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Good Evening, All...
LONG day! Granny/Mom was sent home. She has bone-on-bone osteoarthritis (which I already knew!), and the doc said that surgery at her age is highly unlikely (and inadvisable). I have a referral to an ortho doc and may be able to get some advice on something. She was told to take Motrin and wear a knee brace. Geez, you'd think there should be some way to control the pain... I wonder if TENS would work for her situation? I think that a local, and long lasting, anesthetic would be a good idea, too, even though I don't think there is such a thing. Anyway, she's home, and she's moving, and it's all very scary, because she lives alone. Thank you all SO much for your good thoughts and words upward...

KarenMO, I loved the video, thanks!

PT/Zoe, good news about the good doc. I know you're in good hands now!

And I'm really pooped. It was a long day! Ta ta for now!
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Want to feel better
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Donna ~ my sister has trouble with her knees and the other day mentioned something about having an injection again ~ it wasn't cortisone. I got the idea from what she said (she called it gel) that maybe it was something that was a temporary fix to help the bones keep from being bone on bone and rubbing together. She said it lasted for ___?___months. Can't remember exactly what she said. I'll have to ask her more about it. Her SO has had both knees replaced. The first one was not so bad, but this second one is giving him a hard time and he has said not to go that route unless you absolutely have to. Hope your mom can find something to help the pain.

Hello everyone else. To work soon.

Take care
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Good Morning, All.
Thanks, Glynne... and Freda also told me about some injections that I think are what your sister gets. I'll definitely push Granny/Mom to see the ortho doc asap. There HAS to be something they can do for her... and she's tiny enough now that I could probably toss her over my shoulder and carry her to the doc if she gives me trouble about it! All of you, thank you for your words and concern. It means a lot!
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Morning....Woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. No worries just brain got thinking and that's dangerous. Have you ever counted all the little lights we now have glowing at night. Wonder how much electrity they use??? See what a convoluted mindspin my brain took!

Donna...Motrin is okay, but she may get more relief with Aleve. Both Dh and I take 2 every morning and can usually go all day. I wear a thin knee strap when really creaky and use a walker when beyond creaky. Give me those handles (or shopping cart) and I can go all day. Love the walker with the seat cause can lug stuff. Don't use it all the time but nice to know it's there. And I'm 17 yrs young then Granny/mom.

Dash is funny. When he has to go out he pokes you and backs up towards the door. Well he is chosing the back door everytime now. The back is fenced in. Told you he was a smart dog.

Gayle....OMY she is so sweet. What a heart breaker! Pretty soon you2 can ride your trikes together. We'll chip and get you a red flyer wagon, too. Perfect weather to be out peddling.

Quiet day here....have slattered on the spf and itching to go somewhere. Spots are changing color and shape. Look like dark lavendar snow flakes. TMI, I know. Wish I had a fast foreward button.

Got an email from and the book has been shipped.

Be back later, hugs,karen3
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Good Moring Sisters,

Maybe we should change our name to include sisters! I know I feel I know you, I worry about you, I know your family....I worked yesterday and in spite of it being a crazy Friday, it was ok. When I got out of work the wind was blowing so hard it almost swept me off my feet. March winds a little early, ya think? I can imagine the damage it would have cause if patio furnitre had been out. Anyone saw in the news about the puppy that had been put in the mail? I'd really like to put him/her in the mail and senf her to maybe, oh, timbuckto or someplace like that. Anyone want to help pay the postage? Can you imagine...I just want to get my hands on them!!!!! Shopping to do's my babygirls birthday the 28th. She will be 8 already!

Gayle, Your DGD is adorable! Enjoy your bike. I can't wait to get out and go for a ride. Looks like it is going to be awhile though, it's FRIGID her this morning. It went down 20 degrees since yesterday.

Z, I hope all your tests turn out to be good. Sometimes though, I just want some one to tell me something so I can "fix" it. When you know something isn't right you want answers.

Rosie, Hugs for you and DH. I hope they did the "bandaid" surgery. Very little pain and down time and he will feel so much better.

