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Good Morning, All!
It's going to take you two days to read this missive!

Bobbi - "is Dreamweaver and Fireworks a paid for site? That was way too cool how you made up the album of my gardens. Do you have to be a complete computer geek to use those programs?" I clutched when you asked that; my first thought was “oooh, probably too complicated!” We got our answer later in the posts…. Your house would set well in my neighborhood, too. I think it’s just so interesting, all of this!

KarenMO – my mailman comes to the door, too. These old neighborhoods are great, aren’t they? And I think Ginger should reconsider the Playboy gig… I heard Hef is looking around again, and she’d be a good pet! She could set you up for life, in the style to which you want to become accustomed!

What did you decide about the house? Wow, you have some definite high windows, too! And is your deadline July 31 or June 30 to decide about selling? If you stay, light brown/dark brown would look nice, as long as the light brown really IS light brown. And a condo has HOA fees; I always figured I could hire out the work for less than I’d pay in homeowner’s association fees. Lynn? Are your fees high?

KarenFL – is the picture of your house? It looks like the houses in my neighborhood! I must have missed the canal picture. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery, and your posts are sounding less "loopy", so don’t fret!! Your sense of humor is still there!

Marie – LOVED the pictures! If you ever decide to sell, you have the promotional panoramic all set! Beautiful! And I’m with Bobbi that I don’t think I’ll be investing in those programs! How do people send stuff to you? Each individual picture attached to an email? T-E-D-I-O-U-S!!

Rie – I love your house! When my grandmother was alive, she lived in a wee little town called Fullerton, NE, and her house looked a lot like this… so very comfy and warm. She had ½ acre devoted entirely to her potatoes. She was quite the pip, lived to be 92, kicking all the way.

Good thoughts about the oil spill… such a tragedy when that sort of thing happens.

Lynn – enjoy your outings! I have a tiny complaint about your pictures, though! I can’t SEE anything because they’re so tiny!

Missy PT/Zoe – what are you doing that’s keeping you “out of the loop”? Are you having FUN, I hope?? I’m very interested to see your house! Is it avant-garde??

Gayle – love your house, too! My niece is in Katy, TX… I hope your son is okay! These boys are a worry for the GGLovelies, aren’t they?

TeaGranny – glad your son is back on the road to recovery!

Rosey – I am in LOVE with that Sadie girl! What a face! Oh, what a face! And she’s HUGE for 8 weeks! She’s a love. She can come and live with me and SamCat anytime; I’ll break my “no more dogs!” rule for her!

Nancy – wow, that is a bright kitchen! And it fits you perfectly. I like your 4th of July outfit, too!

Koala – welcome! We’re a lot of cat lovers in this group. It’s a fun group and very supportive. And you’re very welcome to join us! I don’t think we have any Australians, so you’ll be able to educate us, too!

I've decided that I overuse "love", but I do! I do!!

Everyone, have a safe and fun 4th. Fireworks tonight? I had lunch with a friend yesterday and then a 2-hour nap (under the covers!) when I got home; that was my holiday celebration and a fine one, at that!

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Good Morning My Lovelies!

I had a great time yesterday at the barbque. We were in the shade of a huge old pine tree. ( I have to be really cautious about the sun because I have lupus). Unfortunately, some of my friends posted on facebook and others were upset. They really like my chicken. LOL

This morning I had a NSV. I went on a 2 mile walk. Now, this might not sound like much to most of you, but for the girl who was brutally out of shape a few months ago, it was pretty cool. I wasn't even tired when I was done but I decided to take it easy on this poor, worn out knee. I want to hike to this place called Mystic Lake and fish this summer. I haven't been in good enough shape to do it for about 15 years. I think I can make it now

Karenfl, your house is so florida and I love the canal. I remember seeing houses like that when I was vacationing there and thinking how wonderful that is. I love the fact that you are recovering enough that your sense of humor is there. We love seeing anything that you post.

