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Well, another weekend bites the dust! I swear, I feel like I must be at least 100 with the way time just flies past me these days.

I must shamefacedly admit that all this talk of fitness and exercise intimidates me. I KNOW that I must use, at the risk of losing it, but my motivation is just so nonexistent these days. Well, baby steps, I suppose. I actually did find – and participate in – two 12 or so minute sessions of Qi Gong for seniors over the weekend. Very easy, nice, even. I think I can do some more of that. Maybe it will lead to more. Or not. We’ll see.

Dh got on my nerves this weekend. No need to get into the gory details, primary of which is my (very reasonable) desire for alone time vs his expectation of eternal togetherness. When I’m not working, I mean. Then, when I AM home – on the weekend – I spend a good part of it attempting to make my house clean; something that he seems intrinsically unable to manage even though he has far more time to do it than I have. Oh, yes. The honeymoon is definitely over. It was over a long time ago, but now it’s REALLY over. Really. Grrrrrrr.

The scale got on my nerves too. I can’t talk about that; it’s still too painful.

You’re sounding chipper lately, Gayle. Glad that life is treating you well.

Carol Sue, I am SO tempted to steal your quote about running late counting as exercise! Yeah!

Freda, you are such good grandparents! We do our best to take the kids places and do stuff with and for them, but dgd is now playing basketball AND indoor soccer AND dancing with her dance troupe, AND managing to get all A’s in school! How do they do that? Just writing down what these kids do tires me out. I brought coffee & doughnuts down to the Occupiers again this Sunday morning, and was tired after I did that!

Hi Red! Your life certainly sounds interesting! Sometimes it bothers me a little to think that there are parts of the world that I will never, ever see, but I’ve made my choices for better or worse, and now at this stage in my life, I honestly feel “travelled out”. I’ve always thought that living in another culture would be a great experience, but have never managed to do it. I’m looking forward to learning more from you about your experiences.

Oh, ugh, Mary, about the suggested price on your son’s house. Although, on a more positive note, $50K is a lot better, payment-wise, than the original mortgage must be, so there is that. Oh, I know what you mean about being derailed on the weekends when it comes to eating. I did great, counting calories and fiber all last week and then blew it all by eating like a cow this weekend. The scale sat right where it was a week ago, so I felt like all my efforts during the week were for nothing. So, here I go again….sometimes this just gets so tiresome…

Hiya Nancy. Sounds like my kind of Sunday! I only wish I could have one for a change!

30,000 steps, Val. Oh, MY. I wonder if I take 30,000 steps in a WEEK???!!! I really must start following your example (and that of some of the rest of the exercise-oriented GG’s). I’m going to think about trying…

Oh, K3….I couldn’t care less what any man thinks about me! I would’ve demanded to be CARRIED up and down that ramp!

Hope you enjoyed Sunday’s breakfast, Bobbi….as low as your calories were all week long, I’d guess you could easily afford not to count for one breakfast…

An inch gone is pretty darned good, Chickadeee. Let us know about that thumb, now…

Rosey, those pictures made chills go up and down my spine. I can’t look at them. I need to live someplace where it doesn’t snow!

Good going, Lynn, on not turning to food for comfort in an unpleasant situation. I wish I had your self-discipline!

Hiya, PT….nice “talking” with you on FB last night. I needed to do some venting! Have a nice day, you hear?

CaddyK? You are still contemplating moving????? Auuuurrrrgh! Is your house still on the market? If you move, will you bring your holly tree with you?

Marie…that panel you’ve designed is amazing! Such talent! Do you make these windows to sell or just for yourself?

Well, I’m sure I’ve missed someone, but my tummy is growling and I need to go eat my teeny-tiny lunch!
Have a terrific day, everybody!

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Rosey, I own a shock collar and have never tried it. Just couldn't bring myself to use it. Mostly because we had an invisible fence once and my son turned up the knob (he was about 9) and zapped the heck out of my beloved TeddyBear. I ripped that thing out of the ground and never forgot my son did that (he knew better and didn't like the dog). Ah, be you can see my problems with my son go way back. And your pictures look like a winter wonderland. Now if winter only lasted one month.

