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Hi Everyone,


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Happy New Year! May all your dreams become reality and you achieve exactly what you wished for......

Rie....watched some of the "Dog" yesterday and wow has Beth bulked up. In the oldest she was trashy mouth big boobs slender and now well no longer slender. How can you pray one minute and drop F bombs the next?? He hasn't aged well would like to button his blouse up a wee bit and rip off that shiny necklace thingy. There is a karen law that says "no man over 50 should be seen shirtless!"

Rosey....I just sorted thru all the 2010 cards and realized I have a Gayle piece of art. Thank you. DH had thrown all the envelopes away and so no return addresses. Made me super happy all over again looking at the GG cards.

Chickadee....pencil tests? Anything like the pencil boob test?

Zoe....Am so excited that we can watch you sail into retirement!

Karen....You two are ahead of the game now. You know exactly what you have to do to this house and the new one would have been figure all that out and waiting for the surprises that always happen with remodeling.

Marie....I love the pictures of you and the pack. It looks like a blast.

Donna...Was Samcat hung over? Maybe he needed the hair of the dog antidote?

Bobbi...I laughed at the picture of you being pulled by Charlie especially when he spots a rabbit.

Lyn...Missed you and stay around we'll zap those 5 lbs quickly.

Lynn...Are you home now with loving cats?

Mary...I am reading a great book set in the NW. "Haunting Jordan" by P.J. Alderman. It's murder mystery with ghosts of 1880's haunting the house that Jordan buys to restore. There's a murder in the present and the ghosts want their murder solved,too. Sounds convoluted but a great read. I down loaded all 3 of her books. Does anyone remember the old "Topper" tv series or the 1930's movies with Topper and the Kriebys?

Nancy....You have to do what is best for you, but protect yourself. A lawyer would be good and do change up accounts. You are going to surprise yourself by being stronger than you thought possible. If you need help'll be seeing GG family/friends pulling into the driveway! My DD ain't that far away and she's a mouthy broad!

Freda...What did you and the kids do for NewYears eve? on the last of those blasted pills. Pukey day. Marie, I have a staph infection that they are trying to clear up. The hard knots have now gone from lima bean to baby pea size...So will probably need another round. Will wait to see if my body will finish the job without more meds. One pill with dinner and one for breakfast....then done!

Dinner last night was wonderful. We cut one of our oranges up and put into ice water instead of lemon. Have enough crab to make sandwiches for Dhs lunch. Hey, crab on English muffin with cheese ohhhh .....

Dash is so weird. He is a "hunting/pointer" that is gun shy. Scared to death of thunder but LOVES fireworks. He chased the rockets up and down the street last night. If you go shhhhhboom he starts racing for the door. Damn dog has a vocabulary of about 500 words. He is even able to indicate which door he wants out of and when it's time to eat. He tells us when certain people drive up....he just announced "Alllllfredddds here".

So glad we are done with 2010....This is going to be a Good Year for us all. k3

ps...have a problem found a $25 amazonkindle gift card in with get well and birthday cards and no idea where it came from...checked it is good. DD denies sending it....ohmy somebody's thinking how rude I am.

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Happy New Year Goldens!

I tried to get on here earlier but the site was a little slow and I kept losing patience. Today I am hunkered down reading a dean Koontz book, watching football and gorking. I would sure like to move around and exercise but I am following dr orders. Besides, still have a pretty throbby mouth - although the swelling has gone down a lot overnight.

My weight appears to be dropping a little but I will wait till my official weigh in on friday to make any adjustments. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have eaten very little but that sometimes is counter-productive for my body .

Karen, that Dash sounds like a bright and funny guy. I watched some of Dog last night. Yup, they aren't looking really good. Some of the other goldens like leland - I like Duane Lee. I fell asleep long before midnight. Little dgs wasn't feeling well and ds came home to find us both crashed on the couch.

Zoe, actually, either Val or Rie is ok with me.... whatever is easy for you to type! I am looking forward to hearing about the countdown to retirement for you. It will be fun to watch. Actually, it was about 42degrees yesterday when I was sitting outside. Warm for a december montana morning. Kudos on tolerating the ex during the family gathering. My ex's ex (woman before me) contacted me recently and we enjoyed a purely female and evil conversation on facebook about how much more he has aged.... It was fun

Yes, Chickadee, what is the pencil test? It better not be the boob pencil test - as karen suggested.... I couldn't even pass that test when I was young

Marie, it was fun to see you and the doggies hooked up again. Has there been enough snow this year?

