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Default ~~March Golden Girls~~

We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us

There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you passed the 50 mark? How about the 60 mark?
Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!
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Morning everyone..i'm here zoe,just taking care of an impatient patient lol..now that hes feeling better he picks his do's and dont's according to his wants and not the dr's and then cant understand why his belly hurts he always marched to the tune of his own drummer so i let him be. he
taken such good care of me i'm repaying in my way so making him cookies and serving him his meals in his recliner etc and i get the extra exercise speaking of exercise i need to loose one more 1# befor my ticker reads true bobbie i want to know about those exercises to! hoping you all have agood day,hang in there everyone rosey
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Morning everyone.
Glad things are looking better at your house Rosey, and with the extra movement, your ticker should be right very soon.

Hello to everyone, sending positive thoughts your way.

Ack. Last month it was stomach flu. Now we have a cold/flu virus here. We are all passing it around-- at work, at home. Ugh. Staying home today, maybe tomorrow. Probably a good thing, as it is brrrrrrr cold outside.

At least I don't feel much like eating. However, hubby and son went shopping yesterday because I felt so wretched, they stuck to the shopping list fairly well except--- they bought a dozen donuts/pastries from the bakery. Aaaaghhh. Even though I am not hungry, I know they are there, and have sort of a weird craving.

I told them they have till this evening to either eat them or hide them where I can never find them or they're going into the garbage disposal. (the pastries, not my guys)

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Bruce and I just got back from an hour of skiing, it was beautiful out there. I'm kicking myself for not bringing the camera, the snow was so bright and full of diamonds that we wore sunglasses. I'm going to try get out every day now since it's not so cold, it was actually 27 degrees which was perfect for skiing.
The new tape I purchased is called, "Older & Much Wiser Workout" with Sue Grant. She has two other gals working with her on the tape, the older gal looks like Estelle Getty from the golden girls. It has a bunch of segments only lasting about 8 minutes each. Perfect for me if I want to quite after 8 minutes. Today I did two segments, the second you learn how to do the rumba, so easy to follow. I like it better than leslie sansone, not so boring.
Glynne… ~ what is the "old bags" work out?
Donna…Yes, what IS the "old bags" work out?
Rosey… i want to know about those exercises to!
I did take a picture of my pretty pink flower that's blooming today, got many more buds coming. The plant sits in the corner of two very large picture windows and get morning and afternoon sun. My computer desk is under the window next to the plant and you can see my beautiful Waterford cut crystal quart jug next to my Waterford cut crystal tumbler. Can you girls see it? Are you impressed? Yeah right, it's a washed out tart cherry juice jug and the tumbler is from Walmart. teehee! I love the jug, all I have to do is fill it twice a day and I have all my water in for the day. 64oz.
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Popping in to say hello to the GGs! Happy March to you all! It's coming in like a lion where I live, so I'm hoping it goes out like a lamb.
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Evening all.....I rechecked the site with all this exercise thought I was on the wrong page....skates and skis...Just be careful!

Bobbi...That pink flower looks like a little hibiscus. Would you believe they grow in yards down here. Tall as lilac bushs. Pick a color.

Played bridge and did as bad as I can do.....winning is much more funnier.

Picked up something new at store for tonight's dinner. It was stuffed flank steak. Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and baby spinach. 2 pieces rolled and you baked at 350 for 35 minutes. It was excellent. How easy! Just take off the plastic wrap.....had tub of pea salad leftover and dinner was done. I love easy. Dh liked it!!!!

Have tomorrow free...going down to the vegie stand. The local tomatoes are in. Need some things from walmart...like pool tablets. Strawberries are in...The festival is this weekend.

Ohhh...seems like am a shoo in for the board. Am the only one running so far???? Can see it now...I'll loss 'cause no one voted!

Zoe...according to local paper these next 2 weeks the most snowbirds are here....the worse drivers you have- have driven down here! Your drives to work should improve. Bad enough 35 mph in left lane but by a headless driver...all you can see are the knuckles gripping the steering wheel.

Bunti...I want a donut now...thanks!

Rosey...It is happening....you are getting smaller and stronger. Has to happen. It is so satisfying to take care of some one. Nice you are getting a chance to pay back.

