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Off to church and breakfast made by the youths, won't be counting calories today. least you didn't gain.
Rosey, do you make your jerky yourself?
See ya all Monday....
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Good afternoon. Dh had his h&h done. The hospital is 20 miles away. So I'll be making that trip a couple times tomorrow. He has to be there at 6am. TG for thermocups. The surgery is in the basement and the cafe is 3 flights up. I'll pack my coffee in.

I read everything, took notes and lost them. So hello Red and welcome, Rie that lemon chicken sounds so good(how about using myers lemon Bobbi?) and Chickadee I saw the quilt/pincushions Double Wow. Lynn good job on not comfort eating. And tha's as much of my notes as I remember.

We did good at the tournament. We won Sr pairs on Wed and got a few points playing compact swiss and of course the gold points were for the knockout games we played and came in 3rd. 3rd was good since in the stratas we were the lowest team of 28.....and we beat the Big Boys. I so love the game of bridge and Thurs night I was in the zone....knew where everything was and played my socks off.....soooooo sweet! It is more fun to help some one get their life master rank then when you got it yourself.

Sitting here with SB Diet book and have a pot of vegies soup cooking. Back to level one for 2 weeks. Need to detox from carbs. I want ooey gooey sweets and thick slabs of bread and butter and even chocolate. Only thing that takes the craves away is level one. Hate the level and just knowing it's there keeps me straight most the time. But have to do it now....bad girl!

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Happy Sunday Goldens!

I had a great and very long walkitout session today. Over 30,000 steps. My knee is barking a little but I am going to spend the day doing my nails and watching football....

Bobbi, I am quite sure that calories consumed in church, AND on Sunday don't count! As Caddy Karen!

Karenfl, so great on your bridge results. I think taking your own coffee is a good plan. Our family waiting rooms have coffee - apparently your hospital doesn't do that? Oh well, it is probably crappy coffee....

Chickadee, hang in there. I kinda thought that the surgery might cause a gain or at least slow your loss. I also think that being a part of this group is so important to my process. Glad that you have joined us!

Donna, are you reading good books this weekend?

Mary, I am so with you on the shopping stuff.... I am thinking of going just a little over my limit with my kids. There are really good deals on kindles, now, with some extras, and I could just get it all done!

Marie, hows your weekend girl? Is it cold there?

Koala, haven't heard from you for a little while. I hope it is because you are off somewhere having wonderful adventures that you will share with us.

Red, I had to go back twice and confirm that your Sunday was yesterday Good job on your long walk. I often decide that I will "just do some" excercise and then go much farther than I planned. It is just hard to get started.

Gayle, are you working? How is the swimming?

Lynn, how was your day yesterday after the phone call?

Well, I will check back later.


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I went back 5 pages of posts to find my last real posting, so I can comment from there. Wowsers! I didn’t think it’d been THAT long. Looks like you got along without me just fine!

Chilly here. The neighbor-who-shares-my-snowblower is apparently out of town. We’d had better not have any snow while he’s gone, or he’ll feel the Wrath of Whine! I need to make sure that I have a garage door opener for his place. Shoveling would NOT be an acceptable activity in my degenerative state!

Chickadeee – are you the one with the birthday in a few days? Let us know, and we’ll embarrass you in style! How’s your thumb?

Marie – I’m hanging in there with the cider vinegar and the exercises. I’ve had a good weekend. Maybe it’s the chair at work? I know that the parking lot incline causes much pain, and maybe the height of the chair at work is also throwing me off. It would be nice to not have to go to work; it’d be nicer to go to work and have no pain! I’m pretty much OVER this nonsense!

You and your epilady thingie: I haven’t shaved my pits in 50 years (as in never), and I only have to do the very shin part of my legs every couple of months. I’m not hairy. It’s wonderful! Actually, the only place hair grows is on my big toe, which is gross.

Mary – are you still losing weight? Good luck with the realtor/bank/everyone!

Freda – are you having any luck with the vinegar? Hope your back is better. A 3-4 on the pain scale is still too much, for constant and daily living!