Donna, I love your long post. I always feel that you guys must think, "wow, she goes on forever!" I always say that it is because I am a social worker - never use one word if you can use 5!

Karen31, I also think Ginger should give Hef a call. LOL I really liked the cartoon.

Gayle, I am so sorry about your son's issues. We hurt when our kids hurt. My youngest son was born deaf in one ear. He is an opera singer so his hearing is very precious. Anyway, he / we have always been especially protective about the health of his ears. Prayers for your son. I also would love to win the lottery so I could help my family members. I would help my children to afford homes, I would set up a trust for my grandkids's college. Of course, I would buy a better boat and an rv for myself! I think I would also finance a spa retreat for all the golden girls. We could eat lovely food while lazing about the pool at some lovely resort. I absolutely love your house and the gardens.

Hi Bella! Happy 4th!

Hey there Koala! Welcome to the golden girls. I am probably biased but I think this is the best group on 3FC. How exciting to have a new friend from outside the U.S!

Marie, I was thinking about how active you are while I was walking this morning. Thinking: this would just be a warmup for Marie Yup, I am really upset about the Yellowstone. Below my dad's place there is oil sludge on the bank and you can see it at the base of the partially submerged trees.

Nancy, Your kitchen is bright and wonderful. And you look so slim in that straight blue skirt. You go girl!

Rosey, that Sadie has such a sweet face! My grandpa raised champion sheep dogs and he always said that you could judge a dog just by looking in their face and eyes. And, I love the joyous expression on your face these days. You are looking so lively!

Tea Granny, prayers for your son. As I said to Gayle, it is hard when our kids are hurting!

Bobbi, I love your house and your large yard. Actually, my house does have old distressed hardwood floors. It is carpeted, mostly because it is really drafty. I should clarify - I rent my house. It is really cheap and I don't have to worry about maintenance. It seemed a good compromise- I didn't want to live in town in a condo. My rent is so cheap that I deposit money in my retirement account in lieu of accruing value in my home. Anyway, I discovered the hardwood floors when the old carpeting was taken up to put down new carpet. If the new carpet hadn't already been purchased, I would have left the hardwood uncovered. And, no, the inside has drywall. the kitchen has really nice solid oak cabinets that are probably from the 1950's. One of the few cleaning tasks I enjoy is to clean them and oil them with wood conditioner. They simply glow!

Lynn, your condo complex looks really nice. As I said, above, I should have bought a condo but, having lived in the country most of my life, I am just not comfortable having close neighbors.

Lynerd, I would love to see the cape sometime!