Nancy, I have a couple of my stained glass on FB and here's a link to just a couple. Mostly I don't have my stained glass pictures organized or in one place.

Hi Red, welcome aboard! I've had that "What's the point?" play in my head and once I got it through my brain that even if I didn't lose while cutting back, I wasn't gaining. Just mathematics alone says I'd have been gaining if I wasn't in the fight.

Carol Sue, I was like your DH in buying exercise equipment. Until I bought my treadmill, elliptical and bike fluid trainer, They all became clothes racks. Once you find the right equipment, it does get used. Of course your DH would want to really do the exercise.

KarenFL, glad your home safe. I'm just guessing you didn't like the ramps. You and your DH are in my thoughts and prayers today!

Donna, you wrote "easy do-at-home exercise, and those are helping tremendously" YES!!!! Donna is an exerciser.

Lynn, I agree with Bobbi. Tell the director to suck an egg.

Chickadee, bummer on now weight loss but I'd rather have that inch loss. Hope your thumb is healing.

Zoe, here's a common comment to my DH: "You going out to your garage?" You and I are in the same ME time boat. I think togetherness is overrated. Perhaps my DH is ready to go back to swing shift. But if I mention it, then I'm mean...

And here's a blanket HI to everyone I missed. I did read through all posts but I can't linger any longer. Work beckons. I spent the weekend on my stained glass pattern creation and have ordered glass I don't have. So tonight I can start cutting glass for some of what is "in stock". My stock of glass is often more comprehensive than a small glass shop. But of course I did order more. I think I'm piggier with glass than food. BTW, I thought of you all as I was creating this weekend. I took pictures along the way. Self-timer and tripod so that you can see how the glass is created. Perhaps since I've been project-less since May, I haven't chatted about it much since joining you all. I've been a stained glass artisan for 27 years and have pieced throughout the country as well as a couple overseas. I used to do custom work, but then I started hating my craft. So I quit and just make panels for myself. I have crates filled and no more empty windows. I did find a blank wall that I subtly suggested to DH needed a window. So next spring it gets a window and my new panel will have a home. It sort of turned into a BIG panel. Anyway, I'll be posting the pictures to my website and when I get to starting it, I'll post a link here.

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Just got home from the gym so I'll post now while resting and eating breakfast. I usually eat before I go but I was running late and only had time for a couple bites so finishing my MF oatmeal now. My weight was up again today so I really need to be more tough with myself. I've been having the munchies in the evening despite eating the MF meals the rest of the day. That has never happened before. I think the fact that the only MF I have now I don't really like and I know I may not be buying more plus the fact that I've gone off plan several times time is making me feel it's ok. I know I have to rein that in or I'm going to lose the nice jump start I have achieved. I can gain really fast so I've got to start now!

Marie - I really admire your talent with the stained glass! Very nice!

Zoe - I don't know anything about Qi Gong, is it like Tai Chi? My dh and I used to do Tai Chai. Actually he was quite proficient in it, I just did the warm-up exercises. I love the graceful flow to it and so easy on the body, yet I got a good stretch. I just don't like to have to memorize all the steps. Guess that's why I was never much of a dancer. We dropped it for a lot of years but recently dh has started taking a class at the gym. You mentioned the have things gone in your city? They have really made a mess in Portland for others to clean up. It will take a while for the parks to get back to normal they say. There were rodents running around, and they even found human feces in the mess! People were scared to shop downtown and stores (small businesses) were losing business. They complained about police brutality but what I saw looked more like they were taunting the police and the police were just trying to keep them back and used a great deal of restraint actually. I'm all for peaceful demonstration but I do think they need to be responsible for their actions and the mess they leave behind.

I HOPE if we have to pay the remainder on the house, the payment will be smaller! I guess it will depend on the length of the loan, I mean if it's only five years, the payment could still be pretty high couldn't it? Not sure. Well, we have to take it one day at a time.

Karen31 - My carpets need cleaning too! I've been putting it off for way too long and now with our tighter budget, there's that too. Thought about doing it ourselves but I hate to. I don't like the idea of the equipment going from one house to me picky. I asked once and they say they clean it off between but I've never noticed that happening so I don't know.

