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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Marie and Bobbi ~ Czech here too. My grandpa was born there. I don't seem to remember any special foods though.

It is a nice sunny day here 63* here right now ~ supposed to get up to 84.

Off to work. Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Good Hola!

Day off… I’m going to GM’s to meet up with some cousins and Aunty Ann. It’ll be fun. My house is a total pit, but I guess it can wait for another day.

Red – thanks for the update. I have lots more questions, though! What kind of work do you do? Describe your home, please, IN DETAIL. What I have in my imagination may not be anything like the real thing! I’m fascinated! I’m enjoying reading all about you… and, obviously, you’re a writer/teacher!

Gayle – and the others who said nice things, thanks! Sometimes I wonder if my posts even show up, when I get no response, so this was nice.

Nancy – are you saying that it’s YOUR choice to have DSD there? Oh, my, that puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it? Sounds like things are going pretty well for you these days… enjoy those lazy days when you get them!

Mary – any more news about the house? It looks like this is not going to be an easy solution, but I hope it IS a solution! Of course, feel free to vent whenever!

Freda – I’ve kind of fallen by the wayside with the vinegar, too. I forget to take it, pretty much, unless I’m in a lot of hurt. It does seem to quickly alleviate pain for me. I’m trying to be very conscious to keep my right leg straight (it wants to veer to the right, which makes sense if this is misalignment). I know I sound like a crazy person, trying everything coming down the pike, but I have to do SOMETHING, and I’m willing to try almost anything… and they are NOT doing the hack-n-slash on me!! How’s YOUR back?

CK – I enjoyed the house videos you sent.

Marie – you made me choke on my coffee: “Donna, you wrote "easy do-at-home exercises, and those are helping tremendously" YES!!!! Donna is an exerciser.” (OMG, can you even THINK that without laughing???) I think NOT! It did make me laugh, which is good for general health! How long will it take you to complete your newest project? It looks very ambitious, with all those itty little pieces! I am in awe of such talent (and patience).

PT/Zoe – we briefly touched on the protesters the other night. Of course, we have a big Occupy presence here, too, and I just don’t get the logistics of this. I understand the purpose of the demonstrations, but I don’t understand how this particular protest is being effective. In my view, the public is not in favor of the 1%-ers, but they certainly don’t seem to be in favor of the protesters, either. As Mary said, they’re causing a lot of problems for health and safety, and they seem to just be making the general populace angry at them, not at the corporations. I think the name is a big turnoff, too… It sounds very, what?, like a coup? It doesn’t seem like the 1% is being affected or is interested, in the least. Explain to me how all this is supposed to work, please!

KarenFL – good news about your DH’s surgery! You probably felt worse that he did the day of surgery! It’s awful on the body to get up at that godawful hour and try to be functional… when I did the surgery gig with GM in August, it took me two days to recover from the part I had to play! Is he home now and how much do you have to do for him? OOOH, I don’t like the sound of that gator!

Rosey – your post was lovely! I’m so glad your DH is home, that you’re purrrfectly happy having him back! Your cooking smells wonderful, even from here! And of COURSE SadieMay is the perfect little angel when he’s home… they’re just like kids!! About Sadie, I used a can with a lid and filled it with coins. When I would shake it, it would scare the little pooper and then I could get her attention. My last dogs were border collies, and they’re perfect dogs. It hurts their heart to be in trouble, so one incident of verbal discipline took care of any problems. I miss my girl!

DonnaMarie – good news on the cyst!

Are any of you DWTS fans? I was GLAD Maks and Hope got voted off. I thought they both behaved badly this season! I have a soft spot in my heart for little Rob! He seems to be the only REAL person in that entire fake family!

Nothing much to report. Status quo. My life consists of Granny, work, and trying to not hurt. Pretty exciting, yes? SamCat is lovely and wonderful. All is well!

Everyone, have a good today. Onward! Newbies – welcome!

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Mary, I have been cold since the first time I lost a significant amount of weight when I was about 30. Now that I've been thinner, I'm always freezing. Year round.

