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Good Morning Everyone,

This morning I worked with the gym trainer to build up the muscles around my knees. He gave me 3 new machine exercises at VERY low weights.

Another HOT day here today. My DD & SIL and I are supposed to look at river houses today.

Have a GREAT day,


Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
Lynn – how way cool that Tana French wrote back to you! I really liked her book that I read that I cannot remember the title (ah, thank you for your later post: the title is Faithful Place )!! I’ll get more of hers. Have you read anything by Elizabeth George? I just read one of hers and liked it very much; I think it would be up your alley, too. I found your comment about not enjoying Lisa Scottoline’s book interesting… I do NOT like her writing! I think it’s inane and completely not worth spending a nickel to buy.

Lyn – you’re right in the good company! You, MKaren, Marie, and Lynn are our ExerciseQueens! I curtsy to you (but stiffly, because I’m NOT an ExerciseQueen!).
Hi Donna,

I was surprised, impressed, and excited to get the email from Tana French. I just left a note on her webpage that I loved her writing – NEVER expected her to get back to me.

Yes, I LOVE Elizabeth George. I think I’ve read all of her mysteries, but it’s been long enough that I wouldn’t mind reading them again.

I have to admit that I have become addicted to exercising. I knew it when one afternoon I got upset at a someone and ran out to the gym – never even thought about eating anything!

Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Okay. Tuesday, Day 2 of my 47-day campaign. (Oh, PT – as unrealistic as it may be, I’m going to aim for a 20 pound loss…and get just as close as I can to that number.) Day 1 went very well; I came in under 1,000 calories – something around 900 actually, and ate very well, wasn’t at all hungry. Now, my (eating) plan is to alternate calorie days – similar to the “Wendie” plan whose rationale is that the reason we dieters get into non-losing mode after a few weeks or so of good losses is because our bodies adjust to the lower caloric intake by slowing down our metabolism to avoid starvation. SO, to keep that from happening, the “Wendie” plan says that we should *fool* our bodies into maintaining high metabolic rates by eating more calories on some days and less on others. The higher calorie days help to keep our metabolism in high gear so that we’re really taking advantage of those lower calorie days. Not that the high calorie days are super-high; just higher than the low-calorie days, ie.; under 1,000 calories on the low-cal days and maybe 1400 calories on the high day. Enough about me.

Some of you have asked how you could help me on this serious effort to look ultra-good at ds’s wedding…..and I have to say that you are ALREADY helping! Just reading the posts every day and getting the occasional “attagirl” is just what I need – so THANKYOU, GGsZ
Hi Zoe,

Stick to the plan you described and you will hit your goal! One suggestion – on both types of days, be sure to eat something (preferably something with fat) every 3 hours (I use part-skim cheese sticks or some nuts). This keeps your metabolism going all day.

You ALWAYS look “ultra-good.” You are one classy, regal, confident woman. Every photo you post is BEAUTIFUL! NO worries about the wedding.

Originally Posted by Marie View Post
Koala, I'm a make everything from scratch as well. I have severe peanut and soy allergies (a few others but not like those two) and it is amazing how many food processors make their stuff around those two. I make my own bread, my own pasta, marinara, pretty much everything. If it's semi-easy to make it, I make it.
Lynn, great job on the brisk 6 mile walk. That's great. Will fast walking get you the times you need?
Donna, I don't like Lisa Scottoline's writing either. I thought there was something wrong with me for not liking it. I'm listening to Lisa Gardner's DD Warren series and I've enjoyed them. I've listened to 1,2, and 5. Currently listening to #3.
Hi Marie,

It must be REALLY hard to lose weight when you must make all your food from scratch. I depend HEAVILY on pre-made foods. I know I should do more of my own cooking/baking, but I’m in one of my “avoid-the-kitchen-as-much-as-possible” stages.

If I can get my average walking speed to 4 mph, I should be OK. I am now doing an avg of 3.6 mph with significant portions at 3.8 mph. With almost 2 months to go, I think I can get there.

I don’t think I have ever read any Lisa Gardner books. I will check her out.

Originally Posted by Karen3 View Post
Had the sonagram yesterday and this tech was rough and my chest hurt afterwards. Am getting better, just slower than I want.
Hi Karen,

I get sonograms for carotid artery problems, thyroid problems, and cysts on my ovaries. Sometimes I end up with black and blues. I am SO HAPPY to hear you are feeling better. A suggestion – keep a little journal of how you feel each day. It will help you to see the progress.

Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
i have exciting news to share i did it -101# i can move my ticker, thankyou everyone for your encouragement couldnt do it with out yah rosey
Hi Rosey,


Originally Posted by Nancyoyo View Post
Before I forget, Lynn I’ve been wanting to thank you for your suggestion of eating at Panera Bread. We do have one near here, & now you’ve convinced me to try it. It sounds so good I might not be able to wait until our next “mother/daughters lunch” - that’s 3 weeks away! I’m constantly amazed at how much walking (& running) you do! Sorry it’s so rough on your knee. NCNancy
Hi Nancy,

Just one warning – they have a bunch of great-looking pastries as you first enter their restaurants. They are NOT worth the calories. I have a “frequent eater” card & sometimes I get a free pastry. Any time I have tried any of their pastries, I did NOT like them – definitely NOT worth the calories. However, I LOVE their salads and whole grain baguettes.

Originally Posted by Riemontana View Post
Well, I would like to report on my dr appointment today. In september last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesteral, and questionable kidney issues. (my kidneys were spilling massive amounts of protein.) Today, BP = 110/70, A1c 5.0 = not even "prediabetic" reading, cholesteral 165, and my kidneys are no longer giving abnormal readings. My doctor did an actual happy dance in the office. Seriously, he did this: I was really happy. He called me his "incredible shrinking patient" and wanted to talk to me about fishing. LOL Rie
Hi Rie,

What GREAT news! I have been working with my doctors to cut back on all my meds since I lost the weight. I just did an experiment with my diabetes meds and found out that if I cut out carbs totally, I could cut my diabetes meds in half and still keep my blood sugar numbers good. However, with eating carbs, I still need the meds. I really am not ready to cut out all carbs.

Isn’t it nice to have scientific proof of the progress you’ve made?

Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post
Marie-- have you checked out Petsmart---they have "pet motels" where the pets have their own rooms with TV, their own yards, and even a Skype phone that you can call and see how they are doing and talk to them. Some of them are really pretty nice. I have never left mine there because they are small enough I sneak them in to motels or we have the rv to keep them in. Even when we went to Branson I took their crates and when we left them in the room at the motel to go to eat or to the shows we put them inside them.
Hi Karen,

Your post made me think about Asheville. I have never been to a city that was as pet-friendly as Asheville. They have hotels that welcome pets and they even had a drive-in “pet-wash.” Outside of most stores, they have pet water dishes.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
I had my breakfast mini-meal as soon as I got up as I knew I wouldn't be eating for at least two hours. Then at the brunch I think I did pretty well considering it was a restaurant...I had a small salad (2 t. Ranch dressing only) and I ordered a bowl of tomato basil soup and only ate about 1/2. Easy to limit myself as I didn't care for the soup that much. I did have a couple crackers which was against my rules but since I didn't care for the soup, that was my consolation. !
Hi Mary,

I do the same thing – eat something small when I know that I will have to wait for a meal out. You did GREAT keeping your calories low at the brunch. What about protein? I always try to get some protein to ward off hunger later on.

Originally Posted by Koala View Post
Lynn - you continue to amaze me with your feats of endurance - 6 miles WOW I agree this group is very sharing and heartfelt, it's such a special group Too true - it's the difficult books that stay with you - have you read "We need to talk about Kevin"? Everyone in bookclub still shudders when they think about that book, but it provoked the best discussion. Thanks for the info on B&N (I'm guessing Barnes & Noble?) and Amazon.
Hi Koala,