Red - We didn't know about Haneda. I'll tell my dh. We are hoping one day to catch a military hop some where close to PI and then fly from there. My dh is from PI and still has family there so we go back now and then. Your life sounds very interesting!

ETA: Just realized it's been a month and I was about to change my sig but I'm exactly the same today since I'm up again so nothing to change! :-( But in that time I've been as low as 149.8, and I am determined to do it again!

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Well, it's 5 a.m. and I only have about an hour to get ready and out and I have so much to do. I shouldn't be writing here, but it feels good to have somewhere to say things other than to myself.
One of my cats had me worried before because she suddenly looked very alert. I thought it was because another of the cats (I have three and they are free to come in and out) was coming in the door but I didn't see her. So, I thought, oh, ****, earthquake. After the big one in March, I couldn't really sleep for two weeks, always ready to jump up, pull on a coat and go out my front door. The aftershocks were constant. I felt too awful to eat and would only buy something in the convenience store once food started coming back in and force that down. So, any little tremble now brings it all back.
Oh, but went outside, and hear the other cat meow, so it was her. Sigh.
Anyhow, I have to write a blurb for the big yearend race, then eat breakfast and get my stuff to go out and see my horse. She's way out of Tokyo in Yamanashi Prefecture, up in the mountains. Had to move her because I have no money. Used to ride four times a week, now am lucky to get out and see her once a week. Friend is driving out so I'm hitching a ride today. Will take the slow train back to save money, and that is very, very dangerous as far as good eating goes. But, gotta try to keep it going. Normally (as in a month ago) I made the four-and-a-half trip into a kind of constant snacking journey! Can't be doing that.
Wish me luck.
Will try to touch base with people soon!
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Howdy....Am exhausted. Dh came thru the surgery just fine. We left here at 5am and I got to sit in ugly hard waiting room chairs for 5 blinking hours. Then to his room for 2hrs more before they brought him up. Did a dumb thing and didn't have bkft...who eats at 4:30am????? Came home and made calls that must have sounded like mummmfff with my mouth full. They gave him a shot in his neck that will leave the area numb for 72hrs and will repeat it before he is discharged.

Rosie...we bought a shock collar and never used it either. I told Dh he had to try being shocked first.

Zoe...That being togetherness is the hardest part of retirement. "Watchha doing" can drive me insane! You have planned your whole working life with scheduled things, you must plan retirement with scheduled things. Planning on fishing gets old in just a few months. My bridge helps me and gives me time away.

Am just too tired to back tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. k3

ps checked with fitday and am so low in calories 682 and too tired to fix anything. day2 of SB and the cravings are raving....nite all

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Karen3 -- Glad to hear things went well. That must have been awful having to wait so long. Good for you for not using a shock collar. I can't think of anything crueler, only people who would use them know NOTHING about animals or dog training. Horrendous.
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Good Afternoon Goldies,

Yep, back to work for me today. I am now two weeks behind, that is alot of catching up to do at work. And tomorrow is a half day with my dr appt. I am just taking it one thing at a time. Stress free, yeah!

Karen3 I am glad things went well. Sounds like a long day for you both.

Red sounds like you have a very busy life, sad that you can't enjoy your horse more, bet he misses that too.

Mary I just wish I could get myself to get in a good habit of exerise, it just doesn't happen. My hat goes off to you.

Marie, that is horrible about the invisble fence. We had a shock collar for our lab, what a mistake, she never needed it (I don't think we could have paid her to run off, but that is how labs are.) Now the beagle we had, that was a different story. LOL They go where their nose goes!

Zoe your comments made me laugh, honeymoon over! MY DH and I spend alot of time together on the weekends, I am just thankful that his hobby keeps him in his shop working on his car. Then we meet for coffee breaks during the day. I love alone time and quiet time.

Rosey I don't want any more snow. Ours is almost gone already. Too early.