Red, I have four huskies. Two will run off if left off a leash and the other two won't. In each pair, there is a young dog and an old one. I thought the old runner, Kodiak, wouldn't run anymore so I tried him off leash this summer. Big mistake. BTW, he is feeling better today. He wasn't jumping for the hike, but he had his tail up and stood by the door. And he ate his breakfast. I LOVE that you're an animal lover. There are many of us here.

Oh bobbi, I want to come to your house for dinner tonight. I love Caraway Pork Roast and dumplings. I can do without the Zeli as I hate the stuff.

So Gayle, we're both born on Aug 3rd, have DGDs named Maddie and our grandfather was from Czech? That is just quite a coincidence!

Donna, I do admit I laughed when I wrote that you've become an exerciser. But I do have my hopes for you and Zoe. I can see you moving away from the couch potato. I have no idea on how long it will take. Because I'm doing the stained glass for myself, I don't have a timeline. I play with it when I'm in the mood.l Doing the pattern(s) the multiple times took about 10 hours this weekend. I ordered the glass and am on hold until next Monday when UPS says it will deliver it. I can work on non matching colors (like the eyes and mouth) but I haven't yet. Work is exhausting and by the time I exercise, have dinner, and play with my pups, I'm too tired to do much more than read.

Rosey, like Donna, I had a soda can with pennies in it, taped closed and would toss it at a naughty dog. Definitely gets their attention.

I'm a DWTS fan Donna. It's the only show I watch on TV. I liked Hope and Maks because it was clear the judges dislike Maks (and therefore Hope). But they weren't in the same league as JR and Ricki. Rob is starting to grow on me like fungus. His family is interesting. Since I'm in a little bubble that basically doesn't care about much in the world, I didn't know who the Kardashians (is that how you spell it) were until we were driving home from MN after FIL's funeral in September. There was this bimbo draped all over the side of a truck and I commented to DH and DD, "Her momma must be just so proud." My family then filled me in on the K family and that indeed her momma was definitely proud since it appears she sold them into celebrity. BTW, I have no idea which one the lingerie sister was, just that she looked like a tramp and I felt sorry for the truck driver.

Alas, I was going to tell you all something but I can't remember what now. C'est la vie... Maybe I'll remember some day.
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Mary, Sorry but AZ would be a long way to commute!! Although a few years back we did consider AZ. Where in AZ. Is your house? Tim sort of had serious thoughts about it at one time.

Red, It sounds like you had a very interesting day. So sad about having to put the horse down. It makes me so sad when that happens. And that is my Pomeranians on the bottom of my post, the red is Ginger and the sable is Sissy. And they are spoiled big time!

Bobbi, hope you enjoy that roast-- it sound good!

Gayle, Have a good day at work.

Donna, I love DWTS!! And I was glad to see Maks and Hope go too. But I really like JR, he was on my soap that got cancelled and also Ricki Lake is doing pretty good too!

I think I may have caught up with some but now I need to get busy and get some more cleaning done. Tim hasn’t said anything about finding any new houses to look at it so Maybe I can get this one clean!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!
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Good Morning Goldens!

Ok, a small rant: I was planning (and starving) all day for a meal at a favorite place last night. (Beer batter shrimp - they actually fly them in daily) and maybe even desert. Shortly before we were supposed to go there.... they called and said that they wanted to go elsewhere! GRRRR. Some yuppie, overpriced, loud place. I stayed under calories and didnt have desert. Maybe I will take my friend to the place next week for lunch.

As for ethnic food, I am half german and half norwegian sp? I learned later in life that all our "german" food was actually strongly russian (volga germans from russia) but yummy. Loaded with cream and butter As for the ludefisk..... you don't even want to know... My mom makes really good lefsa, though - a potato flatbread.

Donna, of COURSE we missed you! I wondered aloud at one point if you were around.... you must have missed it. I understand that the Occupiers are causing some problems and I'm not sure what to do about it. But, (maybe it's my social workers heart) I think something must be done and I am saddened when I hear things on the news like this morning that they are "sex offenders and drug dealers". sheeeeesh! We don't have any activity here....