Off do a nancync and curl up with my new Dana Stabenow. A Kate Shugak mystery.....set in Alaska. Think I've read them all. hugs,karen3

ps don't hate me it's still 80+ here!

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Hi everyone! We walked for about 40 min this morning, but we had to walk pretty slowly as my dh's leg was aching. I think he has done too much the last couple days. He jogged about 1/2 mile to a convenience store day before yesterday and he thinks he walked a little faster yesterday too. There is so much gravel here and today even with the slow walking he slipped (but did not fall), so I have told him no more jogging unless I am with him. His jogging is slow...I can walk faster so figure I have a chance of catching him and breaking his fall at least.

We went to the store for a few items but otherwise have stayed home and I cleaned house. Later I sat outside and read for a while this afternoon and it was very pleasant...just right temp and no cold breeze for a change. It's cold now though and my dh is grilling some New York steaks. I am cooking one medium size potato which we will share and heating a bag of asparagus.

Karen 3 your flank steak sounds good!

Bobbi your skiing impresses me! That exercise tape sounds like a good one. I used to have a senior tape but sent it to my sister who is older than I. I hope she is using it.

Well dinner is almost ready so gotta run..

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Hi Everyone - I can't believe that it is March already - well will be for us in about 6 1/2 hours. Ours is coming in like a lion too. Snowed overnight, snowed this am, then windy, then a bit of sun. Not so cold as before but feels cold (that doesn't make sense does it? ) Had a fun weekend. Went for dinner & a play with Crown Jewels on Fri. & on Sun went to watch a dog agility trial. It was colder in the barn than outside! But fun. Went to aquafit & took the dog to the groomer today. He wasn't a happy campter. Have to go to the dentist tomorrow am. YUK! Trying to stay OP with a few slides though. Anyway talk to you all later. Have a great evening.....stay safe & warm.
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Karen...this is a hibiscus plant that flowers like mad due to miracle grow whenever I water it. The flowers are quite large too, about 6" across. I keep the plant outdoors during the summer where it grows quite tall, cut it way down and bring into the house in the winter. The plant is a little scruffy looking right now but still flowers.

Bobbi...That pink flower looks like a little hibiscus. Would you believe they grow in yards down here. Tall as lilac bushs. Pick a color.
I can't talk this morning, on my way to a 1/2 hour massage. Good thing too, yesterday's little skiing adventure was hard on my knotted up shoulder blades and I woke with a migraine headache. I'm going to have the massage therapist concentrate on just that area and neck. Later Gator...........
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Want to feel better
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Ok, dummy me ~ should have done the post on the word processor like you all have said ~ just lost it.

Will try again later.

