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Nancy, I have spent my entire life being 5’6” tall, but I’m betting that if I (dared) measure now, it would be less. Gravity, maybe? All those years of being pressed down by it must surely make an impact sooner or later. However, as they say, ignorance is bliss, so provided I don’t measure myself, I can continue being 5’6” tall for the rest of my days! Oh, and about your experience in the restaurant – I swear I have no idea how these people keep their jobs! One of our employees left a couple of weeks ago, and there are 7 or 8 of us who typically have lunch together, so we thought we’d take her OUT for “goodbye & good luck” sort of lunch. As it ended up, there were @ 12 of us going, and one of the other women in the office who lives fairly close by, and knows the local restaurant scene better than the rest of us, chose a pretty “chi-chi” place and called ahead to make sure they could accommodate us, saying that we wouldn’t have much more than an hour and a half to be there. She was assured that they could handle our group with “no problem”, so she made the reservations. I actually had to join them a little late because I was finishing up a meeting, but when I got there, everyone had their (soft; we’re not a drinking crowd) drinks, but their orders hadn’t been taken. SO, we all ended up ordering a couple of plates of nachos for an appetizer, and everybody ordered some sort of sandwich. The waitress brought the nachos, and that was the last we saw of her for the next half hour. After a half hour, one of my co-workers asked another passing waitress if she could track ours down. So, back she comes, says, “Oh, sorry. Your orders will be out in a few…” And off she went, no offer to refill drinks, no nothing. I actually had to leave earlier than the rest because I had to get back to (yet another) meeting, so I left some money and asked them to have mine wrapped to go. So when I get out of my meeting, they’re all back in the office – they’ve brought my sandwich, but it turns out that mine and one other were the only ones brought out. The waitress said “the rest would be out VERY shortly.” By this time, they had all been sitting there for about an hour and 15 minutes, and just told her to cancel the sandwich orders and bring them the check for the drinks and nachos. She actually became huffy, telling them that lunch times were busy – and what did they expect? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Apparently even the manager, when he was called didn’t even try to apologize – just shrugged his shoulders, like “you people are making a big deal out of nothing!” What, exactly, is that mentality all about? I would think that restaurants would WANT their patrons to go away happy and tell their friends. Maybe some of them haven’t figured out yet that that’s good for business, eh?
Truly lovely baby afghan, PT. We’ve just discovered that my dd is having a girl, so I am now working on a baby afghan as well, in a variegated pink yarn. No precise pattern like yours (I stink at counting) but a nice, serviceable afghan, nonetheless, methinks, and my dd will surely appreciate it because they (my kids) all know that I’ve just started knitting/crocheting – made my girls, including son’s fiancée, scarves for Christmas along, of course, with their “regular” gifts – and they don’t expect anything too complicated. Using the variegated yarns – blacks, grays, browns, tans, rusts, etc. – helps make it look nice even when you can’t count your stitches well enough to create actual patterns. I am, of course, hoping at some point to “graduate” to something that takes a bit more skill, but methinks I’m not quite ready. Yours is bee-yoo-ti-ful, tho! I’m jealous!
Pretty impressive mittens, Rosey! I imagine they would make good Christmas gifts for snowmobilers. (Or snowblower drivers?)
Karen3, I just noticed that you’ve lost 42 pounds! Wowie Zowie, superwoman! That’s GREAT! Have you done it all on SB? Nice about the lemon trees and all. We have a dilapidated apple tree out in back. No apples, no buds, no leaves. Auuurrrgh. Where, oh where is Spring? (Besides where YOU live, I mean!) I, for one, would LOVE a lemon – just as a reminder that somewhere in the world (and not all that far away) things ARE growing! Actually, a picture would suffice. How about a picture of your lemon tree(s), named or unnamed?
Karen31, YES…I’m back to measuring and weighing everything that passes through my lips, as well. Haven’t made it to your level of exercise (and we won’t even THINK about where Lynn is exercise-wise) yet, and may never do as much as you do, but I’m looking forward to WALKING outside once the weather improves enough to do it.
Bobbi, I will certainly and for sure back you up on the Fiber One bandwagon. I use it ground up in everything, use it ground up to coat chicken or pork chops with to bake them (add seasoning) use it as you did – as a filler for meat loaf – and of course I add it to my morning fruit and yogurt. My breakfasts alternate between Greek yogurt (preferable the pineapple) with a cup of Fiber One and a snack baggie filled with blueberries OR oatmeal with a snack baggie full of blueberries mixed into it. YUM-O to both of them, and they keep me full until 1:00 or 1:30 after having breakfast at 8:30. I’ve even skipped lunch because I’ve been too busy and never suffered a hunger pang.
NINE miles, Lynn! And you say that so matter-of-factly! Astonishing. I am actually (almost) speechless!
Freda, I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep lately, too. It’s getting so I have a hard time getting up in the morning because of it. Benadryl used to help, but for some reason, I’m just hating to go to bed – since I get up at 5:30 every morning, 9:30 would be the best bedtime for me, but I find myself pushing it further and further ahead. Last night it was midnight, and this morning I really didn’t want to get up at all. Oh! And thanks for missing me, m'dear - I sometimes just lose track, y'know? And weekends, especially, seem to be packed full of stuff these days. Must be nice to have time to do everything that needs doing, and THEN having time to actually relax, as well. We had my whole pack of kids and grandkids for dinner on Sunday, and I spent all Saturday afternoon spring cleaning, and Sunday morning, as well. We babysat for the twinnies so dd & sil could have a "date" Saturday night. Then the big dinner Sunday, and the last ones left at 9:30. Then bath, then bed. What happens to all my time?
Omigosh! The pictures! LOVE them! Were we once really so young? I seem like a different person now than I was back then. I think I can dig up a few old ones; no wedding pics, tho – I burned them in the fireplace while I was cutting up my ex’s clothes. Can’t say I’m too bothered by it. THAT girl was a danged fool no matter how little and cute she might’ve been at the wedding!
Hi Gayle…how’s your new work schedule going?
Hi Bunti, Sherry, Mary and Lyn….hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

