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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

Well, the weekend is over ~ back to work today. It went by too fast. Some of it fun (bike ride ~ got to spend time with Sara, Corbin and Maddie) ~ some of it not so fun ~ spent a big chunk of time at the eye glasses place trying to get my glasses adjusted. I am having such a horrible time with this pair (long story) and this was like my 5th time back (can't see the computer screen at work) ~ I hope they have finally got the right combination of "tweaks" and that when I go there this morning I can see that screen.

Happy Birthday Shirl ~ enjoy your day.

Mary ~ such a nice picture of you and your little granddaughter ~ nice to have a face to go with the name.

Hello to everyone ~ off to work here soon. Counting down 'till Friday my day off.

Take care
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Good Morning GG's

Worked all weekend, glanced out the windows a few times and saw the sun. It's still really cold, winter coat weather. Those few days of warm wearther was just a tease. Not much going on today, just the usual cleaning, shopping, laundry...

Shirl, Hope you have a great day!

Lynn, Congratulations on reaching your goal! I'm not sure who decides what our weight is supposed to be "those charts" but i'm 5'1" too and when I get below 115 I'm really toooo thin. and i'm small boned too. If I got down to 110 I would get interventions!!! You'll know when you get to the weight you feel comfortable with.

Karen31, I had to laugh at your post, about feeling bad when you didn't exercise. You're an EXERCISER now! That is how you feel when you don't exercise! And after after a few days your body feels "off" too. Use the Zumba soon and let me know how you like it.

Karen3, Congratulations! For behaving with more class than the rest of those Ladies (and I use the term loosely).

Mary, thanks for sharing your picture. Always good to be able to put a face to a name. Adorable DGC.

Z, Busy weekend, but a fun one. Better get busy looking for that MOFTG dress, I see you in something slinky and sexy....

Gayle, It's hard to find a church that really fits. Just keep looking around. Pray about it. You will walk into one a know you are home. And make sure you sit in the back of the Church, for the noise.

Nancy, Hope you're feeling better.

Tea, So glad to hear that your DS is doing well.

Lyn, did you make it to the Home Show? I love to go to those, our should be coming really soon.

Well, gotta go. No one else is jumping in and cleaning the house or the laundry..

