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Hello everybody...Monday again already? Wow. Time sure matter what you're doing, evidently. This weekend was extremely low-key around here. Grocery-shopped Saturday morning, dropped diapers and some treats for the kiddos off at DD3's, dropped diapers off at DD2's for IzzieBee (I buy diapers for all the grandkids - just an old habit I picked up somewhere). Then home to put the groceries away, and feeling overwhelmingly fatigued and so I camped out on the sofa watching Netflix movies all afternoon and evening. Crawled off to bed when I started sleeping through them.

After my daughter's problems with her BP meds, and realizing that I was on the same meds, hadn't monitored my potassium levels or even thought much about it, but have been progressively more fatigued and lethargic in the past months, I decided I'd better check the side effects of my OTHER BP medication, too, which the doctor has me on a double dose of - and sure enough, fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, muscle know, I swear these doctors just never tell you about side effects - of course I realize that half (or more) of the time, they don't know themselves. I have no idea what to do about this other than hope that the qi gong will eventually make it possible to get off the meds altogether. I only just take the BP stuff. (British Petroleum = oil spill = nasty blood pressure meds, and YES I am making weird connections, aren't I? Another side effect, you think?

Oh - Sunday was another lazy, lazy day. Didn't watch any TV, and did a little cooking, talked to the kids on the phone, and my son stopped in for a while, but no place to go, nothing pressing to attend to, except my laundry, which I didn't do because I have enough clean stuff even though there's a hamper full of dirty stuff (dh does his own, and was doing mine, but doesn't fold well, and tends to leave everything folded, but in piles on the bed, and when I get home from work, I don't feel like putting everything away just to get to the bed. PLUS, he ruined my light teal washcloths that belong in my bathroom by washing them with red kitchen towels. Now they have pink streaks. UNacceptable. I'd rather do it myself...when I get around to it.)

Okay, Bobbi. My eggplant cutlets are made by the same company that makes the eggplant meatballs that I also buy. The brand is Dominex, and their boxes are purple. They have a website that will come up if you just google the name. I LOVE their products!

Oh my food. Yesterday, roast pork, baked apples (with cinnamon & stevia), a half baked sweet potato sprayed with I Can't Believe It's NOT Butter, and steamed broccolli. For breakfast, I had two buckwheat high fiber pancakes with frozen blueberries cooked into them, a dash of heated SF Maple syrup, and two turkey sausages. Today, no breakfast - I was on the road, had a meeting in Boston - and for lunch had 2 pieces of Pita bread (Bobbi - brand is Joseph's low carb, high fiber, 60 cal.) about 4 tablespoons of Kalamata olive hummus and 4 tablespoons of taboule salad (finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice I don't know what else) and a glass of water. Tonight we'll have some chili made with yesterday's leftover pork roast, Trader Joe's frozen fire roasted onions and peppers, Prego sauce, diced tomatoes with green chilies, red kidney beans, and chili seasoning. I'll give it to dh over some rice, but will eat mine without.

Isabella, every time somebody mentions eggs - hard boiled or any kind at all - I am SO jealous! I LOVE eggs - could eat them every day: quiches, omelets, poached, in egg salad....but for the past 5 years or so, I have had a MAJOR intolerance for them. If I eat egg, I get nauseous, dizzy, even pass out. How crazy is that? And it just came on out of nowhere! I've eaten eggs all my life! Grrrrrr.

I'm loving the cabbage soup recipes...and love how they taste. Don't love nearly as much they produce. Ack. I've taken Beano when eating cabbage, but it doesn't always help. That recipe that you posted, Bobbi, sounds absolutely scrumptuous! Do you know how many calories are in a serving?

Well, welcome to all the new folks - and hello and hugs to all my Golden ones - if I name you, I'm sure to leave someone out, and I hate when I do that, so I'm just going to send out a group hug right now and get back to my chili.

