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K3, I think I love you! (she says on her way to the kitchen for a piece of banana bread) Just kidding
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KarenFL - you're a treasure!

PT/Zoe and CK - I love the Aunt Bea image... however, I think I wouldn't like it if I had to bend over and try to tie my shoes! PT, I hope you're feeling better, better, better SOON!

Everyone, have a good Sunday!!!
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Hello Goldens!

I had a really nice morning... I slept well and woke at the reasonable (for me) hour of 7 and did 2 hours of walkitout. My gs and ds finally came upstairs during the alst 20 mins or so to have breakfast. The little guy came in and was jogging along with me, or trying to. I got to laughing so hard I had to stop and take a breath! I don't recommend giggling when you are already winded. After I was done, he begged his dad to let him play and ds set up his profile. He actually went for almost 20 mins - a long time for a 4yr old.

Karenfl, OMG You are soooo funny! I haven't been around here long enough to . Your post kind of reminded me of my frustration with the folks who exclaim over my weight loss and then they insist on knowing the "secret". Of course, they don't like what I tell them - that I eat a lot of veggies and I excercise. My favorite {facepalm} response was the very large young woman who said, "well, I HATE veggies and I am NOT going to work out, so that won't ever work for me". I just smiled.... Each of us has our own path. It is hard to know when to move from to As usual, you know when to cut through the BS!

Donna, I can't even imagine myself as Aunt Bee, although I thought she was a great character... Yesterday my mom, excitedly, gave me some jewelry that was totally suited for aunt bee. She also wanted me to take some clothing! I graciously took the jewelry and skipped away from the clothing. She is excited that I am the same, or a little smaller than her for the first time in 20 years. But, please! Not her clothes.

Zoe, what? my name isn't musical??? Vala RIE, Vala RHAAA, Vala.... (cue the polka band.....). Ok, maybe not.... Does anyone help you with Thanksgiving food? It sounds wonderful. In our family, the hostess does the basic meat and potatoes and everyone else is assigned other foods...

Chickadee, Yay on the successful hunt! It must have been lovely out there. And congrats on your weight loss. I totally agree that the support here and sisterhood is so important to success. Glad to have you.

Lynn, hoping that you are having a lovely weekend and looking forward to hearing about your travels! Get back to logging those points - ok? Silver medal is on the way!

Gayle, if you want to change your user name, just go for it! Maybe it could be a part of a new plan???

Freda, I hope your weekend of work is going well.

CaddyKaren, how is brunch today with the relatives???? I understand about wanting to bake things for loved ones. I miss that part and I know that my friends miss the cheesecakes and rolls that I was known for.... I hope someday that I can figure out how to do both but in the meantime, they will have to understand....

Hi Red! Sorry about your computer but glad that you are back on the air. Still interested in hearing more about where you live.... if you have time.

Rosey, are you guys over the storm? My bet is that, despite the cold and snow, you love where you live. I know that I do....

Hi Nancy! Did you do any bargain shopping this weekend? How about your pig out meal? You skipped it last week....

Carol, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? The days are counting down til your surgery.... Wont it be nice for the new year?

Well, I am sure that I have rambled on enough.. Sorry if I missed anyone. See you later!

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Default I allowed back in? I'll be quiet now.

My life remains irratating as can be and just about time I'm gonna shot the sob he does something nice. We got his blood work done and the nurse came to change his dressing. the staples are so clean they shine. I am not touching the wound because I don't know if I am Typhoid Mary with my incision infection. Lordy it's hard to stand back and watch without butting in.

Rie....Until about 2 years ago I baked hugh batches of goodies for the bridge games i directed. Had up to 30 tables so we're talking Big batches. I baked fabulous carrot cakes with pineapple/dried cherries, german chocolate cakes, tons of sandwiches and everything else. Lots of icings...just rich and gooey treats. And never even licked the spoon. NEVER! I would log on here and announce the menu and report all day long until it was locked up. The GG's kept me accountible. Admit I moaned and groaned, but stayed clean.

