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OMG...I just realized that most of you GG's are fiftyish and I am old enough to be your mother and i do love to go yell at store stupid people. Home Depot especially.....sighhhhh LoL that stands for little old lady! k3
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Ah, KarenFL, there are more than a few of us who are official LoPeeps (Little Old People)!!! Rie and Marie are the really, really, really young chickies here. One wonders what appeal we have for them..........?
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LOL I'm only about four months away from being 69 and know that 70 is not far off! The years are flying by! Funny though I never thought of my self as an "old lady" until one day I was at the mall and these young boys (early to mid-teens I'd say) were fooling around and almost ran into me. I heard one of them say, watch out you almost ran into that old lady! I looked around thinking who are they talking about, then realized they meant ME! But I say age is just a's all in how you feel. Some days I feel old and others I don't at all.
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Well, I am going to be 60 in February so I need to be in the LOL category too!! I keep thinking that I can't be that old! AND my goodness! I never thought I would be married to such an old man!!! HA!!

Plan on going to church in the morning but since we have been back we haven't had our usual Sunday after church lunch with the family. It seems like everyone has been kind of busy or something doing other things. Guess we will have to wait until my aunt gets back and she will get everyone whipped back into shape again! My older brother has a showing on a house tomorrow ( not ours) and my younger brother--- not sure, he seems to be finding lots of excuses right now. And my sister is out of town right now, her hubby called her Friday afternoon and said, "Be ready to leave for the weekend for parts unknown at 5:30!" So she posted a pic and they are at the Lake of the Ozarks! I posted the picture here.. Looks pretty there too!

Sure hope everyone that isn't feeling good -- feels better real soon. And I hope everyone who is feeling good-- stays that way!!

I'm still watching craigslist for an organ but I may think about getting a keyboard instead. Been checking prices today and they aren't too bad and then that would be a llittle easier to move around than an organ-- BUT I like having the organ as anice piece of furniture too.. Who knows, it will probably be what ever comes about first. I just like being able to play music.

Well, guess I'd better get going for now. Welcome to all the new GG's! Just jump in and make your self at home!

Take care everyone and have a great Sunday!!
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Rie, I hope you feel better soon. It must have been a bit of a head rush to realize how much youíve changed in a year when no one recognized you. My DH loved the boil on the behind remark about Great Falls. He agrees with you. Itís why we kept heading west. Just had DH take pictures of both Daith piercings. I did go yesterday to get the right ear done. Different piercers, different jewelry. The piercer yesterday said heíd be glad to change them both in 2 months when theyíre healed. Iím going to get gold rings with pink jewels.

Rosey, I canít imagine doing the amount of baking you used to do for your DHís former company. Iím horrible with baking, I love raw batter and dough. I admit it. I have to chew gum through the whole time so my fingers donít go into everything.

Nancy, my mom is also a queen of getting her way with stores. They just want her to leave. The diamond from my wedding ring fell out because a prong broke (I believe it was my fault because I was always shoving my hands in my jeans pockets). She got the jeweler to replace the diamond. Amazing what she can do. Sheíd have had Home Depot deliver and install the flooring for free at this point for Bobbi.

Mary, I just looked at my latest Kohls coupon and it was a 30% off. I tossed it since I have no plans to go over the mountain to shop. I bet your DH would have liked it. And it didnít feel good to have the cartilage pierced but it was quick so it wasnít a big deal. Go to a specialized piercing shop and theyíll be able to tell you your options. Also, I updated my iPad to iOS5 but I wonít do my iPhone 3GS because I read it eats the battery life.

KarenFL and Mary, I use Amazon Prime and they will ship my gifts to wherever for free with the 2 day shipping. If I had to pay shipping for gifts, I wouldnít do anything but gift cards.

Chickadee, I have found that the natural stool softeners work the best for me to keep me semi regular. I get them at Costco for cheap.

Donna Marie, sounds like you have a great day planned. Have fun!

Donna, but I hate my utters. I think a A cup would be so wonderful! Wrist is sore but I canít handle the splint for long. Currently it is happily naked. When I type, I hit the space bar with my right thumb so itís all perfectly safe. I want it happy when my tandem arrives. I almost went bike riding today and then thought about how that could be backwards progress and I want to ride the tandem as soon as itís here. So I did treadmill interval training instead. I thought I was making a mature decision. Me and mature rarely belong in the same sentence so it was sort of a righteous moment.

Carol Sue, enjoy your new appliances!

Gayle, sounds like you were having the most perfect fall day. It was beautiful here as well.

Jess and KarenFL, the appeal is you all are honest, straightforward and kind. Not a bad combination. LOL Mary at the wondering who the old lady is. Iím getting to that pointÖ

KarenMO, my uncle and his wife live at the Lake of the Ozarks. It is amazingly beautiful.

