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riemontana- sorry you have a nasty cold. it must be awful to miss your pool game. We have a pool room in our house. years ago when we lived in a condominium Dh kept this full sized pool table smack dab in the middle of the dining/living/family room. I folded laundry on it. all my kids are pool players and when the kids were little they hustled strangers when we took family vacations. many small hotels/motels along the road had pool tables.

last night I had such a delicious home made latte. bliss.
cinamommy- i am sorry about you dear dad. My beloved dad succumbed to cancer 3 years ago. it is a reality shift when your parents decline in health.
Boobi, oops I mean Bobbi... you are an inspiration. I can sence you looking over my shoulder all day approving of my food choices. Thanks
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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Two days (meetings) down. Two to go. I am glad for what has been accomplished, but I am meetinged out and will be glad when it is over and I can get back to normal.

One thing that I wish would happen, but hasn't yet, is for them to recognize that they need to increase the secretarial coverage hours on my unit. It used to be 7am - 11pm before all their lay offs. Now it is 10am to 6pm. Over and over again in these meetings they have identified that 3pm to 7pm is the peak time for admissions/transfers and other related activity to take place. They cut us off at 6pm. So many times, the admissions on our floor roll off the elevator as I am getting on to leave at 6. So, either I leave and dump it in the lap of the oncoming nurses (who have to process it, taking them away from their patient assignment) or stay over (sometimes 1-2-3 hours) and do it for them. They made the same cut on the Rehab unit, but have since recognized that that wasn't working and have given them coverage from 9am - 9pm. Even if they would not give us back the same hours we formerly had, 9a - 9p would help.

Ok, guess I'd better go finish getting ready. Hope you all have a good day. Sorry I haven't been able to get to the personals.

Take care
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Cinnamonie - Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers. That is such a hard diagnosis to hear.

Rie - I'm glad to hear that Geico came through for you. I guess I will take back what I said about all the money they spend on commercials.

Zoe - Please don't blame the poor chicken. She was just out pecking around in the yard when they snuck up on her, chopped her head off and stuck her in the brine. I guess they want her to be plump and juicy when she's cooked, but don't they know, our ancestors have been eating chicken for thousands of years, (or is it hundreds?) and enjoying it just fine without all the sodium?

Gayle - I was interested in hearing all about your meetings and the things that they are actually going to work on for you! That's good news. For once they are listening to ideas from the people who actually do the work!

Marie - I'm so sorry to hear that Kai isn't feeling well. It is so heart wrenching when your pet is wimpering and can't tell you exactly what's wrong. I hope he isn't in any pain. My little Mikey didn't get his teeth cleaned but he had to go in for some extractions. They wanted to clean the rest of the teeth while they had him out but we told them no. He was so old and we weren't even sure if he was going to survive being anesthesized. As it turned out, they said the plaque was so thick that most of it just fell out while they were working on him. He didn't seem to have any problems after coming home, but I think he spent the night at the vet so maybe we didn't see him in that condition. I hope he feels better soon.
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Hello Gals. I had a full day yesterday that started early with a trip to the hospital with my friend for her echo cardiogram. We shopped a little and came home to make a hasty but filling dinner. The we went to the church to help out with the free clothing afternoon. My feet or I should say one foot was really hurting. The concrete floors of the hospital, stores and church basement take their toll. I still haven't had a chance to shop for shoes. I've got to put them on my shopping list! Before supper I made a batch of chocolate fudge granola drops, a no bake cookies, for the ladies at the Goodwill Centre. After supper DH and I finished peeling off the wall paper and back splash in the kitchen. Then I got on my bike for an hour while I watched TV. DH went to bed and I cleaned up the kitchen. The counter tops have been cleared off while we work and I long to have them cleared off like this all the time. I have so little space that I keep small appliances on top and also a few other things which makes the tops really cluttery. I'm in a serious "think" how to fix that problem once the new counters are installed, which won't be this week or the next so I'll have plenty of time to figure that out.

Today I'm hoping to pick out a colour for the kitchen walls.

I'm doing this from memory so I know I won't get everyone.

Rie, get well soon. You were wise to rest up and take it easy yesterday.

Marie, hope you little Kai is recovering the trauma of the teeth cleaning.

Gayle, hope your meeting is as successful as yesterdays and you get some of your wishes granted.

, I'm not ambitious. I'm retired.

Karen31, sounds like your day was lovely.

Donna, such a funny video. I laughed right out loud. My hair is almost that bad in February.

Hi to Bobbi, Lucinda, Carol Sue and Rosey and of course all the rest of you golden Golden Girls.

Have a good day.