I am exhausted still....everything aches my back, my knees and my head....think I'll take a 20 minute power nap. k3
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Thank you for the scolding Karen 3!! I needed it even though my name was not on the list. Good for you on your 10 lb loss. Oh, and please note that I have changed the quote in my signature!

Chicadee - Atta Girl! Get the deer first thing in the morning and get it over with! LOL

Rie - Never realized that Rie stood for Valarie. When I first came here I wondered who would name their kid "Riemontana". LOL I'm cooking for Thanksgiving. 2 steps and families are coming and probably 2 single bothers-in-law. 19 more days til my surgery. I'm getting ready. Getting my robe and slippers ready. The nice ones that I wear in front of other people. LOL Got all the checks written out for December. Last time I went in the hospital it was an emergency and DH brought in all the bills and the checkbook and I paid the bills from the hospital bed. He has no idea.

Gayle - I want to change my member name too, the first of the year. But I don't know what I want to change it to.

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Bad night last night. Couldn't breathe well with whatever. I often get a slight asthma. Really have had no energy, no power at the gym and must have some sort of cold. Things have been extremely stressful with things I won't go into here, but I am determined to continue not eating junk or sugar. I have done it through the holidays here (Actually, here the holidays aren't that bad because there are none. There are, however, a lot of "bonenkai," which are yearend "forget-the-year" parties.
Also, there is always ample junk at the office and I am getting sick of people offering me it when they know full well I am determined NOT to eat it. Really, I am tired of this idea that sweets are some kind of reward or something we "should do" for ourselves. They are NOT. I feel better without them. I look better without them. But, the tiny Japanese keep pushing them on me, telling me it's "not good not to eat them." They have totally different body types, are (some of them) thin as rails and, besides, that's NOT the point. I said I do not want to eat the stuff. It's a mental thing above all. OK, rant, rant.....


ella -- Sorry to hear about your bronchitis. That's how it started with me, a very bad case years ago that was nearly pneumonia. Since then I get asthma easily. Last night was the same for me. We are on parallel tracks halfway around the world from each other. I, too, got up to drink something hot with caffeine because it helps. Coffee is the best but since it was 2 a.m. I just had hot green tea. It helped but then I took a Nyquil sent from my brother. That is the best!But four hours later, still wanting and needing sleep I forced myself up to get to work and must NOW.
I don't think your name sounds bad at all. It sounds warm and friendly. My name is from the French movie of the late '50s, the friendly balloon just out of reach, representing to me the all-elusive BODY I WANT. It also represented my burgeoning size at the time I took the name as well as my red (auburn) hair (now darker with the fading of

Rie -- Your "secret" is hard to swallow and people don't want to hear it. Yes, the sad truth. With anything hard. How do you get to Carnegie Hall kind of question, isn't it? But good for you for having "figured it out!"
My living abode is nothing to talk about, tiny, tiny, tiny as things in Tokyo go. Nothing to talk about and probably the vast majority of Americans would consider it unlivable, so I won't go on about it. If you want to imagine it, start from a person living in a tent in the park and then move upwards in living comfort slightly.

Ok, gotta run! Hello to everyone else and strength and power to you!! Oh, yes, my weight equaled my lowest "after a night on the town dehydrated weight" yesterday even though this time I was NOT dehydrated!! Hard work pays off. Sure, in change only, but I'll take it. I am NOT giving up this time!!!
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Well, we had a nice day. Church and then met up with the family for our Sunday brunch. I ended up having an omelet and coffee. In fact, all of us ended up having breakfast today!! Then since my younger brother had plans over in this area and my older brother was having the open house here today we took my aunt back home. Had to stop in and pick up our girls here at home and then went ahead and took my aunt home. We had about two hours to kill so we stopped in at Starbucks and had the Holiday drinks there. Today was the last day for the buy one get one deal. Drove around and looked at some houses from the outside then went to an open house over here. It was a pretty nice place on almost 4 acres. about 3 miles outside of town. But it really doesn't matter if our place isn't going to sell, and not sure i want to move out of town, we're not getting younger and it is kind of nice to be near medical help, groceries and everything in general. I know Tim would love to live outside of town and if it really came down to it I could deal with it, even though it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense--- But the house isn't selling right now and no sense in trying to pick a battle out of something that may not even need to be a battle... LOL!!

