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Hi Everyone ! Just a quick "pop-in" to see how everyone is doing. I still have my g.daughter staying with me so I don't get to the computer as much. I love having her here though. She's staying here as she is working in the area & she won't have to "Motel"; she works in a lab for a paving company. And this is the road construction season in BC! Just want you all to know that I'm thinking of you.........ttyl Boy do I need this BFN
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Hi everyone. love your stories about your mates. i met my dh in junior college. i was at afreshmen get to know u dance and he came up and asked for a dance from anyone in our group. my slutty friend jumped up and latched on and i was dissappointed to say the least. anyways i made up my mind to get to know him and i did. instant attraction! we dated for 2 yrs and married in 1969, we had our ups and downs thru the years but always where loving to each other and becuz we are exact oppsites we get along great. now as we are aging i cant imagine my life without him even tho at times id like to bean him in the headlites. we are as comfortable as an old pair of slippers lol. ive been really busy with puppies and kids. besides trying to house break 2 dogs i have my nieces girls for the next week they are 6 and 8 and really sweet niece has custody of them when her brother died in a car accident 2 yrs ago. the girls mother has emotional and alcohol and drug problems and is in and out of jail. Terri took the girls to give them a stable life and shes doing awsome with them.the girls have adjusted well inspite of being abused when younger. they are thriving. Karenfl im sry you are feeling poorly still. it takes longer at out age to heal take care of yourself well ive got 2 little bored girls right now that want a project hmm paper, glue sticks markers,stickers and felt tip markers should do the trick have a stress free evening everyone rosey

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More pics of my nieces and Gizmo
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Hello GGs

I've managed to clamber back on to the wagon - thanks to the GGs leaning out to give me a helping hand I managed to be too busy at work to head down to the cafeteria when the urge struck for a little something sweet. I have a legendary sweet tooth - it's my greatest downfall. The wii and I continue our Stockholm Syndrome relationship, but I persevere. All this talk about "dumplins" reminded me of meals from my childhood - every now and then Mum would make stew with dumplings - ick, yuck, I never liked stew and the stew flavour went through the dumplings, bleah Even more rarely (we weren't a dessert family!) Mum would make dumplings with golden syrup - they were seriously yummy!! Pure stodge, but so good

Karen3 - sorry to hear the post-surgery blues have struck. I'm not a medical person but those O2 levels sound a bit scary, I hope you can get an O2 tank sooner than the 27th. I remember I was very weepy after knee surgery, and I reckon it was the after effect of the anaesthetic. Sending good thoughts your way - I hope you are feeling more yourself very soon

Lynn - the neverending joys of home ownership - it's like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge - start at one end, and by the time you've finished you've got to start all over again! I hope you can get some good advice on the situation with the water heater.

Rie - I'm a bad sleeper too - I dream of 7 hours sleep! My kittehs have a range of querulous meows for when I disturb them from their slumber Great effort on the wii! Good to hear that the situation with your son has improved.

Donna - I had no idea that in-store demo gigs were such a trial. I hope at least you meet some nice people and have some nice chats during the day. In future, I will think of you and make more of an effort to be social with the people doing in-store demos when I see them at the supermarket. Too funny your correlation of Catholic + still on first marriage = thin

Bobbi - LOL that you are too tired to paint NOW that you are retired! I guess all your creative energy is going into your magnificent garden. What a great story of when you first met your DH as a bad boy!

Marie - good to hear your day improved once you finally got a frap! Everyone at my work knows not to stand between me and my coffee!! Such a lovely story - your blue light romance with DH!

Freda - The zumba sounds fun! I've seen a wii zumba - maybe I should give that a go. Such a nice story about how you met your DH.

Mary - it's horrible trying to go to sleep when you are in such discomfort, good to hear that it had eased by the morning. I really enjoyed reading your story of a beautiful romance with your DH.

NCNancy - yay on your tomato harvest! Very satisfying to eat produce you have grown yourself. Taking things quietly is the most sensible way of getting through the heat of the day, make sure you keep up the fluids in such fierce temperatures.

