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Hi Everyone,

I am the WW (World's Worst) facebooker. I just never get there. However, I read Rie's post about Zoe's photos and I had to go check them out.

Zoe you look BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the photos. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi all!

Just a couple quick comments....

Yay Karenfl! (I couldn't find a bridge player in the smilies) LOl. I also want to thank you for asking Zoe the question that I didn't ask.... I have been DYING to see a picture of SMIL.... Great - and onery minds think alike!

Mary, Check out Smart Balance peanut butter. It has fewer carbs, less calories but is better than natural peanut butter. I actually like the pb2 in smoothies.... I use half a packet for 4 carbs and 40 cals.

Son is gone so I am making baked chicken, a small baked potato, fresh cukes and tomatoes for gs and me. Yogurt later for desert/snack. I have been easily on plan today. Good because I felt snackish yesterday. Going to try Zoe's version of excercise and some light weights in the evenings while relaxing. I am really starting to get concerned about toning up.

Darcy, I really hope things were ok today for your son.

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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG's,

I'd hoped that I would get to some personals tonight, but am pooped ~ so my apologies.

Packing is almost done ~ just a few last minute things to put in the suitcase after using tomorrow. Got a couple more Google maps to print.

My sister sprung a last minute request on me ~ the bride wanted some pictures of my nephew to display. I told her if I had time left after I was done packing I would try to find some. Thankfully, I was able to find about a dozen in a box of ramdom pictures. Wish the young lady had thought of it sooner, then I could have maybe found more, or a better variety of pictures.

That is one of my sort of "bucket list" projects. I would like to someday get all the pictures into photo albums. Right now, they are here, there and all over the place.

Had kind of a tense moment. I couldn't find my slip. Shows you how often I get dressed up Then thought ~ maybe I'd better try on the dress just in case. Good thing it still fit ~ that was kind of silly to not to have thought of that sooner. I guess I though it probably would, because I was about the same weight as last time I wore it.

Ok, I'd better get the last couple things done and head to bed ~ gotta get up bright and early in the morning.

Hope you all have had a good day.

Take care
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Good Hola, Goldens!

Lynn – I feel pretty blessed with this job! I like it, like the people, and am so very grateful for it! It seems to be a pretty caring environment, and there aren’t any of the usual “woman” squabbles that so many offices seem to have. Since there are just three of us, it’s pretty amicable. I like it!

Marie – thanks for the suggestions regarding a care situation for SamCat… alas, cats don’t change venue well. GM would not be willing to take him, even if he’d be amenable to re-locating there. Cats will just, literally, curl up in a corner and die. At his ripe old age, I wouldn’t risk it. It’s not that big a deal to postpone the trip. My bro understands that that’s just the way it is. This is my baby.

Oh, Darcy, how hard this must be for you! It must rip out your heart to see the kids be mean to your little one, even potentially. Good thoughts abound! I think the advice that your son tell them it’s a temporary allergic reaction is a good one; better to confront the problem proactively rather than to defend it defensively.

Mary – I have Kindle for PC. Do you know if your Pixel of Ink would include that? I’m pretty much an ignorant boob when it comes to a lot of this new-fangled technology! Your “light” housework day would suffice for an entire week’s effort for me. I admire you so much…

Bobbi – I’m so excited for you that you seem to have found the source of your headaches! Do you have hardwood throughout or carpet? Best wishes… and I hope your allergist can find the exact cause, when you go to see him/her! And, yes, FB has a ton of pictures! If you have time, like an entire afternoon!, go cruise and peruse!

Rie – wise words: “drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol are easy compared to losing weight”… while I never had a problem with drugs, I can vouch that the other two were conquered because I woke up one day and said “enough”… and that was that. However, it is not so with with weight, which is really weird, because I am repulsed with my weight AND myself.

KarenFL – so glad your sense of humor has survived through all of this! And preggers might be a boon to the bank account! I imagine “National Enquirer” would pay a pretty penny to read about the alien impregnation or whatever, haha.

Gayle – are you nervous or excited about your upcoming WeekendWithFamily? I hope you have such a lovely time! We’ll be ready to hear all about it and to commiserate if necessary!

Freda – are you lost? Seems like we haven’t heard from you in a while.