Karen31, of course, I want things to turn out the way you guys want them but I secretly hope that the 24 days passes without incident and you get to fix up your current house.

Marie, I laughed at your characterization of Donna as an excerciser. I have this visual of Donna and Zoe lounging in chairs at the end of some finish line cheering us on while secretly congratulating themselves at their wisdom.... Of course, they will lovingly have a cooler with chilled drinks and fruit to refresh us as we colapse in happy exhaustion at their lounging feet!

Gayle, here's hoping for a easy last day at work. I look forward to hearing from you over the weekend..

Rosey, did you get every thing cleaned up after the hunting trip? See, I know! It is so cute to hear you talk about each other. Comfortable slippers, indeed.

Bobbi, suppers sounds very yummy! I'll be that you know what ludefisk is. One of the guys at work is bringing in something called "potato sausage" that he insists I try. It is being shipped to him from his uncle in MN who makes it.

Zoe, I loved the idea of the duplexes. Lots of my friends seem to think that I should have a man in my life now. As if I have simply not had one before because I didn't have any options (little do they know) I MIGHT be able to handle a next door neighbor.... Nah, maybe not. I would love to hear your take on the Occupy Boston activities.... PM me if you have the time.

Red, Yes, Yes, Yes, tell us some more about your home/city.

Mary, yay on deleting the pound. I think this is the lightest that you have been since I joined??? Yay you!

Well, I know that I have missed Carol, Nancy, Lynn, Freda and others.... Just flat out of time. I will check back later.

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Just a fast "Hi-bye"

Saw JEdgar - BORING but good acting.

For the first time I am teaching 2 classes at the same time. I will NOT do this again. Messed up on Day 1 and told student in School 1 to purchase textbook for School 2!

At my age, I need to keep things as simple as possible!

Have a great day - raining here in PA,

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Karen 31 - When we bought our house we still had to sell our other house. Our offer was made contingent on our selling our house in so many days....I forget how many...45 or 60 maybe? That made the realtor really hustle to sell our house. Just an idea, in case you see one you just have to bid on.

I have finally started lowering my calories, gradually. I have kept them below 2000 for the past week, with yesterday and today being 1466 and 1383 respectively. Between 1200 and 1500 is good for me to lose without starving to death. This morning I was down 1 lb from the last time I weighed. I don't know how high I went in the interim. My blood sugar and blood pressure were down a little, and my rings are looser. My biggest problem is once I add up my calories for the day and they're good, I start to think I can have a little snack, and I go overboard, usually on something I shouldn't eat. I try to combat that by telling myself if I don't give in to the temptation I might be down another pound tomorrow. This is so much like work. LOL
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Carol Sue-- that usually works but my realtor is my brother so he will be getting commission off of both houses anyway!! He has really been working hard on it and if we did find one we really liked we would put a contingent on it but so far nothing, except the one from last weekend which was already under contract, just grabs us that much..

I think I'm going to have to revamp my eating and(I was going to say revamp my exercise) but I need to restart my exercise. I haven't changed my ticker since the end of Sept. when we went to Colorado and I am sure it needs to be adjusted UP about 10 pounds. I will do my official weigh in on Friday and get this started and back on track again!!!

Going to go make a salad now for supper. I have some grilled chicken to put in it and that sounds good to me!! I think it is supposed to get cold tomorrow so I may put some beans on in the crock pot for tomorrow! Yummy!!
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Hi GG's....well he's home and comfortable. I am still exhausted. Would you believe i had to park1/2 mile from the main enterance up and over a knoll. Dh and nurse were waiting with him lounging in a w/c wanting to know what took me so long......grrrrrrrrrrrr

On day 4 I think of level one. No bloppers yet. Actually the craves are abating. Did Fitday check and am at 1025 cal: Toast with cheese, tossed sald with chick peas, hamburger with my vegies mix. So got more than the 5 servings of vegies, got my beans and just have to push water a bit more. I knew all this and think it would just come naturally.

Lynn...Survivor night.