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Nancy...I can so relate. I was 5'4" in high school and never thought too much about it. I had my goal set at 130 pounds according to my height. Then sometime last year I had the nurse measure me when I was in for a physical. Guess what, duh......I shrunk. I used to have 5'4" under my avatar but took it off. I refuse to put 5'3", yes.......I shrunk a whole inch. That's why I changed my weight goal to 118-120.
A few years ago I had my SO measure my height, & was shocked to learn I was only 5’5½” tall. I was 5’7” when they measured me in high school (though that might have been with shoes on). I made him redo it several times before I’d believe it. Well, last night I decided to have him check it again. Now I’m only 5’4” (& ¼”)! Nooooo! I chose my goal weight because that’s what I’d need to get to, to not be overweight (by those darn BMI charts).
Glynne.....was it you who asked how much fiber one we mix in yogurt? Anyway, I don't mix it in. I sprinkle it on top of the yogurt. I do the same with sugar free pudding, top with sugar/fat free cool whip and top with dry Fiber One. It's delicious! Don't mix it in or it'll get soggy. I think Zoe does the same thing, tops the yogurt.
O.K. smarty pants KarenFla...now I'm jealous! Myer lemons are the best lemons in the world and you have a tree.
The new lemon tree is in and it has a sister a lemon called Euraka....supposed to like Myers. Hey knew am sinile when I name the trees.
Rosey...not only do I remember them but DH has a pair. I was going to use them on of the days we went skiing but DH said I'd get too warm in them. You must have some heavy duty needles to sew through leather and lining. Good Job!
he wanted me to make apair of leather "choppers" bobbie do you remember the mitts our dads wore in winter,mydad called them choppers anyways dh cut out the mitts from leather
Lynn...you are amazing with your determination, I get tired just thinking about the miles you put in. I forgot to check your Red team, are you still on a plateau?
Sherry....I don't eat oatmeal very often but I like to make it a little soupy and no milk either. That's another way I use up apples, stir some in with cinnamon. Yum-0.
Hi Bunti....I love grapefruit but don't buy them because DH can't eat them. (They don't mix with his meds) My brother brought me some from Florida a couple months ago, oh so juicy and delicious. I found a new variety of apples at the supermarket last week, a crisp sweet apple called 'Jazz'. I tried to buy more Sunday and they were sold out already. I hate that.