Lyn, I knew the weight gain would be short lived. We don't like to see that on the scale but have to remember that if we didn't do something to put it there, it's just water. Congrats for getting all that exercise!

Nancy, while those little Ladybugs are cute, they are not always welcome. When my mom closed her house and went to take care of my grandma while she was ill they nested in one of the bedroom. I guess she must have left a window open a bit. We literally scraped inches of them off the furniture. They were everywhere.

Karen3, People shoudl be in control of their dogs. We all love them, even the pitbulls, but not when they are out of controle. My son had a rotweiler that was the biggest baby ever, it's how they are trained and controled. I'm glad your DAsh is ok. Maybe now the miserable guy will watch. What did you say your son's book was called? I'd love to read it. and I promise I won't believe everything your son said about the Mother, if you won't believe everything mine would say about me.

Mary, glad to hear from you again. Sounds like you're having fun at that camp.

Karen31, Thanks, that was beautiful.

Bobbi, Hope you're having a wonderful, pain free day.

Donna, if you were here I would get you in touch with a good ortho guy. I hope you find one there. And I hope she is a candidate for the injection. Any anyone that has a replacement in your future, don't wait so long. It ain't going to go away, just get worse.

Ok, where are our other ladies? Out having fun? Check in soon


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Oh gosh, so much to catch up on and comment on that I am almost afraid to post, that I'll miss something important that I want to mention.

So I think I'll be mostly generic today.

It is so lovely to check in, and see all of your posts. Especially this time of year when I get up in the dark, go to work, and come home in the dark. And in the cold and snow I don't particularly want to go work out. But I can come here and bask in the conversation and sharing, even if I don't post. And often I look at someone's post and think "that's what I would have said." Or, whisper a quick prayer in their behalf.

Ladybugs. I remember them in Northern California when I grew up, but they are little tiny guys-they max out at about 1/4 inch, and are the same family as the Asian beetle who are about 1/2 inch or a little bigger. The little ladybugs were considered mostly good, the larger "Asian" bug started to become a problem with the wine grapes-their defensive mechanisms can change the character of wine- more than anyone wants to know, probably- but when you grown up in the wine country, everyone talks about it, lol.
What we called potato bugs were Japanese beetles the size of a large peanut (in the shell) with legs, ugh. I only remember seeing them in the vegetable garden, and my dad used to be darn near irrational when he found them- as he had been bitten by one.

Zoe- So glad you are back in the fold at your docs. Hugs atcha
Karen3- Glad there is a police report on the dog bullies. Also, I am envying your Florida weather, as we have had another 6 inches of snow overnight. At least it has warmed back up. Yesterday it was below zero, today it is in the 20's.
Jess- Hope Granny is feeling better. Lots of good advice here from folks in the know.
Gayle- your granddaughter is too sweet!
Nancy- great idea, chiming in on sister power and cyber hugs here too. Rosey, hope hubby is doing better, and I loved the picture!
Mary and Freda good to see your posts,
TeaGranny, the staples are too cool!!
Bobbi- whatever you are making always sounds yummy.

A little frustrated with my weight this week- but I posted about it on the "counters" thread. And the 100 pounder thread. Hope to get some feedback, but if not, at least it felt good to vent.

Well, while I was typing, it has started to get light. Looks like we better get out and start shoveling and clearing off our boat, lots of snow accumulation. And here is the updated forecast
A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 3 am akst Sunday.
* Snow amount: additional 2 to 3 inches today and and 4 to 8 inches tonight. Storm total 8 to 12 inches through late tonight.
A warning means that a winter storm is already occurring or imminent. This storm could pose a threat to life and property. Driving will be hazardous.

I am starting to feel like the demented snow shoveler in the story Karen posted!!!
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Hi Everyone - It's a beautiful sunny but cold day today. Makes a gal feel sooo good, eh?

Donna: I had bursitis in my hip a couple of years ago, tried the cortisone shot which didn't last for more than a month so the dr. gave me 2 prolotherapy shots. This type of shot fools the body into treating itself......I don't know how.......just does. It worked like a hot d--n! Might be an idea for your mom.

