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Default Hello Ladies!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for welcoming me. I was really looking forward to posting this evening. Tried to keep my food as clean as possible today and didn't get my exercise in because I had to work really late at the office. Tomorrow is a full day at the office and then clients tomorrow night at the counseling center. I have to make sure I get a healthy sandwich to take to the night gig because I wound up eating the least troublesome thing I could (a fresh but not so filling corn muffin) on Tuesday before I started seeing the later clients.

As long as I plan my meals I am in good shape to press on doing the right thing by my food one day at a time...if I vary and leave it to chance the door is wide open for anything I can stuff in my mouth since I am so hungry running between jobs that by dinner time I could gnaw on my arm. Staying disciplined works best for me; wish I listened to my own advice as much as my counseling clients do!
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Oh Bobbi, I’m drooling on my keyboard for the grapes. I have seen the Mishka video. My huskies all howl with inflection to get their points across. None know how to bark (or haven’t tried), just howling/chatting.

Lynn, WTG you crazy woman. Count me in on the agog-a-meter.

Zoe, before we tore out of town, I had fresh blueberries. Couldn’t bring them on the trip as we were going through NE CA and through a vege/fruit stand where they confiscate all produce brought into the state. So DH put them in a ziplock freezer bag and tossed them into the freezer. Twice I poured some out into my cereal bowl, pushing them around to make them one layer thick, then zapping them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I think they sat for about 5 minutes while I made my mocha. Anyway, I couldn’t tell they weren’t fresh. My fiber cereal was so yummy with the bubbleberries. So maybe you should be a bunch fresh, and freeze them. I think I’m going to. BTW, if BP didn't give a dam about all the oil the dumped into the Gulf, I'm guessing they'd pass on your bloating from the weekend extravaganza.

KarenMO, I was laughing at your post that your pool was 75 degrees. I dove in mine this evening and told the huskies “brr” and it was 85 degrees. Solar panel heating system is beyond wonderful. And it wasn’t expensive as well as DH said it was easy to redirect the filter’s plumbing for it.

Donna, please tell me you aren’t still using a dial up modem???? Going with the concept it is a DSL modem or a cable modem, check to see if it has an antennae on the back. That would mean it has built in wireless (most do). So a new laptop would work with that. Of course you’d want to set up the wireless to secure it but you wouldn’t have to hook it into a modem. And yes, you can have a PC and a Mac on the same home network. Heck, I installed Windows on DH’s Mac using VMFusion. That way my non-Mac software works perfectly. It’s also the only way I can work at home since my co-worker, network admin KILLED the Mac access on our network. Since I’m one of the few that uses a Mac at work, it’s not high on his priority list. But alas, I digress. Email me if you want to chat about specifics.

Rosey, wow on the lowlife renters doing that. I think I’d sue them in small claims court. Jerks. And these were your friends. Clearly your friend list has shrunk a bit. Again, wow. I cannot imagine doing that. I always left places we rented in pristine shape. Of course, I always wanted my security deposit back.

Mary, isn’t it surprising when the bed just calls to your for nap time??? I’ve had that happen on weekends lately. I’ll be so tired from the workweek that I nap both days. Normally I don’t do that but just occasionally for a little pampering time.

CarolC, I’m on the same wave length as you – stay disciplined and I stay on track. I’m not good with a treat day now and again. I can do a treat as long as I log it. But a whole day send me down the drain.

Slmn11, I have my lottery ticket ready for the big win. Do you have yours so you can get that Caddy like KarenMO?

I had an interesting day. Work was OVERWHELMING this morning. I am drowning with big waves crashing over me. But I had to do a required training from 1 to 5 this afternoon. It was a webex and I chose to come home and do it so no one would bother me. The reminder email today had stated “required to stay engaged” with the training. So I listened and participated at home. BTW, the huskies are trained to give state assessments in my district. They were enraptured with the modules… Anyway, while I was fixated on the computer and my eyes getting heavy, I looked at my toes and saw they still weren’t polished (that had been on the agenda the day FIL died). So I gathered all the pedicure things and gave myself a pedicure. I chose bright fuchsia with pastel pink polka dots. I thought of all of you since we’d discussed pedicures in June. Got my monthly allergy shots this morning and my arm now feel like it had been a punching bag. DH has almost no reaction and my arm nearly matches my toenails. Then I went swimming. I admit I did a back dive into the water while swimming alone. I did have four huskies on life guard duty… Then Kai, Sasha and I went scoot-joring. DH took pics last spring when we started and I’ll post them this weekend (no time to look for them – FB friends can see them in one of my albums as well as the skijoring pictures from last February). This morning was elliptical day and it was day 5 of aerobics/leg workouts. I definitely know why I do M, T, W then break Th, and do F and Sat, then break on Sun. My legs felt like dead logs for a couple hours this morning. I’d exercised on Sunday to make up for missing some last week while driving across the country. Anyway, its nearing my bedtime. Take care everyone!
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I apologize for leaving you all hanging regarding how the first day of school went for my son -- I will write more later today (hopefully!) as it's 3:30 a.m. and I just finished work, so I'm keeping this short for now -- but the first day was great for him. :-) Will be in touch after some sleep!
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good Morning GG's

