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Morning all.....Just a quiet day for me....a me day I think. sorry about your DS accident. He is in my prayers immediately.

Shirl....welcome...just jump right in!

Lyn....Think Freda was saying just pull up your big girl panties and gets going.

Lynn....When you get to St Augustine have an ice tea and look West that's me waving.

NancyNc....Wednesday was Ides of March. It wasn't good day for Julius Ceasar either!

Mary...Can you work cranberry juice in your carbs? We used to mix cranberry juice with wine for folks. They enjoyed a cocktail that was good for them! Lowers the Ph and stops bacteria from growing.

Karen...Said lets paint the walls coffee and get a chocolate carpet. I'll be right there.

Bunti....glad it was the crockpot not one of the kids!

Gayle...Been there and know how hard changes like that are on the staff. Just put your head down and truck along it will get better. And get here to do your share of whining!

Zoe....I am not offering to come kiss your booboos!

Donna...Since when is Colorado South? You all had a warmer winter than most of the South.

Rosie....Added Dh to my prayers. Double yeah on this 3lbs!!!! With protein first plan you should just melt away. You need a hand vac with a hose to suck up stuff off the floor. Get Dh to invent a gizmo.

For some reason my face is super tender this morning and the spots are resurfacing. Dr told me that was going to happen but hoping otherwise...sighhh.

Found a corned beef in the freezer. So that's simmering away. Will pig out on boiled cabbage and carrots with maybe a wee slice of beef. Making a big dent in freezer. Mostly 1/2 gal bottles of frozen water now. Between the cabbage and vegie soup.....phew don't stop by here!!

Think I'll wipe down the kitchen and do a few loads of wash....amazes me how much laundry and trash just 2 of us can generate. karen3


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Good morning!!
Happy Birthday Nancy!! Have a great day!!

Tea, so sorry to hear about your sons accident. Prayers and good thoughts ascending. Keep us updated when you can.

Freda, I ordered Zumba for the wii. It was on for $36 and I have been watching it because it has been "out of stock" Yesterday when I saw that it was available I ordered it quick! So I should have it next week for sure. I think I will make it wait until I get down another 10 pounds and use it as my reward to myself! I still want to do my regular workout and then do that for a "FUN" change.

OK Better get busy. Need to get a lot done today.
Everyone enjoy this beautiful day!!
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Mornin'.....just a quick fly by,
Shirl...... We all welcome you and love newbies, tell us about yourself. We have a really strong thread going here, pop in often, we can learn new tricks from you also.

I have been reading your posts and want to know if it is okay to post on your forum.
Teagranny.....our hearts go out to you, son and family. I just said a prayer for you and son, keep the faith.
Hi everyone else, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, will hopefully get a new direction with my headaches.
One last thing before I head back to my messy kitchen. I just made some broccoli/raisin/sunflower/turkey bacon salad, figured the calories and it's way, way too much. Dang! Anyway, I'm going to eat it with DH tonight with baked chicken breast.
I'm late getting started this morning because of the best book I've read in a long, long time. I don't cry very often when reading books but I did a tad with the ending of this book. You gals check it out at your library. I don't read romance often but was getting bored with all mystery novels. I picked this off the library shelf at random and it's really good. Author is Kristin Hannah, book is titled "True Colors". It doesn't have gushy sex scenes, I hate that in romances.
Later Gator!
P.S. Happy Birthday Nancy

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Quick flyby,

Happy Birthday Nancy.

Karen 3 How do you keep track of us all? I am so envious.

Bobbi- I love that salad you mentioned, but figured it was loaded with calories. Still, there may be room on my plan....

TeaGranny My heart is with you. I hope there is someone there for support for you. We are all praying, keep us posted please.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Snowing here again. Sigh.

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Good morning everyone! Teagranny I am so sorry about your son! I have prayed and will continue to pray for him and for you too.

I started my day with a strawberry smoothie. It was thick and good so hopefully it will hold me until lunch. With this UTI I'm sure my bs will remain high no matter how I eat but I am trying to lower them. The antibiotic is helping but I'm still awful aching. Of course I was achy (legs) before the UTI symptoms, nothing new but has been more constant recently.

Karen 3 I am drinking the Light cranberry juice. I wonder whether it helps as much? It's great for my diet though. Trying to drink more water too but then that really keeps me running. Never thought of adding wine...all I have is cooking wine on hand I think.

Today is errand day for me...which means any running around I do I try to do it today. Grocery shopping is this am (as soon as I get dressed...might be close to noon the rate I am going!) and then my dh and I plan to go to Camping World. Want to look at the RV covers (we have always just used a tarp) and get an estimate on the repair for the damage we did.

Freda, we have a senior zumba at my gym. We plan to start back April 1 and I'm considering taking it. Maybe not right away though...I need to get used to working out again. All we did on the trip was walk and haven't even done that for several days now. But Zumba really looks like fun.

