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Hi everyone..still dont know anything..they are running more tests..he sounds miserable. the er is about 32 miles from our house and he drove himself i wanted to call someone or the 911 guys but he said no..stubborn old man..and yes i can stay alone..i just take my phone every where with me tucked in my bra incase i have a fall..i hate not being there with him but his brother is..its areal process to get me out so here i sit a bundel of good thing is im not stress eating but my kitchen is clean thankyou for the good wishes..ttfn rosey
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sending prayers your way, Rosey!
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Glad to see you back safe and sound Zoe.
Hope your DH feels better soon Rosey - you take care!
Hi to all the GG tonight too
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Hope you have a great Birthday Karen!

Good Morning to the rest of the Golden Girls. Nothing going on Bobbi, just working, as usual. It is starting to warm up here, the weather man said 42 today. It's most welcome! It has been a simply miserable winter.

Z, Glad to see you back. Sorry the news wasn't more positive. And, yes, I do know what the results of the tests for your nephue mean. But prayers work and they ar being sent. For you and for the family. It's hard to be so far away and be torn. I always travel with a booktape. Love those things!

Rosie, I hope your DH is ok. I'm sure they are taking good care of him.

Just checking in, so much to do today, hope every has a good day!

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Happy Birthday Karen!
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Happy Valentines Day to all you of you beautiful, wonderful Ladies!!!
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Want to feel better
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Happy Birthday Karen MO.
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Back at work, and have just gone through about 300 emails. NOT great fun, and I have a lot to do, but felt the need for a breather, and also the need to check in with my Golden sisters.
I’ve been having some weird symptoms – shortness of breath, a LOT of indigestion and gas, feeling overwhelmingly tired all the time, and while I was in NC, my legs swelled up. REALLY so not myself, probably for the past couple of months or more. My daughter and son were at my house last night and insisted on taking my BP, which was kind of high despite the medication I take. I am normally a poor exerciser, but some of you may remember that I used to ride my bike every day, and when weather precluded my doing that, I would walk at home with that annoying Leslie Sansone. Over the past four or maybe even five months, I’ve been doing very little, feeling too tired. So my daughter, whom many of you also know was executive director of the American Heart Association before she moved to her current job, tells me that these are all symptoms associated with heart disease in women. Oh, peachy. So, she’s making an appointment this week with the doctor, and I guess it’s in my best interests to go to it. Feels a little scary, is all. This, on top of my nephew’s condition really has me contemplating a lot of things like health and what I would like for my life to look like as I get older. Retiring is one thing, but having an active retirement, as so many of you do, seems like a far better alternative than just slowing down and becoming inactive and lethargic about life in general. So, I’ll keep the appointment, take whatever medicine is prescribed, and also get serious about my eating as well as doing some regular exercise (which I know I should’ve been doing all along). So, that’s where it’s at. Ack.
Happy birthday Karen, and happy Valentine’s Day to everyone else! (Oh, my, Karen! Those lil’ girls of yours are such drama queens! Gotta love ‘em!
Yes, Freda, I knew that you – and some of our other nurses – would be aware of what those tests meant. Apparently, my nephew signed a DNR order at Duke University Hospital, but they don’t carry over if you’re brought to another hospital. AND my sister insisted that she knew nothing about it. Her daughter says they ALL knew. Big mess, let me tell you.
Thanks for your good wishes, Tea.
Oh, no! Sorry about your dh, Rosey! Good thoughts and prayers for him (and you) from me.
Karen3, looks like you are really “in your groove” diet-wise. Maybe I’ll have to start making things I don’t like – if I can think of any, that is. Canned peas. I don’t like canned peas. Maybe I should start serving them…trouble is, nobody else likes them either! Congrats to your son on his book, but a big BLAH for his controlling mother character. Pish Tush. Kids can really exaggerate things, can’t they? You tell them they can’t take the car, and all of a sudden you’re too “controlling”. Hmmmm.
Awful about the dogs, Laff. Yeah. People are pretty cruel sometimes. To animals AND other humans. Sad, is all I can say.
Oh, Nancy, if I had only known you lived in Hickory! Darn, and double-darn. I was feeling so depressed over all the goings-on with my sister and nephew that I surely could’ve used a friendly face over a cup of coffee. Maybe next time?
Yep, Lyn, I’m really enjoying that book. Now, we may have to think of someplace to drive to for another couple of hours so we can listen to that last disc! (I guess we could bring it into the house and listen to it, but it really is hard just to sit and listen to something in the house – seems like there’s always stuff to get done, y’know?
Hey, PT – yup, back at work. Used 7 of my 25 vacation days for this year. Not sure what I’ll end up doing with the rest of them. Dh & I talked about a cross-country road trip, for one thing, but it seems silly to try to squish that into a few weeks vacation when next year, I’ll have all the time I could want for us to go. So, still not sure what we’ll do this year. Oh, and YES, I sure was glad to be with my lil’ twinnies and my kiddos again. Going down to my sisters and seeing how they deal with each other really made me appreciate my own, let me tell you!
Okay, Lynn, still waiting for the Ta-daaaaaah! New hair shot. Maybe it’ll motivate me to do something snazzy with mine.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Gayle. I’m SO so glad that you hang out with us more regularly now! Thank you, too, Bunti. I don’t know what I’d do without my GG sisters!
Hi Bobbi, yep….I’m baaaack….and so happy to BE back, too! Now I need lots of pushing to eat right and exercise. What a bummer, but I’m sure you’ll give me the right kind of advice, like you always do (and the right Maxine quote, too! )
Well, back to work now that I've had my GG chat. Hope you all have a good day - and that your dh is doing better, today Rosey.