Well, I need to get going. I plan to do my nails today. Supper with my folks and then backyard fireworks with the little guy tonight. Enjoy the day!
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Hi everybody; no, PT, fun is not what I am having, here. I am super stressed out at work because I really have to make some decisions about what I can and cannot support when it comes to raising money for these people. I've been doing it, yes, for nearly 11 years now, and when I started with them, it seemed the perfect job for me - they seemed to utilize funding really efficiently, and with a huge percentage going to direct services. With my background in social work, and later experience in overseeing a wide variety of services - 250 employees - I know what it takes to run a program, and I know what it doesn't take. This latest round of grants are not what I feel comfortable with, and I've been raising a bit of sand with the powers that be. I don't see myself winning - there's way too much money at stake - and I'm just not entirely sure, if they pursue their plans, that I can stay on. I really want to wait until January - or, ideally, April - of next year to retire: that would provide ME with the optimum retirement income. And, on the surface, there's no reason not to. Except for my moral objections, and disgust at their greed and lack of commitment to the clients they're supposed to be serving, not to mention the line staff, who all seem to get paid as little as they can manage to pay them.
Okay, got that off my chest. I guess I've just been feeling depressed and angry, and not up to much chattiness. But, I miss my GG's, and don't want to fall by the wayside, here, while everyone moves on with their lives. I feel sad when the conversations all flow on around and over me, y'know? So, I guess I'd better just make a point of checking in more often than I've been able to.
Oh, I'll try to get outside - right now, I'm holed up with the AC running full steam because it's gray outside, and hot, and horribly humid - and get some pictures of this ole' house. Avante guard??? Hardly. We live in one side of my dd2's duplex house; we sold ours and moved here when dh retired @ 3 (I think?) years ago. Dd2 had been keeping this side empty because of a bad experience they had with some tenants several years back, and when we said we were selling ours, she prevailed upon us to move in here. And it's been fine, really, but now that I'm close to retiring, I really want a lake house, and that's what we're aiming for within the next year - hopefully before the property values start to soar too high again. Aren't we lucky....Massachusetts has just beat out California when it comes to the cost of real estate. We could buy twice the house anywhere else in the country for about half the money...woe is me. Can't move away from the kids and grandkiddos, though, and that's all there is to it.
Well, that's about all for now. I had the stitches taken out of my ear on Thursday, and it looks perfect. The biopsy came back negative, so that's a relief. I'd love to go back to that plastic surgeon and let him nip and tuck everywhere else that it's needed, but the insurance won't pay for that, more's the pity. I'm off the wagon this weekend, but not overindulging - just not counting everything - I'll be back with my careful planning and counting on Tuesday.
Glad you're doing better, Karen3, and glad you're back among us, Bobbi - I see what occupied you now, but I was getting concerned.
Later, Gators...
Happy 4th of July!
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Found the link to resize pictures and tried it first on my profile picture, not sure it worked. Now will try and upload pics of house and rig...think it worked. There is a lot of shade right in front of the house so difficult to see. The empty space where the front flag is is where the evergreen was that caused my dh's accident last year. We plan on putting another tree there...probably a flowering kind. I've enjoyed looking at all your homes.

We went to church this morning and then out to eat with friends. This afternoon I deheaded the last rhodie ..this one is in the back yard. Left a few on the top I'll get later...I got tired of a bee buzzy around me and quit. A little boy came over because he threw his football over our fence (accidentally) and his had looked and looked but couldn't find it in the vines that cover that side of our yard. I felt bad but it could be anywhere. I heard them playing again so maybe they ended up finding in their own yard afterall, don't know. We have no plans for tomorrow...just a lazy day I guess. We sometimes go to the Fort but it's such a long wait for the fireworks and I get tired. If we had family here I'm sure we would but otherwise I'm not too interested.

Zoe - Sounds like your job is very stressful...I'm so glad I'm retired! Keep your eyes on your won't be long til you're retired too. Glad your biopsy came back negative.

Rie - Sounds like you are feeling better? Do you share your chicken recipe?

Glynne - So sorry to hear about your son's troubles! Like Rie said, we hurt when they hurt.

Koala - Welcome to our group!!

Marie - Yes I really like my son's GF, unfortunately I've had my issues with his wife! I love her and yet we have our conflict too..hard to explain. And now it's very difficult with them being separated. I just try to show love to everyone involved.

Teagranny - I hope your son's let heals better this time. So sorry he had to go through this again...and bedrest is not easy for a long time! My dh at age 75 broke his femur last year (June 19) and he has done very well...I was concerned because of his age and his difficulty with being inactive...but he obeyed everything the doctor said and did the rehab and now is almost back to normal..he still has slight pain now and then, but hopefully by the end of te year he'll be all better. So tell your son to do what the doctor says and when he gets to rehab to work hard at it...both in the clinic and at home. I worked with my dh from the time he left the hospital and through rehab doing the exercises twice a day as well as the ambulation until he was able to do things on his own and even then I watched over him until I felt more comfortable with him. He was kinda tired of my hovering by the end. LOL

ETA: I see profile pic didn't work. What size do you guys use for uploading?
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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG's,

Well, I got two more of the continuing ed things done today. Had hoped to get more done, but my son was here, so didn't get to as many as I had hoped.