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Heeelllllllooooooooo! Our internet is down at home. SUCH an inconvenience! DH called the cable company and apparently they have to send a technician out – DH scheduled them for this afternoon, so hopefully it’ll be back up when I get home from work. Anyhooo, I weighed myself yesterday and lo and behold, have lost 2 more pounds! YAY! If I can keep on losing 2 pounds a week for the duration, I’ll be a happy camper come warmer weather and lighter weight clothes…oh, and bare arms….wow, I need to get some sun; bare arms don’t seem QUITE so bare if they’re tanned up some. Okay, well, since I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment, I should say that ANY steady weight loss over the next 8 – 10 weeks will be great.
Karen31, I see that you’re having a cold spell, too. What’s up with this cold weather at the end of March, anyway? I sincerely hope that this isn’t a harbinger of a cold (and please not wet) summer ahead. A couple of years back, we had a summer with more rainy days than sunny ones, and I thought I’d go berserk….lucky my son was still out in L.A., because a couple of weeks out there with him perked me up – at least enough to stay sane (or as sane as I ever am).
SO nice to see your picture, Mary, and your adorable granddaughter, too! Interesting, your comments about not knowing what you should weigh. How tall are you? At my height, I’d probably be on target with the weight charts between 130 – 135. HOWEVER, at 140 I tend to look skeletal, so about the lowest weight I like to be at is @145. If I can get to that and MAINTAIN it, I’ll be satisfied. As Lynn notes, it’s the maintaining that’s hardest, I think, for most of us. Once we hit goal, we tend to get less careful with our eating habits – at least I know that’s how it is with me. So, hopefully, once I get to goal THIS TIME, I’ll be smart enough to stay there.
Omigosh, Shirl…poor, poor kitty kat! And your dh couldn’t check to see what was wrong? Now see, if my dh did that, we would be at war….seriously…and we never do argue or fight, really, but he would definitely get his ears boxed if that happened. Of course in his case, he actually likes our cats, and he does the litter box cleaning and emptying, so that wouldn’t be likely to ever happen, but if it DID…Oh, MY!
Omigosh, Nancy, yes….children grow astonishingly fast! I look at my own “children”….42, 40, 33 and 29…and still think of them as “kids”, and remember them running around the house playing and getting into mischief, and it hardly seems possible that all those years have passed.
Glad you’re back in the fold, Maureen, and glad that your son is progressing well. As I think I mentioned before, perhaps his next adventure should be at the Chessboard?
Congrats, Lynn, on arriving at your goal….that’s awesome! I’m so proud of you, chickie!
Gayle, I’m glad you got out on that bike of yours, and I wish I had one! My mountain bike was stolen a couple of years ago, and I haven’t had one since. I DO believe, though, that both dh and I will be getting some this summer and getting our butts out of the house and pedaling down the road!
Oh, PT, dh is making an appointment for our cat Yoko at the vet’s today – she’s been sneezing for the past couple of months, and recently when she sneezes, there’s a lot of mucus. I sure hope she isn’t allergic to something in the house; hope there’s nothing too serious wrong with her, but it can’t be a cold, because neither of the other kitties sneezes. I dunno, but we need to find out.
Sorry work is such a pain, Bunti. I sure can identify. I’m seriously counting the days until I can get out of here!
Bobbi, I hope those headaches aren’t keeping you away from the computer! We’re missing you!
Hey Freda! Worked this past weekend, right? Hope you have a good week!
Karen3! What’re you up to? Gawd, how I’d love to zip down there and give those harridans a piece of my mind! (Now THAT’s a job for the GG’s en masse, doncha think? We could bring tire irons and machetes and REALLY freak them out! ) No? Okay, maybe not. Maybe just scary masks and a lot of jumping about and gesturing aggressively? Let us know. We stand ready to avenge the honor of any chickie in good standing who has been offended or imperiled.
Rosey, how was your weekend, and how’s it going with those pink boxing gloves? Now you know I NEED a pair of those just to hang on the mirror in my bedroom to remind dh who’s boss!
Okay – happy Monday to one and all…catch you laters, gators..

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Morning all....just a quickie between thunder storms. I really appreciate the warm hugs from you all. I literally just crawled into a quiet space and regrouped over the weekend. I am going to the game today. Come on Mama...keep watching me that I stay lady like! I have spent too many years working for the good of ACBL to let these few keep me away.

Actually I am a national lifetime member of the Good Will Committee for the ACBL since 1999. It was an honor given to me before we moved to Fl. It wouldn't be a bad idea for me to wear my pin. Between that and mama I'll be O.K.

Had to laugh at me.....Good Will Committee sounds like hospitality....nope it is really goodwill.....helping others working for the good....and once appointed you are lifetime member. And supposed to stay good.

I'll be back later with update on my day and personals. Thank you again for your support...I Really Love you Guys......karen3

mama and i are on our way
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Good Morning Golden Girls! OK, I'm really not happy with our weather today!! Last night when I let the girls out about 10:00 pm it was SNOWING!! We didn't get a lot and there is still bare ground but it is only 34 degrees!! I hope this is the last of our cold weather!!

Happy Birthday Shirl!! Have a really great day!!!

I need to get busy and get my workout in (at least that should warm me up!) I slept in late this morning so am getting a late start! I didn't wake up 'til about 8:30!

Have a great day and I will check back later. Hello to all!!
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Was going to say good morning but notice it is almost 1 pm here and even later for you gals back east, so good afternoon! I started out my day with a nice surprise on the scale but it may just be a flucuation...still I'm glad it is beginning to flucuate lower now. Zoe, I am trying to keep up with you but you are losing too quickly for me. Congrats on your continued loss! You ask my height ...I am just about 5'4" (was more like 5'5" when I married at 19) and carry most of my excess weight around my middle. I have no waist to speak of sad to say.