Z - the story of both of your marriages would make a good film! In fact, I think all of the GGs romantic stories would be a great film!

Sherry - hello! Your willpower dust sounds like a great idea!

Rosey - another delightful story of meeting your DH. LOL at "bean him in the headlites" Gizmo and your nieces are too cute!

Sorry - no great tale of romance from me - just the odd one who got away. It was probably a good thing when I see how they turned out!

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Good Morning! I just had to share here what my DH bought for me yesterday! We went out looking to get a Cadillac (had two we looked at) then saw this and it was instant love!!

I've had so much fun reading about everyones stories about how they met their hubbys---I'll get mine on here today---after I get a bit done around here this morning.

Rosey-I love the pictures of Gizmo and your nieces..just to precious!

I need to get busy but will be back..
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Good morning....Had a long useless day yesterday and have to grab my big girl panties and take charge of my own care. This whole episode has stripped me of areas that I have always felt were private. Yesterday in reading the surgeon's report of my operation it even mentions that Dh's bud was there in the room while surgeon explained my options. Naked to visitors, topless to visitors gesh why not....everyone gets a thrill looking at this 70yr old used bod!

Anyway slept 2 long sessions from 11-3 and 3-8! Chest still feels like it's been hit with a bazooka,dizzy from weird meds that I have to stay on until afib stops. Besides crying really hurts. Called home health nurse to get Couamidin doses for week, going for another chest xray and will get prim doc to rewrite Rxs needed. As soon as off Couamidin will find better cardiologist.
Whatcha seeing is karen emerging from the pits......I can do this really I can!

I hate you all........all you latte/coffee drinkers. I love love love coffee. My day starts with MUGS of good coffee. Not suppose to have having one(1) cup every morning. Decaf tastes like hot water. There is no such thing as drinking coffee vicariously. no no no

Karen....That red convertible is so you! Enjoy. You just down sized! I miss my converible. Had one for 8 yrs until last summer. Neighbor bought it so I get to watch it drive by.

Rosie....Your house looks so happy with puppies and little girls. I can hear the giggles down here.

I've told GG the story of Dh and me before: My dad was a doctor and he delivered my Dh on 7/28/37 and my mother was an RN who worked at the hospital and was the baby nurse. 3 yrs later my dad delivered me at home on 7/28/40. Dh sent me my 1st birthday card. We shared birthday parties for years and just before my 17th I set out to prove to him I wasn't "little" karen anymore. Met him at the bottom of of our lane in a shortie nighty and melted the big hard*ss Marine into putty. We went for a ride (I changed first) never got back until noon the next day. He came in to appologize to my dad and Daddy utterly destroyed his self image by saying he knew I was safe with him. We eloped a year later and were married in Elkton Md. We will be married
54 yrs in Oct. And he is still my best friend.

The dizziness is maxing out and hard to read,,,be back later...k3
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I love all the romance stories!!!!!

Freda, I wish we could trade off exercises. I already hiked and ellipticalled before work and I so hate the thought of strength training or stretching. Maybe someday. I try really stretching my arms out while I swim. Think that counts?

Mary, hope you’re feeling better than you did yesterday morning. Bad night sleeps lead to blah days, don’t they? 49 years is amazing. Your September anniversary is that golden one? Anything special? The blue light kissing is a secret.

Nancy, how wonderful you grew your own tomato! And enjoyed it too. I love my homegrown tomatoes. No store bought can duplicate.

Donna, I’d think of switching to Catholic if I could stay thin…

Rie, did I get this right? You married at 15?

Zoe, I admit I had to look up Abbie Hoffman. After reading the mini biography, you’re my idol.

Rosey, have fun with your niece’s girls. I bet they’ll have fun with you. They’re adorable and look like Gizmo has two best friends.

Koala, loved the one that got away. You have love with your kittehs. I personally find my doggie relationships as strong and often more comforting than human ones. Sorry, DH.

KarenMO, love your new car!