The rest of the family went to Galveston to the beach. Maddie sent me home some sea shells What a sweetie.

Has a kind of scary thing happen here this evening. DH was getting his supper ready ~ as I passed through to the kitchen, the oven light came on (the red one that comes on when it is pre-heating) I asked him if he wanted it turned off. He said he hadn't turned it on. Oh my ~ it had been left on for two days as best we can remember when he made some biscuits the other night. He was in the other room when they got done, the timer was buzzing and I took them out of the oven, and never thought to turn it off. He thought I had done it and he didn't do it either.

I hope I am not following in my mother's footsteps with the Alzheimers. I am hoping it is more the symptoms of a different health problem. My parathyroid is not functioning properly and memory problems (I have read) is one of the symptoms of that. I had seen a doctor last year about that because I had a nodule on my thyroid. I was being followed with periodic check ups to keep an eye on it. The doctor before was talking about surgery and I was not wanting to have it. So, the discussion didn't go any further at the time. I have since done some reading about it and come to find out ~ the surgery is a day proceedure ~ takes about 20 minutes and you go home a few hours later. The article tells how much better the people feel after they have this problem taken care of. I am kind of kicking myself now. Wish I had let the doctor explain more about it. Maybe I could have been feeling better by now.

My hesitance is that my insurance mandates that I have all proceedures done at my hospital. The place is in such an uproar now with all the layoffs and stuff, that I kind of dread having to have something done there. Makes me feel kind of sad that I don't feel more loyal to my work place.

Well, I have a few more things to do to get ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my 4th of July dessert I made. Vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries and blueberries. I feel like it was fairly healthy and it was yummy.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend.

Take care
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Gayle, your house buying story is amazing. BTW, I left our guest room off the pictures since it is my dumping ground. Currently it has guests so I moved the junk to my craft room. So you could do some selective interior pictures. And oh my gosh, I love the exterior of your house! I can see why you bought it without seeing it first. Wow!

Tea, I’m glad your son is home form the hospital. It must be a relief to have him back. It's so sad he had such a significant setback.

Rosey, Sadie is adorable. 100# of fish is about 200# too many. Good thing they’re bringing it to your house.

Donna, I don’t plan to sell. I plan to be cremated and “buried” with my doggies out back. I did tell DH I want the urn facing my pool. BTW, the images can be zipped and FTP’ed if one knows how. If not, then 4-5 images per email.

Rie, when you do your hike/fish to Mystic Lake, you’ll need to post pics of your journey. Great job on the walk! And your walk might have been a warmup for me but you’d be able bench press loads more than me. I’m a weakling in my upper half.

All of you stop trying to give Karen31’s Ginger to Hef. He needs a pig, not a dog.

Nancy, at the work situation. Most of the time, money isn’t worth making compromises. Especially ones that effect your soul.

Mary, your house looks wonderful. And your yard, so green!

Gayle, missing the oven light isn’t something I’d worry about (except if the house caught on fire). Two years ago, DD and I went to Thailand for 3 weeks. Before I left the house, I’d made a mocha. I left the espresso machine on for THREE weeks. DH never say the orange light. We all do stuff like that once in a while. I now unplug my espresso machine after I use it. That had been scary. You your dessert looks patriotic and yummy. Healthy to boot!

Koala, welcome! The wii will get to know and love you. Just keep working at it. LOL at your love of two of your favorite food groups. Chocolate and any fruit makes my heart sing. I could live on fruit and chocolate forever. Even ice cream isn’t as good but it does come a close third. Clearly I don’t need a fourth food group.

DD, DGS, DH and I went over the mountain for a bike ride. DGS is 5 and is riding without his training wheels now. DD was near panic with every wobble. He rode 3.25 miles on his own, then we hooked his bike to a trailer gaiter that basically lifts the front wheel off the ground and hooks his bike to DH’s bike. Then DH tows him while DGS pedals and holds on. After all is said and done, we went 12 miles and he pedaled on his own for 4 miles. Pretty incredible for a 5 year old.

