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Just got home from the gym and a bit of shopping at our new Super Target. I've shopped a little at one in Yuma but this is a first for us here so I've been having fun exploring it a little more each visit.

Change4life - Glad to have you back! You are always welcome! Sorry to hear about the heart problems...not a nice way to lose weight but if it helps you on your journey, make the best of it, right? Guess we have to look at things that way and sounds like you are optimistic. Here's hoping things get better for you from now on! A new decade, a new day...a new beginning is what I say.

Marie - Pay good attention and learn all you can. I may have an iPad someday too and you can teach me. Way back in 1994 I started using a computer at work, It was just data entry but I soon expanded it (by trial and training) to setting up codes for easier entry. Loved it so I got my own computer and found out about the internet. It was Prodigy then (anybody remember that?). I learned the hard way...sometimes I thought I'd broke my computer...LOL...I got it such a mess! I'd call for tech support, and they weren't nearly as people friendly back then..I didn't understand a word they were saying most of the time...but I asked a lot of questions and eventually I learned my way around both my computer and the internet. Sorry about your wrist, that must be painful even if no broken bone! Hope it heals quickly. That's great news about your friend!!

Nancy and Marie - Thanks for your imput on Christmas buying. Here's our situation. I love to give gifts and feel somewhat bad too if I don't give to everyone since we spend money on traveling. It's not like we are destitute. Of course with our son's house on our backs now we may not be traveling so much...will have to see. But as long as we are I feel we should (and I want to really) give to everyone. But also common sense tells me/us with our growing family we will have to draw a line at some point and I'm just a little confused as to how and when to do that. For birthdays I do something similar to what your mom does, Nancy only so far I continue it indefinitely. We may have to stop that at some point too, I think. It's just hard as I do love giving.

Nancy - GFY at maintaining your weight so well! You are definitely an inspiration to me. I'm a little scared about maintenance, and think it will be harder than dieting in some ways. I keep thinking...I know how..but before I couldn't get myself to do it so how do I know I'll be able to after I reach my goal. You'd think the diabetes alone would be enough motivation but it wasn't in the past. But I really really really do not want to have to go on a diet again so I sure I hope remember that.

Donna - Hope that "snap" was nothing serious! Are you still in pain? My yoga stretch class made my left hip hurt...does seem like these things happen more as we age. And no night sweating doesn't help you lose weight...if it did I'd be very skinny!! LOL At least we don't have any extended family to buy for ...we only buy for our kids and gk...I do have a brother and sister and their spouses in MO and children in various places but we agreed not to exchange gifts long ago.

Rosey - Thank you for the Pumpkin Spice Pancake recipe! I think I may be able to use it with the MF pancake mix for a nice change.

Well, I need to get some housework done...I didn't get much done yesterday and the neglect is beginning to show. Have a good day everyone!

ETA: This morning for my am snack..I made muffins out of the MF apple cinnamon oatmeal and they were good...better than just eating the oatmeal IMHO!

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HI GG's, I see you are as busy as ever.

I felt much better today, it has been very stressful at work this week and some added stress at home, but I think things are improving. Happy that I stuck to my SB, and didn't fail under the circumstances.

I really need to change my eating menu, still sticking with mostly P1, so time to switch things abit.

Sure hope you guys have a great evening.

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Want to feel better
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Good evening GGís,

Two days down ~ one to go. It has been a pretty good couple days (knock on wood). But several patients are supposed to be discharged tomorrow, so that will make room for more admissions. That wouldnít be so bad if the supervisors didnít feel the need to make it so rush rush. I got kind of growly (silently) the other day. They hurried an admission ~ had to get it off the floor it was on they said because the oncoming shift was short of help. Funny how that works ~ it never seems to matter if we are short of help ~ we are made to take the admissions anyway. Grrrrrr Oh wellÖÖ

I tackled the perfume problem yesterday. I tried to the other day. The lady is really busy and having to take and make lots of phone calls. I didnít hear any talking, so got up my nerve to talk to her, and approached her and spoke her name then realized that she was on the phone but listening. Darn, after I got my nerve up and all ~ LOL. Anyway, I got another chance yesterday and I was nervous, but I think the words came out ok. She was nice about it and seemed very understanding. She honored my request to use a different fragrance. Todayís was still noticeable, but a nice scent and not an over powering one.

