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Today was a bummer day for me. My head is thinking over time on me. I feel great and yes I got on the scale today for my weekly weight, and it hasn't changed, so my head is telling me all day, what it the use, I have given up the bad stuff and it isn't making a difference. I think that is the fat part of my head saying that.

I hung in there, trying to figure this out. So, can someone explain again how you can lose inches but not weight? I need a feel good moment.

But I do feel good otherwise. And I know take it one day at a time, but maybe it is just that it is Monday and that is a bad day of the week. So, tomorrow will be better, afterall it is Tuesday!

Hope you ladies have a great evening. Off to read some more on the forum.

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Hey all.....Perfect Florida weather. Low humidity, 80's day and 50's nights. Thank you for shipping some decent weather down here. One more week of hurricane far 0 storms....yes!

Chickadee....NaCl, not enough water intake, hormones, 'cause it's monday are usual reasons for weight flat line.

Freda....i still have a burnt orange blender. Actually gave it to my mother for Xmas 1965. It came back to me when she moved to Cal.

Bobbie....I love my white appliances. We have replaced everything in the kitchen. They were 20+yrs old almond. White is clean and bright. Of course I have replaced the stove twice and looks like #3 is coming. Doors rust out.

Lynn...Good luck with your new class. Change should keep you fresh.

Zoe....Get yourself 2 deck of cards and start tossing out one card a day. You are what they call a short timer in the service. The tossing of a card is such fun. Makes it seem real and gonna happen.

Karen...Funny how every family has a pivot point. My Dad was one and Dh's grandmother on that side.

Marie...P----Hew! I'll keep our weird armadillos over skunks.

Rosey....You are doing so well. I can't wait to see your Xams pictures this a before and after! glad you are back.

Rie....Cuppa tea with dash of honey and splash of lemon. Use local honey to help allergies.

Made up 30 bags of trick or treat candy. So over bought candy. Had 4 bags left. Screaming to bite me. I loaded it all in 2 big tubs and took it to bridge this am. And it's all gone. Publix has a sale 1:1 of butterfingers and milkyways. Those sales are killing me. Thats how I ended up with 48 bottles of salad dressing. Oh, donated 1/2 of them to the post office food drive Sat am.