Hope you all have a good day.
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Pretty flower, Bobbi – anything that reminds me that spring is “just around the corner” (long danged corner, though) makes me smile. Sorry to hear that another migraine caught up with you. I hope you get some relief from the massage this morning.
Mary, it would be a bona fide miracle if my life could ever become as carefree (well, except for the family stress, of course) as yours. Sitting out in a gentle breeze reading a book with no tasks or projects to worry about beyond those that you choose yourself sounds like something very close to heaven.
Karen3, rest assured that I, for one, will not be worrying you with thoughts of potentially disastrous skiing, skating, or other sorts of accidents/injuries resulting from physically extending myself. I promise here and now that at worst, you might hear that I’ve stubbed my toe while walking at an extremely leisurely pace between my front door and the car. Okay, okay, I KNOW the doctor is going to recommend some kind of regular exercise, but I’m figuring to cross that bridge when I come to it, and enjoy my last few exercise-free weeks as much as I possibly can.
Happy March to you, Jane!
Did your dh & son bring back any Boston Crème doughnuts, Bunti? I officially started my “spring cleaning” (cleaning MYSELF up, that is – back to counting calories, carbs, fiber, etc.) yesterday, and if I’m going to pine over lost doughnut opportunities, it may as well be over the kind I really like, which is Boston Crème. I wouldn’t be able to feel quite so sorry for myself if they were any other kind. Sorry you’re going through all this illness in the family and all around you. What a rotten winter this has been for just about everybody this year!
I’m glad all is well, Rosey. I can see that you’re very busy pampering your dh, and I don’t think that I, even with my very critical attitude toward men in general, can deny that he deserves it. You’ve got yourself a good fella there, Rosey, but he’s got himself a danged good woman as well, so it all balances out nicely, doesn’t it?
Lyn, scholarly, is it? I’m thinking “old, mildewed, and crochety” is how that picture looks. But it’s way more true to form at the present time than my summer shot. (Sorry, PT – I don’t mean to make YOU feel any worse, but I have to come to grips with a FEW realities, here: 1., It is MARCH, and that means more icky weather before spring finally comes, and 2. If I don’t get my weight under control now, over the next few months, I will have an absolutely miserable summer, and after the horrifically miserable winter we’ve had, I absolutely cannot tolerate a miserable summer too!) Looking at the summer pictures the other day (which is when I changed my avatar to the sunny one) made me feel better, but it didn’t last. I looked around, then drove to work in that icy rain mess yesterday, and realized that it would take more than a picture to improve my outlook. Sunny, today, though. One step at a time, I guess.
Karen31. Good for you on the self-discipline you exercised at your party! I think you’re going all the way down, this time, sister! Remember that picture you posted once on here…I think you said it was 10 or so years old? You were a very svelte little sprite, at any rate, and it looks like you may just get back there if you keep up the way you’ve been doing!
Hi Nancy, wow, what luck on those jeans! I used to peruse around through thrift stores and find some amazing deals – there was one in town called “Upscale Consignment” and they carried a lot of top designer things that the ruling class in town had maybe worn once and then grown tired of – I got some stuff for pennies on the dollar. I got a DKNY coat that didn’t look like it had ever been worn at all – gorgeous thing – for $8. That baby must’ve sold for $300+ at Nordstroms or some equally status-conscious store where you pay for the labels and nothing more. I’ve always been really resentful of the obvious mark-up on clothes, and when I’ve had the time, I’ve made my own knock-offs. Once I retire, I will do so again. Might even sell some clothes on EBay. I love clothes, but I don’t like being duped into paying twenty times what they’re worth.
Hi Gayle, I’m glad you checked in, even if you lost your post. It’s so nice seeing you here regularly, you know.
Hi Lynn, what’s up for today? Do you have any new pictures to post?
Hi Sherry, and where are YOU, Freda? Working, I suppose? Well, just know that I’m thinking of you, and keep warm, you hear? Doesn’t the wind off the lake up where you are send a lot of cold air your way?
Well, over and out…have a terrific day, Golden sister-girls!


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Hey G.G.s,
Busy day, yesterday. My mom & I went to do some “banking” things, & since the bank (actually a credit union) is close to both the Goodwill & the Salvation Army store, of course I had to shop. Mom likes thrift stores too, but she gets tired before me, so we didn’t stay too long, & I didn’t get too much. We stopped at McDonald’s, because she was getting hungry, & we each had a small order of fries & a small vanilla shake. I know, I know!! But it was gooood!! (I just ate a small burger later, & that was lunch & supper, so not too bad!) then we had to stop at a grocery store & Big Lots (another of my favorite stores). Finally, I dropped Mom off at her house, then stopped at another McDonald’s to get supper for SO (& my burger), so he wouldn’t feel left out (& I didn’t feel like cooking). That McDonald’s is inside Walmart, so I got a little exercise walking in, by parking far out. It had been very windy all day, but warm - temp in the 70’s. A couple of hours after I got home, the storms started. It was pretty scary for awhile, but we made it through safely. Of course the computer was unplugged until this morning, so I couldn’t visit here until now. And here it is March already!

Zoe, nice avatar pic - you do NOT look “old, mildewed & crotchety"! I have to say, though, that I prefer the summertime “glam” one, to the wintertime “scholarly” (as Lyn put it) one. I like to look at pics that make me feel warm during the long cold days of winter, & vice versa. Who needs REALITY?! I always pick a nice “warm” pic for my desktop background when it‘s cold, & usually put up a snowy one in the summer! FANTASY’s the way to go! And, I did not consider your advice as a “lecture”, just concern, & it was appreciated. Believe me, I have learned my lesson about going back to “normal” eating! That’s why, this time (finally!) I know I have to do “maintenance” eating for the rest of my life. Why did it take me so long to learn that?! Is this the “wisdom” that’s supposed to come with old age? (You know I’m still waiting for that! When do we suddenly become “wise”?!!! Anybody know?) Enjoyed reading about your revenge on the ex! You are one formidable lady!