Today was an unplanned cleaning day. I steam cleaned the bottom 2í of my walls. Adios doggie oil and dirt. The walls look amazing. I also steamed my bathroom and scrubbed everywhere. With one hand, my right arm is exhausted. DH would have helped but he was closing the pool for the winter. It was filthy and he had to brush and vacuum. He said heíll vacuum again before winter since it will settle. We walked the doggies and the day was gorgeous.

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Marie, that looks like it would hurt!! I'll just keep my regular ear piercing, one in each ear, and be happy!! I don't do pain very well!!
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Oh, Marie, ewww no no I cannot do that!! That looks painful! I think it's cute but not for me,...I'm too chicken. I'm thinking more like the (outer) side of the ear...the part that sticks out..forgot what that's called that the lobe, or is the lobe the hangy down part? LOL Some you older gals might remember Gunsmoke and that's what Festus used to call it! That little bitty hangy down part...remember that? Shows my age. Anyway, Marie, would it hurt just as bad to have he outer edge whatever it's called.. I'm totally blanking out on this...pierced? I did finally get ios5 to download to my phone. So far no problems with the battery but I charge it every night anyway. If I start having to do it more often than that, I may not like it though. It took forever to finish downloading/installing/restoring...and I still have to dh's if he wants it. He hasn't said and I haven't encouraged... Sounds like you get the house cleaning reward for today...sure wasn't me...I haven't cleaned much this week at all. Hope your wrist heals quickly!

Good Idea about Amazon Prime. I've had it before on free trial but most things I buy weren't covered by it so dropped it. Maybe I'll try it again at Christmas. I think I'm going with cash or GC for the adults except maybe one couple who we hope to see around the holidays. I think this year I will only shop for gifts for those below 16 and likely order most of those online. I usually get really good deals online and so much easier. Kohls is a temptation though as for ever $50 you spend you get $10. It's my dh's favorite store since it opened. And now that I think of it, I guess they have that same promotion at

Karen31 - I'd like a keyboard. Maybe one of these days. I can't play well at all but I like to try. My sister is the good player in my family and in our family it is our oldest gs. He taught himself!

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Does this mean I am not a GG? Just remember with age comes knowledge,a nd other things.

Carol Sue, ok I will trade husbands for a day. Yesterday on our outing, we were in the big city and I am thinking a nice different place for lunch, nope he wanted to eat close to home (and we only have two resturants there to pick form which we have been going to for the last 10 yrs) Another thing he does, if the parking lot looks full, he won't stop. But I did put my foot down and we ate at a small place that had a view looking over the lake.

Well, we did have a good outing. So today I get to just stay home and do housework and get some sewing time in.

I picked up some Savanah Bars yesterday at a Homemade Bread Shop, and it is like one of the first things I have actually eaten that probably is not SB friendly, and it is probably the brown sugar that is the bad part, the rest is all whole grains and real fruit. I ate a half of one and the rest will go in the freezer cut in pieces and I will allow myself one on weekends only. I controlled this, so I feel good about it.

Sounds like everyone is having busy weekends. For me they go by so fast.

Enjoy your day ladies.
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Rie - I just got over a bad cold. They are miserable. Between my blood pressure and diabetes, I can't take anything for it, either. I hope you are feeling better soon.

- You made my day with the story of the kids at the mall who referred to you as an old lady. I was laughing so hard I was crying!!! I can just picture you looking around to see who they were talking about.

Marie - I have 3 regular piercing up the outside of my ear, but I wanted to get the cartilage pierced in that part going across the middle of the ear like in your picture. I saw a waitress who had that and she had a tiny endless hoop in it and I belly button pierced but after my recent abdominal surgery I almost don't have one anymore, so we can nix that one too. A nurse told me about a young lady who came in for women's surgery. As they were prepping her, they saw that she had her private part pierced. LOL They had her husband come in the room and take it out. LOL Did she really think she could have surgery with that in there?

Chickadee - We can never try a new restaurant because my husband is such a picky eater that there can be 50 items on a menu and he can't find anything he would like. And parking....he won't park further than 3 spaces from the door, anywhere. He rides around and around so long that I lose interest in going. He will even sit there waiting for someone to come out so he can have their parking space. Is it any wonder that I hate to go anywhere?

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Hi Everyone,

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in PA. Yesterday and today I REALLY got back to the gym. I did 60 minutes yesterday and 90 minutes today. I am also increasing my walking speed again.

Yesterday, my DD and SIL and I went to a local craft fair. It is one I go to every year. I was REALLY disappointed. There was nothing really interesting. Same folks showing the same old stuff. Maybe it is just me. I am at the stage of my life when I am more interested in getting rid of stuff than in acquiring it.

I begin my new course (for the college I retired from) on November 1. I am a little nervous about it. It uses a TOTALLY different online system from the one I use at UoP. Hopefully, I will be able to get used to it quickly.

The Ethan Allen furniture store near me is closing down. I need a new chair for my living room. I plan to go there today to see what they have and how deep their discounts are. Probably not deep enough!