Thank you for the book recommendation – I will get on my Nook today. Yes – B&N is Barnes & Noble.
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quicky......not my quote I gave the name after I "----" by William Gibson k3
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Two down, 45 days to go! So far, so good! And Koala, I need all the buddies I can get, so you betcha you’re one! Yesterday was a VERY low calorie day insofar as I couldn’t fit lunch in, and didn’t miss it one bit. I had to leave my office for a meeting in Cambridge, MA – about 20 miles away – and my colleague, Jack, whom I’ve been working with for 10 years, now, said he knew a place we could park for like $2 an hour, which is unheard of in the Boston area. Usually you’re looking at $30 an hour. Doesn’t really matter, since we get our mileage & parking and such reimbursed, but even so, it seems prudent to not be such consumers, right? Well, we walked from the parking garage to our meeting – about ten blocks, and it was HOT – and then, following the meeting, ten blocks back to the garage in about 85 degrees of heat and super-high humidity. Ack. But that’s not the best part. The BEST part is that when we got bacl to the garage, I noticed a sign that said your parking ticket HAD TO BE validated at the MIT parking office (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) but there was no parking office where we were, and no indication of where it might be. SO, we did a LOT MORE walking (and sweating) looking for the stupid parking office. After going round and round – oh, at LEAST 20 blocks more by the time we found it – we asked a maintenance person whom we saw walking towards us where the parking office was, and he said, “Right up around that corner…” pointing in the one direction we hadn’t gone in. So, I figured that I’d gotten my walking in for the day, and didn’t bother going last night. As for eating, I had my usual cup of Fiber One cereal, half a cup of skim milk, and half a cup of blueberries and half a cup of strawberries for breakfast, no lunch, and for supper, a cup and a half of canned mixed greens that I recently discovered and LOVE., with about 4 oz. of turkey kielbasa browned and then added to the greens. Plus, shared one of our big, farmstand tomatoes with dh and ate one of those small, sandwich-sized pita breads. Altogether, just a little over 700 calories for the day, but not feeling any hunger, so that’s okay. I’m figuring to do a higher calorie day on Thursday, but for today, dh is going back out to the farmstand while I’m at work, so I think we’ll be having the same supper as Monday. Good thing dh goes along with my various dieting strategies, eh? I sure wouldn’t want to have to cook separate meals for him and me!
Lynn, six miles! You are absolutely amazing – so are you, Marie (and about covering those high calorie days for me, with all that exercise, I’m figuring you could eat for three or four of us without gaining an ounce!) – and I know others of us get in quite a bit of exercise as well, but you two really push yourselves. I stand (sit, actually) in awe because no matter how much I manage to exercise, I know perfectly well I’ll never reach those levels in this lifetime.
And Lyn…you’re really getting out there and moving, too. And of course we know that Freda always exercises, and KarenMo does the Wii, and Rie/Val keeps moving (Congrats, by the way, on turning your health completely around, Rie/Val. That took some serious commitment on your part. And, on top of being healthier, you LOOK amazing! ) Okay, I know others are exercising – Bobbi’s life sounds like one constant work out – and by now, it’s sunken into this pea brain of mine that I MUST do it, so, hopefully, I’ll have at least some small progress to report over the next month and a half.
Rosey! What a milestone! Congrats!
Mary, you are SO right about being just as satisfied with less! Maybe you and I are finally on the right tracks for ourselves. Let’s hope so!
Nancy, I am SO happy to hear that you’re feeling better! It’s easier to manage a few “down days” than it is to deal with weeks, or even months of depression. But never hesitate to check in with us here, whether it’s a down or an up day – it’s good just having you be one of us.
KarenFL, I am really, really happy that you’re making recovery progress. Just please keep checking in, okay? We were so worried about you.
Glad you had a relaxing evening for a change, Gayle…tonight must be your last for the week at work, right? Do NOT…I repeat….do NOT stay late! Go home and unwind. Just makes you feel all-around better.
When do you start the new job, PT? I’m looking forward to some reports.
Okay. Thaaassss’ all, folks…have a great Wednesday y’all!
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Want to feel better
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LOL ~ Zoe ~ I will tell them I can't stay because Zoe said so
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Good Morning girls,

It looks like it might be cooler today. Haven't seen the weather yet, but the sky is overcast. After the heat we've been having, any break is good. Went to DGS's baseball game yesterday, at 8pm. About half way throught the game we lost power. I'm not sure if it was problems with the lines or a brown out. It was so hot.

Rie, WOW! You rock!!! And you've got a pretty good Doctor there too.So nice to know that a lot of really major health problems can be eliminated, or at least lessened, with diet and exercise. A lot of us really do "dig our grave with a fork". And brag all you want. You deserve to!

Gayle, I'm crossing my fingers (and my eyes) that you get out of work early tonight. And I agree with you. I feel lucky to still have my job, as bad as work is here.

Nancy, I'm glad you're feeling better. You sound more like your old self.

Koala, I am an emotional eater too. And I wish I wasn't also. My DH is. He can get upset about something and lose 5 lb. I grab a bag of chips.

Mary, We all have to work out our own eating plan, and sounds like you found one suited to you. Yeah!! Sometimes it comes through much trial and error.

Z, Your eating plan sounds like a winner too. And You are a strong woman, you can do anything you set your mind to. You will be a knockout at that wedding. That X of yours is going to be thinking "I let THAT get away". And you can just smirk and avoid the heck out of him! Your dinner sounds wonderful.

Karen, Are you already planning a trip to break in that new trailer?

Lynn, I hope the exercises for the knee helps. That is what rehab is all about.