Bobbi, I love hibiscus plants, but have managed to kill the ones I’ve tried to grow (I think I have a “black” thumb). The plants remind me of Florida. As KarenFL said, they’re in yards everywhere down there. I especially like the doubles & triples. Hope your massage helps you feel better!

KarenFL, were you talking about the Strawberry Festival in Plant City? If they even still have it there? I used to go to it when I lived in Lakeland. Sorry you lost at bridge, but you’ve got to let someone else win, sometimes!

Gayle, sorry you lost your post. I’m having trouble with mine, because my connection won’t let me stay online long enough to get it sent!

Ok, I really should do something besides sitting here & typing to you all, all day! Housework & laundry is calling (Donna, do you actually do windows?! I would, but the darn things just get dirty again.).
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Good Morning Golden Sisters! March is off to a good start here today - it isn't snowing, I have a day off and I'm down 2 pounds I love coming here and reading everyone's posts, even though I don't answer them all individually. However some really stand out in my head Zoe what you did to ex - I'm still laughing, I think that most of us wish we had done stuff like that, Rosie you take care girl - you are such an inspiriation to me, and Bobbi I can't imagine fighting migraines all of the time - I had one once - a three day hide in the dark, vomit-fest that I never want to repeat, I so glad that you find some help with chiropractic and massage. I don't mean to leave anyone out, so have a wonderful day GG's

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DH and I went out skiing again after my massage today, remembered the camera this time.
Mary, don't be impressed. We took up cross country skiing late in life, maybe 15 years ago. I read somewhere that cross country skiing can be enjoyed late in life, it's easy and doesn't take any athletic skills. We rented some ski's at our local national park the first time and loved it. We purchased some inexpensive skis' the first time, used those for about 5 years, then splurged on some really expensive ones. People ski into their 80's, that's how easy it is. It's not hard on my feet either because my heel isn't pounding the pavement like it does in walking. Everyone of you Golden Girls should go rent some in a park and try it, this is coming from a person who hates to exercise.
Bobbi your skiing impresses me!

That's our house in the background, we're just coming home. Yesterday we took 'Charlie' with us, today we went down into a marshy area to see how many fox/coyote tracks we could find and left him home. He cried when we put our ski clothes on, he wanted to go again.
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Good Afternoon GG/sisters,

Yes, I was working all weekend. Would love to have a weekend with no drama, but looks like that is never going to happen. Monday I had to work at Curves in the morning and it was DGD's birthday so we had dinner and cake and ice cream. Yes, I had a small piece of cake (no icing, I don't like it) and no ice cream. DGD decided she wanted a sub for dinner (she's 8, go figure, she thinks they are wonderful) so I got one also. So not too bad. It's still cold as the dickens here, but at least the sun is out today. A little warmer too. I'm getting used to the new SUV, but don't have a clue what most of the buttons do. I'll drag the book and study it as soon as I have a spare moment. Hopefully, before it's worn out. Got the kids again today and get to spend some quality time. I love having them over.

Rosie, leave that sticker where it is. You will be there this week any way. Hope DH is feeling better.

Bobbi, Sorry to hear that you are still getting the headaches. Hope they come to an end soon. Love the flower. Like one of the other ladies, I've tried to bring them inside and it never works. But I love their bright showey flowers.

Karen, The flank steak sounds great.

Bunti, I hope you feel better soon.

Z, You are my hero. I think that all divorced women out there have dreamed of doing what you did. Yeah you!!!

Nancy, I', looking forward to seeing the Stephanie Plumb movies but I can't say that I would like the actors that they have chosen. I guess we'll wait and see.

Tea Grannie, yeah You! for the weight loss.

Sherri, March came in like a lamb here. Guess we've got some more bad weather.

Everyone, have a great day,

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