I am a close-to-seventy year-old also. I will be 67 in April. Rie and Marie are closer to my DD's age than to mine (she will be 48 in February). Just goes to show that regardless of age, we all share common goals and problems.

Have a GREAT Sunday,

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Oh my gosh Lynn...I thought I was the old lady of the bunch. I'll be 67 in May so I guess I don't win the prize.
I just got back from visiting the Prima Dona, I offered to bring in some Harley Davidson clothes for her to dress up in for a Halloween contest at the nursing home. She wasn't interested, just as well so I don't have to b***h about making another trip into town.
Update on Home Depot, my DH got really angry on the phone Friday, they promised delivery Monday morning. He said he'd cancel the whole order if they weren't here.
I finished catching up on all the post, I'll have to start using a cheat sheet like KarenFla suggested. I'm getting ready to start back on calorie counting but just can't make myself do it yet. My house is in such disarray that I'm using that as an excuse. I did get on the scale yesterday, knowing I'd put on another 5 pounds the way my clothes were fitting. Surprised I was still at 130? I've got some belly and waist rolls that weren't hanging out quite so bad before, I think all the fat accumulated there, it's from sugar. I know one thing that will help us all when the time comes for Zoe's retirement party. You know how everyone slims down for your class reunions? We'll be doing the same I promise.
Have a good start to Monday morning everyone.
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Want to feel better
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Good afternoon GG's,

Some writing therapy and confession here. Not looking for sympathy. I'm not sure even that words of wisdon would help. I guess thinking that if I write about it ~ maybe it will help me be accountable.

I have been horrible (eating wise) lately ~ out of control ~ sometimes not even trying. I do not understand myself. I don't feel good when I eat junk. Yet, I do it over and over again. (Now maybe you will understand why I am still here after 10+ years ~ and I still haven't made much progress.) Why can't I learn from my past experiences. I wonder if I will ever win this battle.

I hate to think that it is going to take some horrible health thing to wake me up. I am a nurse ~ I know the risks ~ why do I keep being so stupid and take chances with my health.

I don't know what the answer is ~ I guess just to keep trying ~ not giving up ~ each day is a new day to try again ~ do the best I can ~ baby steps ~ maybe one day, one meal, one bite at a time.

Thanks for listening.

ETA ~ corrected my ticker ~ it hasn't been correct for quite some time ~ been creeping up and up and up.

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Default are you at challenges? I see Marie has one going, unfortunately I never click on the other threads or I might have joined it. I might still when I get my head and butt going the same direction. One thing that spurs me on is a challenge. I want to win and I'm very competitive. At the end of the day I WILL NOT go over my calorie limit. I should have looked to see who's already a member, maybe you are. Anyway, we all feel un-enthused at times, I'm there right now. I was thinking of posting or joining a calorie counter group to get me back into the swing of things. I'm going to check it out now, bite the bullet and get back on plan tomorrow. Did I just say that?
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Hello Goldens!

I still feel like major poo! Still running a fever and I feel like a truck ran over me. I was getting lonesome, though, so I thought I would stop by here.

When I found GG, on this site, I was still rebelling at the thought that I was over 50. I don’t know, it is the place that I felt at home….. You girls are just too cool!

Gayle, Hugs. I don’t know what to say to you about your struggle except we have all been there. It was only a serious health crisis that got through to me. Please let us know what we can do to support you.

Bobbi, congrats on the maintenance! I think the stuff just shifts around as we get older, don’t you?

Lynn, I think that sometimes a group of women just clicks and age is not really relevant. You are more like Marie and I in your interest in excercising. Age is relative.

Carol, I have been taking the nighttime cold softgels – my bs is up a little but not seriously. I really don’t understand the genital piercings. Ow! When I lose another 10 pounds I am going to get the top of my ear pierced.

Chickadee, good job on eating just a little savanna bar. Moderation does it.

Oh, come on Mary! I think you would look great with your ear totally pierced all up and down! Tee Hee.

Marie, I love the piercings. I plan to get more done soon. I hope your wrist is getting better.

Karen, sorry to hear that you aren’t having your usual Sunday gatherings. I have always enjoyed hearing about it.

Donna, LOL you are smart, generous, sassy and great fun to hang out with. Sounds pretty good to me!

Karenfl, you just crack me up. My grandma always told me that it was really fun to get older because you could get away with things…… Funny.

Well, I am sorry for anyone that I missed but I am needing to rest. See you later.

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Okay girls, my memory is gone. I forgot to comment on whoever it was that's going to purchase a stainless steel oven and refrigerator. No, No NOooooooooo, don't do it unless you want to purchase some stainless steel cleaner and polish the darn thing every single day. My dh talked me into getting a stainless steel oven and I hate it. Instead of a nice smooth surface you wipe off with a dish cloth, you have steel that collects dust and grime, hard to wipe off and clean. It also looks grimy. I'll take a picture of mine that only about a year old, gets cleans very often and you'll know what I'm talking about. Be back later with a picture.
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