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Good Morning GG's

We saw our first snowflakes yeaterday. Just about an hour of the light, fluffy stuff. But, baby, it's cold outside! At least we had beautiful weather through the weekend. Had to bake a carrot cake this morning, for a birthday party at work tomorrow. It's one of my only homemade cakes. The other is pound cake. The rest are doctored up cake mixes.

Karen3, That is just crazy. how can you discharge a patient and get them onto a golf cart? Most of our discharged rehab patients can just make it into a car. Are you still humming?

Red, looking at your stats, we are about the same. Started at about the same weight, about the same height. I am one of the weight once a week people. Day to day is just too much stress. Now I just weight when my pants start to get tight. I try to eat clean, healthy, 90% of the time. I guess right now I am more focused on health.

Chickadee, I love walking in the woods. Not much of a hunter. Lots of the family are. My 8 year old nephue just got his first deer. Got his first gun when he was 6, along with a hunting dog. Yes, I am a redneck!

Rie, now I am motivated to get in and get all the medical things I need to do , done. I got in and got my lab work done. Mostly good. cholesterol is 3 points above normal. if the doc thinks I'm going on cholesterol medication for that he is just so mistaken! That stuff is nasty and has toooo many side effects.

Donna, Fridays are not so great when you have to work all weekend! Enjoy your nesting in.

Carol Sue, I agree. Our homes should please us, not a potential sale. I do admire other peoples homes sometimes, but am quite comfortable in mine, and that is the way it should be. I love color, but I want my surrounds peaceful and calm.

Webwoman, I make the oldfashioned cornbread stuffing. I use the gizzard and neck for broth for the dressing. I love sweet potatoes. Plan, candied, anyway. I make a sweetpotato casserole that is about 1000 calories a spoon full. Not the marshmallow one, but kind of a paraline topping.

Darcy, I am totally computer illiterate and so admire people who actually know what they are doing.

Rosie, So glad your are back to normal. That can be so annoying. especially when it's so cold out. But I know your DH had a huge woodpile ready. Please thank your DD for letting us know you were ok. I know, we are all worry warts!

Gayle, I know what you mean about hoping someone leaves. Sometimes the thing you know is better than the unknow. whatch what you hope for! Aren't the grands, well, just grand?!!!

Make it a good day,

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Just saw the note from LauraLou, Rosey's daughter. Actually, Rosey was safe for a while, because of KarenFL's observation! I would imagine that Rosey and her DH are well prepared for these weather contingencies.

Freda - I remember well working weekends, pretty much all through my working years. In fact, I preferred having time off during the week, when the thundering hordes were fewer.

Better get started doing what they're paying me to do! Later, lovelies!!
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Good Morning!

For once, when I allow myself to sleep until I wake up, I slept until 730 this morning! Lovely. I did walkitout for 2 hours and 20,000 steps. Tomorrow I will walk outside with my newbie excercise friend, although she says she doesn't want to go if it is snowing! LOL

Chickadee - Have a great day! (I just love birthday smilies)

Donna, almost all my employees work one weekend day and are on a 4/10 schedule. Most of them really enjoy having at some weekdays off to do what they want - especially those who love the outdoor pursuits. There are fewer people out and about during the week.

Freda, funny, I never thought of you as coming from a "redneck" family. 3 points above normal? You mean at the upper limit of normal? I wouldn't take meds for that, either. Mine was really bad but it has come down so nicely as my bs came down. I'm glad because I sure don't need any more meds...

Karen, years ago, my two ds's and I were on a trip to florida in March. We were walking around Bush Gardens in shirtsleeves. The temp was about 60 - we thought it was warm. All the locals, dressed in coats and wool caps, kept asking us where we were from and laughing when we told them Montana. I want long legs in another life too. And coffee snorting about the bird seed on your head and the jaws of life I swear, between you and Donna, you guys are determined to see me WEAR my morning coffee!

Karen31, for good results. I have to drive several miles into town to get mine drawn. Lucky for me, there is a City Brew coffee place a block away... That is usually the limit of my tolerance.

Carol, I agree on the neutral walls. Actually in my case I think it is a combination of laziness and a total lack of decorating ability. I would hate to choose colors!