Lyn, I'm not sure why people with depession stop taking their medications, but they do. they are the ones we see over and over. You wouldn't stop taking a blood pressure medication because your BP was under control, but they seem to think that since they are doing ok, it's ok to stop the meds.

Lots to do today, better go start doing some of it, Make it a good day,


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Good Morning GGs,
Here’s a thought I had last week, when I was unable to bring myself to even go on line & talk to you GGs (a sure sign that something was wrong with me!). While lying awake in bed at 2:30AM, determined to go back to sleep for that last hour & a half before the alarm went off (do y’all do that?), I started thinking about the discussions we’d had about “losing” weight having the implication of “finding” it again. And, Zoe seems to be disturbed by the idea of “releasing” it, because then she worries about the “poor little abandoned pounds” (she’s kinder than me, I see them as EVIL! & don‘t worry about them at all!). So, I thought “Hey, this is the computer age, & what do we do with things that are unnecessary & that we don’t want? We delete them! And, aren’t things that are permanently deleted pretty much gone forever?!” So, from now on I’m saying “Good-bye unwanted pounds! Delete! Delete! Delete!” What do y’all think?

Ok, got up from my nap because I remembered this & had to “share”! Now it’s back to bed to see if I can catch a couple more hours of sleep. Later!
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Way to go Rie!!!!!!

Love the victories - all of you GG's keep me going

( I on the other hand am on the 6th week of my plateau...sigh)

Have a great day Ladies!
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[COLOR Hello All!

Happy Hump Day!

I was up early this morning and felt good so I took advantage with a 2 mile walk. It was crisp and lovely out there. We are just the "movingest" group, aren't we?

Lynn, I think that the rehab for the knee will be really helpful. And wow, 4mph?! amazing. I am proud of my measly 3mph. Keep going!

Rosey, are you still basking in your glory? It is so wonderful. I think it is important, though, that we are proud of you but we cherish your sunny nature and kind heart.

Nancy, I am gonna press that delete button for all that I am worth! Too funny

Freda, I sincerely hope that you get some relief from the heat. I am a real baby about the heat.

Gayle, you tell em because Zoe AND Rie said so.!

Zoe, good for you. That boot camp sounds really tough! I am proud of you. Forgive one little worry - make sure that you mix some high days in with the low. Don't want your metabolism to shut down. Maybe a low cal/carb bar slipped into your purse?

Karen3. Yup, I know that you attibuted the quote. I still love it. Nice to see you here.

Koala, OMG I love you! "flat out like a lizard drinking"? I know exactly how that feels/sounds. Yes, I believe in your ability to grow your own herbs.

Mary, hang in there. It is so hard to give up using food to cope! I have worked with lots of people who have substance addictions. It is so hard for them to say goodbye to the substance because they feel like they lose their "friend" and the ability to cope with feelings. The only thing I know is that it MUST be replaced with something else. It is not a matter of simply stopping..... You will get there. You are already more healthy thanyou were.

Marie, I like the idea of some kind of doggy day care while you are on vaca. Many places have specialty care boarding. That might be the best idea. And, thanks for your kindness and support.

Karen31. The life and times of Mustang Karen! What's on the agenda for this week? LOL.

Soooo funny question for the day: When I am walking, if I hold in my stomach, is that good form or vanity? I know it takes effort and concentration. Personally, I think I just need to get some new, well fitting spandex pants to keep everything where it belongs. Jiggling is only cute on Jello!

OK, I am headed out to face the day. Take care!

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Good Morning, All…
What a newsy bunch everyone was yesterday!

PT/Zoe – that goal is very extreme for such a short period of time! Please be mindful and get enough fuel to keep you going! The new in-laws would probably look askance if you passed out on your way down the aisle. Speaking of which, but not at all… what did you decide about an outfit? We need to see pictures before we approve it, you know! Your mother’s “get ahold of yourself!” is so much akin to my mother’s “oh, don’t be ridiculous!”… one more piece of our PT puzzle!

Marie – I’m thinking that I’m going to invest in a cheapie laptop, if I can figure out the technicalities. I know, I know… even stupid people use computers, so I should be able to cope without panicking about it all! I continue to find more residual problems PostVirus (for instance, I can’t do Windows Update. The Security System is down, and it doesn’t care how many times I reset the parameters). It just makes me think I’m biding my time before it blows up in my face. And this is an enclosed system, no tower… and there aren’t any installation CDs. It’s all internal, I’m told. I think I’ll call my NewDehliDarling and ask some really stupid questions. Or maybe I’ll PM you with some really stupid questions?