I am going to try to get a little more exercise in BUT I'm not going to stress over it either it. I think that is why I was ready to totally throw in the towel. If I can get a routine going again I know I will be ok---but I'll be ok anyway!

Karen, I am so glad that you lost those 10 pounds! It makes me feel good to know that you care enough to YELL at me (us) when we need it! Afterall, that is why we have all come to this forum in the first place, we need the support and encouragement. So Thanks!!

Well, guess I'm going to go and have some coffee and check out facebook. Have a good night
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For a Sunday, it's seemed like a busy day. Didn't even go to church as I woke up so achy today, then I couldn't sleep so was going to go and realized I was too late. Dh was about to leave so I just soaked in a hot tub for a while. Still a little achy but not so bad. Then had to start on the Listing Agreement forms...I had to complete and send over 21 attachments again! These files were larger so ended up doing it in two emails. So glad that's done. Made a diet type meatloaf for dinner...wasn't that great but edible. Talked with son about everything he's doing and through emails with realtor. So glad we have a responsive realtor, really helps. We are sorta in a time crunch now to get everything done and mostly on his end now. I hope he manages to get everything done by the end of the month and hopefully sooner.

Rie, Zoe, anyone interested - Thought you might like to see these videos of the the Occupiers in Oakland. The little boy that approaches the man to help those on the ground is my grandson, Orion. His mother is harder to see but in one she is near the front near the guy in the suit, and she lays down like the others.
You can also see our gs walking in the first part ..wearing a plaid shirt. My dd is the one up by the man in the suit acting like she's choking and then she falls. (LOL) I just noticed this the second time I watched it.
I received two videos, but this link may only show you one.

Red - I'm trying to get past that mentality about sweets but I'm not there yet. In my mind, I know you're right...but it's not in my behavior quite yet but I am getting there. Joe's family (filipinos) used to constantly push food on me and in those days I ate very little. Over the years I started to eat more and one day my bil mentioned I'd gained weight. I said, yes, are you happy now?
We laughed about it of course, but it doesn't help when they push food on you, still I know I made my own bad decisions. Sorry you are so sick..hoping for recovery soon!

Rie - Would never have guessed that Rie is from Valerie! That's a pretty name and it suits you I think.

Karen3 - I admire your discipline. I'm not quite there yet. Yell at us all you want, K3, it's the truth and we know it and need to hear it every now and then. I just pulled up my bloomers!

Karen31 - I think like that sometimes too...why can't I just be happy looking like a chubby older woman...then I remember the health issues, or I get frustrated because I can't fit into anything I like, or I look at another woman around my age who is so nice and slender. All those things and the fact that I hate feeling out of control...keeps me trying. Anything we do even if we don't lose much weight should keep us healthier.

Tomorrow afternoon I go the doctor and I need to get lab work done early in the morning before the appt. Should have done the lab work Friday but I forgot. Time flies so fast any more! I hope my doctor will be impressed with my weightloss and bs, however the a1c can be a little delayed but I still think it will show a change.

Bye for now, have a good evening!

