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Marie, for the longest time I thought BFF meant Best female friend. I referred to one of my fishing buddies as BMF (best male friend) and everyone had a good laugh at my expense

Sweet Gayle, you don't bring anyone down! This is the place in your life that you don't have to think before you post. So glad about your dad's test results.

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Want to feel better
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Hello again,

Red ~ sorry your binge left you feeling yucky. Glad your walk helped you to feel better. Glad you’re not giving up. What took you to Tokyo? Just curious. Will you ever come back to the states to live again?

Rie ~ sorry you are missing your friend. Hope your achyness is gone now. Thanks to you and Rosey for the suggestion of humus on cucumber slices ~ I hadn’t thought of that. I had tried some with pita chips, but that was too tempting, so I hadn’t bought it again, but with cucumbers……..yum.

CK ~ hope you are feeling better. Hope all the stuff with the houses works out how you want it to.

Rosey ~ love your luminiaries ~ you are so talented and creative. Thank you for sharing the humus recipe.

Marie ~ glad that what you saw when you stepped on the scale wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. How is the glass project coming?

Donna ~ sorry you are feeling crummy. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
Is your fur lap cover (aka SamCat) helping out?

Isabella ~ you probably needed every one of those 10 hours of sleep after your shopathon. You mentioned choir practice and your Christmas program. It brought back memories for me. I sang in the choir at church as a teenager. I loved it when we went out Christmas caroling to the elderly people of our church. We would pack into cars and go from place to place ~ snowy and all. It was so much fun.

Mary ~ wishing for you that this house stuff wasn’t so stressful on you.

Bobbi ~ your floral arrangement and your pictures are beautiful. That is cool how you scanned your quilt and made pictures from that.

Karen FL ~ thank you again for helping me to get my attitude on straight. How is your patient (DH) doing?

Nancy ~ glad you have survived DSD’s visit so far. Hopefully the rest of it will zoom by without too much “stuff” to deal with.

Zoe ~ sending DH to wait in line for play dough LOL. I didn’t send him (though that is a good idea), he is just so into getting a bargin and saving ~ he just can’t help himself.

Chickadeee ~ how is your thumb doing? Hope it is feeling better. Glad the scale didn’t move up for you. How is your sewing project coming along?

Freda ~ you be careful out there shopping ~ don’t want you “mixing it up” with any of those line cutters.

Carol Sue ~ my boss would like your avatar pic ~ she is a big Steelers fan ~ was originally from Pittsburgh. She even has Steelers scrubs. I am kind of partial to them as one of the guys from my high school was on that team a few years back.

Lynn ~ have you gotten rested back up somewhat. You said that you crashed the other day ~ hope you are feeling better.

Almost time for bed here. Hello to Lyn, Donna Marie, Koala, Pam, Darcy, Webwoman ~ hope you all are doing well.

Hope you all have a good rest tonight.
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Went to yoga stretch class this am. It's so easy can't burn many calories but helps keep me flexible. Haven't gotten much done around here other than more laundry. Feeling very lazy. Did I tell you all I won a FRS pack?'s a bunch of their energy drinks and chews. I've used them before and I liked them so it's a nice win. I may have already posted about it, if so, sorry for repeating myself but I'm an ole lady you know...

Think I'm going to bed early tonight. I keep yawning even as I type this.

Glynne - Happy for the good news about your dad! I agree with you on the exam too! I need to check on when I last had a mamogram. Afraid it's been a while and my doctor doesn't always remember to tell me. I used to get post cards from the hospital but haven't for a while now.

Red - It is actually The Frozen Lady and it's a book about some people living in Alaska. Actually the main character (although there are MANY characters involved over her lifetime) goes to Alaska with her parents during the Gold Rush and it is the story of her life and oh so much more...the native people, all the changes that take place over the years..

Rie - Surveys are time consuming. After a while you kind of figure out which ones are worth it and which not but even so you have to qualify and I hate the ones that I have to answer a lot of questions only to find out I don't! I am getting a lot of higher paying ones these days though and they usually tell me how long the expect it to take you. Remember I don't have a regular job so I have more time to do these things. I also enter's a hobby and is fun to win.
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Late, but wanted to check in before I head off to bed...1125 calories today, which is pretty okay.....42 grams of fiber and a LOT of fluids (calorie free, of course).