KarenFL – I don’t think I’m at all impressed with the quality of health care workers in your area! They seem to be cold fish, uncaring, and lacking even the basic patient-directed niceties! Hope your chest has quit hurting from the sonogram… and glad your PCP seems to be doing a better job for you! And you initially gave credit where credit was due for that quote… no problem!

Rosey – congratulations!! I am so proud of you!!!

Nancy – don’t feel like a “fraud” for feeling better. That’s one of the insidious joys of borderline depression, I think… you feel better when you least expect it, and then you feel like caca again! I was very fascinated by your thoughts about being too anal to do anything really bad to yourself; that idea of having to plan where (so no one is inconvenienced) and how (so no one is inconvenienced) and why (because you’re just being ridiculous), and when (so no one is inconvenienced) is just too exhausting. And then it gets funny. And then you feel better… As to those unwanted deleted pounds? Still on your hard drive, I’m afraid… (sorry!!)

Rie – so glad your doc appointment went well! I was wondering, too, if Marie could have a dog-friendly trip? Or she could have another staycation and just SAY she’d gone to someplace exotic! Holding in your stomach when you walk should provide some resistance, which is a good thing, yes? Did Sean get home?

MKaren – have fun with the new 5th wheel! Can you haul that with your new Mustang? I’ve never heard of pet motels from PetsMart. What a cool idea!

Mary – I think you’ll like Tana French’s books. The one I read is “Faithful Place”… very good!

Gayle – your work situation sounds bad… and not improving anytime soon. How long until you can retire? Also, the GoldenGirlsSmackers are available to solve not only boy problems but also work problems. Just let us know when and where!

Lynn – you mentioned carotid artery problems… do you have pluggage? The reason for Granny/Mom’s appointment today with the vascular surgeon is because she’s 75% blocked on one side and 95% blocked on the other. Asheville sounds like a lovely city… any place that is that pet friends is lovely! It may have to be featured on FB one of these day! I checked out the PetHotels site after MKaren mentioned it (my friend asked me to take her still-piddling, rotten Yorkie for a week! SamCat would be most put out! The PetHotel would be a fine alternative!).

KoalaLou – always good to hear from you!! TeaGranny – ditto. And HOW IS YOUR SON???

Gotta get rolling. I’m picking up Granny/Mom in an hour or so! Everyone, have a lovely day!

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Way to go, Rosie! I'm so happy for your weight loss.
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Good morning! It's been a busy morning, haven't gotten much done at home. Went to the gym for our stretch class followed by the usual machine workout. I tried to increase the difficulty on the stationery bike, but I got it as high as 15 and it actually seemed to be easier after about 5!! Even 5 wasn't very hard. So I'm thinking there is something wrong with the machine! LOL Next time I'm trying a different bike. On the treadmill I set it for 4 and on this particular treadmill it was a little too fast for me...I guess the machines really vary as I had one on 4 last time and it was fine. So anyway today I set it back to 3.5 and did 15 min. Then did my three weight machines. The weight machines get my heart pumping more than the bike or treadmill although the treadmill does sometimes now that I'm setting it higher. We came home but left soon after to go to Costco for some cleaning supplies and gas. So far I've done well on my eating plan. Breakfast was 1/2 can Slim-Fast, snack was 1 cup Ideal Chocolate Milk. And now it is almost time for lunch and I'm hungry!

Rie - I think it's a good thing to hold in one's tummy all the time and esp when exercising. Good to train the muscles. With me you can hardly tell I'm doing it but then that's another story! Had to laugh today (I'm glad I can laugh at myself!)...I overheard a woman at the gym talking about how cute the little girls look with their skirts because the front is under their belly and the back is higher...and I thought, mine are the same way!! They tend to roll down! Even when skinny I had a big belly so think I always only hope is to tone my muscles as I lose weight I guess. At least I'll look better and fit my clothes better I would think.

Zoe - Sound like you are off to a good start, Zoe! If I totally stick to this eating plan, some days I actually have a hard time getting 800 cal a day! When I am lower than 800 though I usually purposely eat a little more to get it up to at least 800. Most days I'm between 800 and 1000. I've always been taught to never go below 1000 but Medifast says for this particular diabetic plan it is 800-1000, and I remember my doctor once told me I could go on a 1000 cal plan. At the time I refused it as too little, didn't think I could do it. I'm not about to stay this low calorie for very long, I've already overindulged twice (after a week OP) but do hope to keep that to no more than once a week or not all, and I do try to get at least 800/day and I seem to just naturally flucuate from 800-1000. I hope that is sufficient to prevent my metabolism from dropping too is already pretty low I think. Perhaps my exercise will help too?