Me, I'm mostly Dane with a dash of German and a pinch of English. I cook German because of the Moravian cooks that i worked with in high school.

I will try and do personals weary, hugs k3
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Tired here....whoa boy. Drove home in pouring rain, trying to keep my eyes open and focused on the road. T'will be an early bedtime for this old chickie (hen?) tonight for sure! The overall ennui was somewhat lifted earlier today, though, when I received my first check for consulting....yeah! I am, of course, sorely tempted to treat myself to something outrageously expensive, but practicality prevailed, and I banked it instead. If I can maintain my resolve and put each consulting check into savings, I will have a nice lump sum to add to my retirement account when the time comes to hang up my hat and put slippers on permanently. Of course, the consulting work is expected to continue for the next three years in a thoroughly do-able 8 hours per week, and very minimal commuting. It's sounding heavenly.

My eating has been under control since Monday - now, all I have to do is get through tomorrow's employee Thanksgiving Dinner at work without slip-sliding down that slippery slope to ruination, and then try to get through the weekend successfully, as well. I seem to do fine through the week and then make up for lost time on the weekends. I don't want to keep doing that.

CaddyK, I must say I admire your capacity for frequent moves...I think that once we find just the right place to retire to, we'll move there and that will be it. There's nothing I like a whole lot less than moving. Okay, I'd rather move than get a root canal. Even so...

Carol Sue, you're spot on about this being too much like work! I'm still awaiting the discovery of a (real) miracle cure for overweight. In the meantime, I continue my unhealthy bouncing...

Raining here too, Lynn. Sorry the two classes are so demanding. Whatever possessed you, anyway? As busy as you stay, I haven't got a clue how you fit in one class, never mind two..

Val....maybe not a duplex. Maybe houses on opposite sides of the city. Thanksgiving dinner by invitation only.

Oh Marie, you just break my heart referring to Donna and I as "couch potatoes"!!! Nothing could be further from the truth, I'm sure. I can't vouch 100% for her, but as for me, I much prefer my lovely Queen Anne reclining chair to the couch! And in summer, my multi-positioning beach chair. Lovely piece of machinery, that.

PT, and Val just a brief reply to the complaints of filth and unsanitary conditions and such in the occupier camps - (1) let's remember who owns and controls the media in this country, and (2) while I can't speak for every occupier location, I've been to the ones in Boston and Worcester to bring donations, and they have been well organized, clean, and sanitary. I won't belabor their cause or what the hope is that the occupy movement will achieve, because they have websites and even facebook pages, all of which articulate it far better than I could. I am loving those folks and only wish I had the youth and energy to join them!

Gayle, I am quite jealous of your weather right about now. So far, with the exception of that Hallowe'en blizzard that melted away in a day or so, we've been pretty okay, weather-wise. I hope we can stay the way we are for at least another month before we get hit with snow again.

Bobbi, I really have to confess that the only thing that sounded good to me on your menu from Tuesday is the coconut pudding. Oh, and the caramel rolls!

I'm really enjoying your posts, glad you joined our happy little group!

Oh, Red and Mary...just leave it to the U.S. to spread it's unhealthy eating habits all across the globe! It seems so sinful to corrupt the eating habits of people who have been healthy and fit for centuries! WE move in and...well, there goes the neighborhood, y'know?

K3, sounds like your dh is about as good a patient as mine would be. I swear we women must all be saints ... oh, I've been eating a lot of beans lately black bean patties, black bean soup, red kidney beans in my chili....I'm really keeping the Beano company in the black, let me tell you! Well, you get some rest now, you hear? No valet service at that hospital, I take it? That stinks.

Chickadeee...sounds to me like there must've been a pearl growing in your thumb. That's why the doctors are being so close-mouthed about what it was....they're having it appraised!

Carol Sue, I'm enjoying the qi gong exercises so far, so I'm off the couch, so to speak, at least a foot or so...

Okay, I'm pretty tired...slept really poorly last night and am feeling like I need to get into bed early tonight..

Sorry about the folks I missed...I'll catch you tomorrow!

