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Hello GGs

I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one.

It appears to affect those who were born prior to 1970.


1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice. done that!

2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail! That too!

3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person. yep!

4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you. Aha!

5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment. well darn!

6. Causes you to hit "SEND" before you've finished. Oh, no - not again!

7. Causes you to hit "DELETE" instead of "SEND." and I just hate that!

8. Causes you to hit "SEND" when you should "DELETE." Oh No!

Made me smile!!

Gayle - Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! Lovely pic of Maddie in her very cute sundress, here's hoping the new one will be more her style!

Freda - hope you had a happy busy day with your DGD. I'm a happy little vegemite today - I was the boss of the dreaded eating demon!!

Karen3 - hope you are continuing to improve. How is the driving (read freedom!) going??

Rie - WTG with the workout routine - it must be very well designed to give you a such a good workout, but not seem too daunting. I think the no calorie Sunday works - I braved the scales this morning and was 200g (0.4 lb) down - very unexpected, but I'll take it

Donna - your story about the Burger King cashier is very worrying. The world is moving so fast, and kids are expected to know so much about so much - it's no wonder there is no time for them to learn the basics. My nephew saw some of my sister's LP records that she had packed away, and not only did he have no idea what they were, he also didn't know about CDs. He's the iPod and downloads generation. Hope all went well with Granny/Mom's appt - it is a worrying time, once she makes her decision you will know what you're dealing with. Dinner/playhouse sounds waaaay too good YAY on the job!! Although, did they have any other choice when faced with your fabulousness and the combined force of the GGs willing it to be yours??

Marie - Happy Early Birthday for tomoz! LOL at the lady saying there are 5 quarters to a dollar - that's the sort of thing I would do! Numbers and I are not friends, we don't talk I should take my own advice - I need to be the boss of my eating, no matter if there is a celebration ...

Rosey - great to hear your family day was such a wonderful day. Great piccies!

Lynn - I, too, am a lone shopper and I like to be completely anonymous when exercising Hope your new scrapbooking companion works out. Give rhubarb a go, there's a lot to like about it these days - it's low cal, filling and a good source of fibre.

Mary - the pretzel pudding bites sound very moreish. Let us know if you make them and if they are too tempting!
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I missed it - Happy Birthday, Gayle..Hope it was a good one.

I will post some of the cardboard boat race photos on FB. it was really fun.
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Good Morning!
I was wondering where all the August Golden Girls were, I've not received any emails about the posts? I went the long way around to get here this am and find 31 posts already. Weird huh I did get the email from the birthday thread stating Glynne's birthday was tomorrow.
Glynne...I thought I was going crazy reading all the post from yesterday wishing you happy birthday. I'll have to put you on my birthday reminder list. I love that program that tells me when everyone's birthday is.
Lynn...I've done the same thing, giving the extra penny with bills. It's amazing how smart some kids are but have no common sense plus can't add or subtract without a calculator.
I see this all the time when I give enough change to avoid getting back pennies. For example, handing the cashier $1.01 for a bill of $.76. Unless the cash register tells them to give me a quarter, they don’t have a clue. happy for you! When do you start?
The joke on Maxine's calendar today is: "I spend my day snacking and surfing the internet for a good job. Luckily my boss hasn't noticed yet.
I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weather is coming our way, next week will be in the 60's. I love sitting outside in the mornings.
Freda…It is a lovely morning. It's still cool out and I took my first cup of coffee out to the patio and enjoyed all the newly bloomed flowers.
Marie...I must have missed the post about your yellow jeep. I had a 1987 jeep wrangler that tried to kill me 4 times. (short wheel base, bad on ice)I loved that jeep so much and DH kept after me to sell it. (I had it 12 years) I finally agreed after he promised me a red sports car. I think I cried for a week, feeling like I lost my dangerous best friend.
I keep getting a notice on my emails to upgrade to Explorer 8. I put it in a few months ago but my printer wouldn't work with it? So I took it back out, wish I had your computer knowledge.
Marie…I’ve been upgrading DH’s and my Macs to the new Lion OS. Took a bit to download the program and then resulting upgrades for other programs that needed new software.