Rosey, sweet Rosey – what’s happening in Alaska, other than rain? And Lynn, it looks like you’re getting a lot of it, too. I’ll bet you’re sick of weather!!

Nothing much to report here. I grabbed a quick dinner with ex-SIL and her family, thoroughly enjoyed. Tomorrow is vascular surgeon followup and Thursday is a cortisone shot. GM is sick of doctors! I tried to get to Motor Vehicle to get handicap placards, and there were people falling out the doors onto the street, it was so busy. I passed. I have many things on GM’s “to do” list, and I have to try to get to them when I can. Fortunately, she isn’t demanding. In fact, she’s doing so well! She isn’t bit**y or cranky at all, so I think she’s feeling ever so much better! I’m GLAD!

Gork time! I’m going to check FB quickly and then go hither upstairs and crochet a little. Hope you all have a good tomorrow! Onward………!
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Hi all, I survived the first day back at work. It was painful and ridiculously long. I finally made myself a sandwich for dinner because much more would have been too much. I'm taking Val's advice and just trudge through the week and hope next week is better. It doesn't help that the Dept of Ed scheduled mandatory trainings tomorrow and Thursday. I'll be in my office half days and then the trainings. Basically I'll slip further behind...

Donna, I understand not going on the trip. I hate leaving my babies and count hours until I'm reunited with them. I've been known to cry on the way to the airport because traveling isn't worth it. Kai did volunteer to babysit SamCat but I'm guessing they'd both starve with Kai in charge.

Zoe, beautiful wedding pictures. It looked like fun.

Gayle, have a great trip.

Lynn, I wouldn't say skipping a 12 mile walk/run in rain is wimping out. I'd call it a brainstorm.

Bobbi, maybe you could make your allergist appt for a few weeks out so you won't have to wait once the MRI bills are settled.

I know I missed loads of other posts and skipped personals. I am wiped out. So I'm going to shower since I was sweaty from my bike workout and gork for the few minutes left of my evening.
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Happy to be here!
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I really want to see Z's wedding photos... Would someone please point me to the FB page?

Darcy, I hope things went well for DS on the 1st day of school.

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Default Lynn thanks for welcoming me!!

Originally Posted by ladyinweighting View Post
Hi Carol,

You have found the right place. We all know what you're going through.

What field is your Master's?


My master's is in Applied Clinical Psychology; I work days in a mid-sized corporation as a secretary and currently 3 evenings a week as a counselor; which I love, love, love. 3 years until I retire from the day job and then just a few days a week in the counseling office.
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Mom, I was wondering how your son made out at school with his alopecia? I hope everything went well. Kids can be so unpredictable. Sometimes they can be so nice and understanding, and sometimes they can be cruel. I think if he lets them see he's OK with it, they will be, too.

Karen 31, Love that Caddilac! I want one, I think it's called a CTS and I think I would pick the same color as yours! But I need to win the lottery before I can afford it. LOL

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Good Morning, I'm on my way into town to pick up some fruit pectin. DH picked off some of the grapes that were ripe yesterday, the vines are just loaded with fruit this year. We need to harvest them before the birds do, otherwise they re-plant the seeds via poop in whatever bush they sit in.
Marie...I thought of you yesterday when they showed the clip of Mishka, the alaskan husky. It's gone viral on the internet, did you see it? The dog says, "I love You". Cute!
Lynn...put me down as the WW 2nd facebooker. I hardly have time to keep up here on 3FC's.
I am the WW (World's Worst) facebooker. I just never get there. However, I read Rie's post about Zoe's photos and I had to go check them out.

Zoe...I checked out facebook and love all the pictures. What a beautiful sunny day you had, everyone looked so pretty. Someone asked about pictures of MIL, we want to see who you're going to be knocking heads with in the future! Whose pretty house and gardens?
No more time, gotta go. Below is two huge bowls of grapes, many more to come. I'm going to make grape jelly, don't know what else to do with them. We're not jam/jelly eaters, maybe I'll give some away in Christmas baskets.
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Hi Everyone,

I am VERY happy and relieved. I did my 12 mile training walk this morning in 3 hours and 23 minutes (with 2 potty stops!!!!). This means I should have no problem doing the 13.1 miles in less than 4 hours!