PS: On the salty chicken debate from a vegetarian, LOL. I noticed on the chicken packaging in my end of Canada that if it says "seasoned" chicken, that seasoning on the ingredient list is just salt. Many of those packages are frozen chicken parts but I believe certain fresh brands have that label as well. I think your best bet is to check to see if there is an ingredient list for the chicken. I know that sounds funny as it should be just chicken but I've seen the salt listed as an ingredient.
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Good morning All....They just left! I have my house back, the cleaning gals come in 10 minutes and by noon all the evidence will be washed away. Yeeeeeah! Yesterday was about 60 hrs long. They wanted to see the Gulf, wanted fresh local honey(orange blossom) which sells at $10/quart, vegie stand and lunch at our fav restaurant. Gesh I did the driving, then realized out for big lunch it would be stupid to go back out for dinner....So hit the freezer and did leftovers....well ladies my leftovers were scallops, Key West shrimp, and grilled vegies, even stuffed roman tomatoes with cheese. It was good. It was all stuff that had used for holidays....but on the way to the freezer I tripped and fell. I caught the freezer handle with my left hand ended up parallel to the cement floor hanging onto it which was almost into my cheek bone. It happened in slow motion. Had enough time to think Oh sh*t am gonna break something. No bruises and broken bones but used all my chest muscles and am really gimpy today. Worse thing was it was witnessed...I much prefer to do my clumsy acts in private. Typical dh started yelling. Am paying for it today.

Cinnamonie...Your Dad is in my prayers.

Marie...Dash send sloppy kisses for poor Kai, he says she will be glorious with pearly white!

Donna...that static dog was hysterical. Laughed at thought of Samcat with wee bended knees. Dh gets thinking I'm crazy when i sit here alone laughing.

Zoe....just keep thing "I'm a Short Timer!"

Lynn....enough is enough time for a different doctor. No more puttzing around.

Rie....Finally being able to get the truck fixed. Thought we might to be seeing a riepopsycle.

Karen and everyone thank you for supporting me this week....loved the idea of you all coming in to take care of the hound....I am in a no win zone with the bast**d and need to ignore him. Hopeful he won't be at the anniversary dinner tonight....Lord give me strenght.

Gotta run they about to vaccum my feet......k3

ps Howdy(guest) is what they used to call a Black Irishman....when they sank the Spanish armada the Spanish sailors swam ashore and met lovely redheaded lasses....He has been eating seafood down here for a month and being friends for 40+ yrs I know he is a meat and tator guy. So I boiled up a bunch of tiny Yukon Gold potatoes and stuck they in withe the grilled vegies. He had tears in his eyes popping in his tators. Potatoes to the rest of the world. His wife has never seen Yukon Gold potatoes....Are they an east Coast thing? k3

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I want to register a shout out to all you GG's who post your daily trials and tribulations. I am living vicariously through you all.
i am a stay at home mom and a housewife. If I were required to bring an income into our household I qualify as a cleaning lady, a short order cook, a governess and when i was younger either a wet nurse or a hooker.
My dh says jokingly of course, that if we relied on me we'd be living in a paper bag.
what i really wanted to vent about was when people say, "oh avocados are so fattening. and olive oil is fattening and tahini is fattening. " You know what, I need to reply, No. eating a whole loaf of bread and drinking a whole bottle of Kahlua and devouring a whole container of vegan icer cream is fattening. so buzz off and leave me to my food choices.

there now I feel better.
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Boobi, oops I mean Bobbi... you are an inspiration. I can sence you looking over my shoulder all day approving of my food choices. Thanks
Lucinda...Say What? You must have me mixed up with someone else? I haven't been posting all week since I'm a wanna be carpenter. But I love the name Boobi Sometimes I feel like one.
Donna...this is for you.
Things are going slow at DD's house. Yesterday the whole town and surrounding towns lost electricity and we had to stop for the day. All the top cupboards are in, some of the bottom. Today DH and Gwan will put the dishwasher in which will be a trial. DD's ex DH, better known as 'Bird legs' purchased a good deal on a new dishwasher. It's been sitting in the garage for two years, he never got around to installing it. We know why he got a good deal, all the hoses are missing, some electricial things are missing. Will have to figure out what it needs, not me as I know nothing about that sort of thing. I'm staying home today because of housework, laundry, cooking an actual meal instead of the slop I've been throwing together.
P.S. I've been on the waiting list for Janet Evanovich newest book, "Explosive Eighteen". Just picked it up yesterday and can't wait to start reading.
Have a good one.