Lynn - That's great that when you got upset you thought of exercise instead of food!

Freda - I don't know if this is why people stop there anti-depressants but when I had my previous hernia (and didn't know it), I had a lot of back pain at night. The doctor I was seeing thought I had Fibromyalgia and prescribed Elavil which is an antidepressant. I couldn't tell any difference in my mood but it caused a terrible dry mouth! It was miserable ...I did all the usual things to remedy it but it was still awful esp as I had to lead meetings at the time. I wanted to stop the medicine because of that. Also later I found out that the drug had also caused my BP to go up. Before that I never had high BP. I only found that out when I went in for the hernia surgery. I was still taking the med as it did help my back pain. And some psycho-active drugs make people feel like zombies but don't think think those are the usual antidepressants...more like anti-psychotics or something.

Lynn - On this eating plan, I get protein from milk products and eggs mostly during the day. At dinner though I do eat 5-7 oz of meat, fish or beans and I try to have this with three servings of low-glycemic vegetables. I mix it up a bit though and sometimes have a little meat/fish/beans during the day. I miss fruit the most as I don't get much these days. I slip a little in though now and then with cereal or yogurt and as I said, yesterday I was TOO tempted by the cherries! ETA Oh and Lynn I also eat a little beef vegetable or chicken noodle soup and a little chili now and then so I think I get quite a bit of protein.

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Hey Everyone,
Seems to be a lot of reason for “happy dancing” amongst the GGs lately! Rosey, with over 100 pounds “deleted”! Rie, with that great dr. appt. & feeling good! KarenFL, a visit from DS & DGD, & switching drs. & getting better! Zoe & Koala getting off to great starts on “boot camp”! Lynn, sounds like DD & SIL might be moving close to you, instead of FL?! KarenMO, a new red mustang & RV! Bobbi, getting some relief from those headaches! Gayle, day off coming up, a sunny day & AC! Freda, maybe cooler weather?! I’m sure we’ve all got something to “happy dance” about. I know I’m feeling much happier these last few days! We need to celebrate! Anybody know how to throw an online party?

Maureen, maybe a party will cheer you up? That is a long plateau. Maybe you can join “boot camp” with Zoe & Koala?

Donna, you're raining on my parade!!! (Not to mention spoiling my party plans!) I was afraid there was a catch to that deletion thing! Darn! And I do know my good mood might not last (but I'm going to enjoy it while I can!). We've got to do something about that negative thinking! Maybe you're just worried about your mom? That is a lot to have to deal with - hugs! Still, try to think of something to "party" about? I'm sure you can think of lots!

Yikes! Look at the time!! Gotta go. Lots to do!
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KarenFL, I'm so glad you're getting better, even if it slower than you want. We have minds and desires of youngsters but the body doesn't heal the same as it did years ago, does it? Patience you'll be swimming and playing soon. And having just read Nancy's post, what book is your son's? I missed that.

Rosey, CONGRATS on the loss. You are an inspiration! We're all doing the happy dance with you and we're burning calories from putting so much effort into our celebration! You know what's most impressive to me? That you have loads and tons of company and events and you keep on course. I wish I had your perseverance.

Nancy, happy dance DSD is leaving earlier than expected. It will hopefully help permanently. And yes, yes, yes on the suicide procedure. Way too much work and worry. I love that you thought that too.

Rie, your doctor sounds precious!!! Wow your journey is so impressive. Ten months later you are a changed woman - a healthy woman. how cool is that?

Mustang Karen, I love the comparison to traveling with your puppies to having a diaper bag. One of my doggies, Kodiak, is a horrendous traveler and I'd have to medicate him and my DH to bring him further than the vet. He howls at full throttle the entire trip. We brought him to Reno and even sedated, he was horrible. DH pulled the vehicle over after 60 miles and got out. I didn't think he'd get back in. Truly it was sort of funny but Kody and DH are not best friends. He's my boyyo. He would also cause problems kenneling. I call him my jacka$$. Actually we had a temp custodian a couple years back that wasn't a bright watt bulb. She was cooing over his pictures and I said, "Yeah, but he was crossed with a jackas$$" and she looked at me in horror and said, "How did they do that?" OMG did I laugh once she left my office? (I did explain I was joking). And I've re-told the story often. I still laugh remembering it. Kodiak has been a problem boy from day one. But do I love him? You bet - I'd do anything for him. He's my lifeguard when I swim alone. He's terrified of water but paces back and forth down the pool. DH has said that if he were drowning, Kody would put his paw on his head and hold him under. Truly, DH and Kody are not best buds. Wow did I get off topic on that one.