Darcy – hi!

Nancy – I can tell you’re pretty darned excited about DSD’s visit. Does she have her own room? Can you turn it into, maybe, a gardening shed or something? Let her sleep on the floor for a few nights, and I’ll bet she finds other accommodations. Don’t discuss it with SO, because it won’t fly! I’m so glad our comments and threats of physical violence have changed his attitude! As I said a while ago, I now have something of a soft spot in my heart for him, because he’s been nice to you for a while now! Good boy!

Rosey – I know you aren’t computering today (DH came home today, yes?), but I still want you to know I’m thinking of you! I hope you have a lovely homecoming! I know you’ve missed your boy so much (and he, you!). What fabulous homecoming meal did you prepare? All the sordid details, please!

Bobbi – your Charlie is very handsome! I like your decorations, too!

CK – keep us posted on your doc apptment on the 17th! What about the TX trip? And what’s this about looking at houses??? You’re going to move yet, girlie!

RedBalloon – (and your name is????) how great to have someone from Japan! Please regale us with descriptive posts! Are you a service wife, a Japanese citizen, what? How interesting!! You’re very welcome here! I see that you want to be “Red”… okay! We have a few duplicate names here. There’s KarenMO (also known as CK, as in Cadillac Karen, with the diva dogs) and KarenFL, the funny lady from Florida. DonnaMarie is new and is confused with me, so you can call me Jess, if you want.

Rie – how did your crew react to you showing up in the middle of the night? Back in the olden days, if the sheriff (in my case) had shown up at an odd time, we would have figured he was trying to catch us at something! Maybe your people are less paranoid? (We had good reason for OUR paranoia!). Your lemon chicken dinner sounded YUMMY.

No, I’m not reading anything fun this weekend. I have the Inflammation Diet and Pain Free, both of which are interesting but NOT fun. I need something trashy and quick!

Lynn – what a good and brave girl you were, bypassing the ice cream! I am filled with admiration!

KarenFL – good thoughts for DH’s surgery tomorrow!

Done! It’s taken forever to plow through five pages of posts. I guess I’d either better get back on the wagon or forget posting completely! I’m not doing much of anything today. I showered and did a bit of laundry and such. I might vacuum, but that’s about it.

Hope all is well. Hiya, PT/Zoe!

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Quick note:

Donna, the staff likes when I show up. I already heard from a supervisor that their were comments that I NEVER show up on the other end of the week. (oh brother, they are babies). I bought them each a soda, asked about their babies/children, and was on my way.... They also know that they are on camera all the time so I can "catch" them better when I am not in the building. LOL
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Everybody, thanks again for the hellos. There is no way I can address everyone personally so please allow me to do what I can....

Another day done and it was a good one as far as eating and exercising went. This morning (Monday) my weight is down a bit. I can't get too hung up on the scale though because it doesn't reflect the effort for a long time and I NEED not to get any more discouraged than I already on. Well, perhaps "discouraged" is not the right word. I just don't really understand how my mind works. How is it possible that I can not have seen all this fat on me? How can I have allowed it to accumulate to this degree. I actually was thinking I was just muscular. I guess it's because I'm not really, I don't know, totally misshapen or something. But still, I can grab the fat on my gut with both hands. Sorry, that is disgusting, I know. Anyhow, I just simply have to keep this up. Otherwise, I can stop looking at men and I have to stop imagining they would even look at me, except in totally platonic ways, which is not the way a man should look at anybody as far as I'm concerned, not unless it's a "friend" relationship. Sigh. Ramble.


