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Hey GGs,
Been an up & down kind of day for me. DSD had told me sheíd be getting here Wed. evening, for Thanksgiving, & I had prepared myself for that. Today she called to say it would be tomorrow night., instead. That one day difference shouldnít have put my mood in such a tailspin, but it did. Then, about an hour later, my mom called to ask if Iíd been on Facebook, & I hadnít. She said DSD had just posted, saying ď Dear MN, see you in 2 weeks.Ē Well, thatís where her boyfriend lives, & her college does let out in 2 weeks?!! Now, Iím hoping, praying, got my fingers crossed, that that means sheíll be spending at least part (dare I hope for all?!!!!) of the time between semesters in MN with her boyfriend. But, Iím very afraid to count on it. So, good thoughts, everyone! (And, wouldnít it be nice if she got an engagement ring for Christmas?! Ok, I guess thatís too much to hope for!)

Another small disappointment - I had ordered one of the $25 digital cameras from Dollar General, & used the $5 off coupon code, so I was real excited to be getting a camera for only $20. It arrived on Sat., & I should have remembered - you get what you pay for. It takes really bad pics (IMO). So, Iíll be sending it back tomorrow. Today I ordered a different one from Ebay, just like one my friend bought last week. Hers is really nice, but this one is from a different vendor, & I had to pay $10 more than her (hers was $33). Still, if it works as good, it will be worth it.

Darcy, great that you were able to find such a good doctor. Freda, your carrot cake sounds delicious! And with cream cheese icing! Iím so glad I just ate a really big baked sweet potato (Iím stuffed!), before reading the posts. Lynn, sounds like youíve got your Thanksgiving dinner well planned out. I have to do that with our Christmas dinner. But, I make a lot of things a week or two in advance & freeze them. Last year I even did that with the turkey - had it all carved up & in a disposable pan, & all I had to do was thaw & heat it. I always have to serve buffet style anyway - lots of people & not much room.

Gayle, Iíve always considered going to a Renaissance Festival, but havenít yet, maybe next year? Good for you on turning down that funnel cake. I always want one, but the price usually stops me - itís just a fried pancake! Iíve been really trying to make them at home, & Iíve been watching how they do it at the festivals. It looks really easy, but mine donít do too good - they always fall apart (but I still eat the pieces!).

Good to see you back, Lyn & Tea Granny (Maureen??)! Always good to see old friends! Lyn, hope that knee is soon better.

Donna, Iím so glad to hear SamCat is doing fine. I think you had us all worried (I was). Oh, & my 2 fur babies are only 1Ĺ yrs. old (I donít count DSDís as mine, even though he lives here - I donít really like him). And Iím really glad you & your sister are making a nice Thanksgiving dinner with GM. TV dinners would just have been so wrong! But, no dessert??!!!

Mary, congrats on that doctor visit & those lab results. And on being the same weight as your DH! Rosey, your Thanksgiving sounds lovely, & I know your doctorís going to be thrilled with your progress. But shopping on Black Friday?! You & your DD are awful brave. Iíll be at home, avoiding the ďmobsĒ.

Rie, we go out to eat on Thanksgiving, at an all-you-can-eat place. Then we have a big family dinner at my house on Christmas. Mom & I decided, several years ago, that it was just too much work on us (mostly me now), to put together two big meals that close together. (And it was getting pretty expensive!)

Hey Marie & KarenMO & Chickadeee & Everyone else I missed. Got to go have my snack. Lemon meringue pie again (yum!), but a smaller piece tonight.
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Hello everyone. My Dr. just called with the results of my lab work. Pretty much scared me half to death when I saw it on caller ID!! But everything was "pretty Ok" except my cholesterol is a little high and she said to really watch my diet for now. Any suggestions on this? And also I have a underactive thyroid. She is putting me on synthroid ( a very low dose to start with) I don't know if that is spelled right or not. And said that may be part of the reason why it has been so hard for me to lose weight and also said I will probably find I have more energy when I start it. Gosh that will be nice! Tim said "Hope it doesn't keep you up all night!" Yeah right, I never go to sleep before 3:00am (last night it was 4:00am) I really think I have my days and nights mixed up! So I go back to her on Feb. 15th to see where things are then. Thought that I would update you all on my report. Guess it wasn't too bad and could have been worse.

Well, it sounds like it is beginning to rain--- Ginger just made a bee line for under the couch, must have some lightening in the air and she doesn't like thunder at all! May have to give her one of her pills if it starts to rumble.

I watched DWTS tonight---- who is going to take home that mirror ball trophy? I like JR, and I like Ricki but I'm thinking that Rob may just sneak in!

