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  • Good Morning, I went ahead and updated my miles to include today on my last post. I think it is kind of fun to keep track.

    Going to take my Aunt over to get an MRI this morning. She had back surgery a year ago and she has been having trouble since the car accident so the Dr. wants an MRI done. She has a titanium plate in her back and hope things aren't messed up. She has clostrophobia (sp) really bad so she will have to take 5 mg of vallium an hour before she goes and another when she gets there. So she sure can't drive herself! She did buy a new (used) car---it is a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis and she is so proud of it!! It is very pretty. We tried to tell her that it was a gas hog and she said she doesn't go anywhere anymore except to the store, dr. appts., church and out to lunch a few times a month so she didn't care!! It has all the bells and whitsles on it.

    OK, I need to get in the shower...I sure can't go like this!!! Take care and I'll be back later!
  • [QUOTE=Bobbolink;3784238]Lynn...We think Phil is weird, I doubt he's a government agent. Can you imagine someone working for the government walking around camp in pink, saggy briefs? With his 'thingie' hanging out? He's crazy to begin with, but makes the show much more exciting to watch. I couldn't stand Russell and hooted when he got voted off. My DH was rooting for him, he said he adds drama and excitement to the show.

    I agree with your DH - I think the show is a lot more boring without Russell. However, I also agree with you - he was a creep.

    For me, kind of like American Idol. I really disliked the things Simon would say, but I don't find the show very interesting without him.

    Maybe villains really are more interesting than nice people - at least on tv.
  • Just stopping in to see "hi!" I have been running around all day and almost nothing done here at home so can't stay long right now. I was a pig last night with my snacking so hoping to do better today...so far, I'm ok. Went to my Women's Ministry class at church this am. I like going in the morning but this was my first time back. I met four new ladies and am looking forward to getting to know them. After that I did my grocery shopping. Came home and then left with dh for Costco. He was taking the car in for them to check a tire that keeps losing air, but they were too busy and we didn't want to wait so long so we just bought a couple things and shared a slice of pizza and left. Now I'm home with a messy house to clean so better get to it.
  • Hey GGs,
    Just stopped by to see what everyoneís doing & to say Hi! Iím feeling more like myself today, but still donít much feel like dealing with anything. I did get out today - a quick stop-in at the grocery store, lunch out with my mother & sister, & I dropped off 3 bags of clothes at the thrift store. So, I got a few things accomplished! Now I just feel like curling up on the couch with a book. See you later everyone.

  • Hello all,

    A day off tomorrow ~ yippee. So I have gotten to enjoy this evening a little bit. I have gotten off work on time or close to on time the last three nights, so that has been nice ~ I've gotten to relax a little in the evenings and enjoy a bit.

    On the up side of this new schedule ~ it is making me learn to use my time more wisely and enjoy and appreciate even little chunks of time ~ either doing some little fun or relaxing thing or accomplishing some little thing. As much as I wish it was different ~ this is what I have now, so I have to work with what I've got.

    I feel kind of bad that I don't get to spend as much time here. I have to try to cram so much into my free time now ~ I don't get to spend as much time doing some of the things I used to do.

    I made a pot of the zero point WW soup this evening. Still experimenting with what to eat and when.

    WW weigh in tomorrow.

    Guess I'd better get off and head to bed.

    Take care
  • Hi Everyone, I have been traveling, back home tonight, it is late I will try to catch up tomorrow, hugs all!!!
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