Just got back from vacation/family reunion. It was really nice but exhausting. There were only 89 there this year. It's always hit and miss as to who comes. We did have some cousins there that hadn't come before, so that was good. I graduated with one of them and hadn't seen him in almost 47 years. we all seem to just go our seperate ways. It was 110 degrees Saturday, day of the reunion. Next days it rained all day and was 80, day after that in the 60's and still raining. We did go to the lake for a bit, but too cold and wet to stay long. And the weather man was predicting rain everyday that week. Not much fun in a cabin when it's pouring rain. We did cabin hopping the first day and after that just decided to pack it in and come home. too bad I brought the cold weather back with me.

Darcy, I'm so glad your son did well the first day of school. We worry about them so much. Kids are curious, and usually if you handle it matter of factly, they will too.

Carol, welcome. Hope to see you often.

To all the rest of my "FAMILY" It's good to be home. I have so much to do to get the house back together. Piles of laundry and got to get some food in the house. TTYL.

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Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post

Carol (slmn11) Thanks for the compliment on the Cadillac. I found this one at least a month before my DH found the Mustang… In fact, we were on our way to BUY the Cadillac when he found the Mustang. Well, long story short, I got caught up in his excitement (mine too, we had a 1965 mustang convertible when we were married in 1970) and we ended up making a deal on it. I was never real happy with it, I just wasn’t real comfortable driving it, guess you could say the buckets didn’t fit my bucket! I went and bought a cushion to make it more comfortable and still just didn’t feel like it was a right fit! So I tried to like it and it was a beautiful car, but alas my heart belonged to the Cadillac! And yes, it is a CTS4, V6 with a sun/moon roof. So it is an AWD and will get about 26 mpg on the highway. We haven’t had it long enough to check the actual mileage yet, but it doesn’t really matter. The first one I had was also this color--The first one was called Crimson, now 2 years newer it is called Red Jewel…Hmmm--guess I didn’t make that long story very short did I??
That's the car I saw and want. Right now our main car is a Monte Carlo, which we love. I am a fearful driver, but this car is very comfortable to drive. I would like to have a CTS, but DH would like to have a new Camaro, so that's why I say I would have to win the lottery, because we can't afford both! LOL We are retired now so we went down to one car, except for the 86 Camaro hot rod DH has that he mostly just drives to car cruises etc.
I really like's beautiful!

I'm adding my middle name to avoid confusion with all the Carols!

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Hello Wonderful Goldens!

I have to get moving early this morning so this post will be brief. I just want to say that I am soooo excited. Today is the beginning of football season. I have not told you all about this but I have football recreational activities along with my pool game and fishing habits.

I am in a football pool at work. ($5 per week to enter you pick who you think is going to win each game for the week, winner is the one with the most correct picks) Too fun! I am also in a fantasy football league with some of my pool buddies. Is anyone else here into football? I am a long-suffering Dallas Cowboys fan.

Oh my goodness! I just looked down to discover that I put my pants on inside out this morning and I didn't even notice. LOL I guess it isn't a good idea to get dressed in the dark. Tee Hee.

BBL for personals.

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Rie - very quick check in this a.m. Have to get rolling! But I wanted to comment on your putting your pants on inside out! Monday, I got home from work and discovered that I'd put on my pants BACKWARDS. All day long, I'd been feeling uncomfortable and had to roll up the waist band in front... LOL. By the way, I wear scrubs pants to work, so it isn't quite as bad as it seems! You, Missy Rie, are way too young for these CRS moments, though!!