Donna...what did you demo? Food? I always thought it would be fun to cook stuff for passing customers and giving out samples.
KarenMo...we have spaghetti every couple of weeks, I used to measure out 1 serving of spaghetti and cook it separate from DH's so I knew how many calories are in it. But no more, it doubles in weight...2 oz dry = 4 oz cooked. I also found a really good spaghetti sauce, 1 serving only has 40 calories. that's 1/2 cup and plenty. Check out Hunts in a tin can. Really good!
. I measured out 3 ounces of whole wheat spaghetti and 1/2 cup sauce.
Freda...I'm still here, just skimming the post mostly. Yesterday was so busy, I actually made a list of things I wanted to do. DH had an idea to use up more frozen apples, he wanted a jelly roll. I used cooked apples and caramel for the filling. I only took a tiny bite to see how it turned out, he loved it.
I know we have a lot of ladies missing from action right now. Thinking of you. Hurry back.
Zoe...We arrived before a family next to us, they were served and left. We still didn't have our dinners...the ding-a-ling forgot to turn our order in. We got up and left, didn't bother paying for our coffees either. I was a waitress in an exclusive supper club when we were first married, the tips were awesome. I was guilty of forgetting to turn in someone's order once.
By this time, they had all been sitting there for about an hour and 15 minutes, and just told her to cancel the sandwich orders and bring them the check for the drinks and nachos. She actually became huffy, telling
I've fooled around enough here, I have laundry to fold and it's my turn at scrabble. DH and I have a running game set up, we never sit at it at the same time. I always beat him and he still plays with me. We do it to keep our minds active, ward off Alzheimers.
Later Gator....

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Hi! I'm back Our computer died and the new one was only set up last night - with a semi-hyserical me trying to find all of the 'stuff" that the "experts" moved from the old to the new. One enraged phone call later and it was all found I asked them to configure the new one the was the old one was - it's my filing system and it works for me - their "expert" decided that his way was better...foolish, and now partially deaf, silly boy!
Another pound gone this week - i just have to keep looking at how far I've come, not how far I have to go. We're longing for Spring here, thoroughly sick of the cold and grey I know that I will feel much better and more positive once the sun and warmth return. Oh well enough whining - it is time to do something positive! See you all later - missed you all!
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Morning everyone..sunny again today and i sit in the doorway in the aftnoon and soak up the sun..we have been advised by a friend whos dd is a dr to take iodine becuz the radioactivity from japan could affect us here in alaska..the iodine would counter affect our bodies from absorbing it..who knew..my friends dd is going to send us some..scary tho..my dh decided to make 2 more prs of choppers for his guy friends so i'll be sewing today..i have anew Phaff machine and it sews the leather fine.as far as shrinking i'm 4 ft 10 on a good day lol and have'nt been measured in yrs..we are sinking into our shoes i tried the almond flour last nite to make some bisquits to go with the chix stew..they turned out ok but i tried to figure the cal count in 1..i used 1 1/2 cups of the flour and its 160 cal for 1/4 cup..yikes i realized that at almost 200 plus cal a bisquit id pass i thouht becuz the almond flour was a protein rich item i could satisfy my cravings for bread,the cal count scared me..they didnt taste that great either,i didnt waste them tho the dogs loved them hoping all my"GG" sisters have agreat day. rosey

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Hi Everyone,

I just realized that I should get my tax stuff to my accountant before I leave for FL. Hopefully, I can get everthing together on Thursday.

Next week is FL + I start teaching a new class.

Have a great day,

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I just found this after reading your post -

Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 03/15/2011
Risk of nuclear radiation in U.S. from Japan low
By Jason Samenow

