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Hello Goldens!

Back from pool tonight where we got our butts kicked. Two of my 4 games I didn't even get to shoot - the other guy broke and ran out all the balls. Oh well.

I think it is cool that you guys have been around here for so long. I started lurking last fall. I heard about the site from an IP friend. She told me about this site for recipes. I started lurking through there and finally joined. I lurked in the GG group for about 2 weeks and I just really wanted to be a part of this group. Have I told you guys how much it has meant to be welcomed so warmly? Like Karen said, I haven't felt alone in my journey since i found you guys.

Ck, it was so cool to hear your voice today! I really enjoyed our little chat. So nice to have a voice to go with the face. Lovely.

Gayle, I have to admire you for hanging in here on your journey. It is very impressive.

Carol, too sad that your meds won't allow you to drink. I was told that the only thing to be concerned about is if I don't eat before I drink. It is true that alcohol makes my bs drop. It also takes very little wine to give me a buzz.

Have we heard from Marie today?

Sorry for those that I am missing. I am very tired and I have an early meeting with the County Commisioners in the morning.

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Have I told you guys how much it has meant to be welcomed so warmly? Like Karen said, I haven't felt alone in my journey since i found you guys.
Amen to that...I think that's why I've been around so long, it's like having many friends from all over the country. We don't always talk about our diet, more about our lives and how we cope with stress, family, food and diets. The poem at the beginning of each month says it all, we are a rainbow of unique wonders.
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

I feel the same way about this group ~ like I am not alone ~ I am among people who understand the struggle.

For me this picture kind of expresses it. Friends ~ hearts and hands together.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg paperdolls hearts and hands.jpg (12.7 KB, 2 views)

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Morning ladies,

Did my first day of therapy. Went ok, but i'm kind of achey afterwards. My back is much better, thank all of you for your concern. It's a lovely day and I hope to get out and sit in the sun for a few min today (got to get that 15 min. of D).

Rie, bad luck on the pool games. But you're a pro, you'll be there next time.

Rosie, Yeah for you!! Good thing you can sew and alter those pants. They are going to need a lot of altering. Good luck at the Dr. office. I hope they find what's bothering DH.

Lynn, Having babies so young is tough. You were at home and i'm sure that had it's own problems. I moved 13 hours away and was, basically, alone. I'm sure I made lots of mistakes. We vow we wont' make the mistakes our parents made, and we don't. We make all new ones. I'm not a big fan of Oprah but she has one saying that I like "when you know better, you do better". And we must have done something right, we raised some pretty awsome kids. Because, or maybe in spite of us.

I don't remember being a member when you first started, maybe I was a lurker. I do remember the vote. And I remember Bobbi on the membership posts, so i've been around a long time. A lot of the members I don't remember but I do remember and miss CAT.

Carol Sue, Health is my main issue too. Of course, losing weight is a big plus too. I'm not sure you can have one without the other.

Donna, we'll both be here for the next crash! I left for a time. I think a few of us have, and found that I just need the support. And besides, I like you guys! I would miss not talking to you.

I know i'm missing a lot of people that I want to talk to, but the therapy has left me a bit sore, not able to set too long. So, have a great day and talk to you later,

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Good Morning, All…

Kind of chilly here… it’s still very pretty!!

Rosey – such a good feeling to take in pants, yes? I hope DH does well and that they FIND something that can be fixed! What a hassle for him and for you to have these glitches in the road! His procedure sounds yucky!

Gayle – I like your avatar… is there a story behind it? And I just got to the part where you explained it… (I switch back and forth between Word and 3FC)

Freda – I agree! I rarely talk about weight, except to bemoan some recent lapse or another. But I LIKE ALL OF YOU, and it’s fun, and I look forward to reading and responding. It’s been so interesting to read about your families, lives, and experiences. And I’m glad your back is better! Are you on short term disability or are you trying to work through this?

Nothing much to report. I’m still feeling “blah” but I’m attributing that to the season change. It happens twice a year, whether I like it or not. Plus, as the nights get cooler, SamCat wants to snuggle. And that involves nibbling my earlobes (EIUUUUU), grooming my hair, patting my cheek to make sure I’m still breathing… so my sleep isn’t very good. At 6 a.m., he crashes for the day, and I’m walking into walls. Good thing I LOVE him!!