From now until the marathon, there are no more long trainings.

Started my course yesterday. So far, so good.

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Whew! Who Gnu that somebody else’s wedding would be so exhausting? I should’ve taken today off from work, too. I practically fell asleep driving in. I was sooo good-for-nothing yesterday – dd2 came over with the twinnies for awhile, and dh played with them in our “music corner” (a mish-mash of drums, flutes, guitars, maracas and other shakers) while I chatted languidly with dd2. Roused myself later in the day and did a little grocery shopping, came home and crashed yet again – had some frozen stuff for supper – nothing worth talking about, and went off to bed at 9:30. Had a bit of trouble getting to sleep, and then ds called at 11:30 to say they’d arrived safely in Costa Rica. Naturally I wasn’t going to chastise him for calling so late – I TOLD him to call and let us know they got there okay – but getting back to sleep again was a chore and now I’m wanting to nod off this morning. NOT optimum.

Thanks everybody, for your very generous comments about the wedding pics. Sorry I didn’t get any of the MOB, but I was too busy snapping shots of the people I actually care about. And, the MOB actually behaved pretty well, and was very cordial and pleasant to me (perhaps on threat of strangulation from her daughters?) and didn’t drink enough to do anything outrageous, more’s the pity. Oh, THAT was my evil side! I wouldn’t have wanted her to do anything to embarrass her daughter, and she didn’t, so it was all good. I had hoped to be down another ten pounds, but I wasn’t, so big deal, right? I am back on the wagon this morning; I’m not sure I can bring myself to even talk about what I stuffed myself with at the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night, then at the wedding, and then at HOME after the wedding! Deeeeeese-GUSTING! Last night – dare I say this (?) – I was full of GAS; could’ve made a fortune if I only knew how to reach BP’s CEO.

So, back to my Fiber One breakfasts…with blueberries and raspberries. I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to get the blueberries and raspberries – the produce manager at the market told me that strawberries and cherries are now out of season. OMG! I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t have my blueberries! Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess. I have a pita wrap for lunch – few ounces of lean deli ham, a slice of 25 calorie *pretend* American cheese and a handful of spinach leaves topped with a few drips of mustard. (Homemade) bean patties for supper with sliced tomato, avocado and lettuce. Yum and double-yum. Also have a little bag of seedless grapes for dessert. AND, when I eat RIGHT like this, I don’t get gassy, don’t have a sour stomach, and don’t have indigestion – all of which I DID have with my wedding-related overindulgences. Guess that should be a lesson to me, eh? Well, from here on in, my aim is just to lose gradually – not any more, really, than a pound a week, if that. A half pound would even be okay. Then, by NEXT June when we head back down to the beach (I’m thinking a MONTH next year, because I. WILL. BE. RETIRED. and won’t have to follow anybody else’s schedule except my own. (YAY) I can laze about on the beach without having to be on guard against folks with harpoons who mistake me for a beached…well, you know.

So, Carol/Slmn…I don’t know if I welcomed you to the GG’s or not – this past week has been somewhat on the hectic side for me – but if not, consider yourself welcomed! That goes for you, too, Carol Cilona.
Marie, I can SO identify with the “wiped out” feeling. I’m hating being back at work this week, too, and today was my first day back! Rest up while you can – I took a long soak in the tub last night and pampered myself a bit. Didn’t exactly get me right back up to snuff, but every little bit helps, I guess.

PT, your GM isn’t the ONLY one sick of doctors! Well, what I’m actually sick of, I guess, isn’t so much the doctors themselves, but the way health care systems work, which isn’t very efficiently, to say the least. Since I went “back” to my doctor in early June, I’ve had 4 office visits – two with him and two with the plastic surgeon who removed that little lump off my ear. I also had a stress test. Now, mind you, I have the supposed “Caddilac” of health plans, and yet I have had to fork over close to a thousand dollars in addition to what my insurance paid. And, I am STILL getting bills that don’t correlate with any of the statements sent to me by my insurance company. $25 here, $14 there…another $23. Someplace else, and $100 +/- in a few other bills. I have a $15 co-pay for office visits with my insurance plan, and yet the medical practice, who contracts with my insurer, still wants me to pay more for an office visit over and above what my insurer has paid and my co-pay! I know perfectly well that these practices collect millions of dollars every year that they shouldn’t even be billing for, but if you contest the bills, or try to call them to get an explanation, you get shuffled around from one person to the next, and after hours on the phone, you’re no closer to a resolution than when you started. AND they send things to a collection agency that don’t match a single bill that you’ve received from them! I’m refusing to go back to my doctor, who is also the family practitioner that all of my children and grandchildren go to, so I keep hearing from them that he wants to see me. I told them to tell him if he wants to see me, he should drop by the house – I’ll give him a cup of coffee for $25.00!