Welcome back teati...calorie counting is my game too.
Welcome back teati…I'm going to start with counting calories and walking. Work hard ladies and I promise I will too!

Rie...I have the strawberry rhubarb too and never liked it as a kid. My mom made rhubarb pie and it was always too tart for me. Funny how our taste buds change over the years. I think I like it more now because of the next to nothing calories in the rhubarb.
. I think the strong fruit taste would be great on some sf cheesecake, too. Thanks for sharing

Zoe...congrats on another two pounds off and gone forever. Will you have to go down a size by the time the wedding is here? Hope so!
Okay, with 34 days left to go, I am officially down another 2 pounds.
Rie... too funny about your aunt, she actually raced at 99? I think I could put my evil MIL at 91 into a race, she walks around like a spring chicken. I haven't complained about her for awhile. I quit talking/visiting her for two months because of her nasty vicious nature.
Rie/valShe was a character. She stopped doing walking races last year because ("I always win - there's nobody in my age group!").
I'll have to come back later for the personals I missed. My favorite radio program is on and I use that time to fill in the cracks in my face. Kill two birds with one stone.
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Happy Tuesday, oh, Golden ones! Yours truly is feeling quite refreshed and rejuvenated after yesterday’s playing hooky day, which was spent at the ocean in Rhode Island between our favorite (hidden) beach in Newport and Sakonnet Point in Little Compton where my Dad used to launch his boat all those many years past. Same jetty, same view – but now there’s a private boating club where there used to be a big family restaurant where they would cook your catch and serve it up to you on the veranda. Ah, well. Times do change. Had a wonderful time, though – spent a lot of time climbing the rocks on Ocean Drive in Newport, soaking up the sun/vitamin D (a real MUST for us folks who suffer from seasonal affective disorder/SAD) and after our stop at Sakonnet, we ate supper out on the deck at Evelyn’s Nanaquacket overlooking the water. (Check out the reviews) I had a lobster salad, which, much to my delight, wasn’t mixed with mayonnaise, as most are, but rather had big juicy chunks of pure lobster meat sitting atop a nice, big & fresh green salad. And, having been forward-looking enough to bring a little bottle of my 5-calorie per Tbsp raspberry vinaigrette dressing, my delicioso supper came to under 200 calories. Since I’d only eaten some cherries on the beach for lunch – and for breakfast, my regular breakfast of one cup of Fiber One (original) cereal, a half cup or so of blueberries and a half cup or so of sliced strawberries and skim milk – I came in WAY under my calorie limit for yesterday (1100) and actually had to make myself a ham and cheese (and fresh baby spinach) roll-up on a piece of 60-calorie pita bread for a sort of second supper in order to get my calories up into the 900 range. Today is a 1350 day, so I’m making pasta sauce with eggplant “meat”balls for supper with a high fiber, low calorie ziti. STILL “on the wagon”, and boot camping those calories! 32 days to lift-off!!!!! Onward and downward! (And, yes ma'am, Bobbi - I had BETTER be down a size or two!)
Lyn, I’m looking forward to your cardboard boat photos! I must admit, I’ve never heard of this sport…tell us a little more about it, will you? It sounds like such fun!
Hah, Koala! Oh, yes indeed. Those symptoms sound VERY familiar! Good grief, there’s so much darned technology out there now that I’m almost glad to be getting somewhat over the hill, myself, so I have an excuse not to deal with it.
Gayle, I LOVE the dress that Maddie didn’t like so well!!!! She looks absolutely adorable in it! But you know, I took my dgd (age 10 in November of this year) shopping for summer clothes a month or so back, and she didn’t much care for anything I picked out! What are these children thinking? They ought to KNOW that we elder folk know our styles, right? (Not so much)
Mary, that recipe sounds AMAZING! I, too, am a salty/sweet lover, and these pudding cups sound sooooo good! My fear, of course, would be in overindulging, so I may have to save this until after the wedding when I can cool my jets a little bit when it comes to diet. Not that I plan to go overboard once the wedding is over, but I’m thinking I could be a little teeny-tiny bit more relaxed about it. (I’m already figuring two of these into one of my future menus. I’ll be sure to credit you when I make them and come here to rave about them!
LOVED the bbq pictures, Rosey! Looks like a good time was had by all!
PT, I am SO proud of you, and happy at the same time. Hopefully, things will be a bit easier for you now – and you need to make sure you start saving for our GG’s get together next year!
Okay, Marie…tomorrow’s the big day, and you’re off on your trip, right? (I may have picked up a touch of that C-Nile virus that Koala was talking about.) I THINK you’re leaving tomorrow. I am wishing you a wonderful trip and birthday celebration, friend!
Rie/Val…I’m going to check out that Gilad’s beginners dvd. I desperately need something that will take my status as a neophyte when it comes to exercise into account and not push me too hard. Is there a dvd for pre-beginners?
Freda, I’m with you about kids and basics. How many are actually taught to tell time anymore by a regular clock? Everybody uses digital, now, where all the calculating is done for you automatically. If, God forbid, all the computers went down at the same time, we would have a pretty unprepared population. Scary thought. We old folk might be having to teach people how to build a fire and work an alarm clock. So much for a relaxing retirement!
Glad to hear about your new scrapbooking buddy, Lynn. There ARE things that are best done with some company for sure, but count me as another one of the group that likes to shop alone and take care of all my personal needs (including exercise if I was to do some) alone. Could you resend your email with the link for supporting your half-marathon? I’m very sorry to say that I haven’t yet, but DO want to.
Karen3 – hope you’re continuing to feel better and better every day!
Nancy, I hope you’re getting a break from the heat & humidity – or will, soon. Absolutely LOVE your “southern belle” look, all the same. You ladies from the south DO manage, somehow, to look just “dewy” when the rest of us are sweating like teamsters.
Bobbi, any more rhubarb recipes? Now that you’ve reminded me, I’m getting kind of interested in rhubarb….isn’t there a kind of rhubarb sauce that you could put over vanilla ice cream, or something? I’m kind of thinking something akin to an apple crisp with rhubarb sauce and Fiber One cereal. D’you there might be some possibilities along those lines?
Okay, KarenMo. Everybody out of the pool! You’re just having WAY too much fun this summer!
Have a good day, y’all!
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Good Morning, All…

