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Want to feel better
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Good moring GG's,

One day (of those meetings) down and 3 to go. I'll be glad when that is over. It might be more enjoyable if I could hear more of what is going on. I'll just do my time and be done with it. Today's session, they will drag us all over the hospital to see how things are done in some of the key areas. That would be ok, but I anticipate standing ~ for ?? how long. Standing just kills my feet/legs. Yesterday as we moved around different areas of the large space we were in, I dragged my chair around with me. Don't think I can do that all over the hospital. We will be going to the ER, PACU (I don't remember where else.) I can't imagine that they would keep us standing around these areas for a lengthy time. Oh well ~ again ~ will be glad when this is over.

Forgive me my lacking enthusiasm attitude. I think I am over tired and cranky. Not handling the bumps in the road very well. Shame on me when others have worse to deal with.

On the up side, I think my new mask for my cpap might come this week. That should help me sleep better and feel better.

My ear/hearing is still acting up. I hurt it on Monday and some of the things I hear still don't sound like they used to. If it is not better by the end of the week, I guess I will go see a dr.

Yesterday ~ they ran out of coffee Hope they do better today.

I'm procrastinating here ~ guess I'd better get on the ball and get ready.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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This morning on the news they had a segment about the worst foods from a sodium standpoint and poultry was up there! Pretty soon there won't be anything I can eat! They said it was because they add sodium to improve the taste. The answer is to buy organic, which costs so much more! We have a poultry store up on the highway. It's been there since we moved here 30 years ago but I've never been in there. I might check to see how their chickens are processed. Another surprise was bread and rolls. Geez!
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Good Hola, All....
Drive by today. Lots of errands to do today, and mostly I just need to get in the shower and lather the lard.

Bobbi - I loved your pithy comment this morning!

Marie - SamCat has been Tebowing on his tiny knees, sending good thoughts for BelovedKai. I hope she does well!

Everyone - later, lovelies!
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Rie, without a doubt. I'm one that will eat and eat to relieve an upset stomach. I know it is stupid but I always do it. Thankfully I rarely get an upset stomach. Have fun at pool tonight (and this weekend). Hope you do as well as last night and win all your games. Adult time is always valuable.

Gayle, here's hoping you have enough coffee at the yucky meetings and get to sit at regular intervals.

Donna on the Tebowing SamCat. Please get a picture as I'm sure it would cheer my little Kai tremendously. She had so much fun coming to work with me and playing in my office. Then boom, I take her to the vet and all is good while we're chatting. Then I tried to leave and my baby panicked. This is going to be a worrisome day. They asked the standard question of life saving measures. My response was do absolutely everything to save my baby's life. All for tartar on teeth...

Last night was interesting. Blizzie and I were contentedly gorking on the couch and poof, flash of light and zzzz of sound. Both of us look at each other. Yes, I looked at the dog... Anyway, we shrug and return to gorking. Then I start smelling electrical smoke. That wakes my brain up. I'm sniffing all over the house trying to find the source, slowly starting to panic of an electrical fire in the attic, etc. Then I notice the kitchen lightbulb is burnt out and it's the third one in a couple months in the same socket. Yes, the smell is defintely from the ceiling fan light fixture. So I have the kitchen light taped off and DH will replace the fan/light today. I was so worried that I got my kitchen stool out and touched the ceiling for warmth. I think we were very lucky that I was home when that happened as the lightbulb was one of those 5000 hour long life ones and it should last longer than a month. BTW, it was a bit dark in the kitchen to make my mocha this morning.
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Marie - I hope Kai is good.... I'm sure she will be!! Let Mr. SamCat know, please... he's too old for that kind of bending of the knee!

Is the lightbulb one of those new coiled monstrosities? I had one burn up in the lamp. I don't understand why they couldn't do the technology in the bulb shape... those coiled things are going to look just great in the bathroom fixture! Bah! I'm glad you were home when that happened... too scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Isabella--thanks...I will add bran to it...

Last week I lost 4 lbs and today I am into second week...I am not expecting any pound loss this week because today I am starting to exercising which I did not last week... will let you know updates...

I still have not yet found tape measurement...the pant still fit but barely...