Mary. "The funny thing is that I'm really not any hungrier (or any less satisfied) when I do limit myself to a small amount as when I pig out! And yet I will get to thinking I am so deprived (poor me!) and think I am so hungry that I just have to eat." I read this and was like, this is so me. And when I'm good, I feel righteous (for lack of a better words) and so good about myself. Thank you for writing this because I will have this tattooed across my brain.

Koala, I read "no wii, too shattered" - I thought you'd flung the thing across the room after it ages you two decades in a day. The image I'd formed was quite entertaining. I told DH that I'm thinking of not renewing our Costco membership and he was aghast. Then I listed my reasons (that were discussed here and he saw the light). I did say I'd buy another one if they follow through on their plans to build in our town. With our economy, it was put on hold. They build, I will join again.

Gayle, my mantra lately is "I'm thankful I have a job" no matter how I'd enjoy being at home everyday. I so need to win the lotto but in the meantime, you and I will chant our mantras over and over again.

Lynn, I had to work with a PT to reduce my dependency on my knee brace. Same idea as yours - strengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility of the ligaments and tendons. Mostly it helped tremendously. I only use the brace for walking/hiking with the dogs and all my other activities are brace-free. I hope you have the same success. Also, I found it's easier to lose weight making everything from scratch because I control what I put in the recipes. It's amazing how everything we all do is different but how it works for us individually. I think that's the real key to weight loss success - finding out what works for you and 3FC is so great because we share what works for us then we can take bits and pieces of what everyone says. It's such an incredible source of information. And that's not even touching on the support system.

Zoe, you are the goddess - I'm proud of you for walking in the heat and humidity to save parking dollars for someone else (I'm assuming your non-profit). Add to saving the dollars, you had a sauna bath and exercise day all rolled into one. Great job! And, unfortunately, I have a metabolism that is totally non-existent without exercise so I gain without watching every morsel.

Whoa Freda, I love it!!!! Dig our grave with a fork. Another tattoo for me. I'm gonna be covered with them with all the gems lately. I love that because I swear my food obsession will be my doom. And I can answer why I stopped all my mental health meds - I didn't have feelings good or bad. I was in the middle. I'd been a yo-yo but I was no longer joyful or no longer sad. I was existing. I so vividly remember as the meds were leaving my system, I was driving my yellow Jeep without the top and the wind was whipping around me, the sun was shining and I was going around a curve. I had the CD blasting and Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today" started. I heard the music. I mean, I really heard it and was bouncing happily in my seat. I heard the guitars, the percussion and voices. It was awesome. It was at that exact moment that I knew it was better for me to have feelings and I'd never go back on meds again. That said about 4-5 years ago, I've since calmed my never to perhaps if I needed. If I was depressed and in the place where I thought driving off a cliff would be all right, I'd say yes to them again. But I'm not in that place and if I never am again, I will never take them again. The meds have their place and are a godsend. But I don't equate the drugs with BP meds because there is no clear line of diagnostic of where they are indicated and when their not (like there is with BP). Only the patient knows if they are truly indicated. Now I shall leap off my monologue.

Rie's question: If you hold in your stomach, you are creating a muscle girdle for your core, especially your back. I have been told holding your stomach in, standing straight is the proper form for walking. Me, I'm a slouch and have never tried holding my tummy in as that takes core muscles I've yet to develop.

Donna, ask techie questions away. From your descriptions, you're computer is still infected since updates and downloads don't work. Viruses make computers unable to perform security functions so that they can't remove the virus. Basically they hijack your ability to have protection.

Mary, yes, zombie-like would be sort of what I felt like on my meds but I didn't realizie it.

Update on the SF 50th b-day rollercoaster vacation party whereas it pertains to dogs. I spoke with my animal behaviorist (literally she has a bachelors in animal behavior). Anyway, we worked out a plan for the doggies. She'll come to my house 2X daily and if her pelvic injury permits, walks the dogs. I said they were ok without a walk for 2 days but she says she'll try. Anyway, she's going to bring two treat doggie balls for Kai and Blizzie for during the day so that Kai self treats herself and hopefully that will help with the blood sugar during the day. She'll feed them early in the morning and late in the evening. During the day, Kai and Bliz will be separated from the food hordes named Sasha and Kody so that Kai can self-treat without the food hordes stealing it. Then I'm going to ask a neighbor to throw a couple treats over the fence during the afternoon. I spoke with our vet and we're changing Kai's food to a prescription food so that it helps maintain her blood sugar levels better than her current food. Hopefully Kai will make it the two days without seizures. My animal behaviorist and I talked about kenneling (individual room type) and it won't work because they don't feed 24/7. Overnight is Kai's problem with having seizures in the morning. So I think we're good. My DS said he'd drive out both days if needed to get her some food. He can be a sweetie.

