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We're pooped but it was a blast smashing out all the cupboard. Tomorrow we'll install a new floor, then we have a guy from Tiffany's church who will help us put in the new ones. We'll be buying lunch out so I'll not be counting calories the rest of the week. It probably doesn't matter what I eat, I'm burning calories and using muscles I didn't know I had.
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Hi Golden Girls-
I haven’t had much energy the past couple of days. Not sure why. I skipped the George Clooney movie and went to the gym but still eating some evil leftovers so I have to work on that.
Rosey – sorry dh is grumpy. You are very understanding – and you will have some pretty earings when you finish. I need to find a constructive outlet like that.
Isabella – I like stevia. I need two packs of it and it has a few carbs but I think it may be healthier than some other sweeteners (my own humble opinion.) When I am counting every carb, which is what I should be doing, I use Splenda. I encourage my dh to use the stevia.
Marie – lol about the Y chromosome. I think you hit the nail, or something, on the head…oh, that does sound painful. I better get my mind out of the gutter. And about the Starbucks, you don’t have to buy a whole franchise, you can buy a few shares of stock on line.

Bobbi – You go girl! All that rehabbing for your dd. Very nice. Dh and I used to do a lot of our rehabbing. Then someone had really
to watch the darn kids. Then the rotator cuff problem, small protruding disc….DH still tries to do everything – I have to yell at him about his bad back…
Jenye – congrats on weight loss.
Well, have to go see if I can copy and paste this. Hi to everyone!
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Hi I spent a nice afternoon working with my beads. its been many yrs since ive done this. my hands and eyes arenot what they used to be but i deff want to relearn. dh was in abetter mood after his nap hmmm sounds like alittle kid i also made him rice crispie bars,but eliminated the margerine as hes on a ff diet.maybe i sweetened him up lol. im optimistic and vary rarely grumpy,hes the exact opposite. they do say opposits attract lol Bobby sounds like fun smashing things up.hopr your evenings great rosey
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Rosey, those ear rings are so pretty! You really did a good job on them. I wish i had all your talent. Hope Steve feels better real soon. I think there must be something going around--- I've been calling Tim "Mr. Crankypants" all day!!!

My Aunt and I are starting a Bible study tomorrow with my sister. She has already started it with her group of ladies from her church but thought that the three of us would really like the chance to study it together. It is: Esther by Beth Moore---It's Hard To Be A Woman. I picked up the workbooks for it this afternoon for my aunt and I. So we should really enjoy it and then we plan to go to lunch afterwards...I think I need to quit eating at home!!! LOL!! This is a 10 week course so I am going to have to plan my meals better than normally eating out after church on Sundays. Which I know we will still do as a family. BUT I love it and that is why I moved back here, so I could spend more time with family.

Bobbi, you sound like you have been pretty busy. We bought a vent free gas fireplace last week and plan on selling the Buck woodburning insert that we have now and replace it with the gas fireplace. It is going to take a few modifications too. But then the chimney won't be a problem anymore because it won't be used. This is something we wanted to do when we first bought the house so now is a good time to do it.

Sounds like everyone has been pretty busy and putting up with their own ups and downs. I sometimes get so frustrated but then I know it is my own fault--I am the one who decides what goes in my mouth and when I do or do not exercise. Just need a swift kick to get back on track-- Summer will be here before I know it!!

I know I haven't answered each and everyone but I have read all the posts. I hope all the illnesses are getting better with each day. I do think about all of you all the time. It is so nice to have our own little "family" here! Take care of yourselves and have a great night.
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Bobbi has the February thread up and ready to go, so hop on over there.
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