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Just a fly by....Did the green eggs and ham this morning. Tasty and good. Got Green Giant LF creamed spinach, sauteed some onion. added spinach to onion. Put into ham cupped in muffin tin and raw egg on top. Baked 350 for 20 minutes. Wonderful. Check with fitday and total of 180 calories. Besides now have breakfast for tomorrow done...karen3
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Good Morning, All....

First, I'm horrified by the quake and tsunami! Oh, those poor, poor people!

Lots of postings.... but I wanted to especially mention your pictures, KarenMO! It's the clothing that makes it hard to see the differences, but in your face and legs is where I see that you're a mere shadow of your former self! You really deserve to be commended! GOOD JOB!!!! I think you should post one of your wedding pictures, which are gorgeous and what you're aiming to recreate, I think.

PT/Zoe, it doesn't look like MamaNature is finished with you yet! I hope you don't have flooding, now that it's finally warming up for you! I'm glad you're well and healthy... guess you're like the rest of us and just slowing down a bit. I guess that exercise idea (ugh) is more important now (ugh).

Bobbi, I hope you nag and whine and make a total pain of yourself until those doctors DO something for you! Freda (I think) was right that there is something going on, and they need to find out what that is!

Pretty day today. I've been busy (doing WHAT????), and today is a late/early (depending on your perspective) Christmas gathering with my SIL and Granny/Mom. I'm looking forward!

Rosey, Nancy, KarenFL, Mary, everyone, everyone.... have a lovely weekend!
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Thank you Donna for such a wonderful compliment! I did go ahead and post the pictures from our wedding but remember these were taken 41 years ago!! Tim was still in the army then and neither of look too much like that now. I am not sure but I think I was like between 110 and 120 pounds when we got married and I would love to be there again! I kind of feel like the "little engine that could" "I Think I can, I think I can!" I don't think I'll make it by the end of Summer this year but I think I should be way into the 130's by then. At least that is what I'm working for.

But I got to stop those Red Lobster meals for sure!! I had the grilled lobster and shrimp and a glass of wine, plus I had to have a couple of those cheese biscuits that they serve.....scale shows it today! But I know it is more sodium than anything else so I've already done my workout, did 6 miles jogging in place plus the other wii activities and I plan on drinking a ton of water!! But sometimes you just got to throw caution to the wind and enjoy it without worrying about how many calories!! At least that seems to be working for me. Our family kind of likes to get together when we can after church on Sunday and meet at a restaurant, and I love having that family time. SO I enjoy that time but try to make better choices on those days. But My Goodness--Red Lobster--- you just got to enjoy!

I just added a more recent picture of Tim & I--we have both changed a little bit!!! LOL!!!!

Have a great day!
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Karen31 - love the photos! You make such a nice looking couple.
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Thanks Jane, Like I said this was a long time ago...
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Hi Everyone - I know, I too feel so awful for everyone in the "quake zone'. I lived in Japan for a year (ner tokyo) & we had small earthquakes nearly every day; got to where you don't even notice them. Anyway I am just flying through today too. The snow is melting! YAY! Have a great weekend!
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Hey G.G.s,
Just stopping by, donít plan to stay long - got a book to read. But, had to stop in & check on everyone.

KarenMO, I use a program called PhotoStudio that was on a disc that came with my digital camera. It can do lots of fun things to pics. Love your wedding pics, & you & DH still make a nice looking couple - Iím sure thatís what Jane was saying.

Freda & Mary, yíall should have warned us about this bone thing, & will I get used to it?!

Oh, Iím excited - today was weigh-in day, & Iím down 2 lbs! Yay! Iíd really been trying this week, so itís good to see it worked. Ok, Iíve really got to get to that book! Hope everyoneís having a fantastic weekend!
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Good morning all,

So glad to have a day off. Boy, it has been a stressful few days at work (since the lay offs). People on edge as they are stressed ~ trying to do their jobs plus new responsibilities that have been put on them. Or, doing their jobs now with less help than before. I had not worked in my position during the week before (except during orientation) and it is a faster pace. Thank goodness, I had had time to learn my job working on the weekends when it was a little quieter. Hopefully when the smoke clears things will settle down. I felt more tired after these 8 hour shifts than I did working those 16 hour shifts. I had a routine worked out at work, now I've got to develop a new one.

Got to develop a new one at home too. Just gotta keep trying it different ways and "tweaking it" unitl I get it all figured out. I'm having to eat things at different times. My walking is kind of on hold for now until I get that figured out. I have to find a new time/day to go to weight watchers meetings. I am sad about that ~ I liked my leader. Eventually it will all work out.

Had taken a vacation day today ~ our town has these free outdoor concerts in the spring, summer and fall. The band playing today is "Toast and Jam". They play 70's - 90's music. We have seen them before and so when I saw them on the schedule ~ got today off so we could go see them. Hope the weather cooperates.