Some have raised the question whether nuclear radiation from Japan could be transmitted by upper level winds across the Pacific and reach the U.S. West Coast or Alaska. The answer is possibly, but not in sufficient quantities to pose a meaningful risk to public health according to experts.
Numerous credible sources have reached this same conclusion.
Let me share a few of them...
Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Washington, wrote yesterday:
there is no serious radiation threat to us here in the Northwest.
even if they [wind trajectories] were heading straight for us..there is little to fear.
From virtually a point source, the radiation would mix through huge volumes of the atmosphere due to horizontal and vertical mixing. Since it would take days to reach us, there would be time for larger particles to settle out and precipitation would wash some out as well. Even for Chernobyl, where the core exploded while the reactor was powered up and where there was no containment, serious radiation only extended roughly 1000-1500 km away.
Jeff Masters, chief meteorologist at Wunderground, said that even if a radioactive cloud was transported all the way to Alaska without being rained out that it would be “considerably diluted.” And he concluded: “I strongly doubt the radioactivity would be harmful to human health if rain or snow were to carry it to the ground over Alaska or Canada, assuming that the radiation levels currently being advertised at ground level in Japan are correct.”
The U.S. government assessment of the situation is consistent with these scientists’. An ABC News story from this morning writes:
...the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said it is unlikely that harmful levels of radiation leaking from Japanese reactors will reach any part of the U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, and various territories in the Pacific, considering the vast distances between Japan and those areas.
The story also refers to the opinion of Dr. James Thrall, radiologist-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and president of the American College of Radiology, who said the chances of consequential radiation exposure from Japan anywhere in the U.S. are “essentially zero.”
So we have atmospheric scientists, the government and a leading medical official on the same page that U.S. residents have little cause to worry about nuclear radiation based on the current circumstances.
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Hi Everyone - Well I faced the dreaded weigh-in today & nothing! Stayed the same. I want to whine & snivel but won't (hardly) as it is my own fault. I will stay motivated to stay OP right now! I promise! Rosey & PT - Love the mitts & baby afghan. Zoe: You cut up your ex's clothes? One of my girlfriends did the same to her ex's tuxedo only she just cut all the seams & left the tux hanging in the closet. I have been 5'2" since high school & then a few weeks I was measured at the dr. & it said 5' 1 1/4. I have no patience with rude servers, etc when I go out to eat. I'm polite & I expect them to be. I will complain if the food is bad too (not the server's fault) & have asked for the manager to lodge the complaint. I've not had to do it very much thank goodness because I don't like to do it. It's gray & cloudy here but the snow is melting. My front yard is bare now but the back yard still has lots. The flower bed in the front is ug-a-ly BUT THE SNOW IS GONE from there! Anyway got stuff to get at. TTYL
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Thankyou Lynn for thr info,makes me feel better rosey
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I've been reading for a few days and haven't felt like posting. I'm feeling a bit apathetic these days. Not tracking my food input...eating chips (oh no!) and feeling tired. Need to motivate myself!

Yes I've also shrunk - 3 inches. used to be 5'11" and now am 5'8". Soon I'll be the same as my DH (5'5")!!

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Hey G.G.s,
Got my errands done yesterday, then started out on a “mission” seeking green. Since St. Patrick’s Day is also my birthday, I always wear green - lots of it! I was planning on wearing the same sweater I wore last year, but then decided I wanted something smaller - hence the “mission”. Now I have a new problem, I found 2 shirts I want to wear. My sister is taking me out to lunch (some of the rest of my family & friends will be there too), & she says that’s not a problem. She said I should just wear one, & take the other one with me, & then change in the restroom midway through lunch. LOL!

Glad to hear I’m not the only one with the height problem. Zoe, I wish I’d thought of your “solution”, but it’s too late for me. I know! At least it solves the “getting shorter in the future” problem, I just won’t measure, ever again! (I don’t really think that will work, I’m just too nosey - I have to KNOW.) I guess we’ve all had bad restaurant experiences! Bobbi, you too! That reminded me of something about my ex (#2). When we were married, he managed a pizza restaurant for a couple of years, & sometimes I worked there. One afternoon I was clearing a table & overheard a couple saying they would never eat there again, as they went out the door. I immediately went & told him what they’d said, & he rushed outside to find out what the problem had been & if he could fix it. That’s the attitude all managers should have! (Turns out they were upset about the music on the jukebox being too loud, & he apologized & told them in the future he would be happy to turn it down if they asked, & he gave them a coupon for a free pizza to get them to come back.)

Freda, thanks for agreeing with me on those pesky old charts. I don’t know why I let those numbers bother me - I don’t really believe in them.

You know, there are a lot of talented ladies here. Donna, that beautiful afghan, & Rosey - those “choppers”, & all the crafts & things you do, Zoe, your knitting/crocheting, & sewing, I think, & Gayle, you sew your own clothes, & KarenMO, you knit & crochet, & I know there are a lot I’m forgetting! Makes me feel sort of bad. I just don’t do much of any of that (I am forced to sew upon occasion - repairs). Does making & putting iron-on transfers on shirts, & then adding a little glitter & fabric paint count? I sometimes do that (ok, probably only one or two shirts a year). And I did put elastic in the hems of my sleeves yesterday, because I didn’t like the way they looked hanging open. (Do I have to admit that I just cut a slit on the inside of the hems, & then just safety pinned the elastic together after I got it inside them? Hey, I was in a hurry!).

Congrats to Maureen on losing another pound! Yay! And, Yay! for you, Sherry, at least you didn’t re-gain, that counts!

Lynn, sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy next week, with your new class, & a trip to FL (I‘m jealous!). You going to have time to check in?

Gayle, hope you’re getting used to that new schedule, & I'm sure you'll soon establish a new routine. Guess it just takes time.