Haven't surcome but just wanna a day of mindless eating. Don't even care what just until my seams burst....lick a bowl....stuff my face....chew until my jaw aches.....sighhhhhhh..... Think better make a hugh salad and stop thinking....that means tv and supper. hugs k3
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Hi everyone.. geeeze where has the day gone? thought we had an early start but here its time for dinner and im just now gorking lol. had my fasting blood test this morning,then dh had to run errands and i waited in the car sipping my sf double mocha coffee and all of a sudden i got the heehee who whos and needed the restrm and dh in the store yikes.i turned the car off grabbed the keys,got out on my own,hung on to the car,got my walker out by myself with knees crossed and got my self into the bathrm in record time.. my dh came out and i was gone like i'd been abducted by aliens you should have seen his face when i came out of the building priceless and another nsv and that was my day. crazy huh! we all battle the scale no matter what method we use,but we get afresh start every morning so keep doing what works for you ((hugs))) rosey
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Good Morning Girls
Marie...Home Depot delivered the hardwood floors yesterday, now we'll call for a installment date. I can't wait to put my house back together.
I have my computer and desk in the bedroom, can hardly open the dresser drawers.I have room in my large kitchen to put the desk and computer but no phone jack to plug into the internet. I ran that by DH yesterday and he said that corner of the dining room/living room would look very bare. (It's an L shape and quite spacious) The corner faces East/West with large picture windows on both sides. I checked out your other thread and decided to just check into this thread with my days calories and fiber count. I don't take the time to check in here every day let alone another thread. Thanks anyway. I do need to post my daily calories, that's the only way I can stay committed. I'm doing something different this time too, only weighing once a week. That's a change for me, I'm one of those impulsive people that have to weigh daily and chart it on the frig with a graph .
Glynne...Maybe you and Zoe can post what you ate at the bottom of your post. Write every morsel you eat, post it the next day. I don't know how you keep track of your menu but just documenting it should help. If you know you'll have to post it, maybe you'll not eat so much or the wrong kinds of foods.
KarenMo...I love Fitday too, I have so many recipes there and love the favorite button that instantly shows foods I eat daily. I tried the free one for awhile but wanted to be able to calculate recipe calories, etc. I don't remember how much the one time membership cost, it seems like it was $19.99 but I could be wrong, it might have been around $16. It sure has paid off. (Black sink, tub, dreary! Does your friend still have it?)
Val...never heard of 'Livestrong My Plate' before, I'll have to check it out in case it's even better than Fitday. The soup you mentioned in this site, is it a low calories recipe? If so, please post it.
Nancy...congrats on the 138 pounds. Your picture shows it and I think you have long legs.
Glynne...I was/am a member of Sparks People too but never use it. I found it to be a fantastic site but too time consuming. You could get lost for hours a day and I don't want the temptation.
Zoe...what's ya tink, want to start posting your menu at the bottom of your post? Or at least the calories, I know how busy you are and taking the time to type everything up is time consuming. I'm going to make my short and sweet at the bottom of this post.
Mary...DH loves brown rice, me not so much unless I doctor it up. We had pineapple chicken stir fry a couple of days ago and I made brown rice to go with it. We had the leftovers the next day and I fried the rice in a little butter with some chopped scallions, what a difference that made. It was delicious, but then anything with butter is good.
Chickadee...We've all had plateau's in our journey, sounds like that's what you hit. Have patience, the scale will move again.
Hi Freda...hope you're feeling better today. your hubby in my beautiful state hunting yet? It's been so warm this week, gonna be 65 today. I get to hang out some washed bed linen today, the Maple tree is gone so I shouldn't be bothered with it infecting my clothes.
KarenFla...I think of you often because of my myer lemon tree, it's about twice as high as when I purchased it. A couple of leaves fell off it yesterday, not sure if I over watered it or not enough water. (Wish I could have planted it outside) What's a burnt orange blender?
Lynn...what's holding you down lately, cement blocks? You continually amaze me with your varied lifestyle, hobbies, travel and marathon energy. I would have loved to attend the craft fair with you.
I have a question for everyone, what do you read other than library books. What magazine subscriptions do you all buy?
Sorry if I missed anyone. The picture below is the forefront of my dining room, corner where my desk and computer is, under windows and on the right is the L leading into living room. DH says's it'd be too empty without my desk, what would you put in that corner if it were your house?
Yesterday I bit the bullet and started on my DIET again, recorded everything on Fitday. It actually feels good to get back into the groove. I stayed really low yesterday to jump start my diet, will try to reach 1100-1200 calories today.
Monday 582 calories...25 grams fiber
Fiber One, dried cranberries, chia seeds, Flax seeds and Yogurt
Crab lettuce salad with FF Balsamic dressing
(I found some Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing at the Dollar Store, it's delicious. Went back and purchase all they had, about 9 bottles.
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Okay somebody slap me the side of my head! Gesh, me and my BIG MOUTH! Just checked and there is a stupid hurricane named Rina. The computer models show gonna head this way in next 5 days. Please slap me silly...

Bobbie...sorry burnt orange is the color of the blender. K3

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Hello all.

I have come to the conclusion that I have the flu – not a cold. I don’t mean to be a whiner, it just feels really crappy after 5 days. Grrr! Food is ok but I am struggling late in the day and throughout the night when I can’t sleep. Don’t normal people lose their appetite when sick? I called the dr this morning and they just called back and want me to start an antibiotic. I am glad that I don’t have to drag myself in to the office to see him. Since I now have an earache, it is probably time.

Karen, I heard about Rina this morning when I was not sleeping. Fingers crossed for you! Repeat after me: “At least there are no blizzards in Florida”

Bobbi, Yay on the delivery of the flooring! What an open and lovely floor plan. I think it would be a great spot for the computer. Or maybe a lovely chair for reading? Posting calories here is a great idea for the calorie counters. Your calories sound really low???

Nancy, 138 pounds? You skinny minny! Good for you. I don’t think I will ever get there.

Marie, I hope that your arm is better. Like you, I am notorious for removing any removable splints. I just can’t stand it. I think I am going to get the top shell of my ear pierced next.

Carol Sue, one of the things about losing weight is that I no longer care if I get a close parking space. Yay. Of course, the new pickup is a little big so I often just take the distant space and go quickly.

Freda, I am glad that your transition to work is going well. I remember those colored appliances.

Zoe, isn’t it funny and tragic that there are people in every family who spend lots of energy on tracking how much is given to others? It’s like they are born jealous. It is so often true that they are the ones who also give the least. Bah, I say. Their loss!

Chikadee, sometimes the scale just stalls for a while. The good news is, it is usually followed by a whoosh. Hang in there.