I am facing the situation where I might lose my Dad to lung cancer...he will find out for sure next Monday...he was smoker but quit for several years and was exposed to asbestos... he survives many things including heart attack and pneumonia...I am amazed he still lives...he is 71...lives in VA...

Hope you all do well...

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Cinammonie - good thoughts for your dad....

Here's a goodie for all of you to enjoy.... and enjoy you will!
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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG’s,

Things might be looking up I think my new facemask for my cpap might be coming tonight.

I was so tired this morning and considered asking my boss why I had to go to more of these meetings. I can’t hear well, and felt like my presence there wouldn’t mean much, but I didn’t ask her. I went and ended up surprised and even excited. This group of people who have come in are actually listening and helping us with some of our problems. They want to help and want to make things better and have actually started to act on some of the things. There are always a shortage of computers ~ someone contacted IT and they found some more. There were not enough thermometers (electronic ones) in the ER. They talked to some one and they rounded up more of those. It was as if magic was happening behind the scenes. There are other things that need to be done, and not as easily fixed as the ones they have already helped with, but they made it seem like it is possible.

The part I dreaded about going to the different departments ended up not being so bad. They divided us up into groups and each group went to two different areas. So, the standing time ended up being only about 1 hour ~ my knees still hurt after, but it ended up way better than I expected.

They broke us up into groups after lunch. I chose to go with the group that was working on patient registration, since this is an area of difficulty for part of my work. I learned why it takes those poor ladies so long to do it. The outcome is that they can teach me a quick way to do it and I can get my patients into the computer system myself instead of having to wait for them to do it. And it will take some of the pressure off of them. I am excited about that.

I’ve got some things to do to get ready for work in the am, I’d better get off and get them done before I poop out.

Hope you all have a nice evening

Take care
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Cinnamonie---(((hugs))) and good thoughts and prayers for you and your Dad.

Donna, that video is so cute!! Loved it and had to watch it several times!! Thanks for sharing

Had a good bible study this morning and then a nice lunch at a little 1950's type diner. Nothing healthy to eat there but boy was it good!!!
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I'm tired tonight so a great big HI to everyone.

Cinnamonie, so sorry about your dad.

I overate on the sweets today but not too badly. Here's what I ate and exercised.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with bran, flax and wheat germ, brown sugar, dates, skim milk

Dinner: small bean and cheese burrito on homemade ww tortilla, couple slices avocado, about 1 teaspoon sour cream, salsa, tomato stew with cheese dumpling

Supper: Tomato stew with cheese dumpling, 2 mini muffins, 1 chocolate fudge drop, 1/2 regular sized tangelo

Exercise: 16.52 km on exercise bike, 60 minutes

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Had my meetings in Boston today and didn't get home until 6:30 BUT dh had a pork tenderloin roast in the oven along with some sweet potatoes, and had thawed out a container of our homemade apple sauce. I stuck some frozen asparagus spears from Trader Joe's in the microwave, and voila! Supper fit for royalty within 15 minutes of getting home. I could get used to this.

Tomorrow morning I have to be in Haverhill, MA, and then back in the office in the afternoon. Busy, busy days lately. I ate relatively conservatively (for me ) today....a protein drink for breakfast while driving, a scoop of chicken salad and a piece of artisan bread for lunch, and supper described above. Not too badly bloated, and so far no gas or anything. That's a good sign.

I'm glad that your meeting folks seem to be really making improvements, Gayle. Meetings aren't so bad when they actually produce some results.

PT, loved the video - sooo cute and silly!

Ms. Cinn.....4 pounds in a week are phenomenal! Congrats! Wowza! I'm supremely jealous! (But happy for you)

How's Kai doing, Marie? Poor baby. I do SO hate the dentist, and I can only imagine how a poor lil' child of the canine persuasion might feel. Oh well, I know you'll pamper her tonight, and that'll make up for it all. Oh, and as far as naming the insurance company, there's just no point - they're all the same!!! And banks are just as bad if not worse....they all build shrines to their cleverness in stealing our money.