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Update on DD's new kitchen. DH just called and said the F word, all the electrical units behind the old cupboards don't work. Evidently the wires were cut in the past. Now they have to knock out part of a wall and re-install electricity so the 'good deal dishwasher' will work. Glad I'm not there.
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Hi GG’s,

Isabella, please tell me about your new countertops and backsplash – I’m also looking into upgrading part of my kitchen.

Cinnamonie, I’ll say a prayer for your dear Dad. 

Karen, sorry to hear about your almost-fall…but it could have been a lot worse. And I know what it’s like to have a DH yell at everything. It’s like walking on eggshells living with someone like that – so I left!

Lucindaarrowspark, we’re glad to have you reading and participating. There’s nothing wrong with olive oil and avocados, they’re full of MUFA’s!

Rie, hope you’re feeling better soon. It sucks to be sick.

Glynne, sounds like you’re sick too – “sick” of meetings!

Carol Sue, how depressing that they have to add salt to chicken even! I’m getting more and more sensitive to sodium (and so is my scale ;-)

Marie, hope you get that light fixture fixed pronto – something’s definitely wrong with it.

Ellabella, your quick dinner sounds delish! Wish I had the kind of leftovers you do!

Hello to everyone I missed!

The week’s been kind of strange for me as the flooring project is pretty much complete and I’m in the stage of putting things back in the china cupboard and re-organizing my desk, bookshelves, and the stuff I’m now storing in the basement. It’s kind of hitting me that my kids are at school and I’ll have to adjust to being by myself after work more and more. I’d like to get a healthy hobby like a group that helps new runners go from walking to running but I’m not sure where there is such a group.

Have a great day!

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Hi gals. I've been trying to write to you, I got all caught up with my notes to many of you. I was using Word Pad and clicking bach and forth, very proud of myself. But when I hit the cut and paste it keeps pasting an old, long note that I wrote a while ago. DH and I have tried different things. Then I went to Microsoft Office, typed a test, it printed the same old note! It was working fine for me for a couple of times. I'm going to try another computer. If anyone has an idea of what happened - any suggestion welcome.
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Thanks guys for your thoughts and prayers for my dad.

Dad is going to doc today for biopsy test today...he survived colon cancer like 3 years ago and for that reason he would NOT go thru chemo again...saved his life but made him sick like a dog... fortunately this time it is only one lung not both... He doesnt have great health but I am amazed he is still alive so that why I cant afford to take him for granted...Hopefully he would go for surgery or something but I am very anxious at the possiblity it might take him away soon but know it would be part of life...I just wish he would live to 80s or 90s not 70s..he is 71...

Anyone watching American Idol last night?!? Did you see the girl falling off the stage? obviously she is injured...she passed out..if not for that stage guy catching her little bit she would have been more injured I think... will find out for sure tonite...

You all have interesting lives... want you to know I support you and congrat you and sympathize with you, etc as I read your posts...

It is pretty cold now in Dallas area... for me I like it better after insane summer...

Happy Thurs to you all!
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Lucinda, at the image of your little kids hustling unsuspecting motel guests. Too funny. Loved your list of job qualifications.

Kai is doing better this morning - still kind of out of it - but is eating a little so we should be good in regards to not having a seizure because of this. Some of her disorientation last night was due to her problems with low blood sugar I'm sure.

Carol Sue and Isabella, isn't it just sad that we have to check the ingredient list for meat? I know they shoot soy into beef and turkey (depends on brand) and I never, ever thought to check my chicken. Eeks.

Oh KarenFL, hallelujah the nasty visitors are gone. Let the cleaners whip away the evidence. I do love orange blossom honey. Actually, orange blossom is my favorite smell in the world. Nothing even comes a close second. When I'd visit my grandparents in Boca at spring break growing up, their guest room was by an orange tree that would be in full bloom in March. I'd sleep under the open window and just be in utopia. Ah such wonderful memories! and take it easy today. That fall had to hurt a lot. Kai will send Dash a smile when the anesthesia finally wears off.

Yukon Golds are my favorite potatoes and I know of lots of farmers that grow them. BTW, did you all know that Oregon, not Idaho is the leading producer of potatoes? I did not know that. The high mountain desert is perfect for farming potatoes.

Bobbi, I listened to Explosive Eighteen and enjoyed laughing out loud as I drove down the street. I'm not sure there's much story there anymore but the one liners do make me laugh.

Andi, DH replaced the ceiling fan/light unit yesterday so I have a kitchen light again. I hope you can find a new runners group. I'd call the local Y to start my search.

Deelee, don't cut and paste. Copy and paste that way you don't lose anything you have written. Also, I tend to find that Windows can have a peculiar tendency not to like to copy/paste if both programs weren't open before you click the copy button.