Hope everyone has a great evening.
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Hi everyone. spending a lovely day with my dh doing nothing speacial,but we are as comfortable as pairs of old slippers. we did process his deer this am. and since the meat grinder was up at my daughters we decided to can the smaller pieces. the canner is going now. i browned the chunks(stew meat size) with onion and garlic and then once the jars were full i made some BQ and some terriaki.,and some plain. it smells good in here. sadie has been behaving with the dh here,go figure,i say she had my number lol.i wasnt sure about a shock collar and i dont think thats for us, i would hate to inflict pain on my furry friends. i usually use treats for good behavior. thanks for sharing your exp about the collar. hoping your day is going well.(((hugs))) rosey
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Rosey, Have you tried a spray water bottle and at the same time you spray her say in a LOUD voice NO or make a loud noise at the same time!! That has worked for some that I know! LOL!! Now all I have to do is say I'm going to get the spray bottle and they behave! And that doesn't hurt them
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Back in Tokyo. Had a great day. AND someone remarked that I'd lost weight. Unusual, because people here rarely say something. She hadn't seen me in three months but it's only the last month that I got serious, buckled down and cut out all sugar and processed foods. She was just looking at my face, which always gets thin quickly (unlike the rest of me) but it was great to hear.
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Default November Golden Girls

Hi All
I am trying to lose weight and maintain it. Anyone else in that boat ? Maybe this forum will work. I am trying the Low Glycemic diet and really would like some feed back.

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allwayshungery -- I think we're ALL in the same boat! I'm new here, but welcome! I think Low Glycemic is excellent. It'll cut out the processed foods, fast foods and sugar. When you eat good, whole foods, you'll find it's much harder to overeat. Best of luck!!
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Default Great News!!

Got a call from the Doctor, and the MRI results are in. The cyst looks benign!
: )

At this point they want to watch it and do another ultrasound in 3 months.

Thank You, Lord!!
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Good morning.....Went to bed at 10 and shut the darn cravings songs off. Get my nails done at 9 and then off to visit Dh. Dash is pouting and refused bkft. Get to park in reg parking lot today which far from the front door. Guess I can't win. Need to clean house as a week of dog/husband has left it "Boy" clean. You know looks okay but there is fine layer of crumbs all over the counters, cushions messed and things laying around or tucked into corners.

Hugh gator in the canal this am....HUGH....big enough to give me nightmares. Will be taking the dog out front for his p-mail instead letting him run loose in back yard. Yard is fenced except steps down to the dock.....and gators can climb steps! Just what I needed this week.

Still okay on level one....trying hard....BBL k3
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Originally Posted by glynne View Post
Good morning GG's,

Two days down one to go. It was a quiet weekend. Got a chance to knock out some of the anual education stuff that was hanging over my head. I've got only 4 things left to do. I'll finish that tomorrow ~ shouldn't take too awfully long, so I will still have some of my day off left to enjoy.

Never made it back here last night. My sister called and we had a nice visit.

Carol Sue ~ it was a recumbent exercise bike I rode (here at home) that made my back hurt. But my regular one hurt my back too ~ I have stopped riding it before work ~ and tried riding it after work when I could rest all night after. That seemed to work. Plus I didn't push myself ~ just rode in a leisurely fashion for enjoyment. Maybe I am not riding it vigouously enough to help with weight loss, but I enjoy it more and I figure that moving ~ even if more slowly is at least more than sitting in that chair.Ok, time to head out. Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
That is exactly what I say about my exercise routine! I am usually a bit sweaty after I exercise, but it is definately not a vigorous work-out. Because of all my medical problems I have researched a lot online about the effects of exercise. To improve health problems, blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids, they recommend slow to moderate exercise for a longer period of time. Usually, vigerous exercise does not do as much to improve health because it tends to stress the body. Vigerous exercise does more for losing weight, but I am at the point where I am more interested in improving my health than losing weight, although I know that losing weight would also contribute to improving my health.

I have not been exercising for about a month. Then my Dicks Sporting Goods bill came and reminded me that I am still paying on my elliptical! LOL So I did a 50 minute workout. 30 min on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of weights. I felt so much better the rest of the day. I am sore all over from doing so much the first day back, especially the weights, but it is a good achy feeling that tells me I did something good for myself. I will take a Motrin and it will be gone. Now if I can just lower my calories. I did very well yesterday until after dinner. I started thinking "I did so good today I can have a snack now." Then I go overboard. That is where I have to watch.
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