Marie – I hope you’re wending your way toward a fantastic birthday trip! Enjoy, enjoy!

Everyone – thank you for the good wishes and congrats about the job. I really appreciate all of you so much ♥!! I’m looking forward to it, and I’m busily organizing food ideas for lunches and snackies. I have no clothes, though, and I need to do that this week, too… on a limited basis. I hate to shop.

Rosey – looks like the bbq gathering went very well. I loved the pictures. Your MIL looks happy! How did she do? Was the crowd and the excitement too much for her or did she stay calm and, even, focused? It’s good you had it on Sunday; the weather site shows lots of activity in your neck of the woods today…

Lynn – I hope your friend is having a good day today. I know how much it worries you when she’s not! You are a GOOD friend! I was appalled at the thought that we missed KarenFL’s birthday last month, but we didn’t! There are several greetings there, but some of them are in the body of the post, easy to have missed…

Gayle – so, is it okay if we give you greetings again tomorrow? Your Maddie is such a cute little girl… and I think your creations are darling! Kids! What do they know?????

KoalaLou – I’m so glad you’re with us! I think that virus you mentioned is also known as CRC (Can’t Remember Crap) and/or early onset/sporadic Alzheimer’s (I think I have this one!)! Speaking of the world moving too fast to stay caught up, I just heard/read a blurb that DVD’s will VERY soon be a thing of the past, that there’s already a replacement available, as soon as they can convince us that our new machines need to be replaced.

Bobbi – I hope that I don’t have to surf the Internet for a new job while I’m working at this job. I hope that it’s a perfect fit, that the company stays healthy, and that we can have a long and mutually-beneficial time together! In the 2 years since the doc I was working for closed his private practice, I’ve put in over 160 applications… I don’t think there ARE any other jobs out there, and I’m so grateful that I got this one! You make me laugh every time you mention spackling your face and filling in the cracks. I think you’re ELEGANT!