Oh, Gayle, I hope you enjoy the wedding! Pretend that your brother is one of the waiters, and just shake your head “no” if he comes anywhere near you.

Hiya, Rie/Val…yes, I do recommend my little “no-exercise” plan for bellies. SO simple, so quick that, as I said earlier, I don’t even dare report that I do any exercise because these little things are so miniscule compared to what everybody else does, but they do seem to tighten up the middle a bit. You’re so active, anyway, that doing these few little additional things would be a breeze for you!

Hi Lynn – I didn’t do any Facebook, either, but it is fun to keep up with the GG’s – and posting pictures is SO much easier, because you don’t have to resize them or anything. Glad you like the wedding pics!

Mary, my dh couldn’t survive without peanut butter! I avoid it because of the calories and carbs, as you mentioned, but do give myself a treat every once in a while and have some. Dh goes through about a jar and a half of that Teddie’s all natural, salt-free peanut butter every week!

K3, I’ll be so glad for you when you’re through with all the antibiotics and stuff! It’s just no fun when you’re not feeling good. But coming in first in Bridge! Wowza! That’s quite an accomplishment for somebody who’s fighting nausea. About the preggers? Hah! Wouldn’t THAT be a show-stopper????!!! LOL – if it happened to me (which it never could) I’d pull a Thelma and Louise all by my lonesome!

Darcy, do let us know how your son is making out in school…I completely agreed with those who suggested a kid-oriented approach to the truth – “I have allergies that make my hair fall out sometimes. But, it grows back.” And that’s where I would be likely to say, “And you got somethin’ you wanna SAY about it or WHAT?” But that’s me…I was always a scrapper.

Love the new car, CaddieK! Very upscale and fru-fru, doncha know? Now you need one of those big pitcher hats that Nancy is always sporting! And high heels like Bobbi's! And...and... a great big alligator purse!

Bobbi, my EX has had bouts of colon cancer three times…they’ve removed 9/10ths of his large intestine, and yet, from what my kids tell me, hot dogs are still his all-time favorite food, and he still eats them two or three times a week. Oh, well. The only thing on your list that I NEED to have occasionally is bacon. Once every couple of months, I have GOT to have it. But the rest I can pass on. That was a good article, though, and I suspect it is right on. OH! Here’s where they had the wedding – rented it for the long weekend. It is just gorgeous!

Rosey, sorry that your mil seems to be getting less civil as time goes by. I think you’re right that taking her out to dinner may not be possible for very much longer. So sad, but not very much to be done about it except holding onto the good memories and trying not to make too many bad ones. Congrats on the ever-dwindling pounds!

Hey, Freda! Come out, come out wherever you are! You, too, Nancy! I am missing you both!
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Good Morning! I’m thinking that my swimming days are really going to be over until next year! The temp. outside this morning was 55 and the water temp. is only about 75. But that is OK, I need to get it all cleaned and put the winter treatments in it and get the winter cover on it before we leave the end of the month anyway. And still have lots to do to get ready for the trip.

Welcome Carol Cilona! I think you will be happy you decided to pop in here!! But it is kind of like the Hotel California--once you check in, you can’t check out!! LOL!! Most of us have become good friends not just friendly! So pull up a chair, sit down and we will help each other get through this journey together, there will be tears and laughs along the way but remember, we are just a click away!