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It's been a busy day. Gym this am, then we went to Costco for gas and to pick up a pizza as we had a $5 off coupon from when we upgraded our membership plus to get our big bag of rice. With me not eating it these days it should last a long time! We shared a slice of pizza there then brought the rest home and froze it in individual slices (1/2 the usual slice each). So I'm still OP but a little higher than I should be for this time of day so likely will go over some by tonight. I got a manicure this afternoon and have also been talking with the realtor and our son a lot about the house. It is very cold and raining and I was glad to get home. Joe has the fireplace going and so far it's very cozy tonight.

Zoe - The consulting sounds like it will be nice in retirement! Happy for you. When we first retired I worked as a technical recruiter (by phone and computer). It was fun but the other recruiters started complaining about my traveling so I quit, even though when I was hired the boss said it could be done anywhere. I got tired of fighting it as I don't like hassles anymore. Zoe, I'm not that sure that those in PI were actually that fit and healthy even before McDonalds but maybe in Japan they were. Dh's sister died in her early 50s of heart disease and that was long before fast food.

Slmn - I've done that same thing before...doing well all day then adding a "little" snack! ;-)

Rie - Sorry you missed your shrimp meal after saving calories all day for it!
It's not the real occupiers necessarily that are causing the trouble here but the others who blended in with them and took advantage. But it gave them an opportunity to do it and very few returned to clean up the parks and there has apparently been quite a lot of damage. Very few people are against the demonstrators themselves...most sympathize/agree with them... but the results have been bad and potentially dangerous. I just think they (the occupiers) should have been more responsible about being careful who was joining them and also should have helped to clean up the parks. Of course I'm just talking about what happened here, I don't know about other places. On my weight...well, I was down to 149.8 (or maybe .6) for one day but other than that LOL this is my lowest in about 8 years! I suspect I'll be higher again tomorrow (pizza) but will try to do better tomorrow. I think I know how to do it now but at times like when I eat out it's still hard for me.

Red - Love hearing about your work and your life in general! PI still eats too much fat and not all from fast food although they have more of that too now. My impression is it's more the working people who have more income who frequent them though. Education is fairly easy to get but jobs are very hard to get. My dh's family, like many others, buy and sell in the local markets to make a little, and his brother is on SS but they have very little. Of course, we and others here in the states help them too. I find the PI a sad place although the people are in general cheerful and make the best of what they have. I always get a little sick after a few days there so although it is exciting to see new places (we try to see a new area everytime we go), it is not always pleasant. Even my dh gets sick! I suppose if we stayed longer we'd get over that.

Well, I've neglected my house mostly today (I vac debris near back entry and did the daily stuff only) so am going to try and get a few things done tonight. Since i ate the pizza for lunch, I'm going to have some leftover salad and my mini meals tonight, so no dinner to fix, dh is on his own.

You all have a good evening!

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Hey GGs,
Just dropping by to say hello. So far itís been a rather stressful week for me. Stepsonís van is in the shop, & weíve been having to provide transportation for him & his wife. They both work different shifts, both about 10 miles away, but in different directions. I canít just loan them my car (which I hate to do - itís old, but it runs good, & I love it), because I had some things I had to get done this week, that couldnít be rescheduled, & so did they. Itís really been confusing trying to get all that worked out. And the repair job was supposed to be a one-day thing on Monday, but turns out the van needs a certain part, & so far, they canít find one (itís a 1999 Windstar, & apparently Ford doesnít make the part any more). So, who knows when it will be fixed. One good thing, at least I havenít been ďstress eatingĒ.

Iím not staying, because I have to leave to pick up DSS soon. Just a couple of comments, then Iíve got to go.

Marie, thanks for sharing the pics of your stained glass. Wow! So beautiful!

Donna, itís not ME allowing DSD to live here, itís my conscience! But, I think Iíve got it convinced that once she graduates, our obligation is ended (except it keeps saying we should give her a couple more months to get on her feet!). Sometimes I really HATE having a conscience!