Hope everyone has had a good day. And good job to all that have been losing.

Take care.
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KarenMO, any interest from the open house? Are you keeping it on the market?

Donna, Kai is awesome. Iím quite sure we averted a seizure yesterday morning and sheís ben great since. Sheís worried about SamCat. BTW, Kai is 3 and Sasha 4. My other two babes are getting olderÖ Iím glad youíre making T-dinner on Thursday. TV Dinners sound horrendous.

Lyn, please donít think I was saying you were abandoning your DD. Youíre providing her with housing. Thatís way not abandoning. I was concerned about your friendsí thoughts that she was adjusting. Hopefully she is but just your couple sentences had me seeing myself in your post. And you are so right, she has to help herself because you canít do anything without her acceptance.

Mary, Iím doing the happy dance for you. What wonderful lab numbers. You rock! I donít think Iím very strong. Iíd have to say Iím pretty selfish. I used to say I was very selfish then I fell in love with the dog my DH and DD said they had to have then generally ignored. I felt so sorry for it that I played with the pup until she became my puppy. The rest is history. Anyway, I still think Iím pretty selfish.

Oh Rosey, you enjoy the heck out of that movie. You so deserve to sit in those seats comfy!!! Thatís a great NSV if Iíve ever heard one. And BRRRRRRRR!

Rie, enjoy the pool tonight. I hope your concept of balancing out the week works. Partially WW goes with that idea with their flex points. Best diet part of Thanksgiving is turkey is protein rich and calorie low. Load up on the white meat. I plan to.

Chickadee, Iíve never did the personal trainer, but I did question my physical therapist on and on about workouts while he worked on a specific injury. He was great with answering my questions and demonstrating exercises that he recommended that had nothing to do with the injury. Either way you go, I bet it will be a good decision to get guidance.

Nancy, my fingers and toes are crossed for an engagement ring for your blessed sweet DSD.

Had a relatively uneventful day. DH and I went to the eye dr since he wouldnít pick out glass after his exam last January. Good thing since heís prescription already change. Anyway, I have lens ordered for me (using my fave frames) and a new pair for DH. Then I did the T-Day shopping. A mob on Monday. I canít imagine the crowd on Wednesday. After I got home, I ellipticalled and DH took pictures of the tattoos. Hereís the link. Time for my shower and then Iíll be cheering for JR to win DTWS tonight.
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Hi GG's, and Karen31,

I'm also on a variation of "synthroid " and it does help. At first they put you on the lowest dose and keep you there about 3 months. Then they should be doing more blood / lab work to determine if the dose is high enough to stimulate your thyroid properly. If it's not high enough, they should increase the dose and try again for another 3 months till the labs are right.

I didn't notice much difference at first, but after they upped the dose the second time, I did feel a little more energized and was able to do stuff after work (other than sit on the couch!)

Please take a proactive role in the continued testing to get the right dose - Dr. offices are notorious for not monitoring this on an ongoing basis.

It's raining here, too - kind of a dismal sort of night. My cat Trixie is sleeping on a soft blanket, as I will be soon. zzzzz
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Thanks Webwoman, I already have my appt. set up for February 15th for a check up. that would be a 3 month check. I am very happy with this clinic I go to. In fact, I guess it really isn't a clinic.. it is called Access Family Care. And I had several people tell me they started going there when they didn't have insurance (which we don't right now) because it is so reasonable, But when they got on their feet they tried other Dr.s and came back here because of the caring people that are there. You are charged on a sliding scale so this makes it pretty nice for us. My DH goes there for his dental since the VA doesn't do anything with dental. I had to get the Dr. to give me a referral for the dentist but I have an appt. set up for January 4th for that. So I have really been pretty happy with the care that has came from there so far and all the reports that I hear are nothing but good! And they are open until 8:00pm Mon- Sat! So I will keep up with it for sure and plan to get the RX. tomorrow and get started.

Marie, no one showed up for the open house at all. The listing will be up on Dec. 9th so we will probably just take it off the market then. We may re-evaluate when the Spring comes and relist it--- just depends on what things look like then. But I know I really don't want to move during the winter!
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Good morning GG's,

It is a rainy dreary day here. I prefer the sunshine, but our trees here need the rain so badly. We lost a lot of trees in Houston because of the lack of rain for so many weeks.

Donna (from your post ~ Iíve changed the configuration of my desk here, hoping that will help the hip. So far, it isnít. Iím wondering if I can just go barefoot here? Do you think that would be professional, if I kept my nails painted? I donít hurt at home; why do I hurt so much here?)
That seems to be how it is for me too. Do you have to stay sitting most of the time at work? I think that is what bothers me. I find that I don't hurt as much at home either ~ I think it is because I am up and down and don't have to sit for prolonged periods. At work, I try to get up some, but if it is really busy with the phones, call bells and order entry, I have no choice but to stay sitting.