Hi Gayle, good luck on the last day in the stretch. I smiled when I read about Maddie and Sara waiting for you when you got home. Last night when I pulled into the driveway, I could see the top of a little guy's head bobbing along just above the window as he ran to greet me at the door... As Freda said, life is just grand with grands...

Red, you made a couple references to health problems... Did I miss something? Is your health ok?

Darcy, WOW. I am so sorry that you went through all that and glad that it is resolved.. I can't imagine... My ds likes to say that the only thing that will derail me is computer problems. I become this hands-in-the-air-tantrum-throwing-helpless-mass-of-frustration. If no one was around to help me I would just scrap it and buy new! and I am cheeeaaaaaap!

Rosey, so glad that your daughter posted to let us know that you were ok. I was watching, thinking that you were just cuddled up to your dh I was going to start wondering aloud and there was your dd post.

Zoe, happy Friday! What do you have on the agenda today?

Marie, whereforartthou? Miss you. I did some abdominal crunches for you this morning so you are covered

Ok, gotta get some work done here.... Have a great day and I will check in later.

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Bobbi, you have me curious as to why you wanted the colors.. I guess most of mine are a "dirty white" but have the wallpaper borders. I really want to take the mailbox border down from our bedroom---don't quite understand why the lady who lived here before had it!!! Maybe she liked the movie "You've Got Mail"
Okay, time to take a break. I asked about the colors of everyoneís walls just to see how outdated my walls were. I watch the Nate Burkus show most days and see what the newest trends are in decorating. When we moved out in the country 26 years ago, they had all dark taupe walls and I hated them. We painted everything snow white until about 10 years ago when the textured walls (painted wall with a lighter color sponged on top) came into style. I sponged all the walls a buttery color and sponged white on top plus added borders in all the rooms. The rooms are light, refreshing and spring like.
When our daughter first saw our living/dining area with the new floors, she said those old fashion walls need to go. I still remember the hours and hours it took to paint/sponge/border them. BUT, she wasnít telling me anything I didnít already know. The walls need to be modernized but we wonít do it until after Christmas. Once I get the Christmas mess put away weíll tackle it. I am doing the master bedroom right now, I just finished steaming off the border and DH is priming it. I have a mint colored quilt and shams on the bed, I picked a dark mint paint to put on. NO BORDERS, just plain paint. I had about a dozen silver framed pictures of my family, all in black and white on the walls before. DH patched all the nail holes so Iím not sure if Iíll put the pictures back up or invest in a nice print for the bedroom. Our daughter lives in a two story house built in 1932, it has all hardwood floors and a huge living room with fire place. She painted the walls a dark green, Something I wonít have been brave enough to do. But when it was finished, it was beautiful and rich looking. After Christmas I need to get my nerve up and decide on a rich color for my L shaped dining room/living room. Thatís why I was asking all you what you have on your walls.
Happy Birthday Chick!
Slave driver is wondering where I am, better get back to painting. offense to you that have borders. I love them myself since I put them in every room. But eventually we'll be selling our home when Charlies gone and houses with old fashion walls won't look attractive to a new buyer and we have to keep that in mind. The photo shows the slave driver putting primer on the bedroom walls, and the border I have in the dining room/living room. I think it's pretty, but...bye bye.
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Hi evryone..Happy Birthday chickadee hope its awsome. Im so glad to have power back on it went out tuesday and came back last nite about 2 am. im so tired,we do not have a wood stove,one of those expensive things we keep putting off. we kept the house warm by using the burners on our gas stove in the kitchen becuz its open flames we take turns sleeping ,just being safe. we wore extra clothes and a hat in the house. the storm was all wind,60-70 knott winds, trees down all over, many power lines down. we lost 6 trees in our yard. one fell on our pwer lines. we melted snow to flush the toilet,and dh went and got lamp oil,water, and batteries. we played cards. and dice, and read. had a huge pot of soup on the stove,weve done this befor but its tiring and no fun. makes me realize how dependent we are on all our conviences. hoping your day is awsome,i'll check in later (((hugs))) rosey
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Good morning, GGs! I stayed home from the gym ...just felt the need to sleep in...didn't work as our oldest son called but I was happy to hear from him as we don't talk often. He's driving home from military training in TX....a long drive. I hope he doesn't run into snow. So after that I got up, it was late enough and I have a lot to do today. The research group I've been working with wants me to do an in-store project today. Shouldn't take long but I want to get it done first thing before I forget. Then need to do some shopping too.