DD routinely says we wear her out when we get together. Last year we rode 14 miles and she COMPLAINED and had to use my heating pad that night. So I shaved 2 miles off the trek today. I thought I was being nice. DGS had so much fun, we might go back over to the trail (its 150 mile round trip) on Tuesday. I told DH that I need to suggest to DD that she starts training in May for her July 6 b-day visit with us. She says we’re nuts. I say she’s lazy.


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Hello All!

I had a good day but I am tired. I had dinner with my folks and then spent the evening watching my 4yr old gs set off fireworks in the back yard. It was very sweet.

Marie, how cute is that little guy? Amazing! It is so great that you are creating all those memories with him!

Gayle, I wouldn't worry about the oven thing..... I know that it is disconcerting, but if that was an indicator of any senior dementia, I would be there already! I also understand the reluctance to get treatment in your own hospital. Even without any of the issues you mentioned, it would be uncomfortable to be a patient in front of your colleagues. Keep us posted.

Mary, chicken: 4 parts soy sauce, 1 part brown sugar, 1/2 cup finely diced garlic, 6 green onion tops chopped, sweet chili sauce to taste. Marinate chicken pieces for at least 12 hours. Grill slowly over medium coals, turning frequently. I loved the RV!

Zoe, I am so sorry about what is happening at your work. Only you can make the decision about what you should do now. The best thing about being a real social worker is that we work from our heart and soul. The hardest thing about being a real social worker is that our heart and soul are in our work. I wish I had the answer about how some agencies lose their way. Your post made me think about the importance of each of our contributions to the day. I hope that even when you don't feel like chatting, you will stop by here and visit. I can only speak for myself, but I always enjoy your posts and your special energy. I will be thinking of you.

Forgive me, I am very tired tonight. Little man is waiting for me as I promised him that he could have a "sleep over" in my bed with me tonight. I will be back tomorrow.

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Dear GGs

Thank you for your welcomes! I agree, it's fun to share experiences from around the globe. I'm enjoying hearing all about your summer - we are in the depths of winter here, and it's good to be reminded that summer isn't all that it's cracked up to be! I live about 3 hours drive from the Snowy Mountains and Mt Kosciuszko, Australia's highest mountain. So, the winter here is pretty bleak, but not nearly as extreme as some parts of the US. Our winter temperatures range from about -6 to +14C (+21-57F). We get heavy frosts, but it rarely snows. The good news is we have had some sleety rain today, which is the first rain since about April. We have just come out of a 10 year drought, so we anxiously watch the dam levels, wondering what water restrictions we might have come summer.

I think the GGs are working magic already as I've had a good day eating-wise. I made a pot of broccoli and cauliflower soup for my lunches for the week, and a chicken casserole which is enough for a couple of dinners. It goes against the grain for me to actually be organised, but organised I must be if I'm to have any hope at staying on plan. I'm busy typing this post to distract myself from mooching through the pantry to see what I can see ...

The wii and I continue to build our relationship! I did some of the balance exercises this morning. The wii confirmed my suspicion that I am not a morning person - it gave me a wii age of 67 ... that's plus 17 years, ack!! In the evening, my wii age is 41 which is much more encouraging. Even though I'm very much a beginner at yoga, the wii was happy with my performance at the various poses, so that was heartening.

Karen31 - hope you had a fun time at brother's birthday celebration. Your pool looks gorgeous.

Gayle - sorry to hear about your son's health woes, here's hoping he is on the road to recovery soon. The berries with yoghurt dessert looks delicious! I know how you feel about the oven, I've left mine on overnight - it's pretty scary, but no harm done thank goodness.

Donna - sounds like you had the perfect long weekend - lunch, as well as time to unwind and relax! Your cat looks beautiful - Siamese?