Rosey, Oh, I loved your story of escaping to go to the rest room yourself! Good for you. Your DH better watch out: He is used to you staying where you are! Now he is going to have to keep up!

I will check back in later for other personals. I hope everyone has a good day.

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Okay. Here I am, day 2 of my NEWEST approach to trimming myself down.

Wow, nice long post Bobbi…enjoyed reading it. I think it’s a good idea to post what/how many calories we eat here. It might be a little time consuming, but if I don’t MAKE the time, what good will it do me? I’ve GOT to be more accountable, and I’ve GOT to reduce the number of “Oh, to HeXX with it” moments.

Anyway, we had turkey club sandwiches last night for supper. I usually make each of us one using one 60-cal. Pita for the bottom and another pita for the top. (So we each have two pita breads). I spread both pitas with a very thin coating of lite Miracle whip, top that with a LOT of shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, deli turkey and bacon. I typically cut that down the middle, so we BOTH (dh & I, of course) have what amounts to TWO pita pockets. Not horribly high in calories, but the bacon kinda spoils the healthy designation, I’m thinking.

So LAST NIGHT I made dh his regular turkey club, but only used one pita for mine, and made it more of a roll-up – lots and lots of shredded lettuce & tomato, lighter on the avocado and meat. Just two slices of bacon. NO chips, and I typically have a big handful (150 calories) of those UTZ kettle cooked russet chips that I’m so addicted to. After supper, while I watched a couple more episodes of “Breaking Bad” (Why, oh why do I take advice from my son? I always end up addicted to the shows he recommends!) and had a 120 calorie pudding…”something…something sensations” (can’t remember the name, but it was DOUBLE chocolate and YUMMY) which I ate with my teeny-tiny spoon and thoroughly enjoyed. I feel that I must confess that I would typically eat TWO of those at a time, but I just ate the one last night, and felt perfectly satisfied. It actually took me longer to eat with that little spoon than it took me to eat TWO of them with a normal teaspoon.

So, I did alright yesterday, I think – under 1,000 calories altogether. Today I’ll try to be more accurate, and record everything. I’m thinking that my biggest problem has always been portion control, so if I can “trick” myself (with smaller plates & utensils) into reducing portion size, I’ll do lots better at “dieting”.

K3 – you just stay safe! We’ll all focus on sending Rina out to sea where she can’t do any harm. Oh, and I actually made myself a weekly chart – every Saturday I cross off that week, and I’m down to just about 26 weeks to go. The weeks lately have been flying by. It’s a little disconcerting, to be perfectly honest. The closer I get to retiring, the more I wonder what it will feel like not to have a job to go to every day.

I’m glad you’re starting with the antibiotics, Val…I was suspecting the flu. Now, are you also taking some vitamin supplements?

Rosey! How awesome is THAT??? Why you’ll be out there running marathons with Lynn before you know it! I’ll have to do the “gorking” for both of us!!!!

I don’t have an explanation for the inches lost vs. weight lost, Chickadeee, but I DO know that it happens. Don’t worry – if you stick to your plan, the pounds will eventually have to drop off. Hopefully, they’ll attach themselves to some very underweight person….that, at least, is what I encourage mine to do.

Hiya Freda. I’m going to start doing that, too. Parking on the far side of lots, I mean. I can’t say I really WANT to do it, but I think I’d better do it…

Skunks, eh, Marie? Awww. No fun! Have you tried washing the doggies in tomato juice? That’s what my dad used to do when one of his Beagles encountered a skunk. It worked real well if I recall correctly. Something about the acid content…I don’t know. Just know it worked.

Well, time for me to skedaddle on back to work. Have a nice day, y’all!!!

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Talking A New Perspective...

This morning Jonathan was laughing at our Mii's on our Wii. His is skinny and mine is, well...roundish. He said something about my Mii being "fat". So I told him that word made me sad, and it really isn't a nice word to use. (REALLY don't want him calling anyone fat!)

30 minutes later he said, "Mom, you're not fat. You're so strong. I think you have misplaced muscle."

I ♥ my boy.
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Freda, I'm glad that returning to work went well. I hope your back problems keep at bay while working and that you totally recover soon.

Mary, yes, I have the executive Costco membership. It's cheaper than the regular one. Actually they have a guaantee it won't cost you more. My 2% rebate check was $87 this year and I used it to pay the $100 annual membership, thus only costing $13. Much beter than the $50 regular membership. I believe you get the 2% back on gas as well. I remember seeing a sign at the gas station for it.