Rie -- Pool! That's so cool I can't even hit a ball, have maybe tried only a handful of times, if that. Please "chatter on" about pool anytime with me. I wish I could play.
Yes, Japan is something like 16 hours ahead of Montana. So, right now, it's going on 8:30 Monday morning and it's still just going on 4:30 Sunday afternoon by you. That's quite a difference, eh? Sorry to confuse you. Just realize that in the time sense I have always "been there, done that" relative to you.

jess -- Yeah, Red is best because I'll never remember people's names unless they're written right there. If people are calling me Barb (my name!) I will feel bad not reciprocating.
I'm running late, but just let me say, no, I'm not in the service, though at one point here I did work at Stars and Stripes newspaper. I was never in the military. I'm a U.S. citizen, ffrom Pittsburgh, Penna. originally but have been out of the States in Germany, India and Japan for over 30 years, a bit more. I am just a wanderer, an explorer kind of person, single. I certainly haven't been wandering physically much for 28 years in Japan but I am largely freelance and always looking for new work. I do a lot in horse-racing too. Well, more later! Thanks for asking!
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Donna ~

Originally Posted by jess1 View Post

I went back 5 pages of posts to find my last real posting, so I can comment from there. Wowsers! I didn’t think it’d been THAT long. Looks like you got along without me just fine!

Not ~ have missed you and was worried that maybe you weren't feeling well or something. I've missed your posts ~ you make me smile.

Just got home from work. Gonna have some supper, then settle down with my laptop and catch up with everyone

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Hey Y’all,
I can’t believe it, we didn’t leave the house at all today. Pretty unusual for a Sunday. But, it was sort of chilly & dreary, & SO & I were both feeling lazy, so…… And, even more unusual (not to mention unbelievable), I skipped my pig-out meal yesterday! Just really wasn’t in the mood for over-eating, so I just decided I’d let myself eat a little extra, yesterday & today. How cool is that? I’m hoping I’ll be good with just having my pig-out meal every other week (then maybe once a month??), but we’ll see.

Don’t want to linger here too long, but a few things:

KarenFL, glad you’re home, & congrats on your success in the pool tournament. We’ll be thinking of you & your DH tomorrow. Keep us posted. And please, try to fit in some rest, sometime!

Lynn, I want to second Bobbi’s suggestion to tell your director to “go suck an egg”.

And, Donna, I too (like Gayle) was missing your pithy comments! As for turning DSD’s room into a gardening shed, much as I’d LOVE to, my conscience won’t let me. It insists we should provide her a reasonably comfortable place to stay, at least until she graduates from college (pesky, annoying things, consciences!). As for getting SO to agree to “re-purpose” her room, I’m pretty sure I could talk him into it. That was his “workroom” (& a repository for odds & ends) until she moved in, & he’d love to have it back. And, he’s not totally convinced it’s our responsibility to provide her a home, since he’s been on his own & forced to fend for himself, since he was 16. It’s mainly me, & my conscience, keeping her here. (Her “but Daadddy!” doesn‘t work as good as it used to.)

Red, nice to meet you. I just don’t have time tonight, to really address your comments, except to say they’re just so wrong! You shouldn’t be so down on yourself, & men that only care about how you look aren’t even worth thinking about. Maybe some of the other GG’s can say it better. Ladies?

Ok, I said I wasn’t going to linger long, & I’m not. Hey! to all the rest of you GGs! Now I’m going to have my snack, & then read a little while, & then early to bed tonight.
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I thought I'd posted here today but guess not. My weight was up 2# today and I know it's because I've been eating too much salty stuff. I did a little better today but still over on calories by 100-200. I hope i can get back on-track. That's the trouble when I go off a plan...give me an inch and I take a mile! All we did today was go to church, and talked to our oldest son. Was good to talk with him as it's been quite a while. Also talked to our gs as his birthday was today. Watched Amazing Race tonight...I don't have it down to one couple yet but I have three favorites.

Nancy - not in the mood for over eating?!! Wow, I wish I could be that way!

Red - So you live in Japan? I guess I missed some posts as I just caught that. How do you like it there? I've only been in the airport at Narita (think that's the name, I've almost forgotten) on our way to the Philippines a couple times. I'd love to actually visit Japan. Also very interested in Israel, China and Europe, in that order. We love to travel but haven't done a lot of international travel together, although dh has done more in the military. The two youngest kids and I were able to join him in England once. That was so fun!