Have a good one, everyone! Later.....
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See article above about New Hope - 1 town from me (where my DD lives). We do not need to worry about the river - we are up on hills - but my DD and I are both going to be stranded with no passable roads. It just took me over an hour to do a 10-minute drive because of all the closed roads.

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Morning everyone. yuk im feeling like poo today.not sure how i got a cold as i wasnt around anyone that was sick. am glad my canning is done and all the jars sealed. i canned browned hamburger and bq pork for my moose hunters.dh is working on our dd house. he has to clean appliances,windows and floors. and patch holes in the walls and then paint. the carpet cleaners where there yesterday.honestly what is wrong with some folks. no pride i think. i sent them a message in facebook telling them how we felt. probably wont do any good but made me feel better have a great day ((hugs))) rosey
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Good afternoon all. I am on my second day of absolutely zero pain, shhhhhhh
It was wonderful and I slept like 9hrs straight, would have been more, but Dash wanted his breakfast. He's German you know and everything and everybody must be in place.....meant I had to be at the table. He did not lick me or make a sound just inhaled all the little hairs on my arm.....Now ladies that is a weird way to wake up!

OHHHHH newbies....Dash is our DOG!

Zoe....Loved the pictures and you looked marvelous just marvelous.

Karen....Boy for a wee girl you sure do like Bright/Red/Big cars.

Lynn....I think even when Washington crossed the Delaware River it was flooded. I swear Lamberville was flooded at least once a year grewing up and people were always shocked! Good show on your practice walk. Marathon will be a piece of cake. Survivor next week....will have Russell's nephew....yuck!

Rie...we've all done that and just know the whole world is laughing. Funniest was friend who lives to hunt 24/7/52. He sat in my kitchen and explained he was hunted out....he had gotten into the woods way before dawn before realizing he had his tidywhities on backwards. so glad GM is getting better. Appointments seem to sprout. Her next pleasure will be firing some of them. It is a quiet sweet joy. My GP had a long rant Tuesday....he said medicine has become so Specialized that practioners don't own up to their mistakes, but let others clean up the mess they left.....I'd said but Doc he prayed for me. My GP howled.....or maybe growled????

Freda....sorry the reunion got washed out.

Mary.....I have giggled all week about figs.

Marie...Scoot-joring? Dash boots and scoots. Hinny down and runs like he**.

Rosie.....Hot tea and honey. Threw dash of lemon for vitamins, curl up with hot puppies and watch tv or read something sinful.

Off to get my nails done and get some Draino.......another yuck. k3
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Do you knew you get edited even before you post. I wrote h*ll and in "go advance" it was changed to ****. Such a little bad word in this day and age of F bombs! k3
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I hope you have all had a good day and hopefully more productive than mine! We started off at our yoga stretch class this morning which is always a very nice way to start the day but I got kind of lazy after that. It's very nice...sun shining but not really hot...just the way I like it. Dh has been working in the yard all day but I've mostly been on this darn computer, going through email, doing our banking, completing surveys and what ever. You know how it can go when you get online ..pretty soon it's late afternoon and you're thinking ok, what have I accomplished Oh, I did manage to change our condo reservations for next month so now we are going 5 nights to one and two nights to the other. I also called my sis and invited them to go with us to the condo(s). But that's about it. No housework done other than the daily stuff.

We got an offer for the trailer! $2000 lower than we want though even though the guy kept saying what a wonder trailer it was! We ended up saying we'd lower it $1000 but we feel like it's a good deal the way it is. I took the book value (private party sale) and just rounded it up a bit so feel it's fair and don't want to come down much. But if we have to take on our son's house payment we will have to sell it too... Anyway it's our first offer so we will see. Then some friends stopped by and we were able to give them some of our zucchini and eggplants. He had the same thing happen with his eye as dh or at least it sounds like it and they were able to help him with a change of lens, they coudn't for dh but hoping since it has improved perhaps they can now. His eye continues to improve, thank God, so who knows maybe it will just heal itself!

Ok, you are giving me car fever with all this talk of these pretty cars!! Our car is a VERY basic 18 year old Ford Escort...not so good looking but it is paid for and it runs really well. We get as good or better gas mileage than many of the newer cars. I can hardly believe it but am very grateful! I only am concerned about it when I think of taking a long trip in it because it's so old, but my dh maintains it well. And yeah, I like Karen31's really really's made me want to consider a little higher price range when we do go shopping I'm afraid!