Chickadee, don't you hate the head games or emotions play with us. You know you're on plan and the scale doesn't budge. Instead of looking at it like why keep on plan, reframe it to being thank goodness I was on plan or I'd have gained weight.

KarenFL, LOL at 48 bottles of salad dressing. Holy moly, I hope you love salads. Even with "only" 24 bottles left. You are a grocer's dream shopper. Rina will go Northeast, I'm quite sure.

Rosey, love your restroom story. Tell dh not to worry in the future - aliens don't want the walkers.

Bobbi, glad your flooring was delivered. I hope the installers come soon. And I'm glad you found a way to get yourself motivated on your diet.

Val, I hope you feel better soon. I was guessing flu with the extended fever but alas, I'm a lousy patient so I kept my guess to myself. I hope your ear feels better and that you do. I bet you're not loking that you went to the conference. I hate meeting halls where germs fly."It’s like they are born jealous. It is so often true that they are the ones who also give the least. Bah, I say. Their loss!" Wow you described my son.

Zoe, 60 cal pitas???? Where and what kind? I love that idea. Your supper sounded yummy.

Donna, I love your son's statement. Misplaced muscle. Gotta love it.

Yesterday was a crappy day. Between the skunk and my darling son's FB message, I think Monday's should be abolished. At least the two things made me nauseous and staying on plan was not hard. Two of the dogs didn't smell because I was on the other side of the road. So we only had to deskunk two doggies. Poor Blizzie looked just pitiful with the baths. Cold water and sad eyes. Sasha I didn't feel too sorry for since she was the catcher of the smelly critter. Mostly skunk has been eradicated. Just a small lingering on Sasha's head. We used the peroxide, baking soda and Dawn recipe wash. Works like magic. Heck we even took the dogs for a walk this morning. DH did steer wide of all ditch/culvert corners.

So I am struggling with anger towards my son again. I hate that he can upset me so much. I'd like to slap him into reality. I've always believed he was smart, just not school smart. Maybe I've been wrong and he's the idiot my family has said, that he really has no clue or memory of reality. I'm not sure which is harder to swallow. Stupidity or nasty. Coo thing here is I'm not munching my woes away. I exercised them this morning. I did interval training on the treadmill and a couple jogging segments I pounded my feet on the treadmill, visually stomping him/my anger into the ground. That did feel good.

And I bought Kelly Clarkson's new album this morning. My iPhone is merrily playing it now. OK, merrily is the wrong word as upbeat happy songs isn't her genre.
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Marie, what did your son do to make you angry? I must have missed that part.

We're enjoying a beautiful day here, but it's supposed to get cold and rainy tomorrow. Took a nice walk at work and may take another soon.
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Bobbi, here is the recipe

“free” veggie soup

My plan allows me unlimited non-starchy veggies so this soup is technically “no carb”.

For each serving of soup:

2 cups water
One tomato
½ C zucchini
¼ chopped onion
2 chopped celery stalks
One C strong stock or 1tbs beef base

Simmer until it reduces by 2/3 and veggies are tender. Makes about 1 C of soup. Freezes and re-heats well.

Per 1 C: 80 cals, 925 sodium 13.5 carbs, 4.3 fiber, .7 fat, 2.9 protein.

We keep our own stock so it likely has less sodium. Meat and veggie scraps in the pot. Reduce, Chill, skim all the fat, then reduce more. Freeze in ice cube trays and use in recipes.
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Hi GG's,

Spent most of today at the hospital with SIL. Her husband (I refuse to call him my BIL) had surgery today. DH went to pick up the Grands, so I actually have a few min.

Thanks Marie, I am feeling much better. I've even started exercising some. I feel like something is out of place when I don't exercise. Sorry about all the problems with DS. When they are little they step on your toes, when they are grown they step on your heart.

Chickadee, Hope today is going better.

Karen, I know what you mean about the halloween candy. One year I bought candy 3 times. I kept eating it. Now I buy on halloween, and try to get stuff I don't like.

Rosey, you go girl! I knew this time was coming, with lots of surprised yet to come.

Bobbi, Yeah! Your flloring finally arrived. I know you must be getting really tired of working around it. Looks like a nice big room. it will look beautiful, post pictures. I have carpet in the family room now, but when it replaced, probally this spring, it's wood for me too.

