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Bobbolink 06-30-2011 10:06 PM

~~July Golden Girls~~
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us

There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you passed the 50 mark? How about the 60 mark?
Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!

glynne 06-30-2011 10:53 PM

Good evening GG's,

Two days down ~ one to go. Feeling tired again tonight. It was a stressful day at work ~ not so much for me, but for my coworkers. I felt bad for them ~ so maybe my tiredness is like sympthy tiredness or something :dizzy: I'm probably not making much sense.

The census was down, so they floated off our staff. They staff us for what the census is at the moment, and say that when the admissions start coming they will provide us with more help ~ not. It never happens. The poor charge nurse then has her own patients, has to do the admissions (which is quite a lengthy process), plus has to deal with the problems of her coworkers if they need help and guidance. Some of the ladies do well at that, others are not cut out for that. Even those who seem to handle it pretty well get overwhelmed sometimes. Our regular charge nurse is out because of surgery. So the other ladies are having to fill in. Some not by choice, but because they are more or less pushed into it. The one today was one who has no desire to be in charge but was pushed into it. Poor lady ~ she looked like she wanted to cry sometimes.

I started to post with the intent of adding some comments, but now, I think I will just head to bed.

Hope you all rest well.

Take care

maryea 06-30-2011 11:28 PM

Gayle, I have been there so many times when I was working and I understand! It seems like in nursing it never changes.

Laffalot 06-30-2011 11:38 PM

:) Hi Everyone - HAPPY JULY! HAPPY CANADA DAY to CANADA! (Even though here it is still June 30th; it's 8:30 our time) And I'll also say now HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to the US. I'll be off the computer for a few days again. DD is coming tomorrow for a few days, DGD is coming back on Sun. for awhile. She's working for a paving co. in this area & is staying with me. Love it! TTYL :wave:

Tea Granny 06-30-2011 11:47 PM

My son fell down yesterday and rebroke his hip :( I feel so awful for him, he has been working so hard to get well from his accident, and was only given the go ahead 2 weeks ago to start the physio to learn to walk again.He had surgery today to screw the head of the femur back on. Now he is back at square one, it is just heart breaking...:(

jess1 07-01-2011 12:36 AM

Time for bed........
But I'm delighted at the response about our houses, so I'll re-post the idea, as Bobbi suggested:

"Oh! KarenMO and I were talking yesterday, and I said I'd love to see a picture of everyone's house. We had been oohing and aahing over Bobbi's flowers, garden, yard, and house. Are you all game? We don't have to say address or city, so no Kirby salesmen will come calling. KarenMO's house is SO her, and what I could see of Bobbi's also fit her personality. And we've seen the inside of Rosey's house. I'd love to see all of yours! I'll take a picture of mine in the morning and will post it!."

TeaGranny, I sent you a private message about a weight loss program you tried. Did you get it??????? I'm so sorry your boy is broken again!

Good night, all.

glynne 07-01-2011 08:07 AM

Good morning GG's,

Tea ~ so sorry about your son ~ heart breaking for the both of you.

Sherry ~ enjoy the time with your granddaughter.

Donna ~ the house pictures sounds like a fun idea ~ the Golden Girls home tour :)

Mary ~ the people who run the show and make the promises of more help and make us work like that ~ are what never changes ~ sorry everyone my bad attitude is showing. :mad:

Oh, I had to share ~ I was sitting here the other day and these huge woodpeckers came on a tree in our back yard ~ I mean they were huge. My son and Corbin were here and saw them too. Jason looked at them and said ~ "well they say everything is bigger in Texas" :D

No fire works here this year for the 4th of July ~ because of how dry it is ~ they're not wanting to take a chance.

Cindy_Gail 07-01-2011 10:10 AM

Morning girls,

I did my workout yesterday. Really upped it as to burn the calories. I had a decent dinner last night and no ice cream.....yahoo! One of my biggest weaknesses.

jess1 07-01-2011 10:54 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Good Morning, All...
Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a picture of my little house... I've been here over 25 years (stable or lazy? hmmmmmmm), and it's MY nest! It's very small and just right for me and SamCat!

Nothing to report. Granny/Mom asked me to hold off on calling the vascular surgeon, and I'll respect that. It's all her decision, and I can understand completely that she doesn't want to do the "hack 'n slash" routines.

More later, probably! I'm eager to see everyone's houses on this, our first-ever, annual Golden Girls Home Tour (love that! thanks!)......

Marie 07-01-2011 01:06 PM

Mary, glad you decided your mocha mix worked right for you. I try different things once in a while and nearly always come back to my recipe. Now you know yours is right for you. The ipad can be with a wireless plan if you want the 3G card so you can use it online anywhere even when there’s on wifi. I don’t need that so there’s no plan and I’ll buy it from Best Buy (they were really nice to my daughter this past spring) or from Amazon (love Amazon Prime free shipping).

Freda, 15 minutes of work? I hope they paid your for at least 2 hours. Shopping is dangerous even if you don’t plan to buy anything. I believe the clothes chant our name until we move like zombies in their direction.

Donna, pictures of the house??? I’m not sure I know how to take pics of anything but my dogs and my grandkids. After perusing all my digital images, there was a definite theme. But I will try to focus on the house. Bet there will be dogs or grandkids as well. I’ll keep your mom in my thoughts. BTW, I love your brick house. They’re so rare these days. And I’m jealous of your bay window. They are so pretty.

Nancy, 10 days of sleeping in. It is wonderful. Have fun with all your project!

Rie sounds like your day at work is going to be great. I hope you have a great time and your stomach behaves. And I’ll give you my swimming cardio from yesterday. Thanks for the strength workout – I do feel much stronger. My muscles are bulging. Ok, maybe not.