KarenFL, I’m thrilled your pushing yourself from the pits. Although if you linger longer, it is understandable. I empathize with your loss of modesty. I know medical personnel could give a rip about our bodies and modesty, but I had surgery last year and had a private moment (female product removed) while under for an unrelated surgery. Occasionally it still gives me the heebie-jeebies. BTW, I buy decaf green coffee beans and roast them myself. Sumatra beans are my fave. A co-worker told me he roasted his own beans and once you roast your own you’d never go back to store bought. He was right and I’ve been roasting for about 2 years. I bought a sweet little roaster on Amazon. Heck I buy my green coffee beans through them too. SweetMarias dot com is the best site and great for learning about it. Maybe if you roast your own, you’ll get the beans the way you want them.

Dog-cation is now over for the doggies as well. DH had yesterday off and now my poor babies are home alone. I wish I could join them but I do have work to do. At oh dark thirty (DD’s reference to 4:30 am when DH and I walk the doggies), I rolled out of bed and started the day. That was not easy. Yesterday I was happy because I did the hike without my knee brace (1st time in 3 months) and thought the darn thing was healed. I didn’t think that this morning. So… tomorrow I’ll where it again. But this morning I didn’t smack my computer bag into my mocha so I had lo-cal homemade and the ‘Bucks will have to do without me today.

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Good Morning GG's,

Just got back from Curves. Worked out while I was there. Did a little extra for you Marie. It's hot out! It is supposed to cool down starting tomorrow. We're supposed to get some 70's days with some 50's nights. Sounds like heaven to me!!! Maybe I'll be able to get outside and walk for awhile. DH is with DGS at his football camp and will bring him home later and after dinner it's his baseball game. So, busy evening.

Hi Sherry, Good to see you back. I know you're enjoying your visit.

Karen, I hope you start feeling better soon. And, honestly, I did not know that medication for a-fib made you that sick. I feel terrible that you can't have your coffee fix, since I am such an addict myself.

Rosie the kids aer beautiful and look like they are keeping the doggie busy.

Z, Your stories are, as always, entertaining. I would have loved to live the life and been a "hippy chick" but didn't have the nerve and my mom would have come and got me and killed me. Or so I thought at the time.

Donna, LOL!!! I'm not Catholic, but I could convert!

Nancy, I'm glad you finally got a "keeper" Isn't it amazing how our self worth resolves around how we look, and not what we are?

Koala, the one that got away. Huh,,,I remember my first love. he was a "bad boy" too. He dropped me like a hot rock and I was heart broken. Of course I was 15 and everything is so melodramatic when you're that age. I met him again not long ago and that hot, bad boy is now Bald and fat and totally obnoxious. All I can say is "I guess the good Lord was talking care of me".

Rie, I've been married a long time and am totally happy, but if something happend to my husband, I'm pretty sure I would never marry again. I've seen what's out there, and it's not pretty.

Bobbi, When I read your "love story" I thought about the song that says "I might have been a real bad boy, but baby i'm a real good man". sounds like that is what you got.

Mary, I think most of the people in my class are divorced too. I do think that we married way too young. What do you know at that age? not much! I know when my DS was in school a lot of his school mates thought I was his sister. I don't, honestly, know how we made it. Lots of luck? Lord watches over idiots?


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Just passing thru here, needed a break from the kitchen. I made the Pillsbury sugar free cake mix into 24 cupcakes this morning. We have lots of raspberries right now and DH prefers unfrosted cake under his berries rather than shortcake. I put egg beaters instead of eggs so the calories are lower than regular cake.
Zoe...I'm with Marie, I had to google Abbie Hoffman too. I just asked DH (who has a photogenic memory) if he remembered him. He said he was one of the Chicago 7, spent time behind bars,believed in free love, etc. I've envied his good memory but he said sometimes it's a curse. He remembers too much, sometimes gets depressed over stuff.
Marie... I looked up to see what it was you're drinking. I've never heard of green coffee or roasting your own. My gosh, where have I been? Exactly how much better is it than canned coffee? We love our coffee too, one of the ads said it was cheaper than store bought. What kind of roaster did you buy. It looks like you can roast it many different ways.