Have a great night, all -

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Zoe...we don't have that brand of eggplant cutlets or meatballs, the only eggplant items I found in the freezer section was the eggplant lasagna. No Josephs low carb pita's either.
As the recipe is, I don't know the calories per 8 ounce serving. I didn't make it exactly like the recipe/ cut the fat out for one. I also added some shredded zucchini to my soup to make more of it. My soup was 50 calories for a 8 oz. bowl. I eat a whole pound of it for lunch for 100 calories. Sounds like a lot but I don't eat anything else with it. Last week I made plain ole veggie soup but added some balsamic vinegar and some stevia to off set the vinegar, it was so good. I'm going to add Balsamic vinegar to more of my soup recipes.
Bobbi, sounds absolutely scrumptuous! Do you know how many calories are in a serving?
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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG's,

Yippee ~ day off tomorrow. I have a couple errands to run and a dr's appointment. Dr wanted me to come to go over my lab results. Also I am going to ask her for help with this sciatic pain. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. Used to not start hurting too badly until nearer the end of my shift, but now it is staring earlier and earlier and none of the pain medicines I have (tylenol, ibuprofen, excedrin, aleve) seem to help. I have a stronger one ~ Ultram that used to seem to kind of take the edge off, but now it doesn't touch it. I sure hope she can help me.

Because I am hurting so bad tonight, I didn't feel like messing with making a salad ~ just wanted to have something quick. So, had a lean cuisine. That wouldn't have been so bad, but I grabbed some wheat crackers before that. Oh well.....On the positive side, I still did my walk. I walked this morning ~ had to do it inside the store because it was pourning rain. This evening ~ it was only misting, but I didn't feel like getting damp and didn't feel like trying to juggle an umbrella and my little cart, so I walked inside again. But I did it ~ didn't let the pain be an excuse not to. I am determined to keep up with this.

Mom keeps me company (on the cell phone when I walk). She worries about me walking at night ~ she has Alzheimers, so I have to keep telling her that I am in a well lit parking lot and that I am ok. Lynn ~ she is at the stage where she has the short term memory problems and can't always find the right words. For her she has some days that are better and then some that are not as good. Sometimes she can say enough that I can fill in the missing word for her, other times she struggles and I can't get enough to make a guess. It makes me feel bad for her ~ I can feel the frustration in her voice when she is trying so hard and the words won't come.

Thank you Bobbi for sharing the recipe. I look forward to getting to try it sometime.

Guess I will head to bed. Hope you all rest well.

Take care
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Hello Goldens

I had a very long day today. I left my house about 15 hours ago to head to work and then straight to pool league. I am pretty tired. Just wanted to stop in here.

Gayle - good for you.

I will check back in the morning.

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Hello Tuesday! Hello My fair Ladies!
yesterday.... my youngest was home sick from school. She is 10. Normally an occurrence like that would be my green light to graze all day on comfort foods to alleviate stress, boredom and reward, (ha), myself for being an attentive momma. well not yesterday. I did not yield to the temptress "Oh Woe Is Me".
Instead iI ate a great big raw salad, I drank cold coffee with splenda and for dinner I ate my previously made and portioned roasted vegetable soup. When I wanted a pre-sleep snack i ate cold chopped kale out of the bag.
I did do what I told myself i would not do, I weighed myself yesterday morning which is counter-productive . as expected the scale read 151.5. No weight loss yet. But I feel so much better. I am not suffering from heartburn at night, my right ankle is not throbbing and my gums are not swollen. I am a goddess. Ok, that is going over board.
because my dd#5 was sick, dh and I missed our ball room dance class.
but here we are today. I will be lightly sauteing chopped eggplant, red and yellow peppers, a chipolte in adobe sauce w/ crumbled tofu. oh sprinkled with nutritious yeast flakes.
If you are a vegan, you have to try the yeast flake supplements. They are protein dense and earthy flavored.
So todays goal is to stay on course, tend to my daughter, who is going thru normal childhood illnesses, lead a La leche league meeting, (ask me about that), and enjoy life liberated from food addiction.
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Well, girls, I'm still not getting the emails. I double checked, and I still have emails selected in my profile. I will be patient.