Karenmo, well, at least you know this house and you know what to expect when you start to remodel. Happy anniversary. I love the new avatar.

Lyn, I have missed you too. Those pounds will slide off. I hope things are better in your world.

Lynn, are you home with your own bed and the cats? Happy new year, excercise pal!

Rosey, How was your celebration? Did you win at Bingo? I love to play but they don't play around here anymore...

Nancy, as soon as you can.... hide some money that only you can get. This is very important.

Bobbi, as I said, I had a quiet evening, also. Usually I am playing poker or pool but alas..... I have had several calls today wondering why I am not out playing in the new years tourney.... (NOT without TEETH! LOL) You wouldn't like my menus... I like to eat the same thing all the time. I post over in the challenge section. But, I will include some supper menus. My dh does a great job of cooking for me. Tonight he is fixing some low fat/carb beef stew. He is cooking it all day so, hopefully, I can chew it. For lunch I am having my yogurt snack (dannon light and fit vanilla, 2 tbs riccotta, 1tbs sf choc syrup, 1tbs sf choc pudding mix) it tastes like chocolate cheesecake.

Mary, I am glad that you back is showing signs of improvement.

Freda, Hopefully, you had a good day at work. Your avatar pic makes you look so slim, I have a hard time thinking of you needing to lose weight.

Gayle, Happy New year! I hope you get peace at your job and enjoy all your family time in the coming year. Your kids are beautiful.

Well, I am going to go watch the game and gork for a while. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Later.

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KarenMO on the house sale problem. I suppose it would be a good idea to update the chimney just for your own safety. But we all love your house and it sure sounds like you do as well.

Bobbi, my pups are ~60 pounds. They stayed in the path because they wanted to run. Sounds like Charlie doesn’t run away. Sasha would. Anyway, trust me when I say they aren’t pulling you. You work really, really hard. That day had been ~35 degrees and I was sweating like I was in a sauna. The only time I let Kai pull was going down the hills as that was slightly scary.

Mary, I am so HAPPY you are on the mend and that yesterday was much less pain. I bet you’ll have better success with the food munchies when you’re back to your active life.

Carol Sue, sounds like you had a fun and inexpensive New Year’s Eve. I’m glad you got to get out and about.

Lyn, great to see you again!

KarenFL, my toes are crossed that today will be the real end of the stinky meds. I’d cross my fingers but then I couldn’t type. That med sounds horrendous. And to be honest, I’ve never had a dog that didn’t talk to me. They are way smarter than anit-canine people say. I love the image of Dash running for the fireworks.

Rie, ROFLMAO at the image of you and ex’s ex exchanging kind thoughts about the ex. I can just picture it. And nope, there is no snow anywhere. No snowpack, no forecast of snow. Fire season could be really, really bad this summer.

I am flabbergasted to learn that there is only two days left to my gork vacation. I must ignore this new knowledge as I will get really depressed. For now, I’m listening to the Packer’s Radio Network (thank you Sirius radio). The Pack is winning at half time but the Packers aren’t playing a few of their starters since they don’t need to. They’re waiting for the playoffs. DH witnessed Kai’s morning routine of being “off-balance” and refusing to eat. He got her to eat a little turkey and bam, she’s ready to play all day. He won’t roll his eyes at me when I mutter how she’s driving me nuts. As she loves food and refuses to eat in the mornings, it is frustrating. So she has a lot of turkey in the freezers since that’s the only thing that gets through her low blood sugar.

So here’s a snarky GG moment – I had spent about 15 minutes doing my hair yesterday – just practicing with the clipless curler I’d bought. DH is at his computer playing an online game with DD and DGS. He asks, “So what were you doing?” I responded (in not a snarky voice – just a matter a fact one), “Take a look at me and see if you can figure it out.” He looks and starts chuckles then said, “I like your hair like that.” But my response was snarky even if it wasn’t said snarky. I figured I’d make Zoe and KarenFL proud.
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Well, I have the traditional green pea soup bubbling away on the stove...REAL homemade pea soup, you understand. Nothing out of a can for New Year's Day. That would surely put a damper on the good fortune assured by eating the soup, after all. Mine is filled with ham chunks, carrots, onions, black pepper, cumin and garlic. Yummers. I should've made some corn bread to have with it, but didn't. Oh, well. We have multi-grain bread and crackers, and that'll have to do.