Hope you all are doing well.

Take care
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Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Speaking of Christmas, I have a question for you all....where do you draw the line on gifts for your family or do you? We have 4 children...with spouses/gfs that's 6. Then we have 10 gc (two are 20 and 22, others 16 and below) and the 22 year old is now married so make the total grands 11. So just in our family we have 17 to buy more. I love buying gifts and I don't spend a whole lot and I save all year for it so the money is there for it each year. But dh thinks maybe we should start cutting back, but it's hard to know how. So I was wondering what do you all do? Do any of you have great-grands? How do you do the gifts when you have great-grands? Just curious. If I've asked this question before, I'm sorry but I can't remember.

Maryea - Wow, you do have a big family. We have 2 kids with spouses and 1 grandchild. With so many adults, I suggest you buy for all the kids under 18, and all the adults over 18, put names in a hat and draw. Then each person buys a gift for the name they draw. You could set a price limit and also put a few suggestions of what you would like if you choose. I know a lot of people with big families who do this.
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Hey GGs,
This will be a quick pop-in, because I had my nighttime snack a little while ago, & then read all the new posts, & now Iím feeling very, very sleepy. But, I had to let you know about my cheesecake (it was my snack tonight). For a long time Iíve been wanting to try to make one using non-fat cream cheese, but I kept putting it off. Today I finally did it. And I love it! Iím still going to have to do some tweaking, as this was more or less, an experiment, but at least now I know it can be done. Basically, I just mixed an 8 oz. block of non-fat cream cheese with sweetener (I use aspartame), to taste, then added some almond flavoring (because I wanted that amaretto flavor), then beat in an egg. I sprayed 2 custard cups with cooking spray, poured the mixture in them, & then baked them at 325į for about 40 minutes (seemed like they would never ďsetĒ, & I was afraid theyíd be runny, but they finally firmed up!). At first I had the cups in a water bath, but when they didnít seem to be firming up, I took them out of the pan of water, & put it on the bottom rack, under them. Donít know if any of that was necessary, or if it caused the long baking time. Also, I want to experiment with different flavors. When I tried the Atkins diet, many years ago, I used sugar-free jello to make flavored cheesecakes. I might try that again. In my ďguesstimationĒ these cheesecakes have around 170 calories each, & theyíre very filling, & satisfying, so Iíll be making more.

One other thing, Iíve been missing drinking fruit juice because itís so high in calories, & I hate drinking calories. Last week I discovered Healthy Balance juices - theyíre less than 30 calories for an 8 oz. serving! I can manage that! So far Iíve tried Cranberry & Apple-Cranberry, & I really like both of them (I do have to add a pk. of sweetener, but I like things really sweet). Itís nice to be able to drink juices again.

Marie, sorry about your injury. You scare me girl! But, sounds like this time you werenít even doing anything especially dangerous when you got hurt. That doesnít seem right. Hope you heal soon. Thatís really great news about your sister! Iím happy for both of you.

Hi there, Donna Marie. 24 lbs. deleted, youíre off to a great start! Youíll get lots of support here, so I hope we hear more from you.

Zoe, hereís me wishing you LUCK LUCK LUCK! But, I donít think you need it. Sounds like you just took a little break, & now youíre right back OP! And, I really like having all these clothes, I just seem to have problems with decisions - as in deciding which outfit to wear - actually itís not even the whole outfit, I almost always wear jeans, & I donít have a problem picking those out (well, not too much of a problem), I just canít settle on which blouse, or sweater, or jacket, or etc., etc., etcÖÖ.