Rie and Jess - had to laugh about your wardrobe malfunctions! Or is that brain malfunctions?!! I agree, you are too young for senior moments, Rie! Now when it comes to my age...LOL I don't know what I'm doing half the's what did I come in here for now, what was I going to do all the time. They say though that this actually starts happening much earlier than we realize like late 20s or at least by 30s. We just don't admit it I guess until it gets so bad or we have an excuse (age).

Karen3 - Neither of us have eaten any more figs. Should have given them to our friends today too, but didn't think of it. Oh, now that I type that it doesn't sound too nice, but actually I think they would have loved them. By the time I look at them again, (they are buried under all the other produce) they will probably be rotten as they were pretty ripe. I'm almost scared to look, afraid I won't like what I see! Glad I didn't pay for them!

Carol - Planning meals helps me stay on track too at least with meals. doesn't seem to help with snacks. For some reason, my "diet" brain shuts down about 7 pm and I go against all my rules. This is why I seem like I never get anywhere. However if I look back at my stats, I am actually losing but EXTREEMLY (like almost not moving) slowly! I think recently I've been getting too much sodium too and that is keeping me stuck on the same number give or take a few tenths of a pound.

My dh is cooking tonight ...he's making Pinacbet (meat and veggie dish but we make it with tilapia), but I think I'm only going to eat the fish and am cooking my own veggies maybe. I'm kinda tired of the taste of the dish (contains fish sauce). It's pantry night so usually it is each on his own anyway..whatever we can find.

Well, I'd better salvage a little bit of this day and get a few things done around here. Take care GG and have a good rest of the day!

ETA: Forgot to say that I broke down and ordered some Medifast meals. Thought might be good to speed up my weightloss before we visit family and also for convenience while we are traveling. Don't know if I can stand them...some people say they are great and others not so much..

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Darcy, I’m so glad to hear your son’s first day went well. It is so scary to have your child different from others because we know how mean kids can be sometimes, especially in a jr. high setting.

Carol Sue, I’m thinking if you only need one daily driver and your DH already has a restored Camaro, it’s your turn for a toy.

Val, LOL at the pants being inside out. I’m picturing you at the computer with your seams sticking out. I love fun visuals. And yes, it’s time for football. My longtime favorite team starts the season tonight. Go Pack Go! I have a Packer shrine in my office. Since it’s on over the air TV, I get to watch it. I chose not to keep Sunday Ticket this year since I can listen to the Packer Radio Network on Sirius. Heck, I chose to get rid of DirecTV while I was getting rid of Sunday Ticket. I love that monthly savings.

Donna, if you ask me – if you can wear your scrub pants on backwards, you are doing great on your diet. Butts tend to be bigger than stomachs.

Lynn, keeping good thoughts for you daughter and hope the flooding misses her. Stay away from those closed/should be closed roads.

Rosey, good for you on sending a Facebook. Even if they ignore it, if you felt some vindication, then it was worth it.

KarenFL. LOL at the caveat that Dash is your dog. When you wrote that for new 3FC, I then had the image of your DH sniffing your arm hairs. I thrilled you are on day two of pain free. I will find the skijor and scoot-jor pictures. I’m thinking we’re not on the same page.

Mary, I wished we lived closer. I’d love some fresh eggplant and zucchinis I’m envious of your friends. And clearly I should post a picture of DH (and mine) new car we bought last March. It’s a bright, eye catcher. I’ll post it with the skijor pics later today.

Another fun morning at work and I’m currently doing a webex training at home. It was required but it’s nearly a restatement of yesterday’s training. I did get one piece of info and stopped writing my 3FC response to jot more notes. I’m so happy for a day of rest from aerobic. My doggie walk this morning even seemed long my legs were so tired. But we made the 1.5 miles which is a good thing since I couldn’t just stop halfway around the loop. DH took the pool cover off and as soon as the stupid webex training is over, splish splash I will go. And later, I will take Kai and Sasha out scoot-joring again. We had a good training last night. The exception was when we started, I realized my handlebars had turned and weren’t on straight. It was weird feeling to have my arms in the position for turning (like a bike) and going straight. But Sasha is an easily distracted musher and she ran like the wind. It was fun! DH fixed the handlebars and added air to the back tire. I’d made him a list of fixes and he accomplished all today. He has his military physical fitness training tonight. He’s lost 20 pounds and has lowered his run times. He’s excited to do it. Me? I’d hate what he has to do. Did you know they still require conventional sit-ups. They been proven dangerous to the back. Dumb military. He told me he’d call me to let me know how it goes. And he has Guard weekend this weekend. My friend and I decided we’d go to a co-worker’s open house on Saturday. See Marie still trying to be sociable. At least I’m trying now that I hit the half century mark.