Rie, So sorry you're feeling so bad. Take care of yourself. I just made a big pot of cabbage soup. Remember the cabbage soup diet? Horrible diet, but I liked the soup. It's like the cabbage soup they serve at Big Boy restaurant.

Z, I trick myself with things to stick myself into staying on my diet too. Or bribe myself. I'm real open to bribes!

Donna Marie, How sweet was that! And you are teaching him to be sensitive to other people too.

Donna, Missing you? You busy?

Gayle, If you're working, I hope things are going well.

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hi...So glad we have science and knowledge to predict what the weather is going to do. A guy living in Colorado tells us when to duck. According the experts Rina has 110mph winds and will pass over the Yucaton peninsula tomorrow into the Gulf. Now accord to half the experts Rina will take a hard right going across Southern Fl and possible up the coast....Or according the other experts Rina is going to travel WNW towards Texas. Okay thats clear......Duh???????????????????????????????????? ?? k3
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It's a beautiful day!! The air is crisp (was suppose to get to freezing last night), but the sun is shining. We overslept and didn't go to our yoga stretch class. I've been wanting to get back to my little prayer group so I did that today instead. I always feel so blessed when I go and they are a lovely group of felt like going home, such love. After I got home and had my mini-meal we went for our flu shots and ran a couple errands. Now just had my lunch and am resting a bit before starting my housework.

My weight was 153 today again! Had that a while back but haven't seen it since until today. I hope that holds for tomorrow, or lower...I'd be happy to have lower.. I'm OP again today except I did pickup one of those little cinnamon hard candies at the CU this morning. But I'm still within MY daily goals, so I call that OP.

Breakfast - breakfast 1/2 can Biggest Loser Shake with added fiber
am snack - My mocha frappe (1/2 scoop mix, water, ice, sf chocolate syrup (Torani) and added protein and fiber)
Lunch - vegetable beef soup (with added fiber)
Right now my calories are 403.

Rie - I snagged your recipe...I love veg soup! And Rie, I never get too sick to eat! I used to when I was really young and skinny...but no more. I've been in the hospital and after surgery I'm always wanting to eat..even tho the meals aren't great and I love those little ice cream cups they have there! ;-) I got so I was embarrassed to ask the nurse for more! I'm glad you starting an antibiotic...sounds like you need it. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Marie - Good point about making enough off the exec card to pay for your membership fees. Right now we are not getting that. We do get a rebate check on our AMEX we got through Costco.

Change - Your son sounds very sweet! One time one of my gs said, grandma why don't you go on biggest loser? LOL I told him I wasn't quite big enough ...

Zoe - One thing I have learned with this MF meal is that I need to get plenty lean protein and fiber at EACH meal to keep from feeling hungry. If I get these I don't have to eat so much other stuff.

Rosey - I'm SO proud of you!! You just keep doing better and better!

Karen3 - Good job on the Halloween candy! Candy is very hard for me to resist or even control. I prefer not to be home on Halloween so today I got us two nights at the coast. We will likely eat out but I even do better with that than having candy around at home! With MF I know exactly what to eat wherever I am. If I do decide to go off plan a bit, at least if I do it at a restaurant it is limited.

Need to get to work...have a good day everyone!

ETA: I just signed up for this and got my first message alerting me to a UPS arrival tomorrow. Very cool! If you ever order online or by catalog, you might like it. You don't have to keep checking on your package as they let you know plus you can change the delivery date and other details to make it more convenient.

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Goog Morning GG's.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on my bad Monday. Tuesday was a wonderful day, even though I had to go through part two of an installation of my crown. But it is over now. Seems to work so far.

I have tried to switch up my meals alittle it is hard to do that. And if someone could recommend a good P2 Pizza reciepe that you have made and liked, would love it. My Bean Brownies turned out great, I froze them so I can have just one as wanted (notice I didn't say as needed!)

Marie, I read you post and your last two comments about the shunks, been there with our beagle years ago. She learned. And you son, we have a 33 yr old that is a smart kid, but he is still trying to prove something in life and that causes him to make foolish choices. His lastest, he quit his job so he can train to be a professional karate fighter! I ask myself what are you living on! They are our kids, but they make their own choices, we can only hope they know which ones to make. Hopefully, he will see where this may lead if he doesn't make better ones. (or course ours is still learning!)

I hope everyone has a great day. I only have two more days and I will be off work for a weeks vacation. I plan on spending alot of time doing alot of sewing and embroidery, because I deserve it!

Happy Day
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