Mary, I donít think maintenance is harder than dieting, I think you just have to get in the right mind-set, like with dieting. And realize this is something youíll be doing the rest of your life. You know, I think itís also about trade-offs. That sounds a little strange, but what I mean is - Iím constantly making trade-offs in my meals. Say for breakfast, I want eggs & hash browns & biscuits, but biscuits & hash browns are both pretty high calorie, so I trade-out a piece of toast for the biscuit, or I eat half a biscuit & half a helping of hash browns with the eggs. Maybe I mean compromises instead of trade-offs, but you get the picture. You canít eat everything you want, but you juggle things around until you come up with a meal youíre satisfied with. Did I just confuse everyone with that??!! I really am sleepy, I should be in bed! Iím not sure Iím making any sense here.

Ok, quickly here- Hi Chickadeee, nice to see you. Good for you for staying OP. Gayle, Iím really glad you got that perfume issue taken care of, & that the lady was nice about it. Hope tomorrow is a good day for you. Hey Carol Sue, & hey to all you other GGs!

Bedtime now! What happened with my quick pop-in?! Good thing SO has the day off tomorrow so I can sleep in. Yay!
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Default Mom's Night Out - Macaroni Grill

Several ladies and I meet once a month for dinner. We all have children with autism, so it is the common bond.

Tonight was Macaroni Grill. I almost did not go. What could I possibly eat there that would be acceptable?

Looked up the website and found a few things. Grilled Chicken Spedeini seemed to be a great choice. I ordered salad (no dressing) and Grilled Chicken Spedeini with roasted veggies. It was yummy, I had a great time with my friends, and wasn't even tempted to eat the vast supply of bread or the shared dessert.

I feel so very accomplished!!

I have POWER!! And I used it. heh.

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I Need Accountablity!
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I am here to say that weight loss can happen after 50! I had convinced myself that I was going to heavy after 50 due to age and medications. Also figured out that all those sodas and snacks made me gain weight too. Imagine that!
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Good morning all and howdy to the new chicks.....Thank you for sending the cooler weather. The silence here without the a/c running is just Marvelous Darlinks! Would you believe not running 1 week last month and bill came down $70. I ran around all day yesterday.....hear aides fixed, hair cut that stuff that eats gobs of time along with 4 loads of wash.

When we retired we decided to change Christmas giving. The first year I spent so much on shipping it was sad. So now we send a check to each household. They shop/get what they want/need. For birthdays DS/DD get a check for $100 and inlaws/Gk get $50. Plus send flats of Fl fruit. Hence my motto is an endorsement on the back of a check is NOT a thank you note. No note(email ok) no more checks. Boy does that work well.

Have reached another mile stone. I can now sleep all night flat in my bed. Still surrounded by pillows to keep me off my tummy, but flat is so much better. I set these silly goals so when we go to Dayatona next month I can stay comfortable in the hotel.

You all have chatted up such a storm, I need to go back and do cheat notes to get personals right. Sorry you all got that wicked rain. Some how we missed it all. i'll go make my notes and be back later with personals. Hey I just found a note from Jane that she wrote in June.....hugs k3
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@#%** Darn Home Depot still haven't delivered the hardwood flooring, can't set a installation date until it arrived and warms up to room temperature. Guess what I just got in the mail, the Home Depot Credit Card bill! We have 12 months interest free to pay it off before they start charging interest. I told DH to yell at them, the payments should start at delivery date. JERKS. We've been living in the bare floored room with most of the furniture removed for 2 weeks now.
Now that I got that off my chest, I'm going back to cooking an Antelope roast. I'm crock-potting it with some garden carrots. They took the tree down Wednesday, sure looks bare out there.
I'll read all the post later today and try to catch up.
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Morning everyone its a blustery day here and cloudy. i had a pumpkin spice protein pancake for breakfast and enjoyed every bite with sf syrup. i reccomend them. we are taking my mil out to dinner tonite,my bil takes her every friday and sometimes we join them.since we live 2 miles from mil we are picking her up. i love to eat out. Bobbie we had trouble with Home Depot delivery too. we waited more than a week for the dryer and come to find out it was there at the store the whole time grr i sympathize with u.not to much going on here. am getting things ready fro my dh hunting trip. my dd and sil bought his ticket so he could go with sil and grs deer hunting in minnesota. hes so excited about it. he leaves next week. hope you all are having a splendifferous day (((hugs)) rosey
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Hi Everyone,

