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Bobbolink 12-31-2011 12:09 PM

~~January Golden Girls~~
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you passed the 50 mark? 60 mark? Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!

jess1 12-31-2011 12:37 PM

12-31-11: Good Hola, Goldens….

SamCat is puking and squirting… I know what I’ll be doing shortly (mopping up with bleach!). Finished with that chore! Ugh. :^:

On that cheery note, may I say “Happy New Year’s Eve!”. I hope everyone (Rie!) stays at home where they belong, safe and sound! Rie – you can watch Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns, in anticipation of (gag) yet another year of their shenanigans. (I do love Leland!).

CK – did you ever get that mop trimmed? And what word have you had back from the Greedies? Have they had time to back out or to demand more?

Marie – did you throw a party for Blizzie, as in inviting all her furbaby friends? I had a friend who did that for her pup; everyone brought their dog, an appropriate gift, and they all wore hats and were terribly chagrined by the whole affair.

Mary – did I miss HOW you hurt your back? It seems that this has been going on for a while. I hope you’re feeling better! Good thoughts, good thoughts! Any news on the house in AZ?

Rosey – how long will your gs visit with you? I know how much you enjoy all those kidlets, and I know they just LOVE coming to Aunty Rosey’s house! I’d love to come to Aunty Rosey’s house!!

Gayle – I’m glad that you included some personal stuff in your posts this time. Often times you answer all of us and say nothing about yourself, and we’re left with “who WAS that mystery woman?”

CarolSue – I hope you’re doing well. It sounds like you’re coming right along, and I would hope that you'll give yourself a little slack while you’re recovering :carrot:.

I have no Kindle, no Nook, no nuthin’…….. I tried a Kindle when they first came out, and it hurt my eyes. Chickadeee, I think you mentioned that, too. I’m sure they’ve improved, but I haven’t looked into them since. I had LASIK about 15 years ago, and my distance vision is still great; however, they cannot seem to get the near vision corrected, now that I’m a greatly advanced crone. After about 5-10 minutes of reading, my eyes are blurry and out of focus. I hate that, because reading has always been such a big deal to me. It’s just eye strain, because they can’t get a good prescription… and I’ve been from optometrists to ophthalmologists, and no one can get it right… but they’re all really expensive!

Chickadeee – what are pencil pushups??????????

PT/Zoe – when do the Qi Gong classes start? Are you DREADING them (I would be!)? I hope you like them and that they make you relaxed and strong! How’s Miss Izzy? We haven’t seen any pictures of her lately. And it was very nice of your son and DIL to give you tires for Christmas! I like that they’re looking out for the old mama. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well.

And I’d really like the opportunity to be that happy and NICE rich person!

KarenFL – are you well and healthy? All the fruits available to you sound so yummy! I would think I’d died and gone to heaven if I had an orange or a grapefruit tree in my yard! I hope your barfies are gone!

Rie – are you almost all better? Yes, of course, SamCat and I will be lounging today. That’s what we do! And, no, my bad guy is still on the loose, and the $2,500 remainder is due Feb. 8th. It makes me, quite literally, sick to my stomach to wonder where I’m going to dig up that kind of money, if I have to pay it.

Freda – I saw that Bobbi asked you about some easy exercises you do? Please enlighten me, too. Oh, I viewed the DVD of beginning yoga for seniors and was so bored I could hardly stand it… plus it was LONG. I’d have to get up at 3 a.m. to do the morning routine, in order to be ready to leave for work at 9! I suppose the night routine would start about 5 when I get home and end somewhere around midnight. Gawd. I don’t THINK so! By the way, I do my leg stretches in bed each morning. It hurts too much to get down on the floor (and then I have to get a forklift to get me up, which is awkward). Whatever works, works! How is YOUR back?

Insofar as my job situation, I KNOW! How rude! Actually, they don’t say anything about me doing personal stuff, like GGs, because I sneakily switch it off (like that works, sigh!) before they see it. I can’t imagine anyone would care, but I do! I’m a good Catholic (recovering) guilt ridden girl, dontcha know? I’m happy with the job, couldn’t have put it together better, if I’d designed it.

I’m getting a migraine from all the router and wireless talk! It’s bringing me back to the trauma, drama, and sleepless nights when I got this laptop after the PC crashed. My solution was to call the ComputerGeek and weep piteously until he came and did whatever he did to make it all work. I still break into a cold sweat when I see the apparatus! Technophobe is correct!