Rie - way to go on your long walk, that's a great effort. Your chicken recipe sounds yummo - I've made chicken with soy and honey but haven't tried brown sugar, will have to give it a go. I like your plans if you win big on Lotto - very nice of you to remember the GGs!

Z - what an ethical dilemma you are facing at your workplace - I hope it resolves in a way acceptable to you. Sounds like you have great plans for your retirement - fingers crossed it all happens in the best timeframe for you.

Maryrea - good to see that your DH had positive results from following the doc's instructions - having the patience to persevere at the rehab is an achievement in itself! You have such a neat well-maintained garden - I'm in awe! I have a small courtyard which defeats me

Marie - your DGS is a little champion - 4 miles self-powered, and out there with the big kids for the whole 12 miles is a massive effort! I fully understand your DD's point of view, although I appreciate it would be fantastic to be able to just up and do whatever extreme athletic feats take your fancy. Your 3 food groups are too funny - I think ice cream is in my top 3, also

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Good Morning GG's.

Happy 4th too all of you! I hope you all have fun things planned to do. I have to day off, my holiday. Not sure what i'm going to do, have to call the kids and see what's up. Worked yesterday. Another day from ****, but they all seem to be that any more. I'm getting sick of hearing myself complain. I'm with Z, counting the days. I think i have a little longer than her, 1 year, 5 months. Maybe I can save up enough sick days to take the last month off? Miss lots of days the last year?

Koala, Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you. Winter there? It was 015 degrees here Wed. highest since 1911. Yeah. I hate heat!!!! Today is much better. I think planning and organizing is a must for weight loss. At least for me. Cooking ahead of time and making sure the right kinds of food are in the house goes a long way. If you buy the groceries you can make sure that nothing you shouldn't have isn't in there. And the stuff you need is. I made a menu for a week at a time. Boring, yes, but it works. I'm sure you will work out what's best/easiest for you.

Z, Sorry for your problems at work. Isn't it amazing what some people can do and carry no guilt at all? That you are concerned is what makes you the person that you are.

Rie, Wow girl! 2 miles? I think acomplishments like that just give you so much incentive to stay on track.

Nancy, Are those Dessert Rose dishes I see on the tops of your cabinets? Love them. I collect antique glass.

Marie, Darling GS. And you're getting him off to such a good start. learning to love movement/exercise will help him be active his entire life. Love your house.

Bobbi, My garden looks just like yours! in my dreams!

Karenfl, so good to see you back and getting back to your old self.

Gayle, Don't worry, you're not getting alheizmers. You just had a senior moment. Only, i can't call them senior since i've been having them a long time. Just think of them as normal, only most people don't let you know what theirs are.

Mary, I think you are one classy chick to handle your sons seperation like you are. Getting too involved and saying things can come back and bite you if they decide to get back together. And strain a relationship with her later if they do break up. You are stuck with the DIL forever if they have children, bette it be on fairly good terms.

Donna, I agree there are pro's and con's to appartment/condo living over owning a house. My friend pays outragious ***. fees. and she just got a 10000.00 dollar bill for new roofing and spruce up fees. So, as long as I can I will enjoy living where I do.

Teagranny, I am glad that your son is doing better. Prayers for him and you. rehab, when he is able, will help him get stronger. After all this time, he will surely need it.

Rosie, Tooo cute!!! What an adorable addition to the family. Looks like he is fitting right in, with most of you any way.

Lynn, I know you are out having fun, you gadabout gal!