Certainly not the hour-glass figure that many even large women have. My torso tends to be larger than my bottom (imagine an upside down triangle), and when I lose weight my legs tend to get really skinny while the rest of me looks ok, except the belly weight is the very very last to go...in fact I have never really had a flat belly. When I gain weight my legs look nice (like now) but from my belly up I'm too large. It is frustrating and I do envy women who even though they are large have small waists, yet I am also glad that my legs and butt are ok.

Being shaped like me makes it very hard to find clothes to fit. When I was very skinny (20s) I wore 7s mostly but really needed 5s which were hard to find where I lived at that time. Remember the A-lines (Jackie Kennedy days)? I could wear those easily as they didn't fit in the waist, but jeans didn't look good ...because if they fit at the waist the legs were way too big. These days I wear the slightly lower rise in order to have them fit in the legs. My hips are not so big so I can fit size 12 if they have a slight stretch. But the lower rise gives me a terrible muffin top and esp looks bad when I sit down! So I guess when I get jeans next time I'm going to try and fit my waist and then have them tailored. I've never wanted to spend the money on getting them tailored but think I'm ready to do that now. In my skinny days I wore mostly dresses...so never really realized that I had this problem...just knew I didn't look very well in pants.. until I put on weight. Then it became much more noticeable. Funny thing is if it weren't for my belly my straight shape would be great in pants, but I have always had that darn belly to contend with!
So I don't know what weight I really should be. I know I can't go as low as I used to be or I'll have skin hanging all over...it's bad enough now...how low will I have to go to lose most of this belly weight I don't know. I'd be happy just to be able to fit clothes more easily. I never wear dresses at this point...I only wear 2 pc. skirt or pants. Now that panty hose have sorta gone out of style I'm more comfortable wearing skirts than I was. Yes, I hope too that when I reach my goal, whatever it ends up being, that I will not ever go back to my overeating again.

Thank you all for the nice comments on my picture. I wear my hair slightly different now...it is much shorter on top. If you ever watch V my hair is like Anna, the leader of the Vs. I hope I am much nicer than her though. LOL Yes, my little gd is delightful. She has a very definite mind of her own which keeps her mama busy. LOL

Lynn...I see now why you want to go lower at only 5'1". We may have started at similiar weights but you are way beyond me with the dieting and exercising. Seems like it is taking me a very long time to learn, but I never give up. My dh complains that I am SO careful all day and then let it all go way too often at night. I agree but I tell him I am learning and doing better so support me in what I can do. It is easier for me in the earlier part of the day, later it becomes harder but I am learning and getting better. I notice I am eating lower calorie/carb foods in the evening now even when I eat too much. I guess I just have to take it one step at a time.

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TeaGranny, so glad your DS is doing better. Sounds like it’s going to be a long haul for him (and for you!). Good thoughts abound! Is he with you, with you caring for him?

Glynne/Gayle, thanks for the info on Music and the Spoken Word. I love to listen to good gospel music. And Joel Osteen is one of my favorites. Not only are his messages uplifting, but he, personally, just kind of makes my heart hurt. I think he’s genuine! He and his wife were on some talk show, and, of course, the host tried to nail them to the wall about finances (investigative reporting… bah!)... they do NOT take any of the church money for their personal needs. All their income comes from book royalties. I thought that was interesting.

Lynn, congratulations! You should be so proud of your accomplishments! WE are proud of you!!

Yes, NCNancy, Granny/Mom and I had a fine time at the open house! I would have been happy with a few chips and some dip, but the dining room table was buckling! She had casseroles, brats, burgers, fixings, salads, desserts, etc., and etc. It was really, really tasty, too! I took Granny to the grocery store afterwards, which about did me in, but it was a most enjoyable day. The leg gave me fits last night, and the pain kept waking me. Yeah, yeah, I know I should go to get it checked. And so far, SamCat is happily munching the Tempting Treasures from Friskies… hey, whatever he wants!

Mary, I like your picture! It’s so nice to have real pictures to put to faces… and your GD is very sweet!