Update a few minutes later - I added the skijoring, scoot-joring and DH's sports car pics to an album in our Facebook group.

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Hey GGs,
I feel like Iíve been gone from here forever! Boy am I out of the loop! I think Iíve been busy, but I sure donít seem to have accomplished much. First I was helping my stepson & his wife find a car (they actually ended up with a van), & making sure they got to & from work until they did. Then, after having it less than a week, it refused to start. Thought it was a problem with the computer, but after we had it towed to the dealership (Ford), it turned out to need a starter. Thatís something my SO could probably have fixed (& saved us some money), but since the van was already at the dealership, & he was at work, we had it fixed there. I sure hope thatís the only problem they have with it for awhile - this is getting expensive! At least Iím not worried about getting paid back, because stepson, & his wife are very conscientious about that, & we sat down & figured out a payment plan they can afford. Labor Day came sometime in the middle of that, & I had to fix potato salad & a cake for our family cookout, but fortunately it was at my nephewís house, not mine! We enjoyed that, especially since it was at someone elseís house! Then, my brother said his house was getting pretty dirty, could I come over & clean? I think I mentioned before, that I do that occasionally, & only charge him $20. Since he helps us out with any electrical problems around our house, & our two rentals, that we canít handle ourselves, & doesnít charge me much, I donít like to turn him down. So, I was at his house for 5 hours on Tuesday. It took me 2 hours just to do the dishes, & he lives by himself! (I think heíd had some friends & family over to eat with him.) Anyway, I got to stay home today (Yay!), & Iíve been trying to get caught-up on things around the house.

Iíve only checked in here a couple of times, so I know Iíve missed a lot. Iím going to post this, & then try to read all the posts Iíve missed, & see what everyoneís been up to. Thatís going to take awhile! I hope everyoneís been having fun!

(It just took me 30 minutes to connect to the internet, & another 5 minutes to get to this forum!!!!! MAYBE???!!! I'll get to stay around long enough to read the posts! Can you tell I'm frustrated?!)
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Good Evening, Goldens!

I came home, ate some dinner, and promptly fell asleep in the reclinerÖ I feel dopey! BlahÖ

Rosey Ė I hope your cold didnít arrive, that you were able to fight it off. Sorry about your ddís rental; people can be PIGS. I hope they didnít do more than cosmetic damage.

Mary Ė thanks for the info on the Kindle for PC. I havenít used it much, donít feel very knowledgeable about it, but Iíve started to get Pixel for Ink and will check it out. Your morning yoga stretch class sounds lovely! As you all know so well, exercise is a VERY icky word to me, but I do enjoy yoga. It feels so good!

Marie Ė no, Iím in the twentieth century with a DSL modem. I might never get to the twenty first century, though! I need to write down all my questions into a coherent list and will email you with them. Thanks for the offer of help. I know my DSL modem doesnít have an antenna, because the TechFromTasmania said Iíd need a bridge router to attach to the modem. I love, love, love that you engaged and participated in the webinar by doing your toes!

Darcy Ė good thoughts for your son. I hope those kids donít pick on himÖ I canít abide bullying, never could, and kids are so good at it!

Freda Ė itís so GOOD to see you back! Iíve missed you! Glad your reunion went well and that you enjoyed. I hope Gayleís is going well, too!

Oh, Lynn Ė your weather SUCKS. I hope it dries out for you and that you donít have any problems from it. Did you ever get your a/c fixed, as well as the water leak in the laundry room ceiling??

PT/Zoe Ė are you getting rain, too?

KarenFL Ė you sound good, and Iím so glad youíre sleeping!!! That silly editing is one of the reasons we opted for the FB page. I guess, even at our ripe old ages, we still need to be protected.

Nancy Ė good to see you! By the way, how IS your DSD? Do you miss the little darling?

Nothing to report. Yesterday was incredibly long, but productive. Today was productive, too, and now Iíve about had it. I think Iím ready to just go to bed, although Iíll be up at 4, if I doÖ. so Iíll wait a little. I hope tomorrow is a good one! Everyone, later!

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