Bobbi, I shall be posting my menus once I am able to get them created. I'm working on it. I want to be sensible about all of this, and not think I'm going to conquer the "yo-yos" with extreme dieting or an easily broken commitment to any exercise routine. Other than qi gong, I mean. I think I may actually have found my niche in the exercise world. Qi gong kind of addresses the whole person, and that's what I think has been missing from the other kinds of exercise that I've attempted from time to time. We shall see...

K3, the book sounds interesting...y'know, I grew up out in the country just down the street from an old, long abandoned prison farm. Here are some historic photos:

Even when I was a kid, there were no buildings left to speak of: mostly just foundations and such. But, it's definitely had it's share of "ghost hunters", many of whom have some pretty interesting things to report. Can't say I'd want to visit there at night, but DH & I do, from time to time, ride our bikes down the old dirt roads. When I was a about deja vu....I used to bike ride all over the old prison camp, and fancy that I could *feel* some very sad presences. Of course, I was a very imaginative kid.

Happy New Year to you, too, Lynn!

I like YOUR new avatar pic, too, PT! Very appropos, if a little too chilly-looking for moi! And YOUR new avatar, CaddyK, is really sweet. Love springs eternal. Happy anniversary, and many happy returns!

Good to *see* you again, Lyn. I thought you'd abandoned us, chickie! Isn't this weather weird? I mean, we've had snow-free Christmases in the past here in Massachusetts, but I can't ever remember such wild fluctuations in temperature. I've never known it to be this warm at the beginning of January! (Can anybody say "global warming"?) Well, glad you're back. I missed you. Oh - and yes - crochetting has it's zen-like attributes for sure!

Well, Carol Sue, so you had an unexpected New Year's Eve out, did you? The "in bed at 10" is what appealed to me the most. I must be getting old...

Marie, make that the first week in May, and you're on. Can you imagine Nancy's SO's face when we all (I'm sure some of the others will join us) show up on the front doorstep looking very grim and determined? Poor Es-oh-bee will be running out the back door as fast as his feet will carry him! (And as for the snarky comments...well, perhaps I'll have to take you under my wing and give you a few lessons in snark... )

I'm glad you're doing okay, Rie (I LIKE Rie!). Just take whatever time you need to heal properly, and lie about reading and gorking. It's a time-honored cure for ANYTHING that ails you! Oh, and yes...I am quite proud of myself for being as tolerant as I was towards the ex last night. Not that we exchanged any conversation, you's just that I didn't have to run from the room retching every time I saw him. His wife was sitting by herself, for the most part, looking glum, though, and I did entertain the rather evil thought that it was better her than me married to El Jerko. But I quickly surpressed that thought, of course. I'm trying to be a better person in the new year. Of course THAT was pre-2012, so I suppose I could've gotten away with an evil cackle or two...

Well, I'm having a very quiet day today - nothing doing, and I'm loving it. Last night, incidentally, was loads of fun.We didn't stay to see in the New Year, but we visited and chatted...some were playing cards...and nibbled at all sorts of lovely things like dates wrapped in bacon and broiled, ditto with scallops, pounds and pounds of shrimp, lobster, crab cakes, oh...I can't even remember everything we had... the siblings bought (Christmas) gifts for all the kids (and we - Dh & I - bought for everybody and everybody bought for us, but that was when we actually celebrated Christmas at my house ON Christmas) and then they (the siblings) did a "Yankee swap" among the adults. That was loads of silliness and fun! (If the purpose of our get-together is confusing, it was a follow-up Christmas with my elder daughter, who goes to her in-laws on Christmas day).

I still have another day - tomorrow - before I have to go back to work, and I am SO not looking forward to going back there. I am LOVING being at home. But <sigh> I need to get these 4 months behind me, and then it'll be MY schedule on MY terms. Hooray! I go...hope everyone is having a super good day!

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Good Afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration! it hass been a quiet day around here today. We went to church and then tried a new buffet for lunch. It is all Chinese foods with a little American thrown in. It was OK but not ready to give it a rave review! Tim is pretty much a meat and potato guy so he doesn't care much for that type of buffet anyway. Came home and kind of did a few things around here, have the batteries for m Wii charging and will get back on that tomorrow. Should have thought about the batteries earlier.

Marie, we have talked about getting vent free gas logs for our fireplace and if we do that we will end up blocking the chimney anyway. And it isn't that it really isn't safe, just not up to date with todays codes. We've used it some and it draws good and there isn't any thing wrong with it except that. But I really think we will go with gas logs---kind of look forward to no firewood mess!!

I took my little tree down and put it back in the box and will figure out where I want to use it next year.