Well, I have things to do before I head out to the store so better get off this computer. Have a good day everyone!
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Hi everyone..its cloudy today but still spring like..gee im such a creature of habit,i dont like change and i havea morning routine and i was so miffed that there was basketball on tv my fav station grrrr i always have price is right and young in the restless on everyday..and now dang basketball,sounds awful petty with all thats going on,so i feel guilty but lol are you all irratated over dumb stuff like that? tea im so sry about your son bobbie good luck at the drs,Happy Birthday Nancy,mary hope you feel better soon,Karer3 hope your face feels better,and ((hugs))) for all and hope your day is awsome rosey
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Hello everyone! Just thought that I would post a quick picture of me wearing the "Green" today. Got my workout in and we are getting ready to run to the store. Take care...
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Hey GGs,
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Maureen, Iím so sorry about your son. Sending good thoughts & prayers your way, & I hope everything will be ok!

Gayle, glad things went a little better for you at work. Maybe things will keep improving as you get used to a new routine. Mary, itís great that youíre home, but bad that youíre sick. I guess maybe itís better that it didnít happen while you were traveling. Hope you feel better. KarenFL, I keep wondering about that too, how just 2 people can have so many dirty clothes & so much trash?! Just doesnít seem right.

Bobbi, I love broccoli salad! For a long time, I wouldnít even try broccoli, thought it was nasty. Then, about 15 years ago, a friend brought some broccoli salad to a family dinner, & I ate a little of it, just to be polite. Found out it wasnít too bad, so I started trying some other broccoli dishes, & pretty soon I was eating broccoli all the time. Now I love it, but I think the salad is still my favorite. Good luck with the dr.ís appointment tomorrow!

Freda, glad youíre getting warmer weather, finally. Bunti, sorry about the snow, maybe you could send some of it to Donna - she seems to be missing some.

Sorry about your shows, Rosey. Iím a creature of habit too, & hate having my routine interrupted. But, when you think the situation in Japan, it does make little things like that seem very trivial.

KarenMO, lookin good in that green (my favorite color)!

Iím posting a pic of what I wore to lunch today. The shirt was a little tight, but it was a St. Patrickís Day shirt, & I just happened to find it when I was on my ďgreen missionĒ to the thrift stores on Tuesday. So I HAD to wear it. We went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I ate & ate & ate. And Iím very, very full. But it was gooood! No regrets!

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Good Evening and Thank you all for the Welcome. I had the day off today and got alot done. Everytime I wanted to grab a snack-I would think of your post and how hard everyone is working toward a healthier life. It worked.

Bobbi: I love to read and will hit the library for "True Colors". If you get a chance to read "The Secret Gift", it will touch your heart also.

Maryea: I just started making smoothies and juicing. I am feeling more energy from the green drink with all the veggies. Took me awhile to brave it tho. Hope you feel better soon.

Gayle: Our Hospital where I work in the Lab just change to a complete electronic system "Cerner" all departments at once--what a change it has been. It has been alot of overtime also. I feel for you.

Freda: Thank you also for the Big Welcome. Everyone seems so wonderful and friendly. I have a WII and hope to see how you like the zumba for it.

Rosie: I'll keep your DH in my prayers and Congrats on the weight loss.

Karen31: Very nice green shirt. You looked great. I had on my green also.

Karen3: I agree on amazing how 2 people can make as much laundry and trash as when our two kids were still at home. I blame it on the cat. LOL

Zoe: I sure hope you feel better. Thoughts and prayers your way also.

Tea Granny: Your Son and family are in my prayers bless your heart. Went through a major scare when my son was shot and left for dead on the side of the road when he stop to help a female motorist and it was a set-up to kill a police officer from a gang member. He was an PM in the Army stationed at Fort Hood in 1992-just back from a tour in Germany. I spent 8 weeks there with his wife while he was in the Hospital. Again-my heart is full of prayers and thoughts for your family.

Nancy: Happy Birthday to you and may it be a wonderful one.

akrosey49: I was also put off by the basketball game taking over "Cold Case" time slot today.

I know I did not get to touch on everyone, but Thank you again for making me feel welcome. I will be 55 on March 28th and want to start taking some time for myself. I work in a Hospital Laboratory (for 22 years) and have just finished four years of school again for a second degree while I still had two brain cells left and it took a toll working full time and school full time. I think I needed too due to the empty nest syndrom I knew I would have. I am married (it's been strained with our last child going off to college and his job closing 5 years ago) for 37 years. Have two wonderful kids-son (James) 37 lives in Hawaii, and our wonderful surprise daughter(Branda)-25 lives in Southern California. Two grandkids from my son (girl-Ashley and boy-Calob). I have let food deal with the stress and need to change that. Thank you all for letting me have a place to share my feelings. Bless your hearts---Shirl

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So very sorry about your son, Tea. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

Happy birthday, Nancy! (Sorry I'm kind of late, but glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner!)

Too tired for any more, but thinking of all,

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shhhhhhhhhhhhh go to bed Zoe...time for all GG to be in bed saying a prayer for Tea....sleep tight.....poof blew out the candle...k
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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

Finally getting some time to comment to each of you ~ it has been a while since Iíve been able to.