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Hey GGs,
It’s been a nice, productive weekend, so I’m feeling pretty content. Even got a little swing-time in, have to enjoy this weather, while we have it. Rie, I did do a little bargain shopping yesterday - bought a nice, colorful blazer to wear on Thanksgiving, & a gray one, because I didn’t have one in a neutral color. They were $4.50 apiece (which actually seems sort of high-priced after my 25¢ finds). And, in place of my usual weekly all-you-can-eat meal, I had a burger & fries at a diner we used to go to (way less than I usually eat on Saturdays). I think I’m trying to save-up calories for Thanksgiving! We go out for that (no leftovers!), but it is at an all-you-can-eat place.

Chickadeee, congrats on deleting those 3 lbs.! Wasn’t that a nice birthday present to yourself?! And KarenFL, 10 lbs. deleted!!! WTG! But, you take it easy & watch out for that over-exerting yourself. We really need your “voice” here. I loved your “yelling”. That is what Zoe asked for, right?

Zoe, hope you get to feeling better soon. SO was fighting cold symptoms for a couple of weeks, & had tried every kind of cold/allergy medicine we could think of, but none of them helped. Thursday afternoon, he picked up a fifth of bourbon on his way home from work, & has been drinking a shot or two of it every day (straight - yuck!). He says he’s feeling much better now, & his symptoms seem to be gone??!!

Gayle, hope you’re feeling better too, & manage to sleep well tonight. You think bourbon would help with that?!

Donna, yes my kitchen cabinets are bright green & bright pink, because I love those colors, & to match my desert rose (& look-alike) dishes. And I didn’t mind your comment at all! I think I said before I like being “kitschy”. I lived in rentals most of my life, & always ended up with someone else‘s color choices. That’s why I only use neutral colors in my 2 rental mobile homes. And, it’s why I was determined I’d have a green & pink kitchen when I had my own home! And I do. But (& I had to look around to see), although I’ve had green walls, & pink walls, in my kitchen/dining room area, at the moment the walls are an off-white. As are almost all the walls in the house, for now. At one time, I did have alternating aqua & lavender walls in my bedroom (couldn’t choose between the colors!). It sort of reminded me of an Easter egg. The family room still has the ‘70’s wood paneling it had when we moved in, just because we haven’t got around to changing or painting it. I think, maybe, I’ve convinced myself it’s way easier to change accent colors in the rooms, than to paint the walls, every time I want a “change”. Though I am wanting to paint my hall, orange, a color I don’t really like?! But…… someone gave me almost a whole gallon of orange paint, & it would be “different”, & it’s a very small hall (5’x5’), & I think DSD would hate it (& it’s in “her” part of the house)!

Mary, I hope your son’s out of his/your house, on schedule, & that things will move along quickly with the sale!

Gayle, Zoe, & Carol Sue, all y’all planning on changing your user names? Hadn’t thought about it, but maybe I should too. I sure don’t like the idea of going back to the “yoyo” thing, & I really, really hope I won’t, but I don’t have any idea what name I’d change to. By the way, Rie, I like yours. And, Zoe, I like yours too.

KarenMO, I don’t really think it’s too realistic to expect to lose weight over the holidays. Personally, I think just being able to maintain is the best that most of us can do - and that’s hard enough! And, I think sometimes you just need a little break. I took 2 “maintaining” breaks, for a couple of months each, I think. One was after I’d lost about 45 lbs., & was down to 205, and then again when I got down to around 180. Both times I lost 2 or 3 pounds while I was “maintaining”. So, maybe that’s what you need. But, you know what’s best for you.

Lynn, hope you’re enjoying your weekend in Philly, & that your DD did good in her marathon. Marie, hope you had a good trip over the mountain. Did you get that tattoo?

Hi! to everyone I missed, but I really have to go now. Have to get up early tomorrow, as usual on a weekday.

Just read the posts that showed up while I was writing mine.

Red, sorry you‘re feeling bad. Think my SO’s cure (that I mentioned to Zoe) might help you? I’m pretty skeptical about his “bourbon cure”. And, Mary, hope you’re feeling better. I’ll try to watch the video of your DD & grandson later (maybe tomorrow), when my internet is working better. It’s already bumped me offline twice while I’ve been writing this post, so now wouldn’t be a good time to try. Whoops, make that three times, it just did it again!