Guess there isn't much going on this lazy first day of 2012-- but that is OK too. will beback later.
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Ah Zoe, I have quite the nasty tongue when I let it loose. I'm pretty sure I don't need too many snark lessons. And the very last person on earth I'd want to practice on is my DH. He's just plain nice. Hard-working, sweet, helpful, never mean. Heck, he's nice to my friends that need help - he'll help them with their cars just because he wants to be nice. One of my friends said I just don't deserve him. I couldn't disagree with her. I just can't fathom being that nice. I'm naturally inclined to be snarky. If one could actually hear a few of the thoughts bouncing through my brain. I just rarely let them out; much like you last night with the ex's poor sad wife. We keep it on a leash. Occasionally I worry that when the eighties hit me and the ability to filter is reduced I'll be hated by all. Perhaps by then I won't care. Who knows?
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Good night's sleep without any real pain..just very minor soreness and weakness..and same today so yes I'm almost back to normal again. Went to church but otherwise just puttering around the house and online today. Dh went to help our new pastor move in so I'm alone right now.

Marie your dh does sound nice. My man is that way too...he's always offering help and people know he can fix most things and so they come to him too. He sure has saved us a lot of money through the years due to his ability to fix things. But yesterday he told me that he was looking at the engine in the new car and he's not going to be able to fix it because it's too advanced for him. I told him it's time for him to start letting others do some of these things any way but it's hard for him to give it up.

Karen31 - We usually take down our tree and all decorations on Jan 1st but I was keeping ours up until I knew for sure our gd isn't going to stop in...looks so pretty and wanted her to see it. Don't think she's coming but I'll probably wait til tomorrow or Tues before taking it down now. Stil have presents under it because our son and his gf didn't make it for Christmas Eve. Now that my backs better we plan to go see them.

Zoe - I don't usually care for pea soup but yours does sound good! We didn't have anything special for New Years...I wanted to eat out but then remembered I had some leftover Ragu spaghetti sauce so I doctored it up a bit so it was more tasty and we had spaghetti and meat sauce plus a salad. I made sure I didn't eat very much as that pasta can sure add up calories and carbs! Yes, I was a bit confused about your get-together, so glad you explained and sounds like you had a great time with your family.

Karen3 - Your book sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll look it up. I don't necessarily believe in ghosts but I do like to read about them. Glad the pills are about gone and hope you don't have to take any more. Enjoy the GC! ;-) Lots of books are set up here in the NW it seems.

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Wow..I'm here twice in one day. Amazing
Went over to my sister's and we walked down to the beach. It was over 50 and there were actually people with blankets sitting in the sun. This is Jan 1st??!! Also found a very old cemetary hidden in some woods by a pond. One of the graves was from the early 1700s. It was the family cemetary for the Sears family - a very old name here on the Cape.
There are a lot of ghost stories here on the Cape and I felt like I just might run into one there...but the sun was out so guess they were all asleep.

I'm gorking too, watched the poor Buffalo Bills get clobbered by New England....having left-over pot roast for dinner so no cooking.

bye agian

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Karen3 I found the book you mentioned on amazon and ordered it. It was cheaper to get a used copy than the kindle version. I only paid 75 cents! Plus tax of course. Can't wait to read it.

ETA: Lyn, I LOVE walking around old cemetaries! My dh thinks I'm nuts, well maybe I am a little but I love reading the headstones and imagining their lives. One thing I always notice is that so many children died birth control so they often had lots of children but sometimes many died..very sad and must have been very difficult to live through.

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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG’s,

And Happy New Year!

It has been a nice weekend. (I was off ~ yippee!!) Hair cut (DH found me a $5 off coupon) and errands yesterday. Maddie joined us ~ she was a good girl for being dragged around to the many stops we had to make. It was fun.

Back home, fed Maddie some supper. Sara and Robert had done their partying on Friday night and were all partied out, so didn’t go out last night (and didn’t need me to stay with the kids). They invited me over for a while. Got to see Maddie’s doll house that Santa brought her for Christmas, and play dolls with her and mommy. Gave Sara some “hairapy”. Corbin had a friend over and we watched them shoot off some small firecrackers. I worry, but it went ok. Was kind of tired and went back home and watched the ball drop (twice ~ once east coast time and called to wish my parents Happy New Year) then again Central time.

Today, has been just kind of a puttery day. Would have liked to “gork” a little more, but it felt good to accomplish some stuff. I think I’ve got about everything I needed/wanted to do done (for the time being) now, except making the fruit salad for my lunch and packing my sandwiches for my stretch of days.