Whoops, time to go!
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Good Morning GG's

Worked yesterday, and it was not pleasant. We are supposed to work together and help each other. Some of us do and some of us would much rather b----, and complain. I had really though it was going better, but I think it's the people you work with. I was very frustrated and had another talk with the manager. You that are in management positions, bless you. The stuff she has to put up with. One good thing, I didn't over eat. Didn't have time to eat anything. I did eat breakfast, but didn't eat anything else untill I get home. DH made BBQ chicken and I made a bag of vegetables and that was dinner. and lunch. and snack.

Hi Nancy, Good to see you. Car trouble is the worst. Right up there with computer trouble. I'm sure your stepson and wife are very appreciative. It's been a long time since we've been in that position, but I can still remember the days.

Mary, I work with a lot of Phillipe nurses and they all send money and clothes home.

Z, We have an occupy movement in Detroit also. I would love to join them, but I can at least support them and send food and other things they need. One of the radio stations here posts their needs, like copy paper and office supplies and they are getting a lot of support. As for the mess they are making, I totally agree. Most of them are policeing themselves and trying to keep out the people that are just there to cause problems. But they will always be infliltrated with those people. It is a constitional right to assemble. And I do think that people are watching and rethinking.

Karen3, why did you have to park so far away? We always tell people who are picking some one up to drive to the front door. Did they expect your DH to walk that 1/2 mile too? I am such a mutt, when it comes to ancesters. I am Dutch, English, Irish, German, some Indian (native).

Karen31, You were really enjoying your WII and exercising. It's so easy to get out of the habbit. Just remember how good it made you feel.

Carol Sue, I guess dieting is a bit like working. Not hard, but you do have to make a plan. And shop to make sure that you have the food you need in the house. Plans work well, at least for me. I just naturally make one now, as I use the sales papers to decide what I'm going to make for meals that week. I keep that in mind when I purchase groceries.

Lynn, Oh no! You must have had some really confused students. How funny!

Rie, you know you are going to crave that shrimp meal untill you get it. Just go this weekend and get it over with. I find that if I crave something I might as well have some of it and get it over with or I will end up eating WAY to much of soemthing else. I agree with Z. Go on the internet and look up the movement. Some of the things being reported are Way exagerated. making some people a little too uncomfortable.

Marie, Beautiful stained glass! You make your own patterns too? You talented thing! Do you do anything besides your doggies? I totally agree with you about the Kardashians. How do you get famous for just being famous? Kind of like paris Hilton?

Jess, House work? fagetaboutit! It will be there when you get the time. God have fun! My back is feeling ok, as long as I don't try to over do. I'm not too good a pacing myself. I'm one of those people that start working the second I get out of bed and go on a run all day. By evening, when I sit down, I don't move again. Don't ask me to do anything once I sit down, it ain't gonna get done. I am still taking the vinegar 2 times a day. I've even gotten used to the taste. Not that bad.

Gayle, 84? What a perfect day. Try to get out there and enjoy it. It's starting to get very cold here.

Bobbi, My German grandpa used to tease us about getting thrown into the husechow too.

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Good morning GG's,

One day down ~ two to go, then off the weekend ~ yippee. Live for those days off. It is not that I hate my job, just would rather be home. I am thankful for the job I have now ~ I don't dread going like I used to.

My Dsis and I were venting last night. These men......Grrrr. Hers (like all of them at times I guess, can be nice but can be so sarcastic and hurtful) had been away for a few days and came back and said how nice it was not to have had to repeat anything he said a second time (she is hard of hearing ~ wears hearing aids, and says that most often their troubles start with that she didn't hear him). Mine ~ I feel like I want to refuse to discuss anything medical with him. I had to defend why I had a dr's appointment and felt like I was being made to jump through hoops trying to explain why I need the restless leg medicine. He has this look on his face that I feel is one that is trying to intimidate me. I'd like to slap it right off his face. Grrrrr again. Thank you for letting me vent ~ if the Golden Girls wacking brigade shows up at my door.....the welcome mat is out

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Humor me everyone, please post the color of your kitchen walls, living room walls, dining room walls, master bedroom walls. I'll explain when the results are all in.
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