Yikes, yikes, yikes! Look at the time! It’s past my snack time, & since I’ve been such a “good girl” this weekend, I get a piece of Edwards Lemon Meringue Pie tonight! I know, rewarding myself with food (& sorry, Red, to me it is a reward)! Will I never learn?! But it’s soooo goood! ‘Nite y’all.
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Mary, I loved the video! Interesting that it seems to be a very diverse group of people representing all walks of life. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi GGs. I can’t believe weekend is over. Again. Instead of being a bum and getting my equilibrium from stressful work, I did tons and am exhausted. I almost didn’t come read the posts since I know you all are so prolific and there’s no way I have energy for personals. And I love personals. So I’m going totally by memory (and that sucker seems shot these days).

KarenFL. THANKS YOU for yelling at me too. Bloomin’ Bloomers. I love and I’m pulling them up. Congrats on the 10 pounds eradicated. And thanks for not shooting your sob because he truly is your DH. I so laughed when I read that.

Zoe, as I’m a struggling asthmatic nearly daily, I can tell you that lying on my back nearly makes it impossible to breath. Propped up helps. For me, sleeping on my side helps best. And call your Dr. You need something like Flovent for a while to stabilize your bronchial tubes. I use Advair because it has two meds, but Flovent is a steroid to calm. And make sure you have a rescue inhaler (ProAir) nearby. As Red mentions, caffeine helps but then it hurts if you can’t sleep since you’re more prone to viruses. Truly talk to your dr. about a short term solution for the next couple months. Cold weather irritates asthmatics as well. Good think you don’t exercise as that’s my nastiest trigger.

Mary, I hope your DS does his side of the bargain to get the house ready. It is the LEAST he can do.

Val-rie. I love your screen name. Don’t change it. I did hear you talking to me on Monday night. I talk to you all – all the time. DH thinks I’m going even more looney than before.

Donna, Kai sends SamCat love. I tried to change her food to a higher fiber rich food to stabilize her blood sugar and she’s got sick. This morning I woke to the starting signs of a seizure and got her to focus on me and we alleviated it. I thik it was SamCat’s wish that Kai didn’t seize.

Nancy, I love your kitchen cabinets. When I’m a widow, I plan on some interesting decorating. DH does have his limits. That he let me paint the entire house orchid mist still is mind boggling. And yes, I got tattoos. More later as I’m still trying to remember the two pages of posts.

KarenMO, I love your family’s Sunday brunch meetings. What a wonderful way to stay close.

Chickadee, I’m glad you were successful in your outdoor adventure. For you I’m happy. For Bambi, I was cheering him on. But the picture Zoe painted of your adventure, I must say that I’m impressed with you.

Gayle, I’m so proud of you for telling your DH not to eye roll at you before you told him you weren’t going to the Y. Way To Go!!!!!!

Carol Sue, I’m glad you changed the quote in your signature. I’m thinking we all need Karen’s yell on a daily basis.

Hi Freda!!! And all the other GGs I missed because I’m exhausted.

My weekend adventures… Six tattoos. One for each doggie (2 are waiting for me at the rainbow bridge). What a different experience that was. They look cool and I will have DH take some pictures soon. After zapping my arms with zillions of needles, my skin should be mad. But no, not red at all. But where they put the bandages on to cover them is rip roarin’ red wherever the tape touched my skin. While I was there, the piercer exchanged my two daith earrings for cute purple/pink titanium ones. Spendy day. The mountain pass was treacherous but I took DH’s Durango and it is like a Sherman tank. No troubles. Just slow. Yesterday did a good running/walking interval training then walked through the snow with the doggies. 3.5 miles all before 7 in the morning. Sunday is my day of rest so we just did the 1.5 mile doggie hike. This time not in the snow. No, it was muddy and icy. Yuck.