Speaking of being a patient, my nurse called the doctor yesterday and requested an earlier visit than Thursday, so I went up yesterday and saw the PA. She said everything looks good except that the pouch has 2 little off-shoots and it doesn't look like the nurse has been packing those 2 little spots, so I have to tell her to be sure she gets packing in them. This is all going to take time to heal, but naturally, they won't say how much time. I am nervous that insurance is going to cut me off on the daily nurse visits. I guess then DH and I are going to have to do this packing, and the doctor says I'm at high risk for infection. On a happier note, the first hole I had from where the stoma was is almost totally healed. And I'm still losing weight. This is a heck of a way to lose weight, but I'm not turning it down! I am now .25 lb below my lowest weight in more than 10 years. My lowest was 182 and my balance beam scale says 181.75. One nurse told me that protein will speed up the healing, so I might start making my protein shakes in the morning. I have whey protein powder and I mix it with half water and half skim milk. I go back to the doctors on the 24th.
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Originally Posted by ladyinweighting View Post

90 min exercise

Breakfast - Nugo Vanilla Protein bar

Lunch - Nugo Orange Protein Bar

Snack - yogurt w 4 prunes

Supper - 2 perogies; broccoli w almonds & raisins

Snack - SF/FF pudding

Today is my bi-annual dermatologist visit to check on my melanoma and lymphoma. I have decided that I will ask to add an oncologist to my treatment. A website of other folks with my type of lymphoma strongly recommends having an oncologist as well as a dermatologist. I have been avoiding this bc I do NOT want to get involved with radiation or chemo. However, I don't want to "miss the boat." If there is something I should be doing to fight this in the early stages, I want to at least know about it.

Have a great day,


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Hello everyone, I just posted an intro to myself in the bios thread, and decided to join the January girls discussion. Thanks for the warm welcome I got! I hope to give as much as I get from everyone.

I haven't quite figured out what kind of a plan I will follow...I've got no patience for meticulous calorie counting, found low carb makes me ravenous with cravings and miserable. I think I will focus on nutritious, not very processed foods, really watch my sugar intake and eat lots of lean protein.

I plan on being diligent about getting in some form of workout at least 5 or 6 days a week.
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Happy Tuesday GG's!

I've not posted for a while, but have been reading here to catch up! Things seem totally upside down at my house, as I'm preparing to have hardwood flooring installed next Monday - Wednesday. Bobbi I think you did the same, and it really is a lot of work to move furniture around to remove the baseboards, which is what I'm doing now. It's also incredible how much stuff I've accumulated over the years, and I'm trying to toss as much as possible. All in all, it's very upsetting to have everything torn up in your home.

Haven't seen any weight loss since the holidays but I'm back to walking 2 miles a day and stayed on plan yesterday (I'm low carb and very low sugar ala BFC plan). Had a piece of broiled salmon with fresh spinach for dinner yesterday and it was a divine combination.

Keep up the good work everyone!
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Good Morning
...our house was a mess for a whole month! We pulled all the carpeting ourselves and prepared the floors for the hardwood installers. We had furniture in the breezeway, the kitchen and the bedrooms. We left the large dining room table and the T.V. and corner piece it sits on. What amazed us was all the fine gravel we found under the mattress pads. Our dogs must have brought in tons of it on their paws. We had two English Setters at one time and we're surrounded by fields and gravel roads, no wonder.
as I'm preparing to have hardwood flooring installed next Monday - Wednesday. Bobbi I think you did the same, and it really is a lot of work to move furniture around to remove the baseboards,
Yesterdays calories:
Monday’s Keep me Accountable menu 922 calories + 46 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, peanut butter yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds, 3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Ukrainian sweet & sour soup

Supper- DH wanted French onion soup and grill cheese sandwiches. I had mine on a Flatout fold over, ff cheese slice and orange cranberry sauce smears over the cheese. I don’t know why I buy those fat free cheese slices, no taste to them. /that’s why I added the cranberry sauce. Tomorrow I’m making something more substantial, I was hungry not long after supper.

Night time Snack- Yummy Carob pudding with sf cool whip and topped with serving dry Fiber One.

