kitchens. those projects thrust a husband and wife together like being cast out of Eden did for Adam and Eve.
i fed the urge to eat my fill last night by slowly and methodically peeling and eating a grapefruit. sweet, tart and oh so satisfying. I am hanging in there. Thanks for all the love and support.
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Quick Hola for now...

Bobbi - you're returned to your former glorious name! I'm sorry your DH is being thwarted unduly by that kitchen! NOTHING ever goes smoothly and everything has to be done at least twice; that's the American mantra!

Rie - I do like the Stephanie Plum books; I just hate everything else that Evanovich has written/co-written. They're inane and STUPID. Have any of you seen the teaser for the new Stephanie Plum movie? I don't know if I can bring myself to pay good money to see it...

Rie - GM grew up on a farm in NE... and, of course, we're 1/2 Polack... maybe that's why I like the kraut and cabbages?

Gotta run! Later, lovelies!
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Morning real quickie.....I didn't land on the floor I hung parallel to the floor with my cheek against the handle. I was using my pecs to hold me up. My poblem was that was that is the incision line.....Dh always yells when he is scared. We have been friends since birth. My Dad delivered him on 7/28/37 and me on 7/28/40. We were always good buds until I decided to prove to him I had grown up.....ahhhhh, met him in the back driveway in a shortie night gown. We will be celebrating 54 yrs in Oct.

Real question is why is this page so wide? k3

hi Donna....I won't change Bobbi.s name

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Karen3, I believe I'm to blame for the wide page. It's the large images of the counter top that I posted. Sorry. We'll soon be on a new page and everything will be back to the right size.
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Hello ...from Arizona. I have been on the IP diet since 1-1-12. I am down from 206 to 188. I feel so much better!!! I walk my dog twice a day...for maybe a total time of 60 minutes. I am going on a cruise on 3-2-12 and hope to just be able to maintain without gaining. I am taking m protein shake mix with me . I enjoy reading your posts and I am thrilled my results so far!!! The best part is feeling so good!.
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We're happy to have you join us Prescottlady.
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