KarenFL, 2 lemon trees! What are you going to do with all those lemons, since you can't send them to us? My mom should have one, because she won't drink tea without lemon or lime in it, & she drinks a lot of tea. Of course that won't work because, like me, she seems to have a "black thumb". Guess I inherited it from her.

Lyn, 3 inches? Good thing you started out tall. I think my sister said she's shrunk about 3 inches too, & she started at 5'4"! Hope you find your motivation, & get back OP soon! Gotta watch those darn chips!

Guess I better get up from here & do something. The place is a mess & I've got stacks of clothes all over my bedroom with no place to put them! I've got to quit buying more (but they're really cheap & I've never been this size before!). Anyway, time to get busy. Bye y'all.

PS Here's pics of me that I took when I tried on my St. Patrick's Day sweater from last year. See, a little too big, even with the belt. And it's actually a dark green, & my hair's not that red (the color on this camera doesn't come out right).
Attached Images
File Type: jpg St. Patrick's Day outfit.jpg (28.9 KB, 11 views)
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Want to feel better
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Hope things get better at work. It was awful yesterday. My co-workers are so frustrated ~ many are talking about trying to find something else. I am supposed to leave at 6 ~ didn't leave until almost 10. They had made a rule that because of there being no secretary on our unit after 6pm, that we would not have admissions after 4pm. (Our unit is different from regular ones ~ they have to be evaluated and pre approved with insurance before they can come to our floor). Our boss tried to back us up and hold to the rule, but the big wigs bullied her and we had to take it. It didn't come until 6:30 (after I was supposed to have left). I couldn't in good concience go off and dump that (new admission and the one that came before that ~ that still wasn't done) on my coworkers. Everyone is so stressed and all. And you know once you back down, there is no turning back ~ now they will keep making us do it. All the nurses left late too. I felt so bad for them. It was so busy that no one could help each other. The charge nurse had her own patients, plus had to process the admissions. She never got to eat lunch. She went home in tears.

The boss was visiting me during my lunch and I was saying how I was not able to eat my fruits and vegies as much since I have this new schedule ~ she said ~ well you can eat them here. Not. They make me have to run to the bathroom frequently ~ you are lucky to get to go to the bathroom at all.

Ok, enough venting ~ better go get ready ~ headed back for another dose of &@#*%$ Sorry for my bad vibes. Sorry.

Hope you all have a good day.

Take care ~ Gayle

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Gayle, NEVER any need to apologize for venting here! (You know everyone puts up with all my whining, so your occasional gripe hardly causes a ripple....I'm sorry that things are so pressured on your job, though. I always wonder why hospitals DARE to be short-staffed, considering what they charge the patients! We're in the midst of quite a media uproar in the Boston area - seems the former CEO of BC/BS of Massachusetts resigned and walked away with about an eight million dollar "Golden Parachute". His predecessor took $12 mil on his way out. AND THEY ARE CONSTANTLY TRYING TO RAISE OUR HEALTH INSURANCE RATES. What a rip off! They need to spread the wealth down to the people who actually provide the care...and hire enough of them so that they're not working grotesquely long hours, which means, I'm sure, that they're not at peak performance! I tell you, the whole system is just intolerable, and yet, what can anybody do about it? OH. Gayle - I think Bobbi just sprinkles her yogurt with Fiber One. I, on the other hand, add a cupful to one 6 oz. cup of Chobani Greek yogurt, and mix a snack baggie full of fresh blueberries into it, as well. It REALLY fills me up, and tastes yummy, too. (Just be sure to drink plenty of water when you up your fiber...)
Nancy, you are looking FANTASTIC! Those collarbones are just SO elegant, doncha know? (And yes, get rid of the sweater! It's definitely too big for you, chickie!)
Lyn, you may NOT become apathetic, young lady! Summer is on its way, and down there in the vacation capital of the northeast, there will be swimming, sailing, walking trails to hike, etc., etc., so on and so forth...and you will want to be out there in the middle of it all. C'mon, honey, I had to face up to reality and get myself under control....let's us Massachusetts team members make a good showing for ourselves! (We can do it together!)
Sherry, we've all hit plateaus and lived through and past them. You will, too, pinkie promise. Just stick with it - that's the only thing that will get you over the hump.
Enjoy Florida, Lynn - for yourself, and for those poor among us (me) who are still awaiting spring.
How does one "take" iodine, Rosey? I've heard of getting it in some foods (fish?) but never heard of just taking iodine by itself. Is it in capsule form or something?
Missed you too, Tea - welcome back!
Bobbi, I like the idea of a running Scrabble game...we play it every so often when the kids are here for dinner, and it gets pretty cut throat. Fun, tho...
Freda, like you, I am always a little preoccupied with what the weather's going to be like - and both of us for the same reason: work. Yesterday it was wet out, but got very cold, evidently, in the morning hours. Our front steps (wooden) looked wet, but in reality were covered with a thin layer of black ice. I stepped down, my feet went out from under me, and I bounced down all five stairs on my back & fanny. I'm lucky to have walked away with just a few bruises. A little achey, too, but better than having something broken. Have I mentioned that I'm really and truly done with winter weather?
Hey Karens 3 & 31, Bunti...PT (whatchew up to?) ....and all those that I may inadvertently have missed. You know my memory tends to fail me after a while...
Have a teriffic day, y'all!