Everyone, enjoy the day,

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oops, see they blinked out a word. Got to watch myself!
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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Happy 4th of July

♥¯`°º·¤.¸¯`°º·¤.¸ ♥ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º° ¸.¤·º° ¤ ¸.¤·º°
~~~~~~ OF THE BRAVE ~~~~~
¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ♥♥~ ~*~*~*~~♥♥¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸ ¤ ¯`°º·¤. ¸
¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`° ¯`°º·¤. ¸ ¤ ¯`°º·¤

My husband's cousin posted this on Facebook ~ I liked what it said, so borrowed it.

Enjoying the patriotic music on the radio this morning ~ right now ~ Lee Greenwood ~ Proud to be an American. That song always brings tears to my eyes ~ they played it a lot at the time of 911.

They are not having fireworks here this year because it has been so dry.
I have set my recording machine to record the show on PBS (I think that is where it is) A Capitol Fourth. I think they have fireworks there.

Part of the oven episode that made me feel bad was my DH's reaction ~ he had this look on his face ~ like how could I be such an idiot. Grrrrr. I am torn ~ he is basically a good person, but there are some areas where he just irritates me. He needs a weekly visit from the GG's wacking brigade to keep him in line ~ LOL.
Ok, enough thinking about that ~ I will not let him ruin my good mood today.

It is sunny today ~ I think it is supposed to be another hot one. Has been in the 100's here most days lately.

I feel upbeat today ~ happy with my choices so far today. Back on track I hope. At weigh in on Saturday at Weight Watchers ~ unfortunatly ~ I found the 2 pounds I lost the week before. I must try harder to do the right things more of the time.

I have still been frustrated trying to find a way to fit some kind of exercise into this schedule of mine. I have tried all kinds of variations. For the moment I think I am going to have to split it up ~ I am aiming for two times on the treadmill (would rather do it outside, but it just too hot) 15 minutes in the morning before work and another 15 minutes after work. Did the morning part today and even though it is not much compared to the awesome exercising of some of you all, it is better than doing nothing. It is funny ~ after I have done it, I feel like ~ why do I keep avoiding it ~ it wasn't so bad. But doing it does not come naturally to me ~ I don't especially enjoy it, don't look forward to it. Have to make myself do it.

Ok, guess I'd better get off here ~ don't think my coworkers would enjoy the site of me showing up in my jammies

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Take care

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Hi Koala, welcome to the Golden Girls. Do you get American t.v. shows in Australia? A few years ago we had a sit-com about 4 older ladies living together and it was called the Golden Girls. We adopted our thread name after them as we can all related to the program. It was a hoot!I can still catch re-runs of the show here.
Rosey...cute dog, I can almost smell his puppy breath.
Nancy...I see you have one of my Dessert Rose dinner plates on display over your cubboards. If it's an older plate, it's quite valuable. (1940's) Look on the back of it and tell me what it says next time you get up there to dust.
DH was trimming tree branches yesterday while I was in town. The ladder collapses and he went tumbling down. Mary...didn't your DH do the same thing? Anyway he's going to the chiropractor with me tomorrow, I happy he didn't break a bone or two.
I hadn't planned on posting today other than wish everyone a Happy 4th . I have a load of bedding to get out on the line and 2 more loads to go in the washer.

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Good Hola, All...

Rie – I wonder if anyone would be interested in doing a FB for 3FC? I know that KarenMO is well versed in all things FB, so maybe she could set it up, if anyone’s interested?

PT/Zoe – I’m sorry things are going poorly for you. Will it get better (their attitudes and priorities?) or will it stay the same? It’s hard to be a part of a system that is inherently corrupt, if one has values… so I’m sure this is really difficult for you! Good thoughts….! I’m so glad the biopsy and the stitches and the handiwork all worked so well.

Gayle – scary thing with the oven! I have a gas stove and took a pan off the burner just before I left the house one morning. When I returned, hours later, the burner was still on! OMG, my heart starts to race just reading that! I’m sure your memory lapse is just because you’re tired! And DHs tend to look askance at any of our foibles. It's a boy thing to be condescending! Your dessert looked really yummy!