PT/Zoe – your meals sound delicious! Eating like that, all the variety and good flavors, should certainly make it easier to tame your demons! I think I learned in the womb to stash money from every bit of income, so I have always had savings to use in times of dire need. Even when I was plotting to leave husband #2 and we were facing bankruptcy in WY, I managed to stash enough to tide me over when I finally ran off, screaming, into the night. Haha… a pre-beginner’s exercise DVD? How about a virtual pre-beginner’s DVD? THAT would interest me! Lynn, I’d like that link to the Leukemia fund drive, too… now I can send you something, if you could either email it or post it on FB (or here, if that’s acceptable).

KarenFL – just checking in with you…. how’s it going? Good thoughts…..

Took Granny/Mom for her appointment with the vascular surgeon yesterday. The left side is way more plugged than they originally thought (from the Doppler scan). The blockages go down into the subclavian arteries, so surgery there would involve going into the chest, and he said NO WAY on that one. The right side, though, he said is repairable. Given the extent of the left, he thinks she should consider having the right side reamed out. If the left closes completely, she could have a stroke. So, she’s tentatively set for surgery on the 18th. It’s about a 2 hour operation, then she’ll be in the ICU overnight, and, hopefully, will be perky and springy enough to bounce out of there the next day. I have to tell you that I’m the one scared here, not her! She’s so little and frail, this little bird lady! She might be mean as a snake sometimes, but she's my MAMA. I really like this doc. He’s the first surgeon I’ve ever met (admittedly, I don’t know that many!) who hasn’t pushed “hack ‘n slash” as a first, rather than last, alternative. More sagas to come, I’m sure!

I have bookwork to do, have to plan some clothing choices, and have to plan some food choices. It would help to do a wee tad of domestic drudgery, too… and I might color the hairs! My hair isn’t that gray, but it’s DULL and coloring it helps to make it shinier. “Vanity, thy name is……..”
Everyone, hope your day is lovely! Later…..

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Good Morning!

It is a really bright and beautiful day in Mt, but I look at it with the jaundiced eye that understands that it fortells a brutally hot day. Oh well, "it is a dry heat" whatever that means. I am never dry!

Today I did 45 minutes on the walk it out game. So, I am on track so far.

Zoe, you go girl. Your hookey day sounds wonderful! I would kill for that lobster salad. I have informed my father that if I ever get to the 100# loss that he must take me out for a lobster dinner. As I told you, my dream vaca is to your neck of the woods where I will eat lobster.... I highly recommend the Gilad video (such simple steps) and also the wii Walk it Out game. Both are on Amazon.... Check it out. Due to my heat intolerance, I only regularly excercise by myself in my air conditioned house.

Bobbi, yep, Mildred did her last 5k last fall. She had gone blind from macular degeneration but she walked with a guide. She was also fast! My grandpa used to tease her saying, "you are a tough, stringy old bird!" In their weird way, it was a high compliment.

Lyn, I loved the cardboard race pictures!

Koala, I loved the virus joke. I will cc to my dad. My dil was talking last week that she wants to give my grandson part of the life we had. I think the rural lifestyle lends itself a little better to blend the new with the old. The camping and rural lifestyle (without really fancy rv's) lends itself to dealing with things without technology. I hope to keep some of that alive for my family. It is amusing to me that I have become the go-to expert on skills like canning and preserving, growing veggies, etc. I guess I am really taking on the wise woman/crone role!

Gayle, have a good day at work. I will get back to you tonight. It was lovely chatting with you last night.

Mary, those pretzel bites look scary good! let me know if you try them.

Lynn, I hope the visit goes well today. Lovely of you to do it. And, it is a pleasure to support your fundraising efforts. What is your goal?

Marie, countdown to rollercoasters! Are you crazy excited?????

Rosey, I liked your family pictures. Family gatherings are very cool and a worthy way to spend our time. Say hi to gizmo for me.

Yesterday I had some nice duty at work. As you know, I have a new position open. Well, there was this really terrific, 50ish genuine and caring woman that we interviewed a short time ago. She just narrowly missed (our close second choice) getting hired. She has been working temporary/part time for us. Yesterday I called her and offered her the job. She was so lovely and grateful. It was nice. She told me that she had been so worried because she has mild diabetes and was almost to the point of losing her health benefits. Now she won't have to worry. Nice.