50 calories worth of frozen grapes, then a large bowl of popcorn with Ranch flavored salt.
We're headed into town to see if we can find some new jeans for DH that aren't low riders. It's so hard to find jeans for senior citizens. DH had no choice but to purchase some low riders last month and he hates them. He actually need slim cut but that's a laugh, no slim cut or high rise to be found. I told him today I'd sew the jeans in for him (legs & hips) if he could find any blue jean in a high rise. Here comes UPS, gotta go.

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My friend actually bought old-fashioned jeans at Tractor Supply store - do you have any of those where you live?
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Zoe, so sorry you can't eat eggs. I try not to eat too many but I do really like them. Your weekend sounded very relaxing. Funny, you mentioned buying diapers for the gkids. My SIL does that too.

Gayle, good for you with your walking. Talking to your mother must help. I know if I'm listening to something/one or talking when walking it sure goes faster. And it's so nice you can spend this time with your mother. You'll look back on this as a treasured memory.

Rie, hope you've recovered from your long, long day. No time to be bored on days like that! lol

Lucinda, I like nutritional yeast flakes. I particularly like them on popcorn. DH won't eat it. But unknown to him I include it in some recipes. Sounds like you had a victorious day.

Carol Sue, congratulations on your lowest weight. WTG, girl.

Lynn, I think you would be wise to include an oncologist early in the game. You know the old saying, "an ounce of prevention..."
Sounds as if you're keeping everything on track.

Hello Carol. Welcome to the Golden Girls. You'll love it here. I'm not using much of a plan right now. I was calorie counting but it gets tedious after so long so now I'm eyeballing my portions and trying keep away from fatty and sugary foods. I used to walk and jog but due to food and knee issues I'm now on my exercise bike. I'm sure you'll figure out what's good for you.
rb makes me ravenous with cravings and miserable. I think I will focus on nutritious, not very processed foods, really watch my sugar intake and eat lots of lean protein.

Webwoman, you'll start to see results soon if you keep on track. You can do it. Good luck with your flooring.

Bobbi, my DH always wears Walmart jeans. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but he loves them. He also loves the price. He usually waits until they're on a rollback at $10.

When I got up this morning I was struck with an amazing surge of energy and cleaned and straightened out the linen closet at the end of the hall. It looks much better now.

Now, I'm either going to ride my bike to nowhere or eat. Probably ride first and relax and eat after.

I'll be back to post today's eats and exercise. Have a good one GGs.
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Welcome Carol! Glad to see you here. I don't think you will find a better group on this site.... guess I might be a little partial to us!!!

Still hanging in there and getting things back on track. Ginger goes this afternoon for her yearly checkup and vacinations. I am always glad to get that done.. next month it will be Sissy turn. Ginger will be 9years on Monday the 16th. Sissy will be 8 years on July 12. Guess I need to dig out my recipe for Birthday bones!!!

Everyone have a good day and I'll be back later.
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Hello Goldens!

I slept well last night due to the meds that the dentist gives me to combat my phobia. I have an appointment mid day today to get stitches removed and treat an infection. Yuck! My weight is stable/ticking slowly downward and I am hoping for a loss at the end of the week. I am getting really comfortable with the scale.... I step on and off all the time and the numbers are kind of an "interesting information" experience. Doesn't upset me like I thought it would.....

A little brag: my monday night pool team is in 3rd place. This might not sound like much but the two teams above us are teams that have won the local championships too many times to count. And, we are chomping at their heels. 3 weeks to go..... It would be so cool to climb even one more place. BTW, there are 16 teams in our league and we are ranked 3rd. And, I am on the only team in the top ten with a female player. Kenny and the guys would laughingly tell you that it is because they "carry my heavy butt along with them" but not really true. Last night I kicked butt - winning 4 out of 4 league games. I even broke and ran a table out, preventing my opponent from scoring any points. Ok, sorry for bragging but I had to share.

Bobbi, I was also going to suggest Tractor supply store or any other "farmer supply" type store. You will find regular Levi's and Wranglers. Also, western clothing stores. Cowboys don't wear low rise jeans....

Webwoman, welcome back! Home repairs are disruptive and exhausting but I am sure that you will like the results!

Garden Diva. Welcome. I read your bio and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Perhaps an exchange type plan? I have mostly used portion control and plating techniques. (at least half of what I eat is low starch veggies like salad). I only recently started counting calories. The Golden Girls is like a coffee Klatch. Grab your cup of joe or cup of tea and have a seat!