I have NOT been feeling good. NOT terrible - just generally crummy. Unfortunately, I have NOT been to the gym all week. Have not really
been there much since the half-marathon. First the UTI and then the antibiotics and now the cold. So - I have gained 3 lbs. Between eating strange (too many of the wrong kind of carbs) and no exercise, I can feel the weight coming back.

Next week, I am ABSOLUTELY going to spend at least an hour a day in the gym.

It is getting cool here. We had our Book Club Discussion today. We read the book "The Leftovers." Next month, we are reading "Elizabeth and Hazel."

I have not read everyone's posts - am planning to read them tonight.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT October!

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Hi everyone, well it is sure cool here, but a nice cool, the sun is shining that always makes up for the cold fall weather.

I would just hate having to wait that long for a delivery Bobbie, my DH would be on the phone everyday with them.

Rosey, where do you get your recipes, the pancake sounds wonderful, I so need to eat different foods, my menus are boring.

Lynn hope you are feeling better, esp for the weekend. Just get yourself better.

No big plans for the weekend with probably take a road trip to a quilt shop and look at fabric! Haven't done that in awhile. I want to try and make the Black Bean Brownies this weekend that everyone talks about. My only problem is I just can't do the fake sugar stuff, so will try that Agave nectar.

Hope everyone has a great evening and can enjoy it.

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Zoe, what a great idea to crumble up fiber cereal into the oatmeal for more fiber. I like that idea. My motto has been for years that exercise is dangerous. I guess I went to that dark side about 6 years ago. It's worth it. And count me in the group that loves the pizza crust and would steall it off other's plates. I might not eat bread crust but pizza crust, let me at it.

Mary, I started on local BBS (bulletin board services) with dial up modems and chatted like we do here. Then it was Prodigy, then ALO, then the internet. I started with a Vic-20 and had every computer up through the pentium 2's. Now I do Macs on and can say I got out of the "have had all consumer computers" club.

Gayle, good for you in approaching the perfume issue!

Nancy, when you finish your cheesecake tweaks, post your recipe. I LOVE cheesecake and could spar 170 cals for some.

Karen, great news on being able to sleep normally again. There is nothing like being able to sleep like you want. The other "sleep" is just rest.

Hi to all I missed and to those that haven't been by (I did notice there weren't lots of posts).

Yesterday's trip over the mountain was fun. My co-worker is more of my friend. So we had a good time. She's going through a nasty divorce and has been doing body piercings and tatoos. I REALLY liked one of her piercings. It's called a Daith piercing in the ear. So I got one last night at the place she goes. Yes, I now have a body piercing. It's through cartlidge so it's not considered an ear piercing (I have three of those). Now I want the other ear to have one. I bet I won't last long before I have another. I will have DH take a picture and I'll post it. Now for the even funner news - I bought 90% of my DH's and my tandem bike today. Silly looking being in a bike shop with a half cast... Anyway, it's been ordered and all the custom parts DH required. So my 1976 Yellow Jeep has officially paid for my tandem. I'm hoping it will be here and assembled for next weekend. That's an optimistic hope but perhaps it might work. I figure my wrist will be healed by then. Diet and exercise is right on plan so all is good. It's amazing how much calmer I am about life if I eat healthy. I've known and practiced the exercise for mental health for years but the eating I tend to forget when I'm emotionally eating. Back to work for me...
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Hello Goldens!