Back to work as the work isn't going away on its own no matter how much I'd like it too.
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Hi. In my battle with my little net book I lost the new things I wrote but CANNOT get the old stuff off the darn “clip board.” So I’ll try to remember some of what I said.
Isabella- I did get my books read, thanks for asking!
Freda- This month my book club read 2 books. We normally only read one. We read “A Paris Wife” by Paula McLain. It is about Ernest Hemmingway’s life in Paris with his first wife. We also read “A Moveable Feast” by Hemmingway about the same time period. We all enjoyed it very much. Reading “wife” first made “feast” much more enjoyable. Book clubs make us stretch don’t they? I also read a lot of mysteries. I read a number of the Oprah bc selections. Some with my club, some on my own. I think it was Ellabella and I that were discussing our love of Pat Conroy and “The Prince of Tides.” I read a few of his others but not the newest.
Gayle - so glad you got something positive out of those meetings. Nothing like a dull meeting to make you want to eat the evil snacks that are usually around.
Karen 3 - I think your guests were thoughtless. And the bud? Jerk. He’s not the neighbor is he? If he is I think you can get enough Golden Girls down there (I’ll bring Margaritas too) to get a boisterous party to scare them all off. I wouldn’t invite them back. My dh had an old friend that we used to have visit with his wife and vice versa. She dumped him after 3 kids and 18 years of marriage cuz she found out how much he was cheating on her. We had no idea. After a while he started coming to visit with a much younger girlfriend. She had no manners, he didn’t do anything about it. Finally, we stopped inviting him. He is a self centered, cheating sh** so I told DH it’s just not worth it. I’m still friends with his ex-wife. Why do people tolerate men like that?
Cinnamonie - great job on the weight loss. Very sorry to hear about your dad. I hope it turns out to be something less serious.
The main thing I wanted to say was how terrific all the Ggs are. We laugh, we cry, we get information and support. I was kind of down for a couple of days and when I read your posts I laughed out loud. Actually I think it was Lucinda - dealing with bulls***- I’m sorry you had to but it made me laugh because I was dealing with bull*** and it was very refreshing to have someone say it out loud! Actually, I guess a lot of us are: lousy guests, lousy bosses, jobs that sometimes have lousy times, car repairs, power outages, evil food cravings (me), weight gain(me), illness, caring for loved ones that are ill, computer frustrations (me). The list goes on and on.
Okay. I’m going to try to copy and past this. If it doesn’t work I’ll be posting my sobs.
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OMG Karen3 big gentle for you,falling makes you feel like youve been beat by a stick.every muscle hurts am glad your rude and nasty guests are gone. Bobbie or should i say Boobie lol i just read that book and enjoyed laughing my butt off. nothing new to report,i just learned tho that the nurse who took such good care of me when i was a 6 month patient is now expecting. im so happy for her. they have become friends since then and i get to be the 3rd now have 3 baby quilts to make not a problem since i love to make them they are called "gramma gale blankies" named so by my grand kids. hope your day is awsome! rosey
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Just finished a good mystery called Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay. This is the second book I've read of his and liked them both. They are "modern" mysteries so they have plenty bad words but his are not as bad that way as many modern authors. So they are not "light" mysteries as some like but are very good I think. Both of his books have had interesting twists I've liked.

Very busy these days...but getting more done. No wins so far this month but last month I ended with 14 wins! Seven were books (ones I should like) and the iPod was my most valuable prize, but I also got some other nice prizes so I was happy. That's the most I've won in a month for a long time, but I spent a lot of time doing it and I don't want to be online that much really.

I'm taking a couple classes at my church now and really enjoying them. One is basically a regular Bible study with a Q&A period afterwards. We will be going through the whole Bible but right now on first chapter of Genesis so will be a long series. It is excellent and we are both really enjoying it. The other is an actual class on Apologetics which is also very interesting.

This morning I had an interview with a research company about my neuropathy which paid me $75. It's fun to bring in a little extra cash now and then.

We are still working on the bathroom...doing it slowly...ready for a shower door, mirror or medicine cabinet (up to dh as his bathroom) and lights. Hopefully we will be able to shop more this weekend.

My weight has been on the high end but pretty stable. I am still much higher than my sig though. I was hoping to get it back down but may have to change my sig if I don't soon I guess. Also hoping to lose before my doctor appt next month! He was so proud of me last time.

My brother is back home and seems to be doing ok considering his age, weight and health. We haven't yet decided when to go back there. I'd prefer to go in the fall but not sure he will be ok that long.

Rie - The lettuce trick does work if I remember to do it. Thanks!

No time for other personals this time, sorry.
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