I feel kind of discouraged about that ~ I thought it would be wonderful to have a sit down job. But, it seems like I have more aches and pains now than I did while doing the nursing thing. On the other hand, I don't have as much stress (not as much having to endure the nasty doctors, the demanding/unreasonable families and patients and most importantly ~ not having to float to other units.) I have to find some way to survive this ~ because going back to nursing ~ I hope I never have to do that again.

Chickadeee (from your post ~ that is what happens when you spend most of your adult life behind a desk.) So, how do you deal with this. What does a person do when your job is at a desk?

Got to figure out something.

Guess I'd better go finish getting ready for work. One day down ~ two to go.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Morning GG's

Looks like a dreary day, but i'm going to enjoy it. Not too much to do, but I have to buy a new skillet. DH tried to cook something in my good pan and it's no longer good. It's the middle sized one that I seem to use for everything. The grands were supposed to come over after their 1/2 day at school but DIL's meeting at work was cancled and she will be home. She workes from home most days. Went on-line and signed up for another year of insurance. Probably my last.

Donna and Gayle, I used to take my shoes off when I worked midnights and just run around in my socks. Of course, the patients were asleep, most of thema ny way, and there was no doctors or family there. I'm a barefoot kind of girl. And I think if you have your toes polished and looking good, you can get away with a lot! ha! I have a hard time sitting in one place for a long time too. Not that I get to sit down long, but it does keep me from serving on some commitees.

Marie, You got me mixed up with Lynn with getting a head start on cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I wish! No, I make everything the day of, or at least some things are done the evening before. I'm not nearly as organized as Lynn.

Lyn, Sorry to hear about DD. It's hard to stand back and let them take charge, especially when you've seen them make so many mistakes. Prayers.

Webwoman, synthroid makes such a difference. Were you diagnosed early?

Karen, It might take awhile for the thyroid meds to kick in and to get the dosage theraputic, but it will make such a differencce. Maybe that will get you back to that WII.

Nancy, Another person who is smart enough to plan ahead. I always say i'm going to but I never do. I dont' mind cooking dinner, kind of enjoy it.

Tea Granny, I'm glad you're back! And we're always here when you get the time to drop in.

Lynn, congratulations to DD. And her cheerleader.

Rosie, Another "moment". I love hearing about those. You enjoy that movie. I'm so proud of you.

Chickee, I never got a personal trainer. I did get a tape and a book when I started lifting. If you think it would help, go for it.

Donna, Benny is a dog, a little Shih Tzu. We adopted him, or he us, when he was 15 months old. he wasn't abused, I don't think, just cage raised. It was so sad to see him so reluctant to leave his cage. But now he is the head of the house and is kind enough to let us live here too. We did have a cat before, a siamese. He was wonderful too. We're just animal lovers, makes do difference what.

Rie, I miss walking outside too, but I come indoors, to the treadmill, after it gets this cold. Can't afford to slip and fall. Not sure what caused the 2 fractures in 2 years, but I'm just being careful untill I have my bone scan. should be soon and i'm kind of anxious. And saving up for calories is a great idea. I think most of us do that. I do plan on eating a nice dinner, with some extra's thrown in. I love turkey, so that's not a problem. But I love those turkey sandwitches the day after too.

Mary, At the pot luck we had at work Saturday, our little phillipine nurse brought in pancet (not spelled correctly, but it sounds right). So good.

What is everyone's Thanksgiving menu? Traditional or something different? Although, what is traditional for some might not be traditional for others.


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Good Morning Goldens!

I woke at 6am this morning with the first lupus flare in a long time. My joints hurt really bad so I am checking in here and waiting for the meds to kick in - thanks for the distraction No working out for me today...

I am so excited that my bestest girlfriend Carol will be here tonight. She is traveling here with her family to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We met 20 years ago in grad school and she has been here every Thanksgiving except one. My parents consider her to be there daughter.(I often tease her that they like her better! but I tell her that's because they only see her 3 or 4 days a year ) It will be so great to see her. She is the absolute suburban housewife who likes to knit, crochet, and putter around the house. She wouldn't be caught dead fishing, camping, or going to bars to play pool. In spite of everything, we are sisters in some fundamental way. I think it is one of the great things about us as women - that we are capable of such relationships. Most men's friendships are about the activities that they do together.