Off tomorrow, so enjoying the evening ~ not having to do ďgetting ready for work in the morningĒ stuff.

Have weight watchers weigh in tomorrow ~ I donít expect to have made any progress ~ my eating and walking are all messed up since starting these new hours. It is a trial and error thing right now ~ trying different routines and combos of foods. Eventually Iíll get it figured out.

Welcome Tyme4me ~ youíll like it here I think ~ wonderful bunch of ladies ~ so supportive and kind. Sorry about the loss of your brother.

Zoe ~ sorry you fell down ~ glad you didnít break anything ~ hope you arenít too awful sore.

NCNancy ~ you look wonderful in your pictures. Sorry my birthday wish to you is late ~ hope you had a wonderful day.

Lyn ~ hope your funk passes soon.

Tea ~ any news about your son?

Rosey ~ great job on those leather mittens. Hope your DH feels better.

Donna ~ your afghan is so pretty. Your food demo thing sounds fun ~ my feet would hate that though.

Karen FL ~ glad your treatments are going well.

Karen MO ~ you look great in your picture also.

Freda ~ glad you had fun with the Zumba at Curves.

Mary ~ glad you got back home at last ~ sorry you are not feeling well ~ hope you get to feeling better soon.

Bobbi ~ your broccoli salad sounds yummy ~ maybe there is a lower cal version. Hope you have good news from the dr tomorrow.

Lynn ~ enjoy your trip. You are awesome with your marathon and training and all.

Bunti ~ I have from time to time put something in an unusual place. Glad to know I am not alone J

Sherry ~ sorry the scale didnít go down as you had hoped ~ but at least it didnít go the other way.

I'm sorry if I missed anyone.

Take care
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Hi Ladies.
My son is supposed to have surgery this morning- they were waiting for the Orthopedic surgeon that specializes in pelvic reconnstruction to arrive. He was moved out of the trauma ward last night and onto the orthopedic ward. Here's hoping that he doesn't get bumped off of the list by someone who had a little too much St. Patricks cheer and got upto some nonsense. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and your prayers and manifestations of love and light. Everything helps. I am heading up to the hospital shortly to "hurry up and wait". I'll be in touch.
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Good morning, all....I am new to the site this week and just figured out that this is the thread where all the day-to-day activity takes place. Thanks for letting me join in! I am on day five here in Oklahoma and love starting my day checking in on this site, seeing the support and sharing the successes. You ladies let me know it is possible!
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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

Wish that sun would appear. I always feel better and in a more hopeful positive mood when it is sunny.

I finally was able to catch up on the posts this morning. A couple comments regarding what I read:

Shirl ~ where in Ohio are you from? I was born there (Northeast Ohio) and spent the first part of my life there until I got married and moved away. Lived in a little town called Mantua ~ between Akron and Cleveland. Do you get to see your grand children very much. That is hard when they live so far away ~ what ages are they? Mine (age 13 and 3yrs) are what brought me here to Texas (was living in NC).

Karen MO ~ the image of your dad with his headaches reminded me of me when my kids were young. I had awful ones then ~ think it was hormonal ~ always around my TOM. I feel bad and wonder if my kids only remember a mom who layed around with a washcloth over my eyes.

Rosey ~ I know how you feel about the petty stuff that bugs you. I have a silly little irritation with my DH (in this case the D is not for dear ~ LOL). He withholds my Lane Bryant catalogs from me. He doesn't throw them out, but if I want them I have to go looking for them. I think he thinks if I see them, I will find something I want ~ spending money is against the law here at our house. (At least for things he doesn't see as necessary). Grrrrrrr

This new schedule sounded ok at first, but I am feeling irritable about the lack of time off. Most of my working years, I had a schedule where I had maybe 3 or 4 days off a week (one of the good things about the 12 hr shifts). This two days off a week is.......well, I guess because I am not as organized or something, I feel stressed ~ to have a day off and have to spend it running for errands and appointments. I feel like I am never going to get the stuff done here at home that I want/need to get done. The hours 10 am to 6 pm sound good, but I am having trouble with it. There really doesn't seem to be time in the morning to do anything but the routine morning stuff ~ no extra time ~ unless I cut my sleep time short. And in the evenings, I haven't been getting out on time most of them. But even when I do, there doesn't seem like there is any extra time then either, by the time I get home and eat supper and get stuff ready for the next day. I guess this is the price I pay for being slow. I don't like to feel rushed (and don't think as well when I am feeling rushed) ~ so take my time. It makes me feel less stress ~ in one area I guess, but stressed in other ways.

Sorry ~ I should just shut up and try to complain less. Be thankful I have a job. Be thankful that I still have this job and have not had to go back to nursing. And, now that I think about it ~ thank you all for listening to me ~ by coming here and venting ~ my hands are busy and I am not stuffing my face. Thank you.

Ok, gotta go get ready for the WW meeting and errands.

Hope you all have good day.

Take care
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