Things got kind of nasty last night with the occupiers in Portland. They were protesting outside of Chase Bank which is fine, but they are to stay on the sidewalk. Besides blocking customers from getting into the bank they were also in the street. This is a potential danger to them and others due to the general traffic and the Max train in that area and it was rush hour. Some of them were going into the bank and some were staying in the revolving doors going round and round for an extended period of time. So the police at that time finally stepped in and told them they had to get out of the door and the street and stay on the sidewalk. Some did but some didn't. It was a large crowd and at one point it appeared people on both sides (police and occupiers) may have become somewhat confused as to what to do and it ended up a pretty tense and somewhat violent scene. I saw and heard the protesters taunting the police, and thought the police showed good restraint but once the confusion started, there were a couple people pepper sprayed. The police left the scene in hopes of them calming down which they did then and they did at that point clear the street and finally allowed the buses and other traffic to pass through. I felt sorry for the people who were going home from work tired and had to be held up so long. I guess being older myself I always esp feel for older people who still have to work. I feel so fortunate that I don't. It was rush hour..a dangerous time in the city anyway and I was glad to see the traffic finally moving. Up to that though everything had been peaceful. I haven't heard the news yet today...I hope things will be peaceful.

Jess - glad you got a good sleep! I'd have wet the bed if I went that long without a potty break!

slmn - I had to stop using the giblets in my stuffing and gravy as my kids/gk didn't like it, didn't find out until they were married so it was mostly the in-laws and gk complaining. I used to make a rice stuffing that everyone liked. These days it's usually just dh and I and we go out to eat. I too found out late in life I like sweet potatoes. They were "poor people food" when my dh was growing up in PI and he got sick of them so all I ever did was heat up a can of them at Thanksgiving as our oldest son liked them. I'd usually eat a little bit but that's all. Then someone introduced me to sweet potato casserole and I loved it. Now I kind of get hungry for sweet potatoes/yams but so far don't fix them on a regular basis. I think I might get one for myself one of these days. Great diet food! When my youngest dd was in a fitness competition she ate one every day, baked in the microwave...ate it plain no salt or anything.

Red - For me the hardest thing is to change my mind when it comes to dieting! So much of dieting is a mental thing! I know HOW to do it, it's getting my thinking and behavior to change. I love the way Rie eats. It tends to be the way I naturally eat as far as food goes but I prefer to have mini meals throughout the day and also unlike her, at some point in the day evening I have always gorged on carb can be anything. so I would defeat what I had the good I'd done all day in a few hours! Medifast helped me because it was similar to my natural way of eating (mini meals) but it had enough protein and fiber in EVERY meal that it kept me full enough that I didn't need to gorge on carbs. Now I'm sort of transitioning back and it's scary! I can see my behaviors have not changed...I still want to gorge on carbs. I have to keep my mind on track but I don't always. Still working on it. I too believe that it has to be a mind and lifestyle change.

Chick is today your birthday...hope I'm not late but Happy Birthday!!

Well, dh is home so I've got the car now and need to get going. Have a great day everyone!

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Different angles of my living room and dining room. Any suggestions for paint color. My couch is off white but we keep different colored quilts on it because Charlie sleep there. I have a dusty rose chair and my parents antique padded chair from their wedding, it's got dark green background with different colors of pink roses on it. I'll take a picture of it. I've had Indian/hunting decor so many years until DH finally took those awful heads off the wall and put downstairs. I now want feminine decor, pink roses and all. But a rich color and we have to do both dining room living room the same since it's all open and in a L shape. Ooops, I thought I had a picture of the living room part, you can only see the corner of it. These pics were taken after we pulled up the carpet. The last picture is the pine cone border in my kitchen, I refuse to change that. I have everyday dinnerware, serving pieces and the canister set on the counter that match. I love the border, it stays. The last two photos I added are the chair I want to work around for colors on the walls.
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evening all....Been a long day. Got the front rooms cleaned, even washed the kitchen floor. Vaccumed the dining and living rooms. Forgot to eat lunch and am calorie low again. Think I'll get a small bowl of cottage cheese to bring me up to 1000 cals.