Karen31, I am so glad that you have a community clinic like that. We have one here and there are really good people working there. I wish that we could all pay for medical care on a scale in accordance to our ability. Everyone would pay something but it wouldn't be able to bankrupt a person. Sorry about your cholesteral - but moderate excercise will really help with that, along with little dietary changes.

Web, yes, I think that we all need to take a proactive role in monitoring our own meds/labs/ etc. It is important. I have also been reading that thyroid conditions are often not addressed by dr's unless it is severe.

Marie, I loved the tatoos and I really liked the stories of each doggie with the pics. I want you to know that I get it - your bff's might have fur but you are family too!

Nancy, fingers and toes crossed for engagement rings

Gotta go - Thanks for the company this morning!

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I want to make a comment about synthroid. Make sure the doctor checks your level yearly! Your level can increase and your meds should be decreased to compensate. My SIL's mom was on synthroid for years. When she was diagnosed they found the level of meds that worked for her and never checked it after that. Just kept prescribing it. All of a sudden she started to lose weight. Her family thought she was doing really well on her diet. Here, her levels had changed and she was overdosing on synthroid. It plays havoc with your bone density and can cause severe osteoporosis. By the time they realized what was happening to her the damage had been done. She had to get rods put in her back and was in constant pain after that.
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My list of Thanksgiving guests keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have a very small house. I wish someone would offer to bring a folding table and chairs. We might have to eat in shifts! LOL
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SLM11, why don't you ask your family if anyone has a table and chairs to bring? I'm sure they would be happy to do that for you.

My thyroid problem was discovered about a year and a half ago. I had been taking BP medicine for about 6 months and noticed that I was having less and less energy, especially after work when I would come home and just veg on the couch. I went to my NP and complained that the BP medicine was doing that and she suspected Thyoid and had lab work done - and it was. I still believe the BP med also makes me tired and fuzzy but she doesn't believe that, as it's not a 'listed' side effect. I know what I know.

We have about 18 people coming for T-day, and it will be a traditional menu, as that's what people want to eat! Turkeys, stuffing, gravy, GB casserole, Mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, pecan and pumpkin pie and some other dessert. Whew, I'm stuffed just thinking about it!
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Good morning! I slipped out quietly this am for my yoga stretch class so dh could sleep in a bit. He hasn't been sleeping well and needed rest. Now he is at his Tai Chi class.

webwoman - Don't know if I could even put together a big meal for that many people anymore! We have been eating out the last three or so years, but this year I am fixing turkey. Just the two of us so figure if I mess up it won't matter that much. We are going as minimal on calories and temptation as we can. I fix a Rice-a-Roni stuffing that Joe really likes. I put onions, celery , and mushrooms in it, then this year I plan to make sweet potato casserole...I have a diabetic version I may try. Just will make a little bit as I'm the only one who likes it. Also mashed white potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, and I'm hoping to find some really small pumpkin pies...the individual kind. If not then I'll get the smallest pie I can find. Don't want too much temptation around me. I'll try and get the low/non-fat spray whip cream. I use it now and then to top things anyways as it's pretty low cal. I plan to focus on the turkey and veggies but will have a little bit of everything I'm sure. It's just one day and mostly one meal, as I don't care much for leftover turkey. I really hated to get a whole turkey but it's only a little over ten pounds...still I'm sure there will be plenty leftover.

Freda - Yes we love pancit. My computer says that's wrong but actually it can be spelled that way but also pansit. LOL my computer says both are wrong. We rarely eat it anymore for obvious reasons but my dh fixes it two or three times a year. I almost never fix it anymore. He takes it to potlucks as people always love it. I insist it have lots of veggies and I like bigger chunks of veggies than the traditional style. Have you tasted Adobo? I don't eat pork much so we make Chicken Adobo and then we cut off the meat and use it in pancit. We also flavor it with the broth. It really is yummy! My dh recently tried using rotisserie chicken in it but it just wasn't the same.

Karen31 - With cholesterol, as far as diet goes, it's the animal products. Try to eat the leanest meat or use other protein sources. On the turkey, stick with the white meat. Watch your other animal products too. Of course sometimes it's hereditary and you can only do so much. You didn't mention your triglicerides but generally reducing the fat in your diet will help with that. Both cholesterol and triglicerides contribute to plaque in the arteries.

Well I have some phone calls to make...have a good day!
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Glynne Donna (from your post ~ Iíve changed the configuration of my desk here, hoping that will help the hip. So far, it isnít. Iím wondering if I can just go barefoot here? Do you think that would be professional, if I kept my nails painted? I donít hurt at home; why do I hurt so much here?)
That seems to be how it is for me too. Do you have to stay sitting most of the time at work? I think that is what bothers me. I find that I don't hurt as much at home either ~ I think it is because I am up and down and don't have to sit for prolonged periods. At work, I try to get up some, but if it is really busy with the phones, call bells and order entry, I have no choice but to stay sitting.