Hope your day is a good one, Everybody. Any newbies, welcome! Later, lovelies!
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Just got this message back from Jane-- thought that I would share.

We changed servers and also had a crash, so the earliest threads on record here are from 2007. Obviously, the GGs have been together longer than that, and I'm so sorry I can't help more.

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Hello Goldens!

Well, I have had a busy day. Big Board meeting today and I did the presentation to the sheriff of the blankets for domestic violence victims at the County Commissioners meeting this morning. These are the blankets created by the kids that I work with. I have lots of meetings and stuff this week which unfortunately means that I have to dress like a grown-up. You see where my priorities are....

Donna, I think Samcat has you right where he wants you..... I hope the fall blahs go away soon. I usually perk up this time of year because I like the weather

Freda, I am so glad that you are on the mend.

Bobbi, you are right - this group does a really good job of focusing on LIFE, with love, humor, tolerance and warmth. I love the poem.

Gayle, I love the hearts and hands avatar. You are right that it expresses us.

Karen, thanks for checking with Jane.

Everyone else, I hope you are having a great day. I will check in later.

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I had a LONG day. Went down to South Jersey to see my friend with Altzheimer's. Spent the morning and early afternoon with her. Came back home and met my friend (the one whose daughter just had the babies) for a movie - she needed a break. We saw "The Way" - it was one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. I LOVED it. Written, produced, and directed by Emilio Estevez and starring his father - Martin Sheen. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Tethatsme, welcome and congrats on your wonderful loss!

Carol Sue, I didn’t realize your QB has more legal issues. I would say my Packers are off to a nice start. Their defense has occasional scary moments but it’s been a fun season so far.

Lynn, I think we share the same diet strategy. Eat less, move more, make friends with the grocer’s produce department. BTW, I did interval training on the treadmill today and thought of your daughter. I’d quit for about 6 months because a pulled muscle. I have put The Way on my to watch when it comes out in DVD. I love Martin Sheen. He was an amazing president in the West Wing.

Freda, I hope you’re feeling better and that your Indian Summer lasts so you can enjoy it.

KarenMO, I hope figured out your WalkItOut and are kickin’ its butt. Read further… great job on the steps and 30 minutes. You’ll be enjoying lots of endorphins.

Val, treadmill training for speed and inclines. You are addicted to exercise! Welcome to the happy world. Gotta love those endorphins. And the goddess that gave you the energy is yourself. Only you have the power to lose it.

Gayle, be safe on that bike when riding in the dark or near dark! I love the pics, especially Maddie with her butterfly wings while riding her bike. Great avatar.

KarenFL, again thanks for the eye pressure/closing advice for my Kai Pixie Bear. It was amazing how less severe the seizure was. And yes, I did use pressure. It was amazing to help her.

Zoe, your zoo adventures sounded torturous. BTW, I mentioned the GG retirement get together and I am in. He thought it sounds cool. No interest in joining us. Good thing that part wasn’t difficult. He truly is a good guy and I know I’m very lucky.

Bobbi, oh your description of the sub-flooring after pulling up the carpeting brought back bad memories. Our carpet had been 4 years old and two dogs. The eldest died of cancer that started in her bladder. Didn’t matter how we washed the carpet with the cleaner, the stuff we pulled up was disgusting.

Donna, give SamCat a hug from Kai and me. We appreciate his empathy and sympathy. Miss Kai is happily playing and I swear she recovered quickly because of KarenFL how to handle the seizure. And of course, Kai thinks my wonderful, amazing grandson was put on earth for her pleasure. She was ecstatic with his visit.

Rosey, bit your tongue – tired of gorking. Can’t say that happens to me. I love gorking. Good job on all the cleaning. I’m keeping your DH in my thoughts and hope they find what is wrong and that its something easy.