Freida....They do wheel patient out to the front entrance and then wait for the car to be brought down to them. that was my problem hiking up and over the darn hill for the car. then asked what took me so long....gesssssssssssssh

Todays food: bkft eggs and sm sausage patty
dinner baked skinless chicken breast, vegie pot
dessert .33 cup yogert with1/3 banana

Cooling down again.....wind is blowing. Good sleeping....k3

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Hey GGs,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chickadeee (Marilynn?). Hope youíve had a great day.

Stepson got his van back yesterday, Yay! And, today, SO & I have been busy, catching up on some much needed projects. Yay! again. Now Iím tired, & my internet connection is being a pain, so Iím going to go rest! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Bobbi I am not good at this but it seems to me that a deep mossy green color would coordinate good with rose and with the lovely wood.
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Originally Posted by Riemontana View Post
Bobbi I am not good at this but it seems to me that a deep mossy green color would coordinate good with rose and with the lovely wood.
I agree with Rie...this sounds really pretty!

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Hi all, just a quick note as its past my bed time. Happy birthday chickadee. I hope it was a merry happy celebration.

Rie thanks for the extra crunches. I always have extra aerobics for you but your walk fit 20K steps has you covered.

Bobbie, I did all my walls in misty orchid. Very light light light purple. Just enough color for softness. I'm not into dark walls. I like bright and open.

Carol sue, very happy to hear your reversal is scheduled..

Hi to everyone else. Still drowning at work. Nice thing is the superintendent sent me an email that said "You do super work." That was cool. Going to drive over the treacherous mountain tomorrow with my friend. She's getting another tattoo. I'm thinking of getting some paw prints. Not sure yet.
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Getting ready to leave for Philadelphia to cheer for my DD during her marathon run tomorrow.

I can see some REAL dieting in my future. I am headed into a weekend of eating at restaurants in Philly followed by Thanksgiving and I am starting 1 pound over my top allowable weight! Uh-oh!

Have a good weekend everyone,

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Good Morning! I got on the wii this morning and like I thought I had to change my ticker WAY UP!! I weighed in at 174.6. So since we can't do tenths here I rounded it up to 175. So a BIG jump from the 166 that I had last recorded. Time for me to get back on that wii and see if we can't become friends again!

Lynn, good luck to your daughter today.

I will try to get back to everyone later. I need to get busy and get last minute stuff done for the open house tomorrow (20 more days!) and I will find time to get some wii time in too!

Have a great day!!
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CaddyK, I got on the scale this morning, and after eating carefully all week long, I GAINED a pound!!! I am so SICK of this!!!!! It's so hard to lose, and then the minute you start to enjoy life just a little, teeny bit, whoa Nelly!!! .......the pounds just can't wait to jump back on! Why can't we just resign ourselves, I wonder, to being over 50, and eligible for a little slack to be cut when it comes to weight? But no, here we are, STILL agonizing over this stuff! Now, of course, we know that obesity is unhealthy....back when our grandparents were our age (at least mine) they just accepted being "portly" or "husky" or "chubby" or whatever as the norm once they got older, and they ate well and enjoyed life (I imagine). Ahhhhhh.....I'm just feeling REALLY ANNOYED. I'm assuming that I may be retaining some water due to lack of movement this morning, and I'm going to weigh again this afternoon. If the results are still grim, I guess I'm going to have to cut back even more, and force myself to <gulp> exercise!!!!!
(See, Red? I TOLD you you weren't alone!)

Oh, Lynn. I feel your pain. Thanksgiving!!!! Oh, this stinks!

Wow, Marie, you ARE the artistic one! Misty orchid! Yum! I can picture that with lime or tangerine accents....soooooo refreshing!

Happy belated birthday, Chickadeee...sorry I missed it. Hope you didn't save me a piece of didn't, right?

K3, when did you started eating so few calories? Is THAT what I have to do to lose? OMG!!!!

Oh, Bobbi, almost all my walls are vanilla-colored with natural cherry woodwork. It works pretty well with the way I decorate. My bathroom is seafoam (pale teal-ish) green with brown towels and accents and dh's is gray with navy blue towels and such.

I have to run off to do my grocery shopping...

Hope everybody has a good weekend!

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