Carol (slmn11) Thanks for the compliment on the Cadillac. I found this one at least a month before my DH found the Mustang… In fact, we were on our way to BUY the Cadillac when he found the Mustang. Well, long story short, I got caught up in his excitement (mine too, we had a 1965 mustang convertible when we were married in 1970) and we ended up making a deal on it. I was never real happy with it, I just wasn’t real comfortable driving it, guess you could say the buckets didn’t fit my bucket! I went and bought a cushion to make it more comfortable and still just didn’t feel like it was a right fit! So I tried to like it and it was a beautiful car, but alas my heart belonged to the Cadillac! And yes, it is a CTS4, V6 with a sun/moon roof. So it is an AWD and will get about 26 mpg on the highway. We haven’t had it long enough to check the actual mileage yet, but it doesn’t really matter. The first one I had was also this color--The first one was called Crimson, now 2 years newer it is called Red Jewel…Hmmm--guess I didn’t make that long story very short did I??

Bobbi-- WOW! Look at those luscious blueberries!! I love them! I hope to be organized enough next year to get a garden going. Guess that means I need to get that done before I open the pool!! LOL!!

WOW! Lynn-- you are doing great! I’m so proud of you! That is fantastic!

Zoe, thanks for the compliment on the car. I love those hats that Nancy wears! But I think since I’m only 4’11” if I put a hat on I would look like a mustard bottle with a the cap on!! But I love hats!! Loved all the pictures. You have such a beautiful family. And I’m glad that everyone behaved, although we would have loved to see the MOB a little tipsy and doing things a little off kilter!! LOL!!

Marie, Sounds like you are still getting rested up. I’ll bet your fur babies were happy to see you come home! I’m glad my “girls” are little and have their own car seats! I take them everywhere. But it is like packing for a 2 year old when go anywhere--- But I love them!

Donna, glad that the job is really working out for you and you like it!! That is winning half the battle there! So happy that GM is doing so much better! I know that makes it so much nicer for you with less worry. Don’t forget to take care of you!! Ginger and Sissy said to say hello to Samcat!! Maybe they will get to visit some day!

Well, my goodness, I sure didn’t intend to write a book!! And I know I have still probably left someone out. I don’t intend to.. I will catch up with all of you some day!!

Have a great day!!
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[COLOR="Green"]Good Hola!

Lynn – you continue to send my "agog-o-meter" over the top! I am so impressed with you, your perseverance, and your dedication! What an inspiration you are!

PT/Zoe – thank you, thank you!!

And your synopsis of the health care field is so accurate! GM was on NO meds three months ago… now she has BP pills, niacin, aspirin, Vit D, the antibiotic for the UTI, and I’m sure they’d like her to be taking something else. She HATES it! I don’t blame her. And every whip stitch, there’s a call to go somewhere, do something, pee in something, bring her in, blah, blah, blah, blah…like all anyone has to do is wait for the DemiGod call and just toss that old bag of bones into the car and haul her around some more. I learned from her… don’t do doctors unless there is blood involved or unless bones are actually visible. I spent an hour at DMV today to try to get the handicap placards and found out that the forms hadn’t been prepared properly, so I get to do that again on Friday before I go to work. Bah, I say… BAH.

And what’s this about a “no-exercise” plan for bellies? What did I miss?

This stupid computer is acting up again… some of my old reliables no longer function. Marie – if I get a laptop and just chuck this PC, do I still need to plug the modem into the new laptop or am I required to use a router? And if I get a router and get this PC D&Cd, can I mix a Mac laptop with a PC? If it weren’t for the Golden Gaggle, I’d chuck the whole damn thing and go back to snail mail!

I don’t have to pick up GM until 1:30 for this afternoon’s visit, and I’d really like to go back to bed for an hour or two. However, I shall desist and will go make an egg casserole for the rest of the week. My only interest lately is in sleeping, as much, as often, whenever, wherever I could (because I don’t).

Hope your day is lovely, all… Freda, Rosey, Bobbi, Lyn, Nancy, Newbies, KarenFL, CK, Rie, everyone!

Gayle - I’m thinking good thoughts for you!!