Nancy – I’m so, so, so sorry to hear about everything. I cannot believe that SO is planning to hang around as a roommate (and will you still be cooking and cleaning for him??? Bah!). What a jerk. See, I told you so!! Do NOT trust him to do the right thing by you! Once that teeny head is involved, everything goes out of the big head. Whoever suggested a lawyer is right… do that! I could just hurt him (and I'll bet you can figure out the punishment I'd like to administer!)!

Bobbi – did you get your snow? Did the link come through for you? It’s so EASY.

Well, I think I’m caught up on everyone! Happy New Year’s to everyone! Be well, get well… and in your case, Nancy, get cynical. Fast. :hug:

ellabella 12-31-2011 02:18 PM

Omigosh! In a few short hours, it will be 2012! Although I've more or less managed to get used to living in the 21st century, it still amazes me that I am! And, it amazes me even more when I think about how many years I've been alive....I feel that old age has crept up and taken me by surprise, truly.

Y'know, I forgot to mention that I've been doing something rather old-lady-ish with my spare time these days - crochetting! Yeah. I bought myself a book entitled "Teach Yourself To Crochet", and proceeded to do so - and to discover that I really enjoy it. It almost feels like a form of meditation. I made my dd3 a heavy crochetted afghan for her bed for one of my Christmas presents to her. I should've taken a picture of it before I gave it to her, but I'm going to be over at her house for awhile tonight, so I'll take a picture then so you-all can see that I have my domestic side. Now I'm working on one for our bedroom.

And speaking of tonight, it's a family gathering (naturally) - the kids, their mates & the grandkids - and (are you ready for this?) the ex and his wife. Not exactly a recipe for great fun, but it was either this or they (the kids) were going to have to entertain him and her some other night, which they weren't too thrilled about doing. Ah, well. Maybe if I play it right, I can slip a little arsenic or something into his seafood dip. Blah. Well, we'll head home before midnight, anyway. I have no intentions of sticking around to see 2012 in with that dimwit. I saw enough years in with him to last a lifetime, trust me.

And speaking of dimwits, your SO really takes the cake, Nancy. He's planning to continue living with you and seeing her? I have got that straight, correct? Shoot, if he had half a brain, he wouldn't DARE go to sleep in the same house as you. Who KNOWS what might happen to him when he was asleep and unable to defend himself? Oh, wait....that would be me and my house that I'm talking about....but, well, he does seem a bit entitled, doesn't he? This fella definitely needs to have a few facts of life impressed upon him....fact # 1 being that you don't mess with a GG !!!!!!! Tell him I'll see him at the end of April.

Rie...I see that you actually do seem to prefer Rie to "Val", so I shall revert to Rie from now on...sitting out on the steps with your coffee this morning sounds like it's not so cold where you are? Nice. We headed out to grocery shop at 8:30 this morning, and nearly fell on our bums - the stairs were all ice! Luckily, it warmed up pretty quickly, and they were fine when we got home, but this is actually the first icy morning that we've had since that freak Hallowe'en snow storm. Well, it sounds like you're on the mend, anyway, and that's excellent news! :D

Omigawd, PT...so sorry about that scalawag taking off on you. What are the chances that he'll get back in time, do you suppose? (Or is he likely gone for good?) I think the qi gong classes start on Tuesday night, the 10th. I'm really looking forward to it! I've been doing some of the beginning qi gong moves from watching YouTube videos, and I'm really liking it a lot, so far. Not at all strenuous, but I do feel stronger and more flexible already. Yay. The video that I like best is just @ 8 minutes, and that's enough without being too much, y'know?

Hmmm...did it sound like I wasn't altogether pleased about the Christmas tires? If so, that's not how I meant to sound. I was really delighted - and Ds took my car in on Thursday, got the tired mounted and balanced and stuff, got my oil changed, and even got my annual sticker replaced for me. Now THAT'S a thoughtful kid, if I DO say so myself!

Mary, so sorry to hear about all the pain you've been experiencing - I am really, really hoping for a happy and healthy 2012 for you - and for our other sisters with health problems. K3, Chickadeee, everybody whose been through a rough bit in 2011 - let's all look forward to a GREAT 2012 as far as our own health, and the health of those we care about is concerned!

Aww, Marie, your poor furbaby! It's so hard when one of our little ones is sick, and can't really tell us what hurts or how they're feeling. But you're such a good, intuitive Mommy - I'm sure they couldn't be in any better hands.