Gayle, :hug: your job really sounds difficult and stressful. I’m sorry your having a difficult time. Nurses are so important it seems ludicrous to overwork and overstress them. That’s when mistakes happen.

Have fun Sherry with all your family!

Tea, I’m so sorry about your son’s hip. That is so sad. I hope he heals without mishap this time.

I posted Bobbi’s pictures to my website and she’ll post the link later. I was good my computer wasn’t directly under my head as I was drooling with envy. Absolutely beautiful.

DD and DGS will be arriving today. I’ve already brushed the pool sides and now am going to manually vacuum it. The dogs are having a blast running around it. DH always closes the gate to keep them out. Me? I just opened it all up and enjoyed watching them. Kai Pixie Bear fell in yesterday. Her white fur is really clean now.


the slim me 07-01-2011 01:53 PM

Good Afternoon GG's,

Another lovely day. Warm and slight breeze. Worked in the yard for awhile, Gave the garage a lick and a promise, and I'm going to Curves for a bit. Nothing much to do...which is fine with me.

Donna, I think it's a wonderful idea to do a "home tour". We know so much about each other, it will just be one more way to get aquainted. BUT, big but here, you know I don't know how to post pictures. I've tried a few times and all it does is make me crazier. Maybe we can get it around it somehow. maybe I can send an actual picture to someone and they could post it for me?

Cindy Gail, What? No ice cream? I love ice cream and always keep it in the house. I just bought a box of the skinney cow ice cream sandwitches. Love all the skinney cow stuff. Lots of really good, lighter calorie ice cream out there. We have to make this a diet we can live with, and eliminating the things we love doesn't work for the long run. If having it inthe house just makes you indulge, maybe just buy some frozen yogurt when you're out.

Gayle, We take turns being "charge nurse" Not something anyone wants to do. But we all do our own admissions.

Tea, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's hip. I hope everything goes better for him this time. how frustrating! Prayers!

Marie, I tend to get a lot of pictures of the kids too. Not a lot else. I could use a computer expert, want to run up here for a visit? And I did my weights this morning. No bulging muscles, but i'm hoping for toned arms. I inherited these big arms from my mom. Can't change heridity, but I can do as much as I can to at least have big, toned arms!

Sherry, how fun to have your DD home for a long visit. Enjoy.

Bobbi, Looking forward to seeing all the flowers. How are you?

I have to work the weekend, So have a good weekend all,


Bobbolink 07-01-2011 02:26 PM

Thanks Marie for downloading these pictures. I'm going to see if it work.


Karen31 07-01-2011 02:46 PM

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Hello ladies, I just posted this but guess it disappeared!! I just had to share this picture of Ginger "sunbathing" in our 97 degree weather!! Silly little Diva!!

Bobbi-- glad that you were able to post your pictures. They are so beautiful!!

Donna-- love your brick house. We have looked at a few brick homes here that would be nice. The people that looked at our house last night are talking to a morgage broker today to see if they qualify for it. Guess we better make up our minds and find something that we like or decide to take it off the market!!! LOL!!

Well, need to go to the store-- we're having everyone over here on the 4th for a cookout so I need to go to the store and get some burgers and dogs while they still have some!!!

Be back later... Have a great day!!

Bobbolink 07-01-2011 03:11 PM

It works! Thanks again Marie.....how did you do that? I like see the pictures a larger size.
Freda...I used to be able to post pictures here but not anymore? I had Marie post mine.
How is everyone? I'm behind on all the news, where's Zoe? Is KarenFla out of the hospital yet?
Donna...I love your brick house too, always wanted one since we live in tornado alley. I don't think they blow down so easily. Today it's going to reach a new high, we have extreme heat warnings, suppose to be 117 with the heat index. I picked up some more perenials at Home Depot today, have since added 16 more plants. DH is having a fit but I keep telling him it's cheaper in the long run to plant something that grows back each year. Hee Hee, makes sense to me! If he starts complaining too much I'll ask him how much he spends on hunting every year, that'll shut him up. Rosey...you're married to a hunter so you know, it's not cheap. We have so many places to plant stuff, I didn't take pictures of everything we have out here. Our raspberries are just starting to ripen, I'm going to make some sugar free rhubarb sauce this afternoon and stir in some raspberries. I had to bake a cake this morning for a funeral today, I hope it's all gone by the time I pick up my cake pan. I made a dark chocolate cake, put cherry pie filling on instead of frostings and topped it with cool whip and more cherries. I didn't use any fat free stuff so it's loaded with calories....which is why I want it all gone before I pick up the pan. The scale and I haven't met for quite some time.....my jeans fit the same so I'm thinking I'm o.k. How's everyone else's diets going so far this summer. Anyone discovered a new low calorie treat, side dish or entee? I think I mentioned Hebrew National hot dogs before, fat free and really good. We had some last night with dill relish, fried onions and mustard. Yummy! I had some frozen spinach thawed out to make some spinach dip...then couldn't find any water chestnuts in the pantry so I didn't make it. I don't know what I could have replaced the chestnuts with, they give it a nice crunch.
I think I'll dash out and get some rhubarb for my sauce. I wonder if rhubarb can be picked all summer? Anyone know? I know we already stopped picking our aspargus because it's going to seed already.
You all have a cool day. Geezz Donna, I just thought of you and your hatred of hot weather. You'd die going outside my house today.:faint:

Bobbolink 07-01-2011 03:14 PM

Karen...we were posting the same time. What's this about moving? I missed so much last month, fill me in.


The people that looked at our house last night are talking to a morgage broker today to see if they qualify for it. Guess we better make up our minds and find something that we like or decide to take it off the market!!! LOL!!

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