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Good Hola, oh Gaggle of Goldens!

Marie – you’re probably right that the in-store demos are kind of defeating. I hate to be a quitter, though! Enjoyed your “blue light special” romance! I think that would have been a wonderful wedding venue!! Haha on switching to Catholic to stay thin! At the risk of being totally offensive, I have to say that the twitching and worrying about all those sins and guilt probably DO help in weight loss maintenance!!

I had a job interview today, and I could use everyone’s input: It's 5 days a week, school hours, 8:15-3:30, basically. It's a charter school, little $$, so I'd be paid an amount x 9 months divided by 12, so I would be paid all year long. It fits the social security parameters, so LOW wages! The thing is that I would actually be teaching, and the age group is from 6th-9th grade, varying ages and varying educational levels. All subjects would be taught, both using their online study program as well as off line, face-to-face learning. These kids are the ones who have been expelled from other schools or who are just "problem" kids. The start Aug 18 and end May 25, and all holidays are off, as well as any vacations that Denver Public schools have.

I’m really conflicted, because it would be a huge change for me… and I don’t like kids all that much ! Words, true and no holds barred, please…..

You all have such wonderful boy-met-girl stories! My first husband was a friend of some kids who lived across the alley. He was 5 years older, had a cool car, and I was agog and atwitter. We just sort of meandered together, I think. I knew better, but I married him because I couldn’t get out of the house any other way (“only prostitutes live in apartments before they’re married”). He was a really nice guy, and I take 99.9% of the blame on that demise. The second one was a fireman in the city where I was a police officer. Again, we sort of just meandered together; however, he didn’t ask to sleep with me the first few dates, which really intrigued me. He didn’t know about my wanton strumpet past, because he would have judged me and found me wanting (that came later!). When his house was sold, he moved in with me. We got married, moved to WY, and started a toy store. Bad move, every bit of it, and I’ll share the blame 50-50 on that one. The first one lasted 7 years, the second one lasted 3 years. I think I’m missing the “love” gene, although I think I’m a kind and compassionate person. It doesn’t seem to work with marriage, though. I’m better off alone! As an aside, I didn’t get fat until way later. I was a cutie patootie, hotsie tottsie until the last couple of devastating relationships totally threw me!

Nancy – hope you’re more rested today! And I’m GLAD that your SO is good to you (bless his little heart). ♥ ♥ You definitely had the scariest story!

Rie – you can join our commune of crones when the time comes that our social security checks are taken away. We’re going to get double wide trailers, paint them outrageous colors, put them in a circle and gather every evening at the fire pit! You’re welcome to join us!

PT/Zoe – your romantic stories are SO you! I love that you’re STILL a “hippie weirdo”… you’re OUR Zoe !

Laffalot – hola!

Rosey – I think that you and your DH STILL have that spark/instant attraction! You and Mary, both, especially seem so happy and contented with life! I find that so refreshing! That Gizmo guy is SO cute! How much does he weigh? He’s just itty! How is SadieMay doing as a cabin dog? I’ll bet she misses you and Daisy!

KoalaLou – about the in-store demos: for the first time in, I’m sure, the HISTORY of in-store demos, a customer asked if she could bring me something from the Starbucks or a bottle of water or something. I couldn’t believe how considerate that was! It totally made my day!

KarenFL – I’m so glad you’re getting angry! When you take decisions into your own hands, with the proper advice, of course, then you’ll start getting better. Since they aren’t living in your body with your circumstances, doctors are just “practicing”… and I know you’ll be getting better faster now. Insofar as the lack of concern for your modesty, that’s so normal! To medical personnel, it’s all just ho-hum, and there’s no such thing as dignity or modesty! I’m sure the thought never occurred!

Bobbi – you never mentioned your doc visits. Did the chiro help you? And how are the headaches?

Gawd, I have got to DO something productive/constructive with what’s left of today… So, onward and upward! Hope your day is lovely. See you on the other page!