Lynn, good luck at your appointment. When I read your post, I was so humbled that I was whining about the dentist. Be well, friend.

Carol, it sounds like you are healing.... slowly, and I know that is frustrating, but healing. It is not a good way to lose weight but congrats on being at a low weight. Consider it a little reward for your struggles.

Lucinda, what a victory yesterday! I remember those days when a day home with a sick child was a chance to indulge....

Gayle, sorry about the sciatica. I hope the report about your lab results goes well! Again, proud of you for keeping up with your walking. I am sure that your mom enjoys your conversations.

Zoe, take a potassium supplement or ask to get a blood draw. A psychiatrist I once worked with (a really bright and effective doc) told me that he always hesitated to talk about side effects with patients because it often caused them to happen more.... the patient expected them. His theory was that one should only tell the patient about the potentially serious ones. That being said, I always read the flyers that come with prescriptions that outline the potentials. If you are on a beta blocker, a dry cough and fatigue are common side effects. It would be worth a consult - perhaps you are on too high of a dose? Perhaps your bp is fluctuating throughout the day? I am on the lowest dose now because I charted my bp at home for a while and showed them that my bp was always low in the evenings. My readings in the dr office were always moderate. Take care.

Isabella, your menu sounds great. I love hardboiled eggs and I have gotten away from eating them. They sure make a great protein source and so filling.

Karen3, I am glad to hear that those little packets are good. Ds makes stock all the time for cooking but we augment that with beef or chicken base (real strong flavor). I am going to try them.

Well, Caddyk, Marie, and anyone else that I missed, I will check back later and see who has been here. Have a great Tuesday.


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Good Afternoon GG's

I worked midnights last night, instead of working Wed. days. Made a deal with the manager. Midnights are always quiter (almost always) and can sometimes get a little too slow. Days are always non-stop. I worked midnights for 7 years and quit when I stopped sleeping. I can understand why today. I slept for about 2-3 hours and I'm wide awake. Hopefully I can get to sleep early tonight.

Hi Lucinda, Did I say HI before? If not, welcome to the group. If I did, just put it down to really bad memory. Have you tried roasted kale leaves? Just sprinkle them with sea salt and roast untill crisp. I love kale any way, and it makes a great, healthy snack.

Hi Carol, Welcome. Diets are so individual. I think most of us have a little bit different take. Do what ever works for you. Play around with it untill you get one that you can find something you can stay on long term. I do count calories, some any way. I've counted calories so long I just know if I'm eating too much. But I think most people know that, even if they don't want to admit it. I really make an effort to eat clean and healthy.

Gayle, My mom is getting dementia too. It's so sad to see her deteriating.

Rie, You go ahead and brag all you want. OR, let me brag for you!!! Our Rie is a kick A-- pool player!

Karen31, It's time for Benny's anual check up too. I always make sure he gets his, sometimes I skip mine!

Z, Reading the list of side effects will drive you crazy. Most of them you never get. And don't take a Potassium suppliment without having your Dr. check you leavels. A high K leavel is really deadly. Can stop your heart. Most Dr.s are aware that medications have certaian side effects and monitor them. Especially K leavels. Usually the only people that get K suppliments are people on lasix. I was the "diaper" grandma too. That is the only time I had a membership to Sam's Club. We bought diapers by the case, and they were a little cheaper.

Isabelle, I get those "surges" too, thank goodness. Those are the only time my house gets really clean.

Lynn, You know I am not one to push doctors, but adding an oncologist to your list might not be a bad idea. At least see one to find out what he/she says.

Bobbi, I think most of the guys in the familywear wrangler jeans. I think they make them the old way.

Carol Sue, Wounds can take a long time to heal, but you should be seeing some results soon. It's not unusual for wounds to tunnel. Be sure the nurse packs them. The problem is when you heal on the outside and the tunnels are not closed.

Just called DS to see what we're doing with the Grands this evening. It's run, run, run. Pick them up from school, feed them, take them to soccer and then to girl scouts. No rest for the weary.

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