Freda, m'luv, I just don't think a floor polisher - or shampooer, or whatever - is a very nice gift. Now maybe if it came with IOU's for monthly floor polishing or shampooing by the giver, it would be acceptable, but simply as something for YOU to utilize, well, uh-uh! You just take that right on back to the store and get you a faux racoon coat or something! ZoŽ has spoke. :lol:

Bobbi, I forgot that you do X country skiing! That, my dear lady, is indeed strenuous exercise! Knowing how much you look forward to it, I am prepared to package and send you every last snow flake that comes my way. It'll be hard giving up all that lovely (riiiiggghhht!) white stuff, but I will make the sacrifice if it means your happiness! :angel:

A holler to you Lynn, Gayle, Rosey, CaddyK...you know who you are...hope all is happy and bright in your worlds today. And to all, a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

Ooops! I wanted to also say how adorable your new little grandbaby is, Darcy. My dd3's twins (2 1/2 now) were born prematurely, and we went through all the time in the NICU, and then home with the two little bitty guys. We are very blessed that they are now at age-appropriate heights and weights, and developing right on schedule. We'll be keeping your little guy in our prayers.


Bobbolink 12-31-2011 06:08 PM

Just a couple comments...
Rie...nutin', same as we do every year. We're not party people and who wants to be out on the road with all the drunks.:dizzy:
what are you guys doing for New Years? Charlie looks like a party guy to me.
Donna, sorry....I was going to thank you for the link to your 2.5 minute exercise and forgot all about it. Glad you mentioned it. Yes, the link came through and my next question to you was, can I do it on my bed. Then I see you do. We used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, I think I could like dog if he cuthis hair. I liked Leland the best too. Dog's wife,what's her name? Beth? Last time I watched, shewas skinny except for her rather large boobs. Quote:
Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns, in anticipation of (gag) yet another year of their shenanigans. (I do love Leland!).By the way, I do my leg stretches in bed each morning. It hurts too much to get down on the floor
Chick...why is your thumb therapy not covered by your insurance? $256.00 per session is outrages.Marie...don't ya love all the personalities of your dogs. I think I like the jack a$$, Kodiak the best. I like his attitude. Tiffany (my DD) was laughing about the antics of her cat and German Weimeramer dog. They taunt each other all thetime, makes you wonder what goes on in their minds. Quote:
Kodiak is a jacka$$ and thinks he should stomp all other dogs. He takes “grumpy old man” to new heights
Mary...We purchased a steamer for our kitchen floor and was so happy with how well they clean with no soap. The floor looks like new after using it and no streaks or dull finish. We purchased a second one for the basement floors, what a great invention. Anybody that doesn't have one, think about buying one.
Isabella...yes, please join me. I love seeing what others eat and Zoe was the one that started this. I don't post anywhere else on 3
fc's so this works for me. I'd love to see everyone post what they eat on the top of everyone's post, maybe my menu wouldn't be so boring if I got ideas fromsome of your entrees/menu. KarenFla's menu always sound delicious but she has access to fresh seafood and fruit, I don't.:mad: I was going to comment on your New Year's Eve menu, hard to believe you live in another country. Your menu is so much like what we eat in America. I always make corn muffins with my chili too, goes so well together. Quote:
, I like your accountability quote at the top of your posts. I might do that also come tomorrow. IsabellaI did the chili and later on I'll make cornmeal muffins and get the rice ready. Everyone seemed happy about the chili. I'll be serving it with the aforementioned rice and muffins and have half a large bag of nacho chips that I'll put out. Sour cream, salsa, cheese and some chopped lettuce, tomato, black olives and avocado should round off the main dish. I have a divided serving plate filled with candy and chocolate covered nuts, a plateful of cookies and 2 small banana puddings--one regular and one sugar-free.
Gee, I was just going to tell Donna something and I ran off at the mouth. See you all next year.
Hi Rosey...no cheating at Bingo!

Bobbolink 12-31-2011 06:19 PM

Hi Zoe...glad you checked in. Are you going to post your menus? I laughed when I read about the arsenic for the jerk and your advice to Nancy. I like the way you think. Post the video link of your qi classes. I was just checking over the community ed courses and thought I saw that class listed. I was thinking of taking something but didn't want to do yoga or zumba.

qi gong classes

Marie 12-31-2011 08:24 PM

So Bobbi, your comment about cross country skiing made me want to show you what you should do with Charlie. Here are three pictures of me skijouring with Kai Pixie:
Marie and Kai
Marie taking pictures of Kai while skijouring (could be titled stupid Marie)
Kai and Sasha heading toward a mountain

Zoe, I can join you in North Carolina in April. I really wanted to learn how to crochet so I had a friend get me started and I was making an amazing scarf until after about 15" I had gone from 10" wide to 1" wide. I figured I was hopeless.