Today was football day. DH’s pathetic Vikings were on TV. So we had the TV showing that game (yes, they lost again) and had my Packers on Sirius Radio. To say it was disconcerting to be watching one game and listening to another would be an understatement. It took about 20 minutes before I could process both games at the same time. And to answer Donna’s question, I did cut some glass for my project. UPS is supposed to bring my treasure chest of glass tomorrow and I can really start working on it. But there were about 15 pieces that don’t need color coordination with the new glass. Pink for the tongues, inside the ears, black noses, 3 blue eyes and 1 brown (Sasha has one blue and one brown). The snowcap mountains (I don’t think snowy mountains was on the image I posted on FB). So they’re all cut out. After work tomorrow, I will play more. If I go too fast, though, then it’ll be done and DH says he’ll add one more window to our house but says there is no more room to add more. Spoil sport.

This morning, DH and I did the spring cleaning (talk about procrastinating). We cleaned closets and the guest room. DD and DGS will arrive on Wednesday and I’ve been throwing crap in the guest room as though it was a junk drawer.

Lastly, I spoke with my parents. DF chatted about the Packers then said adios. Me, I’m telling him to wait and I start questioning his health. My sister told me he is failing. He gives me a rundown list of ailments then said adios again. Getting him to elaborate was frustrating. I was getting ready to send KarenFL up there to get some sense drilled in him. Anyway, he left to watch another football game. So my mom filled in the blanks. She’s in Karen’s corner on wanting to shoot but knows it’s wrong to hit the disabled. Anyway, she did say their doctor talked to her at her last appointment and made sure she was understanding she was going to be widow. She does understand. Dad is trying to pressure her to move to a senior complex and she doesn’t want to. She can handle their home. I asked her one question – “If he dies, would you want to stay in your house?” Not a hesitation in her answer that she could handle the household stuff. So I told her to stand strong and say NO loudly. My mom is a strong woman and when the senior center saleswoman kept calling because my father was “overly positive” in response to her sales pitch, my mom told her NO. Good for her. Then I told her that I wanted her to know that if she decides to move after she becomes a widow that I want her to seriously consider moving to Oregon. She lives by two of my siblings but they’re distant and I’m close to her. I gave her all my selling points and said I understood that she’d probably say no since her quilting group is her “family”. Truly I get that. What surprised me was she said she’d really think about that. Wow.

Now that I’ve written a book here, I will stop. Have a great evening all my GG friends.
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Marie - SamCat's been tripping over his back legs lately and is having trouble jumping onto my lap... I've long suspected that he might have diabetes, which is so common in older cats, and the maybe neuropathy is a sign. Sigh... he's getting so old, my dear sweet love of my life! He always sends particular good wishes to Kai!
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Nancy, Oh, no, when you decide it's a reward, when I decide it's a reward then it's a reward. What I'm saying is that no one else should tell me that something is a reward, unless they know what it is exactly I'm rewarding myself for!
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Wow, 10 p.m. on a Sunday night of one of my marathon work weekends and I am DONE with everything (I'm never done until way after midnight)...

So, rather than being on the treadmill since son has commandered the TV for a Wii basketball game (I was going to catch up with Grey's Anatomy episodes I recorded), I'm enjoying some relatively quiet time next to the TV and engrossed silent son to write to all of you. :-)

First of all, a long-overdue thank you for all of your kind words when I was stressing over the lab tests and my doctor's reaction to them. I did sneak a peek at the results online (I do love having everything so accessible!) a couple of days before my appointment and will admit it sent me into a funk for a day or two. While values did drop slightly in various tests, I was most disappointed with the blood sugar and hemaglobin A1c values -- 3 months of eating so much better and even starting to walk for exercise (3.5-4 miles at a time) and my A1c only dropped from 6.9 to 6.5, and my fasting glucose from 117 to 114......soooooo depressing! My total cholesterol dropped from 205 to 184, HDL statyed at 64, triglycerides were down to 88, and LDL dropped from 123 to 105, so that was awesome, but overshadowed by the others I mentioned. And Rie, thank you for kind advice of being kind to myself. I did keep that in mind as I came out of feeling down and know I need to keep it all in perspective -- I just haven't quite gotten that through my head for good! Obviously it's something I will keep telling myself though, as I'm in it for the long haul. :-)