PT/Zoe, is your kitty okay? Does she have allergies? SamCat has regularly-scheduled snotfests, every January and every July. In between, he has some allergies, which is a huge problem for him, considering that his mom isn’t exactly a domestic goddess. I always save some of the antibiotic from the Events and give him a dose when he starts sneezing, knocks it every time. I do NOT share that with the vet!

Bobbi, headaches?

Just finished watching "Dancing with the Stars"... oh, I do love to watch the pros! Those bodies are SO beautiful, and they're all so graceful. It's like watching music! I think everyone is coming along well, and there isn't anyone who is glaringly bad. This season should be a good one.

I know I've forgotten many, but I'm old and I'm tired... So, everyone, have a good tomorrow!
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Hi Everyone,

Shirl, Happy belated Birthday!

FINALLY, I am going scrapbooking today. Both of my scrapping partners where scheduled to go with me, but one is sick. This will be the first time for about 3 months! I have REALLY missed it.

Tonight is dinner with my DH & SIL.

Class is going good. I feel I am ready for my 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

Have a great day Everyone,

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Ladies, I will be unavailable for the next few days. Supermod Ruthxxx has agreed to check in, so if you need help with anything 3FC related, please let her know. Have a good week!
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Default Good Bye 150's - FOREVER!!!!!

Weigh in today - down 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks, apparently all you need to do to up your weight loss is have your kid tossed under a bull...who knew? More later - gotta get to work. thanks to all of you, you helped keep me sane
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Good Morning girls, or maybe good afternoon by the time I finish this. I know I've been absent but life sometimes gets in the way. I ordered some heirloom seeds a few weeks ago and the Tiny Tim tomatoes are up about 16" and full of little yellow flowers. I have 7 large pots started, two pots of tomatoes, parsley, dill, cilantro, basil and oregano. It's been a hassle moving them into the sun, I have a large picture window facing the east and another one facing the south. I move the plants with the sun. I think next year I'm just going to buy them already started.
Donna, I liked your "Spring is around the corner" joke. We watch dancing with the stars too, I'm rooting for Chrisy Ally. She looked very pretty last night in her coral gown.
Glynne, I love that song too, "You'll Never Walk Alone". Jerry Lewis always sings that at the end of the marathon.
Mary, cute picture of you and granddaugher. I thought you were blond? It looks blond in the picture, not grey.
Shirl....sorry I missed your birthday, Happy belated birthday.
Lynn...155 huh? You have more patiences that me, I don't think I could go a few months at that weight before starting to lose again. Our Biggest Loser teams sure have shrunk.
Nancy...I'd be sneezing up a storm if I had even one cat in the house. Do the 12 outside cats ever wander off? You must have a shed or barn on your property huh? Was your house kitty locked in a room?
Congrats Zoe on the 2 pound drop! Are you still eating the chia seeds?
Mary...I hold my weight in my waist too. I usually don't buy ladies jeans because they shape them for hour glass figures. I like the slim cut mens jeans or go to the junior department and buy the low cut jeans. Trouble with the low cut is I feel like they'll fall off when I bend over. I didn't know panty hose was out of style? I would never part with my hose and I hate toeless high heel shoes too.
Teagranny...congrats on your 3 pound loss.
KarenFla...how's your face coming?
KarenMo...Have you dipped you toes into the pool yet?
Freda...Are you still at 115? I find it easier to lose weight than to maintain.
Hi Bunti, Lyn, hmmmmmmm, who did I miss. I don't dare to back because I'll lose everything I've posted. It's lunch time and I have some yummy tomato soup waiting for me.
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Hi everyone..not much going on in my world but have been reading your posts,congrats to us all for our deligence in being healthier. i finished the james clavell books,i really loved them..its agood read when u come to the last page and u want more. im now reading "water for elephants". i have a turkey breast cooking and im making a salad with it with vegies,apples and grapes and cashews..yummy. hope your day is great rosey

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Wow it's afternoon already...where did the morning go?!! We got up late. I meant to go to prayer meeting today.....but I took pain med last night and woke up so hungover I couldn't get myself up and my leg was still hurting, so I stayed home. Didn't actually get out of bed until almost 10. Since then I have done my daily tasks but that's it for housework. Today is my FREE day! Crazy thing is I can't think of anything I want to do beyond puttering around the house and being online.