The PS3 Motion setup was really fun with the Zumba workout game. Except they move fast. I was doing on dance and DH comes in the house. "Wow they move fast." Me: "This is the beginner workout." He was right, it was fast. I'll be stuck on the beginner warm up forever. I can't imagine the expert full routine. Ow!
Skijouring is cross country skiing while tethered to a harnessed dog (or two). It is a blast. I never thought I'd have more fun cross country skiing than downhill but last March when we started this, without a doubt it was. Cheaper too. :)

Bobbolink 12-31-2011 10:10 PM

Marie...what fun! We do take Charlie out when we're only gone for half hour or so. I don't think he's strong enough to pull me, he only weighs about 60 pounds. How do you get the dogs to stay in the path?

Karen31 12-31-2011 11:04 PM

Here is to a Happy New Year to everyone! We got the final papers on the house today and the deal has fell through. The people that were going to buy ours ended up not being able to get it financed since the chimney isn't up to todays building codes... Our house was built in 1940 so of course it wouldn't be. They wanted us to put in stainless steel chimney pipe, a new roof, replace 2 windows a new roof and pain the outside.... Guess what--- we are staying here and that is fine!! We said from the very start if someone wanted us to put a bunch of money in it for them to buy it they could kiss my WHAT!!! So we plan on staying right here and at our own pace do some fix up on it for ourselves!! So that is where that stands.

Sure seems like a lot of us have really gone through lots of changes, good and bad through this past year.. Here is to a brand new 2012 with all good stuff in store for all of us!!!

We have out New Year's/Anniversary champagne sitting in the refrigerator getting nice and cold for midnight!!

Have a good and SAFE night!!

maryea 01-01-2012 01:11 AM

I'm not interesting in anything on TV tonight so I've been online entering sweeps. The good news is that I ate much less than I usually do on a new years eve even though I did go over on calories and my carbs were fine. Will check my bs before bedtime though as it's been high in the ams. More good news: I've had very little pain today..mostly just a mild ache and tiredness in my back and I haven't taken any meds. I hope tonight will be the same, as nights have been worse recently. But I'm definitely on the mend! Our gd never showed up so guess she got too busy with her other grandparents. She has a large family on her mom's side.

glynne 01-01-2012 01:14 AM

Happy New Year my golden sisters. I saw the ball drop twice. Got to wish my parents in Ohio happy new year the first time (they are east coast time ~ here in Texas we are an hour behind them). Now wishing you all one.

Guess I will head to bed now.

Take care

Karen31 01-01-2012 01:49 AM

Happy New Year Gayle!! We did the same---Tim's family are all on the east coast!

Wannabehealthy 01-01-2012 08:05 AM

Happy New Year Everyone! We planned on staying home like we always do, but around noon I decided that I felt good and wanted to go to the casino for one last chance at a win in 2011. My plan was that we would start home by 3:30 to be off the highway before dark. Around 4 PM I had lost all my money and DH has about $70 left. We came upon a machine we had never played before and it looked interesting so we played it. We ended up staying til 6 PM, long after dark, but we made up most of our money and came home down $50. That wasn't too bad considering we ate the buffet free, which would have cost $45 had we not had the free coupons. So after 34 year we did go out for New Year's Eve. We were in bed by 10 PM and slept through the ball drop.

I hope 2012 brings everyone good health and prosperity, and a big weight loss!

Bobbolink 01-01-2012 09:21 AM

Happy New Year to my favorite girl friends and Happy Anniversary to you KarenMo.

Saturday’s Keep me Accountable menu 1,007 calories + 30 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, almond yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds, dried cranberries

Lunch- missed breakfast, had it for lunch

Snack- sugar free frozen vanilla pudding

Supper- hamburger on lite bun, dill pickles, catsup. Baked French fries (had an eye opener, baked white potato fries has less calories than baked sweet potato fries) I thought it was the other way around.

Night time Snack-popcorn

lynard21 01-01-2012 11:35 AM

Happy 2012
Happy new year GGs. Yes, I'm still around. I'm not sorry to see 2011 go away and am hoping for a better 2012.

Have been way behind on reading posts, but did catch yours, Nancy, about your misguided SO. Please do yourself a favor and give him his walking papers!!!What a cad.

I have gained over 5 pounds since Sept and need to get serious again. So far today I've had half a grapefruit and a quarter of a high fiber muffin.

It's 50 degrees and the sun is shining. Think I'll head out for a long walk, with my new MP3 player. I tried to download a book from the library, but it was not compatible, Shoot. Will just have to listen to music.

Zoe - glad you are getting "zen" with crocheting. I do the same with my knitting. Very relaxing.

I will try to keep in better touch with you all...


jess1 01-01-2012 11:54 AM

Good Morning, all golden Girlies!


CK - Happy anniversary... and I LOVE the new avatar picture!!

I hope 2012 is filled with good health and happiness! Onward!

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