To those of you who commented on my doctor, my "fears" were based on past doctor (who for that reason isn't my doctor any longer LOL) who had an agenda and an attitude that weren't helpful to me at the time. Sorry -- this is going to get long! I went to see him back in 2005 because of severe body pain everywhere, fatigue, swelling of the lower legs and feet, inability to sleep due to pain, total body stiffness...I was scared, didn't know what was happening to me, and really needed some relief. All he cared about was my blood pressure and blood sugar being elevated (ummm....yeah, because I was in pain and stressed!) and as an aside told me to take Motrin twice a day with an offhand remark that he would refer me to a rheumatologist....with a nearly 8-week appointment backlogm but didn't want to put me on anything that would elevate my blood sugar (i.e., steroids). He flat out told me at that appt to "lose weight and get your blood sugar and blood pressure under control or you'll be on 5 medications for the rest of your life!" I'd ask about my symptoms, etc., and he brushed them off to focus on the other stuff. I was so frustrated and just DID NOT LIKE HIM. So, I set off to prove I could do it and stressed over not being able to exercise (due to the pain and stiffness) - I lost 6 pounds in the first 1-1/2 months and then saw the rheumatologist, who put me on prednisone while awaiting test results (amazing response within a few days) and lost another 10 lbs while on the prednisone. I was thrilled!! Able to walk, blood presure came down, glucose down but I can't remember how much -- and I went back to see him, happy with what I accomplished, and he walked in at first words out of his mouth were "you need to lose at least 10 lbs if you have any hope of controlling this with diet and exercise." I was stunned. I said "Did you need see that I lost 16 pounds, some of it while on steroids?" To which his patronizing response was "Oh, well yeah, obviously you've been working hard." OMG -- I was on the verge of tears in his office, left that appt with a prescription I never filled, cried my way home, and vowed to NEVER see him again. I self-destructed that very day with some cookie dough I bought, and gained back most of the weight I had lost over time. I did see him again when I went with my DH to review a CT scan result from a hospital stay he had (he was his doctor too) and my jaw hit the floor when the first words were "Hey! You've lost weight. You look great!" He was so friendly, took time to ask if he had questions (I had to chase him down the hall to ask anything)...just 180 degree difference from how I was treated. (By the way, I ended up being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which literally hit my entire body overnight and suffered through all those weeks of no treatment, not even steroids, because that doctor was so focused on blood pressure and blood sugar -- and a few days of steroids were all I took for me to start responding!).

I love my new doctor but still getting to know him (had only seen him for pneumonia a couple of years ago and after surgery a year ago until this spring and the start of regular 3-month visits), so I was worried about reactions based on past experience, although I felt I had a different mindset this time around and was doing it for ME in addition and wasn't going to let it derail me. So -- the appointment this past week -- He came in all smiles, looked at the chart, commented on the weight loss (yay!) and asked how I was feeling. I told him I felt great but was disappointed with the labs. His response was refreshing. He took the time to talk to me and said to think about it like school. He said "ok, so you're in college and facing a final exam. What is your ultimate goal?" I said "For me personally, an A" :-) He said, "Right, would be mine too. Now what would be your parents' goal and that of your teacher?" I said "To learn the material?" Correct again. He then pointed to the print out of the lab tests and said "consider this a report card." It's just one aspect of the bigger whole -- our ultimate goal is to get you healthier, your body healthier, all body systems working better, mentally in a better place, mind sharper, more spring in your step, etc. You're improving yourself all the way around and feeling better -- these labs are just numbers, but they don't tell the whole story. Insurance companies rely on numbers, but numbers aren't everything to me." Wow -- I love him!