Enough about that. My right arm keeps aching, and it's aching now, so I won't be typing for too long, I'm afraid.

VERY scary experience on that bridge, Marie...thank goodness you're safe! Sounds like you could use sturdier bridges up your way? Good going on wrestling with the insurance, and even gooder going on daring to step on the scale!

Glad you've had a good day, Gayle...and your holiday top sounds like it'll be nice and cheerful.

Red, yes indeed. Marie is right on the money talking about it being an ongoing struggle. I was just thinking about that today when I entered "day 2" into my Fitday food chart. Day TWO, for goodness sake! If I were to link all the "day 2's" of diets I've been on over the past 30 years, it would stretch into infinity. But no choice but to keep plugging along and hope that finally, one of them "takes" and I turn into a skinny old lady!

Oh, Val...I know how it feels to send off your BFF...seems like ONE of us ought to move closer, y'know?

CaddyK....where is the pool at this new place? (You KNOW you have to have a pool!)

I LOVE hummus, Rosey, but usually have it with pita bread. I'm going to try it with the cucumbers! I'm thinking I might like that! Thanx for the idea!

Feel better soon, PT!

G'nite all!

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Hummus is good with baby carrots.

Well, I'm finally back but it's ridiculously late. Almost 2 am. That 10 hours sleep last night really kept me going today and tonight. After I got home from the food bank I prepared supper. Then I decided I had better make a few cookies as I'm going to visit ds, dil and darling gs next week and I wanted to bring along a few Christmas goodies. I ended up tasting every thing I made. I'm a licker. I lick spoons, bowls, drips, drops, fingers, foil wrap with chocolate stuck to it--anything with batter or bits of food. I hope it didn't do too much damage as I didn't eat very big meals today. I won't tell you what I made as it may be considered obscene on this thread. I'll just leave it to your imagination what chocolate, caramel, pecans, peanut butter, pretzels, and more chocolate would make.

Jess, hope you're feeling better soon.

Karen31, did the Tylenol Cold and Mucinex D help with your cold? Hope you feel better soon, too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your new house deal to go through.

Marie, I can't believe a mammogram is so expensive. I know, in Canada we fuss and complain when we have to wait for a medical test or procedure but we don't pay for them. I'm glad you got all that insurance stuff all figured out. Cancer is scary and it seems everyone has someone in the family who's had it or died from it. Take care of yourself.

Rosey, I just bought battery tea light candles yesterday. I got them at a drug store of all places for 2/$1.19. They were $1 each at the dollar store. How much do you pay for your candles. Some of the battery pillar candles look just like the real thing.

Rie, that Toys for Tots tournament sounds like lots of fun. You sound like you do quite a bit of charity work yourself. The food bank was not too busy today but there were still a few people in for food. I spent the rest of the time sorting clothing for the goodwill store. I know how you feel about your bff leaving. My dear friend moved some years ago and now we are on the opposite sides of Canada. We seldom see each other but keep in contact with FB, emails and phone calls. I felt as if part of me had died when she moved.

Red, I'm glad you didn't leave us. I understand what you mean about a binge letting off the pressure. I hate when I do that though.

Gayle, that scrub top sounds so nice and festive. And great news about your dad. I'm sure that made your day. BTW, your post didn't sound negative. I haven't gone caroling in years. I always loved it. We'd come back and have hot chocolate and cookies.

Mary, did you get to bed early? I'm starting to yawn myself, but it's almost 3 am.

Zoe, the day I retired was great but the day I would have gone back to work after summer holidays was even better. I felt so free. You'll love retirement.

Well, I can't see anymore posts on the advanced reply page so I'll just at the rest of you gals and hope you all are well and happy as can be.

Gotta turn off Doris Day and go to bed.
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Good Morning, All....

I'm #500 response! Yea! What prize do I get?

I slept off most of the cold. I feel not good, but okay. And the good news is that the exercises seem to be doing the hip good! I'm up to almost 2 1/2 minutes per day now and will continue to pace myself. The pain when I do the right leg over exercise is now tolerable, and I don't squeal... progress! They are NOT cutting on me!

Off to do some errands. It's supposed to be nice today but caca tomorrow. Better get stuff done while I can...

Have a lovely day, lovelies! CK, are you feeling better?
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Default win the prize. The December thread is now open.
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