Gotta get off here now and get ready for church. I am excited about that ~ have not been able to go for a while (because of the work schedule) and miss it.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Hi everyone..another nice day here..and im being lazy got my nose in a book TaiPan by james clavell sipping iced tea. i made dh breakfast suasage eggs hash browns and toast..i didnt eat any but my eggy mini muffin. i loved the wedding pictures karen31 so i wanted to add mine..but my dh's scanner is on the fritz and i dont have a scanner on mine so i took pictures of my pictures so sry if they are abit fuzzy..glynne sry your schedule is so crazy but at least you are working hope it settles into a routine u can live with by the way the concert sounds like fun..hope everyones having agreat day rosey :wave;
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Love the pictures Rosey! Isn't it fun to look at all the pictures that were taken through the years!
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Quick fly by. Things are okay here. Except it snowed last night. aaaaagggghhh. Now I feel better. At least it is warmer, up in the high 20s

Our grandson in Japan is okay, heading out with his Marine unit for humanitarian work. Our nation has sent alot of Military help, several Navy ships, re-deployed Marines, Air, and Army stationed nearby. I am so proud of our men and women in uniform for being part of the relief effort.

Karen I love the pics. You guys look terrific-now and then.
Gayle, enjoy your day off, sorry things are so stressful.
Nancy- I had a program come with my camera as well, but have been a little afraid of it. I will take a second look.
Hi everyone else, I hope all are well. Hugs from Juneau.
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Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
Welcome Tammy....I see a lack of fruits and vegetables through out the day. (tomato juice is good and so is the carrots with your roast.) Are you getting plenty of fiber in? Snacking on veggies instead of crackers would be a better alternative. What kind of plan are you on? If you put a day's worth of food into something like Fitday, you'd get a better idea of what you should be eating. Just a thought. I can tell you have an adorable accent just by the way you post. Again....welcome.
Hey, Bobbi! I believe I never get enough fiber, if you know what I mean, LOL.

I have no plan to speak of... I thought of Atkins, but wanted to keep the baked potato in my diet. Any suggestions about what type of plan I should use? So, maybe in the morning I could eat wheat thins or another type of cracker with some lowfat cream cheese, along with the tomato juice?
I'm open to suggestions/ideas... please.

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Evening all.... The long twilight this evening was worth changing all the damn clocks! Still have the car one to do. Between clocks and those little light dots the number too much to count. They get blinking and could cause a siezure! No joke wander around in the dark and count those suckers. Even my tooth brush has one. Maybe Big Brother is follow us with those wee lights.

Went out to dinner with friends and as we sat down realized it was really an hour early. Place was packed...guess we were all doing the Florida senior thing...early early bird!

DS's book is now on Barnes and Noble page and ebook. There are 8 more reviews and even better than the first ones.....Nope I didn't write one. So pleased for him. They compare it to the book "Water for Elephants."

DH is going to get a new Myers Lemon tree for us tomorrow. The cold snap got ours in Dec. Myers lemons are sweet and hugh. Think as big as a grapefruit with a dash of manadrin orange. One tree will serve the neighborhood and all my bridge club buddies.

Bobbie....Have they tested you for Lymne disease? That has been producing neurological symptoms like migraines etc.....just a thought.

darn forgot about this sorry but to tired to redo whole thing.

I'll sit down and do personals Tuesday. Bridge tomorrow and face treatment 8am Tuesday. Sitting here is the quiet will be perfect.

I have a new problem with this laptop(not old) have a roving sticky key. Been the enter key now it is the q????

Think I'll watch the amazing Race....karen3
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Hi Everyone,

Just checking in to say, "HI"

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Good Morning girls,

Had to work the weekend. Survived it, glad it's over. Not sure what's happening the rest of the week. I'm sure something will come along to fill it up and keep me busy. Grocery shopping for sure, the cubbards are bare. Cleaning, as usual. Try to fit some fun in there somewhere. At least it has stopped raining and no snow in sight this morning. Although I was up late last night (couldn't sleep again) and looked outside and there were flurries. I might even see some sun poking through.

Karen, I'm for sure making this recipe. It has all the things I like and sounds good and healthy. For some reason the Green Giant creamed spinach is hard to find here.

Donna, I'm praying for all those people who were affected by the tsunami too. Such devistation! My nephue just left Japan last week to go home to Hawaii. They had just build a house on the beach. Got some bad weather but nothing like what was expected.

Karen31, Of course you can do it, if you want it enough. It's about decisions, every day. Beautiful wedding pictures. You look so young! Of course we were getting married so young then. I'm so glad the kids of today are waiting a little longer.

Sherri, Hope you had a good weekend too!

Nancy, Bones are beautiful! ha! And with another 2 lb. loss, you'll be seeing more of them.

Gayle, Sorry you're having to go through yet another change at work. I hate change. It usually is not for the best. Every time they tell us we're having a change and it will make it better for us, it doesn't! Exactally the opposite! But we do get used to it. Not much choice is there? I know we're getting reay for another big change too. The Doc.'s are going to have to put their own orders in the computer and we won't be taking verbal or phone orders. Yeah right! That's going to happen!

Rosie, What beautiful pictures. You look so young too!

Bunti, you sound like me. I get these things with all the bells and whistles and never learn how to use them. My camera is just point and click. Or that is all that I use. Some day...

Tammy, You have to find a diet that works for you. There are so many out there and most of them will work if it's something you can stay on long term. I count calories. BUT I eat healthy too. So not just empty calories.

Karen3, We for get how many times are on clocks or times, don't we. DH had ours all set when I got home Saturday. Some of the clocks in the hospital were changed and some were not. Very confusiing.

Hi Lynn, Hope you're having fun and out getting ready for the big race.

Totta get off here and start my day, Hope you all have a good one

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