I told him I still was fighting being labeled a diabetic, but he said with the triad they use for diabetics, my LDL at 105 was only 5 points over their goal, my A1c was under their goal of 7.0, and my blood pressure is perfectly normal. He said I would be considered "controlled" and he wouldn't put me on medication anyway (other than a statin, which he said was beneficial regardless). BTW -- he told me he had gotten e-mails this week about studies now showing that both Lipitor and Crestor have been proven to reverse plaque buildup in arteries and not just preventing future buildup, which is pretty amazing! He said if I kept going with what I was doing, in 3 months he probably couldn't call me a diabetic (if numbers decreased again). He asked how I felt about the holidays and getting through them, and I told him I was ready to face them and felt good about it. All in all, a great appointment -- he put off talk of statins, etc. for 3 months to let me keep going on my own. I just hope I can bring down fasting blood sugar farther and get my A1c to drop farther. If not, guess genetics will be to blame (strong family history and 3 pregnancies with gestational diabetes, so the cards are stacked against me).

Will start a new post shortly for personals and comments, as this dragged on -- but hopefully it helped anyone suffering from insomnia and you're sleeping soundly now. Hmmm....Wii basketball is over, regular TV is back on, son isn't in the room, and I have no idea when all of that happened while I was focused on writing. LOL Maybe I'll hop on the treadmill after all!
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Good Morning GG's

Had a good weekend at work. Had a birthday party Saturday and I was elcted to make the cake. I made carrot cake with cream cheese icing. One of the doctors said I should bring it to the hospital and sell it. But he's Indian and i'm not sure he ever had carrot cake before. I should have asked him I guess. Anyway, I ate a piece too. A small piece. Not too bad, considering I could eat the entire thing. And good thing there was nothing to take home. Today is going to be cold, and I have lots of "stuff" to do.

Darcy, Some doctors are just have a better bedside manner than others. You have to shop around. and I think you did pretty well with the numbers in just 3 months. You would not believe how many people ask for "just untill my next appointment" to bring the numbers down and do nothing. So, Yeah for you!

Red, I set my own rewards for achievements. And I'm pretty strick with myself. If I don't meet my goal I don't get the reward. Just make it something you really want. You are usually willing to work a little harder. if someone insists I've got to try something, I just take it and throw it away. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but i'm not giving in and eating something I don't want just to please them either.

Donna, Poor SamCat. Our babies are getting old. My little Benny is 15 and shoing the signs of aging. Harder for him to get around and he can't hear well. But he is just as sweet and loving as ever.

Marie, New tattoes? Whohoo!!

Nancy, I think it's your house and you whould be able to pain and decorate any way you want. I don't try to please anyone any more. If you love it. go for it. And I love the dessert Rose dinner wear. I love old stuff. I think it looks bright and cheerful.

Rie, people are always looking for and easy way to lose weight. Me included. There just isn't any. I will always remember what Oprah said "if you could buy it, I would have it". And we all know she had the money to buy what ever she wanted. I saw Jeff Foxworthy on TV once and he was doing his "you must be a redneck if" act and one of them was "if your 6 year old son gets a bird dog and a shotgun for Chirstmas, you must be a redneck. And that Christmas my nephue got his dog and shotgun! Just thought it was hillarious.

Z, Feel better. Take it easy. Bronchitis can get bad.

Chicky, Congrats on the weight loss and the hunting.

Karen, Congratulations on the weight loss for you too! That was some loss. I laughed when I read about trying to stand back at the doctors office. If I am shopping and hear "code blue" It's like a shock and I am ready to go. Kind of like when we hear a child cry "mom" and we all turn to look.

I'll be back later. make it a good day,

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