I am back from Butte. The conference was so totally boring! When I first got there I felt kind of lonesome because no one was really responding to me or talking to me. At lunch, a lady that I have known for most of my career turned and tried to introduce herself to me! It turns out that most of the people there didnít recognize me.They havenít seen me in over a year. Pretty weird!

I logged in all my food today and I only went over a little bit on calories on one day and stayed under in carbs. I hated the hotel, awful, and no internet! On the positive side, I drove through 2 mountain passes on the way there and back and the aspens and poplars turning colors against the pine trees on the rugged Rockies was worth the trip. I came down with a cold, so I am resting and making soup today.

Lynn, your trip sounds wonderful. Sorry about the cold. I decided that I will never again be caught in a hotel without basic stuff like a little cold meds. Donít worry, I know that you will get back on track.

Chickadee, nice to see you! Good job on your progress.

Rosey, I am glad that the kids helped out so dh could go on the hunt. The pancakes sound really lovely. I would be afraid that I wouldnít just eat one!

Bobbi, my ds is the delivery manager for Lowes. He says HD is really nortorious. Call every day. Tell the delivery manager that you are going to file a formal complaint with their home office. It should get them moving! Good luck.

Karenfl, great news on the sleeping in bed. That is truly progress.

Linda, great progress in a short time!

Donna Marie, nice to have you back. Good job on the meal out.

Nancy, so nice to have you back. I am so amazed at your ability to maintain. You, Freda, and Lynn give me hope about the future.

Hi Carol! So glad that your bs and other numbers are doing well.

Gayle, good for you on sticking up for yourself! I know that it wasnít easy for you but it turned out well.

Mary, congrats on deleting 13 pounds! So proud of you. As for the gift thing. In my family, we spend the day with the extended family. There are 8 adults and 3 children. Kids always get gifts until age 18. After my grandparents passed, we started a white elephant gift exchange. It is a game where each person brings a gag or other gift (hot cocoa mix and a bottle of schnaps, the weird centerpiece that you got last yearÖ). We go through this trading game for the gifts and it is so funny. Last year I won the coveted fur lined elmer fudd hat. Tee hee.

Zoe, congrats for being back on track. Your diet sounds really healthy and yummy.

Marie, OWWWW! I love you, though, you make me feel so much better because an injury never stops you from getting out there. We both may be a bit clumsy but we get out there and nothing stops us! I am so glad that you got the xray, though, because if it was broken, it needs help. I seriously hope that your conference was better than mineÖ. And seriously, Great Falls is the boil on the behind of Montana. Yuk!

Freda, sorry about your friend. Good news that you found each other, though. Try not to feel bad Ė sometimes we just move on and then find our old friends again.

Donna, I agree with you about the presents. Sometimes I think that those of us who are decidedly single get the short straw a little. I enjoy our gift exchange because it is humorous and no pressure. I hope that you get those insurance dummies whipped into shape. Donít worry! We wonít expect rides from DIA. Although, it is, by far, my favorite airport! There are great shuttles and ground transport available.

Well, this post is getting really long! I am off to start a pot of soup. Sorry if I missed anyone!

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Hi everyone chickadee i get the recipes from a web site called theworldaccordingtoeggface all run together. the recipes are high protein and low carb for bariatirc surgury folks,like me but work well for anyone. about xmas.i used to go nuts at xmas,i made gifts and bought lots for dh family,and mine sisters and brothers,my kids sil and grandkids,nieces nephews and extened family. i baked cookie trays for the company my dh worked for( a huge oil refinery and every dept got a huge tray withmany diff cookies and breads and homemade candy and fudge. then we retired and i stopped it all except for my kids,sil's and grandkids,my mil and one of my sisters who is mentally challenged and has no family but us sisters.i went from buying for 46 folks to now only my immediate family,and then i set an amount and stick to was hard and felt weird the 1st few yrs but the gifts aren't what xmas is about,and i like the getting together better.its sure blustery out todat.hopw you have an awsome evening rosey

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