Well, off to the rest of the day. Ds and dgs will be gone this evening so I will have the house to myself to catch up on email, etc. Have a great day!

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Good morning everyone! I am loving this summer weather! I should get outside more...I walked around a bit in the yard late yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it so much. I brought in three zucchini from garden. We are going to have to eat a lot of it fast and also give some away.

I have been feeling a little discouraged about some very sad family issues and also my diet. I am really struggling with getting back on track. I do so well for a short time and then mess up again. At least my weight dropped back down again (probably due to sodium loss) but I'm still almost eight pounds about where I was last year! I gained all this over the winter! It's amazing how fast I gain.

Rie - I won't be trying the pretzel bites anytime soon. I have plenty temptations around me already. That's nice about the 50ish woman and the job. So many people struggling these days.

Donna - Hoping for the best for your mama. Sounds like she's a real strong perky lady. Getting old is not for the wimps that's for we handle it is perhaps our biggest challenge..I can only hope to do as well. About hair is gray..stopped coloring it when I knew I was about to retire...and it too gets dull at times. Recently bought some stuff (not just for gray hair) that is supposed to give shine. I'll let you know if it works. Oh, and I agree with you about Bobbi...she is elegant!

Zoe - Glad you are still on-track and your hooky day sounds great! Glad you had a good time! We all need that now and then for sure.

Koala - I've got that virus!! In fact I had a story of something I forgot just the other day that was so funny and I was going to tell you all but now I can't remember it...
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Evening all...Do not look off in the East we are not looking at that Tropical Storm nope never! The computer models actual show barely a chance of reach us. More likely hit Nancy and our DD. Funny but a week ago I would have panic with a storm brewing, but after having a good week I knew we can handle this.

A good day for me is that the bazooka fire in my chest is only when I get up from a prone position and S.O.B. only drops my O2 level to 89%. I have exercised every day in the pool and have started using 2lb hand weights. Just as long as my arms don't cross my chest I'm good. That plus walking makes for one sleepy chick at bed time.

I am going play duplicate bridge tomorrow. It will be my first time back. I miss my friends so much. I did the test hug this am with DH. I had my first real hug in 2 months....Stood chest to chest and squeezed tight. Had let Dh be the first. It was sweet!

Gesh a hugh storm is blowing to shut off cp.....bye k3

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Mary, have you tried stir frying your zucchini? I like it stir fried with fresh grated ginger. A couple of days ago I dabbed olive oil and seasoning on slices of zucchini and DH grilled it. Very good too, I sliced them the whole length and thin so it didn't take long and they were easy to work with.

Good morning everyone! I am loving this summer weather! I should get outside more...I walked around a bit in the yard late yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it so much. I brought in three zucchini from garden. We are going to have to eat a lot of it fast and also give some away.
My brother called Sunday and told me I better stop and see our dad, he didn't think he'd be around for long. He fell and the whole right side of his face is black and blue. I stopped this afternoon and he looks like death warmed over. For those of you that don't know, he's 97 and living in a nursing home. He's always been very sharp, no signs of dementia. Today all he did was mumble, couldn't make out a word he said. The aides have heard him praying during the day, telling mom he's be seeing her soon. (Mom died 5 years ago) We all hope God takes him home, he's been so lonely since mom died.
DH made chili last night for supper and we're having left-overs tonight. I when he cooks.
Later Gator

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Send a hug your way Bobbi.
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Well, I am finally settling down and can write a quick post. I had a very good day...not exercise wise but did spend the afternoon with a cousin and her granddaughter and another cousin that I had never met! We spent the afternoon in the pool which was the perfect place to be since our temp. got up to 113 today!! My cousin brought over some Margaritas so we each had one and it tasted pretty good--- just never got out of the pool to drink it. Tim took some pictures for me and also brought us the drinks--the granddaughter had a coke!! It was really a lot of fun.