I feel victorious. I made it through all the posts since I posted on Saturday night. After that post, I ran into a little problem. My arms have been going to sleep intermittently for the last few weeks. Just annoying. Saturday night changed that. My right arm kept falling asleep, painfully so. By morning, I had about an hour sleep and my arm hurt. I mean really hurt. My wrist was swollen by 3/8” and I couldn’t grasp anything. But DGS was here and being up and about helped the feeling return and the pain diminished through the day. Sunday night was worse than Saturday night. I sleep on my side and no matter which side I slept on, it was fall painfully asleep. So I had to sleep on my back and I can’t do that. Another hour of sleep that night. I didn’t go to work yesterday. Last night I propped 3 pillows on the bed and slept mostly sitting up. The arm still fell asleep but just a little and not painfully. So I was better today somewhat. Totally worn out and didn’t go to work. I worked from home instead. Got lots done and napped this afternoon with the pile of pillows. I’ve been taking the prescription naproxen and it is helping. Tonight I’ll be with my pillows again with hopes that I won’t look like a raccoon tomorrow while I have a training session I’m giving at our district. For now, I’m not doing the dr. route as I firmly believe they know very little.

And yes, I didn’t miss any exercise. Sunday was a day of rest. Although DGS and I took the doggies on their 1.5 mile hike and DGS walked Blizzard the whole way. He’s asked over and over to walk the doggies and they are pulling huskies. He then said that I trained Bliz and when was a going to train Kai. Hehe. She’s very well trained but when I walk them as a pack they think fast is the optimum speed. Regardless, I was so proud of DGS. Monday was elliptical day and I didn’t use my arms. Heck the elliptical was what made me start noticing my hands were falling asleep a few weeks ago. Tuesday is usually biking day (no hands) and I decided to do interval training on the treadmill since Lynn had mentioned it to Val. So I didn’t med up and ignore the problem. I just didn’t aggravate it.

I think this short book is probably enough for now. I’ll chat with you tomorrow.
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Marie, Re: Ben....I think the case with the woman in Reno is still pending. The woman in Pgh dropped the charges. I think she couldn't handle the publicity. The police said they couldn't find any proof that he did anything other than hearsay.
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Good Morning GG's,

Bobbi and Marie, the stories about pulling up carpet hit home, because I just discovered that my dehumidifier was leaking into my basement carpet. Went down there over the weekend and smelled something bad, and sure enough, it was bacteria and mold. The cleaners said they can't do anything so I'll have to replace all the basement carpet and pad (cha-ching). This is in addition to just having ordered hardwood flooring for my first level, so Merry Christmas to me for the next couple of years. When you're a homeowner, it's always something.
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Hey ladies, although I can't access anything before this, here is a link from April, 2007, with a lot of GGs introductions that I think you will find sentimental:

Have a good day!
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G’mornin’ GG’s. Tired ole’ me reporting in. Cannot seem to shake the bronchitis – feel better for a couple of days and then the cough comes back with a vengeance. Awake a lot last night with it. Pretty beat this morning as a result, but at work anyway. No meetings, so I can just percolate quietly in my office. May or may not do lunch with the group. I’ll see how I feel at lunchtime. I’m TRYING to eat more sensibly – I have oatmeal for brekkie with a half cup of original Fiber One cereal added, plus a half cup of raisins. (I’d much rather have blueberries, but alas, blueberry season in New England is long past…) If the rest of my day were as health-conscious, I’d be fine. Lunch is okay – I pack that, and it’s usually my eggplant meatballs on a 60-calorie pita with 20 kettle chips (150 cal.) on the side. So, lunch is acceptable, too, but I haven’t been very good about planning suppers lately, and they’ve been pretty erratic, as well as some post-supper snacking. BooHoo. I am feeling sorry for my self-indulgent self.

YAY, Marie! I’m glad you’re in on the gathering! I hope we have as many of us as we possibly can. Lynn and I have come up with some divergent ideas, but she will be posting a survey of sorts to get everyone’s input. I understand your reluctance, incidentally, to “go the Dr. route” with the arm problems – I think you know that I am health care system phobic myself – but don’t let that go on for too long without getting diagnosed, and hopefully, getting some relief. It could be related to carpal tunnel, don’t you think? I mean, you ARE a computer guru, and that requires a lot of time actually AT the computer, right? So, just maybe….? Of course I’m just guessing here, but I’d hate for you to suffer too long with it if there were some relatively simple solution, you know?