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Alrighty - something in the general vicinity of 1,000 calories today. Would've been 1,020, but I'm deducting 20 because I couldn't finish my corn & beans at supper. Could probably deduct more than that, but I'm playing things safe this time around, and over, rather than under-estimating. All fresh veggies from the farmstand - dh went today while I was at work. I'm posting a pic because I thought the plate looked so pretty. I actually did eat my lunch today - 3 eggplant "meatballs", a little sandwich-sized pita, 15 kettle-cooked russet potato chips, and about 30 seedless red grapes. Same breakfast as always. 3 days down, 44 to go. So far, so okay.
Marie, after all that walking and sweating yesterday..well, I survived it, didn't I? I guess it's about time I gave myself a slap aside the head and stopped equating exercise with demonic possession or something. I can do it. I'm GOING to do it. Just not today, tomorrow, or Friday. Temps are supposed to soar up to nearly 100 degrees, with high humidity so that it will FEEL like over 100. No need to go out there and collapse, I'm thinking. I suppose I could pull out the Wii Fit, but y'know, I just really don't like it at all. When Koala said hers (?) was too "shattered", I was thinking, "WAY TO GO!!!!" Throw the bloody thing out the window! Speaking of which (whom?) how did it go today, Koala? If we're buddies, we'd better keep track of each other!
Nancy, I think I might possibly be able to live with "deleted" pounds. I never give a second thought to anything I delete, so that could potentially cure me of empathizing with the poor little wretches. Thanks for the imagery. I'm liking it!
Mary, 800 - 1000 is pretty low, and could, of course, slow down our metabolisms. That's why I'm going to try for a couple of higher calorie days. Yeah. And exercise, too. Interesting, though, how we're satisfied with less food, isn't it?
PT, I'm still very undecided about my outfit for the wedding, but I don't guess it'll be the one I posted. My daughters had quite a talk with me at the wedding shower, and told me in no uncertain terms that I'd better not wear anything baggy to the wedding, that I have a great figure (Oh, riiiiight!) and need something more form-fitting. Well, if I can get this 20 pounds off, I'll maybe think about it. Otherwise, it'll be Lagenlook all the way. I am intending to get this weight off, though, so maybe I'll be posting a picture of me in something, God forbid, clingy.
Hah! That's right, Rie/Val.......Gayle, you just tell them that the great Rie/Val and Zoë said you cannot work over your shift! Can. Not. (Surely that will do the trick?)
Freda, m'love. that X of mine thinks about nobody but himself, trust me. Mister Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I could go to that wedding with plastic surgery to make myself look like Angelina Jolie, and he would only be thinking about how good HE (thinks he) looks in his $800 suit. Pish tush.
Okay, I think I said hi to everybody this morning, so I'm going to get my book and lie in my nice AC'd bedroom and read myself to sleep.
Enjoy the evening..
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Hello All!

Today was a pretty good day. A little sad that it was confirmed that son's new job won't allow him the time off to do our vacation. They offered the job to him two weeks ago, have dinked around, and now he starts Friday. Of course, they are too "short handed". Oh well. I am still gonna take the little guy. The most important thing is that the two little cousins get to vaca together.

So, Sean is ok. He is tired, and still a little dehydrated but otherwise he is good. One of the other dancers (younger than him) had a heart attack. He survived but it was bad. Another young female dancer went into shock. They believe that these things happened because a couple of the younger dancers snuck off to drink water. Apparently, the belief is that this removes the protection of the spirits from the dancers. Temperatures reached 112 on saturday where they were. Thanks for all your support.

I also have news: When I was at the dr yesterday, I did my monthly weigh in. I am happy to report that my ticker is down 6 more pounds. I weigh less than I did when I got married at the age of 18. Of course, I was a pudge at the time. Anyway, I am grateful and really excited. I didn't say anything yesterday - I wanted our Rosey to have the spotlight yesterday because losing 100 lbs is so amazing.

Anyway. This group is so great. I want to thank you all for including me.

I am tired tonight and I have some more work to do so I will skip evening personals. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening.

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