Karen: I'm so glad that your DH & woofer are OK after the dog attack. My ShihTzu (Baxter) & I were jumped by a huge pit bull & then another one joined in the "party". I yelled loud enough for the owner to come out & stop her dogs. It never got to Baxter as I kept myself between the 2 dogs & it was more interested in Baxter than me. She told me that it was just a puppy & wanted to play. I don't think so! I've had dogs for eons & no, there was no play intended. And she told me that I should watch out for the little guys as they are the nasty one!. Anyway I reported her to the RCMP & the dog control. The dog control went & checkd, found out there was no licenses, etc. BIG FINE!! Sometimes there is justice, eh? Haven't seen the dogs since either.

Rosey: Hope you & your DH are doing better.

Zoe: I'm glad that you changed doctors; sounds like you are on track.

Like I have said before, I love this site & feel that I have made many new friends. I too believe that we are a great support group........GOOD ON US!! I hope I haven't left any one out in my responses.........not deliberate for sure. Gotta go & get some lunch.........It's 1:30 - no wonder I'm hungry! DUH! Keep on keeping on.......Later.
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It's rained a lot recently esp at night but even off and on today, so we didn't walk today. We were going to go into town for a few things but first stopped
at the general store (on-site) and found milk so decided to just let the rest go and stay home. We don't like the drive into diesel is so high and
it's 9 miles each way.

It's been a sad day as we learned that our son and his wife (who just had a baby 4 months ago!) are divorcing. We told them to wait, calm down and think about it a little more...and try and work things out..but so far it doesn't look good. I hope we will still be able to see our little grandson and we have grown close to our dil's dd too.

I'm spending my time, cooking, cleaning and reading so not much to talk about. It's a quiet time for us. I did well on my eating yesterday but then couldn't sleep, got up to read, got hungry and ate some crackers with Smart Balance on them. My weight was still down a bit this am but my bs was way too high.

The sun is popping out right now but it can't seem to stay.

Get new gigs tomorrow so can then be online a little longer...I'm scared of going over as it really costs if I do!

Talk later......
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Hi everyone..just now had a moment to post..1st dh is coming home today,his brother will pick him so releaved and hes doing great,and yes he had the bandaid surg. my dd and family are here..we went to grsons bball game last was so much fun and they won,68 to horse from cheering..he made some spectacular plays not a bit prejudiced tho my dd and dh went to homer for the rest of the tournament,and grdd and i are hanging out,we made b-day cards and we're making dinner for grampa.donna sry your mom is in pain hope they find something to help.Your friend ruth contacted me and i wrote back hope i helped some.Karen glad your poor dog is ok,our willie got attacked last yr and we had a 1000$ vet bill,we made the owner pay.glynn your grdd is so cute. well "GG" i best get busy..grdd wants to do more crafts and dishes need doing sigh it never ends but the dh will be home soon and thats the best! for all and happy weekend, rosey
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Hello to all my Golden Girls/Sisters!! These pictures will tell you what we did this afternoon....I don't know who is more spoiled, me or the girls!! We have been kind of tossing the idea around that we might want to get a AWD vehicle but thought we would wait and sell the Cadillac first. Well this deal came up on craigslist and when we went to see it ---- well, it is here in our driveway now!! It is a 2007 Ford Edge AWD with only 50,000 miles on it. This should probably last me the rest of my life!!!

Oh, and I guess that is a picture of me now after losing 14 pounds. I was going to wait until I had lost 15 to post a pic but this works too. I still don't see a difference other than when I walk now I just feel "lighter" Still haven't been able to get into the next size smaller yet....maybe next week.

Rosey, glad to hear that your hubby is coming home. That will make both of you happy. And that SMILE will be even "SMILIER"! Is that a word??? HA!

Mary, sorry to hear about your son and his wife. Gosh, kids these days can really drive you crazy. I KNOW!!

Well, think I will go and get the kitchen cleaned up and then relax for awhile tonight.

Everyone take care and have a good evening.
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28 down 45 to go! Mini goal 1 to go. Have to set the next 10 lbs goal.
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Karen - you look great - and that new car!! congrats!

Rosey - So glad your DH is home. Take good care of him - know you will.