I’ve got some vacation days lined up mid January so I can tackle my sewing room. It has been the place where I have stashed the stuff I haven’t known exactly what to do with, or had time to do with. I will be glad to get that area straightened up and usable. Have all kinds of projects that I need/want to do and it will be easier once that room is cleaned and organized.

I wish that once I got the areas of my house cleaned and organized, that they would stay that way, but it seems a never ending task. Maybe when I get to retire I will be able to keep up better.

Ok, off to do the last few things, the evening is flying by ~ back to work tomorrow. Hope you all have had a nice start to the new year.

Take care
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Good Morning, Everyone,

Today is GBTN (Get Back To Normal) day. I am actually looking forward to it. I gained 4 lbs over the holidays. This MUST stop. I bought the anti-inflamatory diet/recipe book and plan to give it a try. Since I had to cut back on Celebrex, I am pretty achey.

Have a good GBTN day!


Hi Donna, Sorry to read about SamCat. Too much partying? Tell him to contact me for some good hangover cures.
All kidding aside, I hope he feels better soon.

Hi Zoe, Needlework must be in the winds. I started back to knitting last month. My problem is finding a place to do it. Home is NOT a possibility unless I lock myself in my bedroom. Harry and Hermione are VERY CURIOUS CATS. They think anything new in the house (including people) have been brought in as a new toy for them. When I try to knit, it is "knit one, purl two, disentangle cat from yarn; repeat."

Hi Bobbi, my sister and I planned to go to a town's First Night. Several years ago, my DF and I had gone and REALLY loved it - walking along the town's main street, little boutique stores open until midnight, food tents, churches having beautiful holiday singing performances - even some arts and crafts tents. HOWEVER, after getting my sister really excited about this event, it turned out to be VERY different. It was held NOT on the main street of town, but in the High School. The music was high school music/rap groups; the food was cafeteria fare; and the most popular event was giant air-inflated rubber balloon-type things that kids bounced on while screaming. We left.

Hi Marie, as you probably know, I have been MIA for a while. What is happening in North Carolina in April? I LOVE the puppy pics.

Hi Karen, I am sorry to read about the house deal falling through. What a disappointment. The B&B is getting NO interest shown. My DD & SIL are getting pretty disappointed. They are READY to retire. Happy Anniversary! What are "vent-free" logs? Are there some kind of logs that do NOT throw smoke? My DD & SIL are having problems using their fireplace since they installed a new heating system. The heater fan pulls smoke from the fireplace up through their house. Smokeless logs would be great.

Hi Mary, what kind of sweeps did you enter?

Hi Gayle, do Ohio and Texas show the REAL ball dropping - the one at New York Times? My sister who LOVES NYC would have gone into the city for the event, but NOT me. I HATE crowds and I HATE standing and being cold. However, New Year's Eve was VERY mild here.

Hi Carol Sue, did you go to the Sugar casino outside of Philly? How is it? We watched the mummer's parade all day & it was sponsored by that casino. My sister and I decided that the next time she comes here, we will visit that casino and go to the mummer's museum.

Hi Lyn, I am with you. My New Year's resolution is to be more involved on our thread. I miss everyone when I do not post - makes me feel too alone. What county are you in? I have TONS of 17th c. ancestors from MA. Maybe some of them ended up in your cemetery.

Hi Karen, Time between Thanksgiving and New Year's was kind of hectic. I had a cold/flu after Thanksgiving; was teaching two online courses at the same time in December; took a little trip to Rehoboth Beach in DE over Christmas, and had my sister visiting with me between Christmas and today. Today, when my sister leaves, will be my first day of getting back to my version of "normal."

Hi Rie, What is "gorking?" I like the sound of the chocolate-cheesecake-like dessert. Will definitely give that one a try. I make a vanilla yogurt w chocolate pudding, Splenda, and peanut butter dessert. Pretty good.

Hi Marie, did the Packers win?

Hi Zoe, I will check at my gym and see if they have any Qi classes.

Hi Mary, glad you got a good night's sleep. Hopefully, it is a good omen for 2012!

Hi Gayle, I have one of those "catch-all" rooms in my house. It is supposed to be a "scrapping room" but looks more like a clutter room. I do have a couch/bed in there for guests. This year, I plan to trad the couch/bed with my DD for a real bed. Also, get rid of all the scrapping stuff. I don't scrap anymore since my scrapping buddies got too ill to continue.