I made some Morning Glory Muffins for breakfast, and they were SO good! I resized the recipe to make only 6 but ended up getting 15 out of it...not sure what happened because I actually used less than the recipe said of most ingredients...as I only had about 1/3 of the carrots and didn't want to use so many raisins due to the carbs. I also used unsweetened applesauce instead of apple butter and added more spices. The recipe I was using said 28 carbs each so I figure I only got about that with two, but I may be wrong. Too much trouble to figure it all out.. And that's all I had for breakfast since they contain fruit. Putting the rest away for another breakfast or snack.

I was right about yesterday just being a low flucuation as today I was back up to my usual weight but at least not higher.

Bobbi - well I think panty hose are mostly out with the younger (non-senior) crowd. I liked the way they looked on my legs but they always roll over my belly and it's uncomfortable. I have worn men's jeans at times too but they still don't look good on me. I'm sure if I can ever lose more weight it will be better but I think I'll always have to have the legs altered as if they fit my middle, the legs are way too big..even when I was skinny. BTW, I am very white so I use the Jergens Glow lotion on my leggs when I wear a skirt.

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Hi Everyone - Just a quick flyby here...I'm packing to go away for a few days. Well, I'm down a whole .2 lb, but that is better that nothing or a gain. I'm not going to change the ticker for that. Big congratulations to those that have lost! Lynn (lady in weighting)- Good Luck with the 1/2 marathon & have fun and CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal! A belated Happy Birthday Shirl. Love reading all the posts. Catch up with you all when I get back. BFN
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Good evening everyone....admit to chuckling off and on about the cat with a problem. And of course they ran that silly ad with the cat doing the knee knocking dance.

Happy Birthday Shirl

Gayle....Don't look but the whining helped. You are doing good, girl. Whine away.

Mary....GD is adorable. What are Morning Glory muffins? Funny about sizes and shapes....down here everyone wears jeans/slacks or cut offs. My mother's generation never wore pants away from home. Hard to realize that she was grown when she got the right to vote.

Tea....I'll send you a roll of quarters and the only horse DS can ever ride again is in front of Kmart. I raised a rider and spent many a scared race to the ER.

Lynn....Enjoy Goal! Pat yourself on the back. Good job.

Bobbie...Our tomato plants have tomatoes about tennis ball size. The plum tomatoes are about 1 1/2" long. Have to get them ripe soon as it gets to summer the tomatoes literally cook on the vine. Actually the plants last for a couple of years with no frost to kill off, but get leggy.

Rosie....The movie Water for Elephants comes out in April.

I behaved myself yesterday. Mama can rest in peace! Somebody said I should try again....said no way I have a bunch of friends online who will get a possie together and come hurt me if I ever even consider that. yup yup yup

Been weird busy today. Went to get annual hearing test. Been complaining I can't hear and I can't follow conversations. Well. that's the truth. My left ear tested 90% loss a 20% loss in one year. My new aides are already maxed out. She cranked them up and i wore them all day and now have a headache and exhausted. That high just moving a shoulder and they cheep/whistle. Then called for the free microdermabrasion at the spa that the Face doc gave me.
OMY....ladies let me tell you it was wonderful. In a dark room with low music on a heated table. First cleaned my face with 5-6 different treatments, warm towels and massages....one felt like happy feet dancing...even had my scalp massaged. Then she used a machine that sanded my face and neck. Didn't hurt. Then bunch more treatments even hand massage. I have never been to a Spa before.....double wow! I did say FREE! Dh said when I walked in my face looked good.....**** it feels like a baby's bottom and surprised me when i looked in the mirror it was the same old me. What a treat.

Biggest Losser night....I do well every other night but watch that show and want a snack...go figure....do I want Bob to come yell at me?


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