Windy here tonite...temps dropped about 30 degrees in 24 hours ..brrrr..

Mary - Where are you now anyway. I've lost track. Sorry about the news of your son and his wife. Hope they work it out.

Laff and Bunti - hi! Sounds cold there. Stay warm. I had a ladybug on my coat yesterday..where did that come from...must have come out for the brief warmer weather.

Time for bed...

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We are up in the mountains over what i THINK is called the Idyllwild Valley. Banning, CA is the nearest town. Just a small town. There is a town, higher up, that I wanted to visit called Idyllwild but was told they would have snow and we don't like snow. BUT right now it is snowing where we are!! We are really hoping it will be gone by next Tuesday when we leave or we will be truly sliding down that mountain!! Scary!

Tonight we walked over to the park restaurant. We shared a steak and peppers over rice dish. It was ok, but I'm not much for gravy on rice. I ate only a small amount of rice, but did enjoy the beef. We also shared a piece of apple pie. We've had a lot of stress today and guess we felt we needed the sugar.

By the time we left it had snowed a little...very little on the ground but it was clinging to the vehicles. Since we got home though it has snowed a lot more and is still coming down. My dh who lives in San Diego sent us a video of the rain storm they have there. Our little grandson was excited about all the rain as they don't see it very much esp that heavy.
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Good Morning, Everyone,

Off to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my DD & SIL as part of DD's birthday celebration. Having brunch at the museum.

Check back this evening,

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Good church today, no visiting my dad or MIL. Snow, snow, snow, icy roads, blizzard, white outs. It's not suppose to let up until Monday morning, everything in the area is canceled. So I'm going to be bored out of my mind. I'll probably do some fancy cooking today.
Hi Pam, if you posted before, sorry I missed you. Congrats on the 28 pound loss, fun to get into smaller sizes isn't it.Welcome to the Golden girls
Awhile back I ordered a 1 gallon porcelain/ceramic? water jug with a tap on it for my kitchen counter. It wasn't that expensive, $35.00 but the postage was outrageous, $20.00. My teeth are sensitive to cold water and this jug keeps water just a tad cooler than room temperature. I just love it! It's also convenient for me to drink all my water every day. I'll post a picture of it and if anyone wants the email address, I'll post it for you. (They have stripped ones too)
Since joining the biggest losers challenge, I'm only 3 pounds away from my goal. you doing on the Red team?
Mary...Last time I had apple pie I ate the insides out and left the crust. My SIL who made it about had a fit, she says that's the best part. She might be right but I didn't want the calories.
We also shared a piece of apple pie.

LYn...I hat those things, they bite! If you squash them, they give off a foul odor, phew!
I had a ladybug on my coat yesterday..where did that come from...must have come out for the brief warmer weather.

KarenMo...That's what DH said when he purchased his new jeep. That will be the last vehicle we'll have to buy. I still have my red sports car that's 11 years old but it's only got 50,000 miles on it and stays in the garage most of the time.
This should probably last me the rest of my life!!! is it that you can go to a baseball game in Alaska in February? Isn't it cold and snowy up there?
..we went to grsons bball game last was so much fun and they won,68 to horse from cheering..

Sherry...I didn't scroll back to see if I got your name correct, hope so. I usually always omit someone because I can't scroll back beyond the last page. We all do that. We have thick skins around here. I love this site too, it keeps me accountable. When I slack off, I gain weight.
Like I have said before, I love this site & feel that I have made many new friends. I too believe that we are a great support group........GOOD ON US!! I hope I haven't left any one out in my responses.........not deliberate for sure

Bunti...where do you live that you're getting snow? DH is the demented snow shovelers. He uses a snow blower to clean out our double wide driveway but has to go back out after the snow plow blade throws snow back into it with a shovel. grrrrrrr!
Freda...yeah, I saw it. I'll help you string them up. But the good news is was adopted.
Anyone saw in the news about the puppy that had been put in the mail? I'd really like to put him/her in the mail and senf her to maybe, oh, timbuckto or someplace like that. Anyone want to help pay the postage? Can you imagine...I just want to get my hands on them!!!!! Shopping to do's my babygirls birthday the

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