Carol Sue!!!! OMG! Chicken is high in sodium?? I'm with you....what ELSE are we not supposed to eat, for pity sake? And the worst of it is probably next year someone will come out with a study that says it's not even true. Remember how people with any kind of heart issues weren't supposed to eat eggs? Now they're saying it's perfectly fine. I swear, if you listened to every new *finding* that came out, we'd all be as thin as rails because there wouldn't be anything we could eat at all!

Rie.....just think of me as your friendly neighborhood collicky cow!!!!!

CaddyK, I'm sure you're welcome to accompany us to K3's.....could you bring along some coffee brandy and skim milk? Add a little crushed ice, and I will be the happiest camper....

Lucinda, my parents did the same thing when they had sister and brother were 12 and 14. I was a real surprise. Can't say I was treated like a favored grandchild, old mum was none too pleased...

Isabella, you are far more ambitious than I am with your redecorating and all. I don't even notice what color my walls are anymore.

Sorry about that persistent UTI, Lynn. It doesn't sound right....are you getting any feedback from your doc about why this isn't going away with treatment?

K3 have you thrown out those poorly behaved freeloaders yet? Don't worry...when Rie and Marie and Donna and CaddyK and I come down, we'll even bring our own tent to pitch in your backyard (as long as there are no crocodiles out there!) AND we'll come in and cook your breakfast! AND we won't go anywhere with that poopyhead "friend" of yours no matter how hard he begs.

Okay, gotta go..

Have a great evening, y'all!

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Hello Goldens

I sure hope this post goes through.... 3fc has been misbehaving for me all day!

I had a relapse of this darn cold today and I elected to stay home and rest. So, I am not at pool league tonight. Darn it. Feeling a little sorry for myself. I wasn't that sick but I really want to be well before I travel this weekend. I have eaten well and sparingly today and I even worked out. So, hoping that I wake without a fever and stuffy nose in the morning.

Good news: I got a check in the mail from Geico for my truck repairs and an offer to pay a rental car for the entire repair time because the claim was delayed. I hope that it can get fixed next week.

Zoe, be careful with all that traveling. Tee Hee on the colic

Donna, it was so nice chatting today - we haven't connected in a while.

Caddyk, I sure wish I had been at the diner with you. I promised myself a couple weeks of clean eating but I am dying for a cheeseburger!

Gayle, I am so glad that the meeting was a pleasant surprise! I am with you, though, I consider most meetings a total waste of time. I hope you get to feeling better. I wish I lived near you and I would come and walk with you.

Karenfl, I hope the leg-shaving lounge lizard guy gets a rash!

Isabella, are you still tearing the kitchen apart?

Marie, I hope that Kai is not too traumatized! Tell her that I have sympathy as the THought of the dentist is trauma to me!

Carol Sue, I like to buy chicken whenever possible from local sources or the local Huterite colonies. (kind of like amish with cars.... there should be a label if there is sodium added.

Lucinda, I think it is lovely that you enjoy your young one!

Lynn, how did your appointments go? hoping you are feeling better!

I know that I am missing lots of people but I need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow. I sure hope this posts!

Later! Rie
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Just a quick update about Kai. She's doing mediocre. Came through the dental cleaning fine but she's having a lot of trouble with the anesthesia. I just chatted with her vet because she hasn't stopped crying/whimpering since I picked her up 3 hours ago. It's heart wrenching. She's so scared. The vet calmed me and said that it could take up to 48 hours but hourly I should see an improvement. I did say I didn't think having her teeth cleaned was worth this. My poor baby. Kai does say though that SamCat needs to get off bended knees since she doesn't have the energy to worry about her love cat.

MsCinnamonie, as you face this difficult time.

Yikes Zoe, I'm thinking KarenFL's backyard would be dangerous. She's mentioned the wildlife that lives back there. I'm a chicken by nature. Travel safely to Haverhill.

Gayle, glad the meeting wasn't too atrocious and it might even have some positive outcomes.

Rie, feel better quickly!

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Hi everyone.sry about your dad Cinnamonie did our usual payday shopping today.nothing else going on. have a great evening rosey

greek yogurt

1 c tomatoe soup
1/2 apple with pbII dip

coffee mocha

1 c chix and rice and vegies (cooked in the crock pot)
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