Hi Isabella, Nancy, Freda, Rosey, Where are you?

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Hi Everyone,

Pencil Push Ups are when you hold a pencil out in front of you and slowly bring it in towards your nose, as some point your eyes will start seeing double. There is a common distance at which this should happen, if you are out of that range it is called Convergence and your eyes are weak and have lost some focusing ability. so you need to strength them. It can come from too much close computer work or say knitting, anything you do too much of and your eyes don't take enough breaks.

Well, my first day of 2012 was awful, about 11:00 am I started to get a migraine headache, and it was the worst one I have had in 6 months, the whole upset stomach thing and everything. I ended up laying down at 1:00 got up at 5:00pm and went back to bed at 7:00 pm and got up this morning at 4:30am. I ended up taking two pills over 4 hours, and that still did not help. What a waste of a day! Hormones, you gotta love them. I find that in my case my weight loss has really put my balanced hormones in a spin. I have to revisit that and get back on track.

But today is a new day, and a better day. And reading all the posts here helps. It is like everyone has reset and is ready for the new year.

Now on with my better than yesterday, day!
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Good Morning GG!

Lady in Waiting - Unfortunately I was not at the casino outside of Philly. I would love to be able to visit the Philly area where I was born. But I am in SW PA, near Pittsburgh. We actually went to Wheeling Downs in WV, about 1-1/2 hours from here. We sometimes go the the Meadows casino in SW PA. There is a newer casino in Pittsburgh but we have never gone there because PA casinos don't seem to pay out very well. Too many politicians have their hand in the till.

I recently found out that the fluid filled pouch I have at the bottom of my incision is called a saroma and may take a while to heal. It has become very painful...I think because my incision goes right through my lower abdominal muscles. It mostly hurts getting into and out of a chair. When I'm lying down or sitting in my recliner it hardly hurts at all. I am trying to take only 1 pain pill per day, about 45 minutes before the nurse comes to change the packing. That keeps me from going through the ceiling while she's doing it. She can press on it to force some fluid out and it doesn't hurt, but putting that packing in is painful. I remember saying that I didn't have very much pain, but a few days later this thing started to hurt. So now I'm taking the Percocet for a good reason. LOL I am trying to be happy that the bag is gone and I'm on the mend, but I want the mend right now!

I hope Rie and Maryea and Chicky are all doing well, and anyone else I might have missed who's having medical issues.

Karen - I'm sorry to hear that your house sale fell through. I think that if someone is buying a house, they should realize that there are things that may need to be done and not expect the seller to repair everything. If they want a new house with nothing wrong with it, build a new one and pay the price. When my BIL was selling his house, there were steps that go down the front to the road. These steps were never used because it was on a busy street with no place to park or even walk. They used the rear entrance where they had a big back yard and parking. The buyers insisted that they put a new hand rail down that front stairway. We go by the house now, and the entire front is overgrown with weeds and you can't even see the steps let alone use them for anything. That wasn't an expensive thing to fix, but it was totally unnecessary as the railing is probably rotted by now. When my BIL loved there, he always kept the hillside neatly trimmed even though no one ever used that stairway. It just looked nicer from the street.
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Sunday’s Keep me Accountable menu 1,042 calories + 35 grams fiber

Breakfast - Caramel sweet roll at church, probably 170 calories and worth it.

Lunch- Fiber One, almond yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds, dried cranberries

Snack- Stevia Vanilla pudding, 3 oz. stewed cinnamon apples and sf cool whip

Supper- Venison Roast, butternut squash, sugar free cranberry sauce.

Night time Snack- dry Fiber One and dry cinnamon square cereal. I skipped my salty popcorn because I weigh in on Monday’s.
Good Morning girls, something must be in the air with our busy hands. I had a mini Christmas stocking kit I started to cross stitch last September, 24 mini stockings in all. I still have 3 left to do, very time consuming. Then I started on the blue jean quilt, that will take awhile since I can't work on it as long as I want due my eyes not focusing. I have another appointment tomorrow with the eye doc. The eye patch lens he put on my glasses is working, now to fine tune it before I have a permanent lens correction.
We took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday and the house is back to normal. The venison roast I made yesterday was enough for leftovers tonight so no cooking today. Maybe I'll try a sugar free dessert later, what was the recipe again for your dessert Rie?

Lynn...please post your dessert also.
I need to get a load of bedding in the wash, be back later for personals.
P.S. Check out my ticker, I lost 5 pounds the first week! Probably lots of water but looks good on the scale anyway!

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