Jess - See above for the answer to your question. Hope to do better tomorrow but may be to late to not gain this week. Think I really should change my weigh-in day to Friday. I do my worse eating on the weekend it seems. We got the suggested market price for the's about $50,000 less than what we owe, so that wasn't nice to hear. I'm sure she's waiting for me to respond with what we agree to ask for but we don't know what to do at this point. It certainly doesn't look so good right now but I still have this general over-riding feeling that it will all work out ok. Still I may continue to need to vent now and then...

Rie - Yes the Kindles are such a great deal right now!! I paid $115 for the one that is now $79! But I only spend around $30 pp so still out of my shopping range. I actually don't know that anyone on my list wants one anyway.

Rosey - Hope your dh made it back, sounds like something from a book..your long gone love returns home to your cozy little cabin where you are both snowed in keeping each other warm.....very romantic!
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mary -- Yes, in Japan all right. For 28 years. It's fine, but I'm bored now. I am so comfortable and at home with things here that any exotic feel that was there is long gone I'd be bored anywhere though, I think, unless I find news things to do constantly. Actually, I probably don't realize how much I like Tokyo, not until I've left it. But I don't grow attached to places anymore. Just take them as they come. People are everywhere. Always looking ahead while leaving anything behind. Sad, yet anticipating what interesting things may come. You gotta kick on. Only glancing back.
So anywhere is basically the same to me as long as I can do my own thing and not have people trying to impose their beliefs on me. In that way, Japan is very nice. Yes, the older international airport in Tokyo is called Narita, after the town it's in. Now, Haneda (closer to Tokyo) has become international too, though most of the flights from far use Narita. I've never been to the Philippines. You should in to Tokyo sometime, really. It really is a beautiful country and Tokyo, if you can get around with someone who knows it, is fascinating for people not used to Asia especially. I think it's a good first Asian country. My first (not really Asia) was the sticks of India. Now that was a shocker.

Nancy -- Don't worry. It's probably just my humor. I am often just joking when I write. Kind of. Not totally, but you needn't worry. But, yes, I am pretty unrelenting with myself and I like it that way. I like a man who's the same, actually, to an extent. A lot of times, my frustration at my sloth comes out sounding too serious. Thanks for your worries though!

Anyhow, things here are rough because I am sick. Too much work I guess, who knows. Cold, feverish, and a busy week ahead. Let's hope I can handle it! Eating so far today was good! I have continued off all sugar for over three weeks now. to me!

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Good Morning Gg's,

The weekend is over! It was really busy, getting up early and going to the kids football tourmanments and getting home around 6-7 every night. And impossible to eat right. We ordered pizza one day and potluck the second. Really impossible to get anything else. The potluck day I had 2 hot dogs and about 1/2 cup of chili. that was breakfast, lunch and dinner. and then I had 2 tums for the heartborn! It's still early, around 8, and have to go to the hospital for lab tests for insurance purposes. We get a big discount if we have one and one of the tests is for smoking. since I don't, it's ok. I know it's BIG BROTHER but I've only got 1 year and 1 month left, so it's ok by me. I will really try to get back on tract with the eating today. I did get lots of exercise yesterday, walking back and forth between the 2 football fields. Even DH said "we must have walked 5 miles today".

Welcome Red. What an interesting place, Japan. Look forward to getting to know you. I hope you post lots of pictures, Japan seems like such an exotic place.

Donna, I always miss your down to earth, no non-sense, right on posts. You can tell it like it is, but kindly. I missed the vinegar the last 2 days, but i'm starting back today. Can't say I noticed a lot of difference, but walking up hills and sitting on the ground for 2 days didn't help one bit

Rosie, The pictures were beautiful, but not something I'm looking forward to seeing her any time soon.

Every, back later with more. Lots to do today to catch up.


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Good morning GG's,

I've had a busy weekend, getting carpet installed on Friday, having the pool table set back up on Saturday and had electrical work done on Sunday, in addition to mowing the lawn, cleaning the oven, refrigerator and kitchen and more, so I'm pretty much pooped. I'm hosting Thanksgiving so that's a good excuse to clean.