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Good Morning, All..
Went to Colorado Springs for lunch yesterday, had a lovely time visiting with my friend. The weather is good, on the warmer side again, and most of the snow has melted. I'm ready to see the buds on my baby tree, though.

Rosey, I'm thinking good thoughts for your DH... how scary that must be for both of you! I hope it's just some little, and easily fixable, condition. Keep us posted? How are you doing with your scale? Is it moving again?

NCNancy, I think you've already read everything! I just finished a trilogy of Robert Parker's early Spenser books, and I was so sad to read that he died. I really enjoyed Parker's books! I get in a groove and read all of one author and am very snotty about trying new ones!

KarenMO, I hope you have a good (and candy-less) birthday.

PT/Zoe, go easy on the re-entry!

Everyone, Freda, Bobbi, Mary, KarenFL, Lynn (and my brain just died)... have a lovely Valentine's Day! I hope you get Skittles!
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Too busy to say anything other than:

KarenMo... a Happy birthday to you!

Happy Valentine's day Golden Girls!
Group prayer for your DH, Rosey.
Zoe, Crabby Maxine says today: "It's easy to tell who's geting some on Valentine's Day. Just look for the people with chocolate smeared on their clothes."
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Hello everyone, Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Birthday Karen MO

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Hey G.G.s,



I can’t stay, I’m checking out a different wireless-internet device, that I borrowed from my brother. It seems to be working pretty good, so I’m off to return it to him, & buy one for me at Walmart. Back later, I hope.

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Happy Happy Birthday, Karen!

Rosey - Hope your DH is ok..sending healthy thoughts your way.

Laff - I hadn't hear about the horrible. good for you raising awareness.

Jess - glad you had a nice visit and that the snow is melting!!

It is 50 degrees here today! Horay!

I did my strength training and eliptical...upped the level to 13 and did 3 miles.

Yes..the soup supper was some of the BEST Clam Chowda I've ever had and I learned that the native Americans east of the Appalachian Mts have a Germanic background. The speaker/story teller said that their ancestors came over the ocean from Europe in the 3d or 4th century! Imagine that...and we give Columbus all the credit!

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Hi Everyone - Just have time now to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! I'll check in tonight!
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Want to feel better
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Wow ~ that shift yesterday pooped me out. I have slept most all day today. They were short of a nurse yesterday, so I did my own job plus what ever I could to help the nurses. Long, stressful and at the end achy body day. Back in the fall the hospital was having low census and they worried that things wouldn't pick up and they layed off a bunch of people now it seems like we are short quite often. It wasn't so good when I started there, then things got better, now it is back to not so good again. I guess in this day and age, I should just be thankful to have a job.

At least the sun is shining today

I'll check in later.

Take care
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