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Donna, my first reaction to the charter school job is no way. If you don't like kids all that much, the difficult ones would make it more likely you wouldn't enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that age has a boatful of hormones as well. The nice part is that summers, Christmas break, and spring break help break up the year (although I no longer get that so just don't be good at your job and they won't make you year round). And I gotta say that you are still a cutie patootie.

Bobbi, I'm making strawberry shortcakes for dinner. Real ones with cream and shortcakes made with butter. I told DH to eat nutritious and protein the rest of the day. I figure the strawberry shortcake cals equal dinner, snack and dessert cals so I should be fine. I don't think I'd want to go sugar-free but let me know what you think of your cupcakes. I'd be willing to try since the strawberries are currently being prolific.

I cannot force myself to work on my state reports. Deadline is Friday and I'm procrastinating. I even vacuumed my office and my guess is the custodian probably had done it this morning. I so need more dog-cation. OK, I'll go do one of the validations to the data. Maybe then I'll be more interest tomorrow. I have a dr. appt this afternoon so it's a short day.
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Donna.....sounds like the job from H*ll. You really have to be motivated to work with kids that have problems. The noise level alone would drive me insane!

Went for another chest xray and guess what I still have fluid in my lungs. Told everybody so.....gesh no wonder I can't walk/exercise without keeling over....

The medical fields ignoring a client's modesty is new. I was taught to bath a patient without exposing parts. It is still taught because a male nurse removed my foley without leaving me exposed!!! Just uncaring thoughtless nurse ratchits. Anger is good always said it was first step in healing.....thank you for recognizing that....

Beyond hot and humid down can squeeze the air. k3
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I enjoyed reading all the How You Met Your DH stores! Zoe I can just imagine you at your first wedding! I bet you were beautiful and so sincere and eager to accomplish things! Sounds like we all married pretty young. I was pretty mature about some things though. I was not street-smart but I was mature about relationships and I knew that as far as I was concerned, my marriage would last. I wasn't so sure about him, but thank God, he felt the same way! And getting a great guy who treated me with respect and really tried to be a good husband made all the difference too, so I know I've been very fortunate.
I cannot imagine growing old with anyone else.

Karen3 - I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I hope you start to get better soon, but I'm sure there's no quick fix with that kind of thing. Thinking about the modesty issue...back in 1963 I delivered a baby in a military hospital. I was young and didn't know better so when they gave me a gown to put on I put it on it opened in front. So when I got in the delivery room, the doctor insisted that this be corrected and the nurses took the gown off (so I was completely naked) and put it on correctly. This was a training hospital and there were at least six young military men in training watching! I was in so much pain at the time, I didn't think too much about it although I was aware of them, and I hoped I didn't know any of them as without my glasses I couldn't tell. I knew and had dated (casually) even several guys from that base. Afterwards, when I thought about it I was so embarrassed! I realize they were seeing other private parts of me, but somehow being totally naked felt different and I think it could have been handled better. Perhaps I could have complained but I was young and shy and didn't know what to do. These days I am not very modest and having a male nurse doesn't bother me at all but having one or two male nurses is different than having a whole bunch of them staring at you! I didn't know the word at that time to describe how I felt but I know now it was violated.
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Good afternoon GG’s,

I’ve enjoyed reading all your stories of how you hooked up with your DH’s/SO's
Mine isn’t anything exciting. My DH was my college roommate’s boyfriend first. When they broke up, he asked me out. I sort of already knew him that way. His family were all such nice people and made me feel welcome. In December we will have been together 35 years. We have had our ups and downs. He can be aggravating at times as I am sure he feels the same way about me. But we kind of fit together ~ we are both kind of quiet. He doesn’t like being around people that much ~ so that works out ok. I enjoy my friends, but am not a big social person. Like ~ I think it was Freda said ~ if anything ever happened to him ~ I think I would just prefer to stay alone. I don’t have much trust of men ~ and I have been so dominated in this relationship that ~ I wouldn’t want to do that again. It would be kind of scary because I don’t know how to do anything ~ he has always taken care of everything and I have let him ~ haven’t wanted the aggravation of taking care of all that “stuff”. But at the same time ~ for the first time in my life, I could do as I please.