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Good Morning! I didn't get to post yesterday and I didn't get my wii workout in either! I did the body test like normal then I went and fixed my glass of slimfast chocolate shake that I have for breakfast. I was carrying it in here to the computer, like I do every morning and for some reason when I was coming down the hall it "jumped" out of hand and I had chocolate shake everywhere!! The carpet was soaked the walls were covered and I was so mad! I ended up having to shampoo carpets and wash walls yesterday!! By the time I was finished I was just too frustrated to get out the wii again! But I got it done this morning and I jogged in place 6.61 miles this morning!
Zoe, be careful with that black ice! I know we get it around here too. I don't like that part at all! Glad that you weren't hurt too bad.
Gayle sorry that things aren't going so well for you at work. I hope it gets straightened out soon. It makes for a very long day when things are so messed up. Keep your chin up and keep smiling!
Nancy--I agree the pictures look great but the sweater is definetly too big! I hate that sometimes too 'cause I have some faves that I just love and hate to give up.... but not worth staying the size I need to be to wear it!!
Well, I need to get cleaned up now. I want to go and see my Aunt today. They picked up her wrecked van finally yesterday and she was feeling pretty blue. She has found another car that she is going to buy but is now waiting for the insurance company to get a check to her! They sure like to take their time!
Hello to everyone that I missed. I'll be back later.
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Good Morning, All....
Piddly pooping around today, nothing much going on. It's warm outside, but it's very cloudy and very not-pretty. Oh, my, have we radiation plumes?? I'm still in shock over the devastation; imagine how THEY feel!

PT/Zoe and KarenMO, both of what you describe are MY tricks! Luckily, PT/Zoe, I have beaucoup bundles of padding and so don't usually do a lot of damage, but you're a wee thing! Hope your backside isn't black and blue and sore! And, Karen! The worst thing about becoming a crone is that things just leap out of your hand or off a shelf and spew all over the room! Usually they wait until I've turned my back before they jump off the shelf. I spend many moments being irate!

Yes, Bobbi, I was doing a food sampling demo. Probably 90% of what we demo is food. This time I was doing the melted Velveeta with Rotel and chips. People LOVE that stuff! It's fun, but I really hurt when it's finished!

Meeting up with my ex-SIL for dinner tonight, so that's a looking forward thing. We always have fun.

And there's nothing else to report! All is status quo (meaning okay, upright, functional, and relatively stable), no complaints. Oh, got my taxes done yesterday, and the Feds owe me $8 (which I'll probably spend on something shiny) and I owe Colorado $271. I was happy, all things considered.

Hope your day is lovely! Everyone, later.......
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Hi you all.....It was so pretty today. Just checked the next 7 days and Lynn will have sunshine with highs in the low 80's for her cousin event with mid 40's at night. May be a little chilly on the beach.

Sorry i thought I had posted yesterday. Had my face laser treatment. Must admit it tingled more. Think that even one month between treatments still leaves tender thin skin. This time have a bunch of fadded spots visible. No big brown super ugly creepy spots. Feels like I have sun kissed cheeks. Not burnt. When actually they are just wee bit puffy.

Zoe...we have been encouraging you to walk NOT bounce!

Karen...lets paint the walls beige and get chocolate colored carpet. Never see next splash.

Gayle...It's the Golden Rule here...you must whine online to be able to loss weight. Venting on GG is absolutely important stage of weight loss.

Tea...Yeah 1 lb is good.

Lyn...You are just between seasons. 2 more weeks and you'll be extra busy.

Yeaah...just looked at my schedule and I have nothing posted for 4 days. No appointments NOTHING! So come on down everyone...we can party here.


ps won at bridge today!

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