Oh Donna, I have tried moving things around on my desk too. But it doesn't help. They say you should take a break from sitting all the time, get up and walk around. Well, now that we have started scanning documents, there is less getting up and now that we use inner office email, there is less getting up. I know I have found that when I do get up after sitting for more than an hour, I am stiff (and I am sure people must notice that I am waiting for my body to catch up with my brain! and get going. And I am not that old! What is to come! I don't want to know.

I will wait for some suggestions on what to do, if you are tied to a desk all day that can help keep you limber!

I forgot about starting with a trainer while my thumbe is still healing, so may have to put that off. I will try walking with weights, I will just start out slow, on the treadmill.
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Hi Everyone,

Did the gravy yesterday, today is the cranberry sauce. This sauce is so delicious, I am sharing -

Cranberry Sauce with Cherries, Marsala and Rosemary

2 cups Marsala wine
6 oz. dried tart cherries
One 12 oz bag cranberries
12 oz frozen dark sweet cherries
1 cup (packed) light brown sugar
1 teaspoon minced fresh rosemary
Ĺ teaspoon allspice

Combine Marsala and dried cherries in large saucepan. Boil until mixture is reduced to 2/3 cup, about 8 minutes. Mix in remaining ingredients. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium, cover pan and simmer until cranberries burst and mixture thickens, stirring occasionally, about 8 minutes. Transfer to bowl. Refrigerate until cold, at least 3 hours. (Can be prepared 1 week ahead. Cover; keep refrigerated.)
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Internet problems at home; no connection last night. DH called to say the tech person was there trying to figure things out. I didnít mind last night Ė went to bed with a dose and a half of Nyquil and a book. Read 3 pages, coughed a few times, and slept through until this morning. I hope they get it back today, though. Itís hard trying to find time at work.

PT, Chickadeee, Gayle, and everyone else who sits at a desk at work - yep. Itís not optimum, thatís for sure. My back gets to aching every so often, and I feel creaky standing up. I do trek around to different office and conference rooms from time to time, but then itís just for meetings and thatís more sitting. Some folks that Iím friendly with are coming in and walking on treadmills in the employee fitness room before work in the morning. They get here at 7:30. In order for me to get here at 7:30, Iíd have to leave my house at 6:15. No thanks. I get up and on the road early enough as it is. I think I need to find a way to get more walking in ÖIím just not exactly sure how to do that yet.

Sorry you had a bad morning, ValÖhope you felt better once the medicine had time to kick in. Sounds like youíll be having a nice Thanksgiving. Yes, I have a friend like that, tooÖ.she lives in Richmond, VA. I donít see her every Thanksgiving, though Ė havenít seen her, in fact, for a couple of years now. I sure do miss her.

Freda, I am FAMOUS for my post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches! Making them, I mean Ė toast with lite Miracle Whip, (layers of) cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing and turkey. I swear they are to die for! (The calories are probably to die for, anyway!)

CaddyK, is there some reason why you need to move? That house seems to have it all Ė the woman cave in the basement, the pool, the holly treeÖ.Lord knows if I were in your shoes, Iíd just sit on back and enjoy itÖ

Wow, Marie. You sure do have you some tats, girlfriend! Nice that they have some meaning for youÖI often wonder what it would look like if Iíd gotten, say, a heart tattooed on one of the ďgirlsĒ, say, when I was in my twentiesÖyou know, a nice, tasteful little heart right up there near the cleavageÖby now, I figure it would be about six inches long and six inches wide. Gravity has not been kind.

Nancy, hereís hoping your dsd doesnít put too much of a damper on your Thanksgiving enjoyment. Seems odd that she hasnít figured out by now that sheís not exactly welcome at your place, huh?

Enjoy the movies, Rosey! My daughters all went to see that; theyíve read all the books, but I havenít been able to get interested in them.

Glad to hear from you, Lyn. Iím sending good vibes and warm wishes your ddís way. Sheís SO talented; I sure do hope sheís able to conquer whatever demons are plaguing her.

Sorry to hear things havenít been so great, Tea Ė of COURSE you can come back! Howís your son progressing?

Have a nice Thanksgiving, LynnÖit certainly sounds like you have things well organized!

Mary, Bobbi, Darcy, Carol Sue, Red and WW - hope all is well and that youíre having a happy and productive day Ė

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