I had such plans for today ~ was gonna work on the continuing education stuff ~ had hoped to get that knocked out. Had hoped to do personals here today. But got sick to my stomach last evening and was sick all night long ~ couldn't keep anything down. I think it was food poisoning from my little frozen meal I ate. I ended up sleeping away half the day. I didn’t even feel like getting on the computer or talking to my sister or mom. You know I must have felt rotten to not even get on the computer ~ I am such an internet junkie ~ LOL.

Ok, guess I’ll get off ~ working on the back to work stuff. Hope my tummy and other parts feel better tomorrow.

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Hola Golden Girls!

I went to have my fasting blood draw this morning (Marie - NO COFFEE) ugh. My dr is moving to the hospital complex from his nice accessable office. I bought myself a non-flavored triple shot latte to be waiting for me. I wandered for more than an hour, asking the so-called information desk people only to find that they delayed moving til tomorrow GRRRR! I got it done but I had a headache by the time I was done. Not to mention, driving several miles smelling the coffee that I couldn't drink! Maybe I need to re-think the coffee habit? Nahhhh! I have to have some vices - I've pretty much given up smoking, massive amounts of tequilla, and wild men.

I absolutely LOVE the romance stories! I feel like I know each of you so much better. Let's see, we have the bad boys and the clerk, the blue light special romance, the soldier dance, the high school sweethearts, the fireman and the lady cop, and the doctor's daughter and the naughty boy who got away with it! And..... my favorite: Zoe! I will brag and say that I knew right away who Hoffman was! Wow! I can see you in that flowing white caftan dress. Wonderful! I am envious of you all and my heart swells with the understanding that their are true romances out there. Despite the fact that I don't want a relationship, I value the fact that they exist. My parents are silly in love after more than 50 years.

Marie, actually I married at 18 but I started dating my ex when I was 15. I had my first baby at barely 19 and then I scraped and clawed my way through college. I don't have any ill will toward him, it's just that I didn't have very good judgement about men when I was 15. LOL I totally understand your procrastinating. Today I was scaring my staff because I cleaned my desk, again, for the second time this week. (My desk is notorious for being a mess and only I understand the system) They rightly assume that I clean things up when I am stressed. See my facebook post.

Donna, we haven't talked about this but my entire career as a therapist and a social worker has been working with mentally ill and delinquent adolescents. I love, love, love the work. I have worked in the school setting and the set schedule is really nice but restricting. It worked when I had kids at home but I wouldn't like it today. Working with that population is very challenging unless you really have an interest in that group. Is there a possibility that you could start without making a committment to the year? Maybe sub? I don't know how much you need to work but that sounds like a rough gig unless that's what you really want to do. Good luck with your decision! And, I look forward to sitting at the fire in the crone circle

Karen3, I am so sorry that your dignity was scuffed up. You are absolutely right to be angry! I am glad that you seem to be getting angry and ready to take control back for yourself. You CAN do this. I know that you are an ex psych nurse and I know of no other professional group that has more shear fortitude and ability. On a postivie note, while I know that you are embarassed, I bet the people in that room were so concerned with your life that it didn't matter. But, take control, we are behind you!

Bobbi, the cake sounds wonderful and healthy. Way back when, I used to eat non-fat. I used to substitute applesauce for some of the oil and most of the sugar in cakes.

Freda, do you like curves? What is it like?

Karen31, thanks for being our internet guru and convertible goddess!

Koala, welcome back to the wagon! You go girl!

Rosey, I love seeing the pictures of your life. You have such a loving and interesting family.

Nancy, I liked your stories. I can relate because I can always see the potential in a man rather than who he is.... But, after reading your posts for a while it seems like you are happy with your current guy.

Zoe, I hope that you had a good day.... I swear, despite the fact that I am a Montana farm girl, we have kindred spirits.


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