Marie – I snorted when I guffawed at your comment about Hef needing a pig, not a Ginger! You are a funny lady, and I want to MEET you! (I, however, do NOT want to ride bikes, hike, or eiuuuuuuu, ick, exercise with you!) Love the pictures of your little guy!

Rosey – how is my Sadie today?

Koala – three things: first, we have a birthday list for the group and we make a big deal out of birthdays! If you're interested, go to “forums” at the bottom of the page, find 50+, then go to the birthday list and sign up! Second, Lynn has a list of emergency contact numbers, if you want to give her yours. We worry when people are here and then… go away. Third, I can’t remember. Oh! There’s a section near the birthday lists for “favorite recipes”, if you’re interested. Yes, my SamCat is a Siamese mix, 18 years old. Siamese boy cats are the BEST, loving, smart, devoted, and perfect in every way!

Freda – I’m going to spend way too much time trying to figure out what horrid and profane things you said that got you bleeped! I saw two asterisked words… oh, my!

Ants on the counter again! I was really upset, because the AntGod was here just a few weeks ago! I’ll call them again tomorrow! I was out a 7 a.m., spraying.

Does this color combination bother anyone?

Nothing on the agenda today. Hope you all have a lovely and safe 4th!

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Good Morning Friends! Happy Fourth of July!

I am just stopping by here this morning for a quick one and to wish you all a happy holiday. Today I am going to get a few chores done to get ready for the work week.

Late this afternoon I am getting ready for a barbque with my extended family. Then before dark, we are driving out to the reservation to have a bonfire and fireworks display at my other friends. They have a large horse arena and it is always a good time. There will also be horses YAY!

Have a great day.

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Hi GGs

Just hangin out on the Fourth of July. Humid and cloudy here this am. Had a nice cookout with my sister and husband last night – today our chorale is doing a free patriotic concert in a nearby park – lots of old favorites like America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic, This Land is your Land plus some Arron Copland, and show tunes. We did it for a local Sr Citizens home on Friday and they all sang along and loved it. Great fun.

Rosie – Your new puppy is so cute! I want one too, but right now our cats would object.

Gayle – love you house pics. Love the story with it too. Actually, my sister has a friend in Houston and she just put an offer in on a cottage here on the Cape without seeing it first. They plan to come here next week and see it in person. I hope they get it, then my sister will visit more. This is an old friend of hers from summer camp 45 years ago and they are like sisters. Hope you son is better and glad you niece found a new job. BTW – I’ve left the oven on for days too! You’re fourth dessert looks yummy.

Tea – so glad your son is back home and on the mend again. Would love to see that old house of yours too.

Nancy – WOW – Your kitchen is cool. You are very artistic with your color scheme. Love the Fourth outfit too!

Marie – I like that idea of a GG get-together. I’m definitely willing to host!! Love the bike photos..looks like the rail trail we have here on the Cape. Also – he’s a cutie!

Koala – WELCOME!! I was in Australia about 5 years ago and loved it. The thing I remember is that the people were so friendly. We got lost and went into a McDonalds for directions and the person behind the counter actually came outside the restaurant to write down directions and point us in the right direction. Yes, driving on the “wrong” side of the road was a challenge to. Send some photos of your kitties. Sorry it's winter there - but summer is coming!

Bella – My husband retired from the Corning-Painted Post School district. While I worked in Rochester he worked in Corning during the week and came home on weekends. We did this for 5 years until he retired. Now we’re here together on the Cape. (Sometimes I miss that alone time, but don’t tell him!!)

Rie, Congrats on your NSV..2 miles is great.

Zoe – So sorry about the stress at your job. Just keep your eyes on the prize (retirement, that is!). Isn’t this humid cloudy weather tiresome? I know, I shouldn’t complain – we’ve also had some picture perfect weather too.

Mary – Nice house and rig photos. I can’t image driving something like that myself!

Hi Freda – Hope your fourth is relaxing after your hard time at work.

Hi Donna, Happy Fourth!!

Hi and happy Independence Day to everyone I missed. Eat well, and wisely!

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