Donna, I'm so glad that you got the job that you wanted. It sounds like you are really excited about it. I will keep you and Granny/Mom in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated on how things are going.

Rosey, it looks like you really had a good time at the BBQ! Love seeing the pictures.

Gayle, that dress looks so cute! But of course Maddie is such a little cutie!! I wish I would get some courage and try to do something with my Mom's sewing machine. I took sewing in the 7th grade and then I dabbled with it a bit later after the kids were born but it didn't even pay to do anything with it when the kids were little. So now I just need to get brave and tackle it....

Koala, I like the virus!! I think I have had several cases of this! Really enjoy your posts.

Bobbi (((HUGS))) to you. I'll keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen--Glad to hear that things are going better for you. Take it easy and don't overdo it. It takes time to get over this type surgery.

Rie-- hope you had a great day!

Zoe, sounds like your day of playing hooky was just what the Dr. ordered!!

I'm sure that I have missed people and I didn't intend to. Everyone have a good night!
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Hi GG's I didn't weigh in this week- I really couldn't face the thought of the 8th week with no loss- I am so discouraged and I would rather not know right now I spent the better part of today running my son to his physio appointments and grocery shopping. He is making slow progress, but it will still be about 6 weeks til he is back to where he was before he fell on June 29th. Then maybe he will get the permission from the surgeons to start the physio to learn to walk again. Watching him go through this has been one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. I hate it and feel so helpless and so very stressed. I don't post much, but reading allof your posts keeps my sane and motivated. Please don't give up me Ladies!
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Hello Golden Girls!

Today was a good day. I stayed on plan all day. I was productive at work and I am getting caught up. I had the house to myself tonight so I got cause up on emails and then played in an online poker tourney. It is for "play money" but I really enjoy it. I haven't done it much since ds and dgs moved in. It takes a couple hours. I just read a book and play poker when it is my turn. I came in 253 out of over 3000 people. Not my best but not bad.

I had fillet of sole, fresh tomato, fresh cucumber and a baked sweet potato for supper. A feast! The only down side was that I had a low blood sugar episode before I ate. Pretty rare for me. I think I just waited to long to eat supper and I had a low carb day.

I had forgotten how well the miracle grow plant sticks work. I used them before I left and came home to a houseplant explosion! My spiderplant has about 6 new babies.

Have we heard from Marie today? Did she leave for the trip?

Karenfl. I loved the hug story. You sound more like yourself every day.

TeaGranny. I am so sorry about your son's struggles. Only other mothers will understand how hard it is for you to watch what is happening. I wonder if the stress is contributing to your long plateau? I am glad that you can get some comfort from reading here. Dont worry, we will hang in there with you.

Bobbi, sorry about your dad. That is so hard when they find themselves alone. Hopefully, he finds some comfort in talking to your mom.

Mary, I am sorry about ds difficulties and I hope that something works out.

Well, sorry for the missed personals. I am tired and I am going to relax and watch "Chopped". Later.

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Happy Birthday Marie ~ you must be on the way to your adventure ~ have an awesome time
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morning....Is it really the 3rd? Okay So Happy Birthday Gayle and Marie:bday 2:

Tea....I grew up in a house that firmly believed in trolls. That they, nasty buggers, did all kinds of things. Like hid the car keys, spoiled the milk, broke a toy(not me) and scared the cat. If something is missing or wrong. you just gave up and said out loud.....okay troll you win keep it. That's whats happen to your poundage loss.....say out loud the troll wins and whoooooosh you'll start lossing again. Try it can't hurt.

Bobbie...So sorry about your DF. I added him to my prayers.

Rie...what a nice evening. I would love some quiet me time.

Karen...Tell us more about the new cousin? How do you find a new loss cousin?

Mary....Sometimes the only way to keep going is put you head down and chug along. Like the little engine....saying I think I can.

Zoe...I said it before but girl with your looks and flare you are gonna be stunning at the wedding as is. Anything you do between now and then will just add to the Wow factor.

Still watching is that time of year for us to start growling evil names of storms. Emily should be write poetry not lurking out there....grrrrrr

Am excited to go to brdige....just playing not directing, but that will come soon, I hope. hugs k3
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