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Morning everyone. another rainy gloomy day. we have been so busy the last few days. we had out of state company monday. a fellow and his wife from iowa visiting alaska whom my dh met when he was hunting elk in new mexico. nice people but felt sry for the wife as u could tell she was ill.turns out shes batteling cancer and chemo. then my youngest dd needed our help.when they moved they rented out their house. well the renters moved out without notice and did some damage to the house and left it in a mess. took all the furniture,blinds and curtains and even pried the mirrors off the walls. left garbage,junker cars and thousands of cig butts all over the yard/ in order to rerent it we have to fix it and clean it up and paint and repair. i cant get into the house becuz of the stairs which means dh has to do it and hes grumbling.honestly some folks are just pigs and they are suppose to be friends. and on top of that iv been getting dh ready to go to moose camp for 2 weeks. i brown and can meats for them as the coolers and ice only work for a few days,plus baking for the gr son etc. my dh,sil and grs hunt together every yr and love it. in between switching puppies around lol and fighting a cold i picked up along the way. nothing else to report hoping you all are on track and having an awsome day. (((hugs))) rosey
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I started this post earlier but got distracted and then got caught up with other things and never got back until now. It's 93 degrees ...we are finally getting hot weather. Feels like a sauna outside. I enjoy being out there a few minutes but couldn't stay long and certainly feel for those who have to work outside. We went to the gym this morning before it got hot and I did my 30 min stretch class, then 20 min on treadmill, and 10 min on bike, and also used three weight machines. I cut back on the bike because dh didn't do the stretch class and wanted to leave at same time.

Rie - I LOVE my Adams No-Stir PB...not sure I can switch. How about I reduce the PB in my mocha by 1/2? I think I can do that. I am also going to cut back on my mochas once a day. I was doing that but then gradually started having them more often again. And even though I stay within the carbs and calorie limits, I think the sugar in them may be messing up my bs. I realize all that sugar is not healthy any way.

Rosey - Wow you've been busy! I hope the cold goes away fast. When I woke up this am I thought I had a cold but once I got up the symptoms went away and I'm hoping it stays that way. I am rarely sick (like viruses) but once every year or two I do catch a cold.

Jess - I can understand your being tired what with your GM and all! I continue to sleep very little...maybe it's my age, or the hot flashes, or both I don't know. I rarely take naps but this afternoon I was picking up in the bedroom and all of a sudden I was so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open so I crawled into bed and took a nap...about an hour later I heard my dh calling me. He was so surprised to find me napping! He cat naps afternoons through evening most days though.

Jess - The kindle books all work on the kindle pc. That's what I used before I got my actual kindle, so the answer to your question is yes.

It's harder to break the habit of overeating, I think because we still have to eat. If you had to smoke 3 cigs a day you'd probably be tempted to smoke more too. Well, I think so, I've never actually smoked just tried it once in my teens and thought yuck..for which I'm thankful. Drinking has never been much of an issue folks never drank, didn't have alcohol around, and I grew up thinking it was not forbidden really, but something to be very careful about. Just heard on the news that women who have 3 drinks a week are more likely to be healthier in the future than women who over drink or who never drink...but I'm not so sure I believe that. There are lots of different issues involved with both alcohol and people. I was always taught that alcohol kills brain cells even when you don't over drink. You have a lot of brain cells of course, but if in later years you have a stroke, you might be glad to have all you can. Just my thoughts on that subject.

Jess, believe me my housekeeping is light's just that I have a system...I do certain things certain days and have one day a week to catch up if needed. That way I'm not overwhelmed. Today it's office, hall and entrance day (also called procrasination day). I have dusted and vacuumed (both just quickly) the office and hall, and cleaned the hall mirror and narrow glass next to the front door. Tonight I will plan dinner menus for the week and make up a grocery list. Don't think I'll have to buy much though as I am well stocked with meat and fruit plus have lots of garden vegetables. There are other things I could/should do today but they can wait and probably will.
Remember those video tapes I was converting (last year) to DVD, well I'm still not done with those and I have a huge amount of photos both on and offline I have not yet organized. These are the types of things I do on Procrastination Day if and when I get to them, but obviously I'm not doing too well as I'm procrastinating even on Procrastination Day!

Karen31 - 4' 11"?? Wow you are a little lady, aren't you? No wonder your honey spoils you...seems like those tiny little women get spoiled more! Or is that just my imagination? So the bucket didn't fit your bucket, huh? LOL I like the way you put that. My dh had a convertible BEFORE I met him but alas, never since.

Zoe - I'm glad you enjoyed your son's wedding and that all went well.

Marie - rest up...we will still be here when you're ready...and will be looking forward to your posts.

Hope you all have a good evening...

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