I didn't get in workouts this weekend or even a walk, so I feel bad about that. Kudos to those of you who are walking/exercising every day, and for so long!! (Rie) I didn't weigh myself this morning as I know yesterday I made some bad food choices, getting rid of some leftovers (I know better than to do that, but the flesh was weak last night).

Plan to take a couple of walks today and packed a huge salad, so I'm back on plan. Have a good day!
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Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Red - So, a fellow Pittsburgher! The Steelers are doing good, but lost this past weekend. You can't win 'em all!

Rie - We had cameras at work too. I worked at a mail order pharmacy and the cameras were originally due to the drugs on site. Eventually they were being shipped from another site and we just handled the paperwork, but they continued monitoring the cameras. Making sure we were working! LOL

Also, your lemon chicken sounds good and easy to do. You are lucky that ds will cook sometimes. Food always seems to taste better when someone else cooks it. Chicken is one of my favorites and it's a good choice here because DH likes white meat and I like the dark. And I make chicken salad with the leftovers.

Bobbi - DH is Czech also, 100%. I am pure Anglo Saxon. I was the only one who learned to make the Czech recipes that his mother made. Now when I make them I have to make a lot and share with everyone. When I am gone, they will only be a memory.

Gayle - I cannot ride an exercise bike. I get really bad pain in my lower back. I have had 2 of them, and have had to get rid of both. When I went to cardiac rehab I told them they bothered my back but they made me do it anyway. I think maybe a recumbant bike would have been better for me but I've never tried one.

Donna - I'm glad to hear the vinegar is helping you. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to. I agree that misalignment might be a problem. Chiropractic adjustments have helped me with a lot of my back/neck/hip problems.

Rosey - Our past 2 dogs have been rescue dogs that we got when they were 5 years old and past the destructive stage. But I do remember back to when we had puppies and younger dogs. They can be very trying. Now ours are too old to be bad. LOL

Chickadee - Hope your thumb is feeling better. Did you get the report back yet? I hope it wasn't anything serious.

Karen31 - I like your Santa avatar. Santa and snow are what puts me in the Christmas spirit. Can't imagine Christmas in a location that doesn't have snow as I've lived in PA all my life.

- What do you teach? I'm sure you mentioned it before but I must have missed it. Dropouts are not necessarily your fault.

Karen3 - Hope DH surgery went well.

Jess1 - Welcome back!

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Good morning GG's,

Two days down one to go. It was a quiet weekend. Got a chance to knock out some of the anual education stuff that was hanging over my head. I've got only 4 things left to do. I'll finish that tomorrow ~ shouldn't take too awfully long, so I will still have some of my day off left to enjoy.

Never made it back here last night. My sister called and we had a nice visit.

Carol Sue ~ it was a recumbent exercise bike I rode (here at home) that made my back hurt. But my regular one hurt my back too ~ I have stopped riding it before work ~ and tried riding it after work when I could rest all night after. That seemed to work. Plus I didn't push myself ~ just rode in a leisurely fashion for enjoyment. Maybe I am not riding it vigouously enough to help with weight loss, but I enjoy it more and I figure that moving ~ even if more slowly is at least more than sitting in that chair.

Ok, time to head out. Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care

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Good Morning! Almost afternoon!!! We went and looked at a couple houses over the weekend and one could be a possibility IF ours was sold! But it isn't. The one is all brick and 2095 sq. feet. But it was built in 1957 so thinking that we might be trading in one set of OLD problems for a new set of Old problems. I'm really thinking that it was a nice day for a ride and we will probably be staying right here!!

After church we met up with family at a place called this was pretty scary since Tim doesn't like seafood! But it was a buffet so there was roast beef and several other things that he was happy about. But even my brothers and my aunt weren't too happy with the crab legs and oysters and all that so doubt we will be going back there anytime soon! I had a couple pieces of the fried shrimp and it was good and then filled the rest of the plate with veggies.

Well, I think I need to attack this house before IT attacks me! Need to get some carpet shampooed.. Oh Yeah, the house that I was telling you about was all beautiful hardwoods!! Very tempting!!

Have a great day!
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