Lynn, like Marie, I’ll probably wait for The Way to come out on DVD and order it via Netflix. I find that I prefer watching movies in the comfort of my own home – and especially having the capacity to pause them if I want to use the bathroom or take a phone call or something. Netflix works well for us because I don’t particularly want to “own” movies; once I’ve seen them, I’m not usually up for a repeat viewing – unless they are unusually good, and then I’d just as soon wait a year or so and then order them from Netflix again.

Val, I had to chuckle at your having to “dress like a grown-up”. I actually used to do that in my 30’s and 40’s…the business suits, high heels, appropriate accessories and the ever-present briefcase. Now, I wear balloon pants, cropped jackets….layers, tunics, thousands of scarves…and ballet flats in leopard and lizard and croc and such…in short, I wear whatever I like because I am old, and I can.

PT, my Turtle is just as needy as SamCat; he jumps up on the bed right along with me, and demands that I rub his ears and throat while he purrs loudly and kneads the blanket. I love him dearly, but it’s so hard to rub ears while trying to read myself to sleep between coughing fits. Auuurrrgh.

SO glad that the therapy is helping your back, Freda. I hate pain of any kind, and years ago when I was doing an internship with a hypnotherapist, I learned how to numb any part of my body more or less at will through self-hypnosis. It works fine to alleviate the pain, but it’s also hard to do most things with body parts that you can’t feel at all. I must say that it’s VERY useful with the dentist, though.

I’ve always really liked that avatar when you’ve used it before, Gayle. I think it really does reflect us in all of our differences, yet joined together in caring. As far as visiting with the GG’s if you have to use a walker to get to the computer…yeah. You’re in the right group for that to be appreciated for sure!

Yep, Bobbi. I know you’re the one who found that poem for us, and it’s just perfect. I really had no idea we’d been around so long. I dropped out for a year or so and came running back…I think maybe a few others have, too?

CaddyK! LynardLyn – is living on Cape Cod now! Remember the pictures she posted of her & her dh kayaking? She’s posted other stuff, too, but mostly on FB now, I think.

K3…yes, I remember you. Also Florida Rusty. She shows up on FB every once in a while. If I recall correctly, she moved up to Ohio to be near her family. She was also having some health problems.

Carol Sue….I certainly like your approach to exercise….that anything is better than sitting in your chair! It makes the whole thing just seem more do-able, and less formidable to me, anyway.

Mary, I’m getting a little worried about you, Chickie….is everything okay? Please drop in and say hello..

Rosey, Also am hoping for an update from you re: dh’s medical results.

And just in case you're reading but not posting, Hi NANCY!!!!! y'all have a good day now, y'hear?

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Two days down, two to go. I felt guilty last night ~ we were still gonna get another couple admissions, but they hadn't come by 6pm. The charge nurse had taken report on one ~ but how long it takes for the admission to come after that is no set thing ~ you never know how long it is gonna take. So, it was my time to go ~ I packed up my stuff and was headed out. When I go to the elevators, there comes an empty bed ~ while I had been in the break room gathering my stuff ~ they had just delivered the patient to our floor. I wrestled with myself in my mind ~ should I turn around and go back and stay and do it, or go on home. I went on home as I had stuff to do there. I seem to be always plagued by guilt for the decisions I make.

Next dilema ~ I am trying get up my nerve to approach one of my coworkers and the words to ask her if she would consider wearing a different perfume. The one she is wearing the last few days ~ I end up with a headache every day. I think there is some kind of policy about wearing perfumes, but I'm thinking that perhaps people who do not do direct patient care feel that it doesn't apply to them. It is not that it smells bad ~ it just makes my head ache.

Ok, I'd rather stay and play here, but DH and my employer would probably frown upon that

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Sorry Gayle.....perfumes absolutely do me in. Doesn't matter expensive or cheap I wheeze .k3
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