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Wednesday - bridge day. Funny, but having two days left of the week is kind of a +/- for me lately. I'm glad to be looking forward to a weekend, but amazed at how quickly the weeks seem to be flying by. I've had this cold (which is getting marginally better now) all last week and now starting into this week, and haven't been over to see the twins. My daughter called last night to report that Micah had just figured out how to splash in the tub and was shooting his bath water every which way and laughing like a little hyena. I could hear him chortling over the phone. I really miss seeing him and his brother with all their little day-to-day discoveries, so I need to get rid of this cold! I started switching out my clothes, too, Bobbi, and it seems like I have way more winter clothes than I realized (along with those I've bought recently, that is) and I may need DH to build me a bigger closet. It may be the opportune time, actually, to install one of those lovely built-in systems with drawers and shelves and hanging space all nicely compartmentalized. OR, of course, I could make up a couple of nice big bundles for The Salvation Army. I'll probably end up doing that, anyway - get rid of some of my bigger things just as a reminder that I WON'T be needing that size ever again. My best wishes, too, Rosey - I'll be interested in hearing about your progress. Lynn, your driving trip sounds marvelous - are you going by yourself? That's something I've always wanted to do - just get into my car and go wherever I want to and meander around visiting all the off-the-beaten-track places on my own schedule and being just as spontaneous as I want. I've driven from my girlfriend's in Richmond, VA to my sister's in Hendersonville, NC a couple of times, and enjoyed every minute of it, but I did have some time constraints. NOT having any must be heavenly! Hey, Isabella, Lyn and Karen...who else? (Who else; I'm old. My brain is turning into a great big collander...forgive me.)
Oh. I was starving for some reason last night. Starving, I tell you. After my very healthy supper of (leftover) turkey meatloaf and a big tossed green salad, I ate a cup of Raisin Bran Crunch with skim milk before going to bed. I still seem to go through days here and there when I could just keep eating and never be satisfied, but luckily they don't come too often, and when they do, I just grit my teeth and try to hang in there. Last night I just HAD to have that darned cereal! Oh well, today's another day and I think I'm past my craziness.
Take good care all,
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Good Morning everyone,

The weather is getting cooler here too Bobbi. I haven't gotten my winter clothes out, but I pulled out all the sweatshirt and wore levi's for the first time in awhile last night. We went to GD's soccer game and I got the blanket out of the car and wrapped up in that.

Lynn, Like Zoe, I've always wanted to just get in the car and wonder too, stopping at places I found interesting, without a time line. Someday.....oh, have you gotten the results from the biops back yet?

Rosie,, I'm glad you're getting counseling before you have the surgery. I don't think they do enough. I've seen too many people fail because they didn't realize how hard it was still going to be. But you will do great, you've already proven that you are dedicated. Hope Your DH is ok.

Zoe, It's hard to stay away from those little ones, isn't it? They are so fun, and move from one stage to the next so quickly. I always get hungry before bed too. I always save some calories for a snack. I tried not eating after dinner and it just didn't work for me.

News about my GS. DIL took him to his regular Dr. yesterday and she really read him the riot. Set him down and told him how lucky he was that he wasn't in a wheelchair. Took him off football for 3 more weeks, which will go untill the end of the season. Hope he got it, but does kids ever realize the danger?

I've done great with my diet, almost lost those extra pounds that creep up on you when you're not looking. 3 more pounds to go. It would have been easier if I had been able to exercise, but life happens and we have to work with what we have.

Isabella, You stay so busy, always doing something. You must be doing ok, to have all that energy!

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Today I had a veggie burger for dinner but I only had large burger buns on hand. So I hollowed out the top and bottom of the bun and removed 20 grams of bread and 45 calories. Then I put steamed onions in the hollowed out area and put my burger on top. It was a substantial sandwich to say the least and I'm so full now. Also had other stuff with it.

What are some of the little "tricks" you use to lower calories or serving sizes?

I'll be back to chat later on. Gotta get to the church to give out free clothing. And I'm late!! Darn 3FC!!!
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One reliable trick, though everyone probably knows it already, is to use small plates instead of big ones. I have several really nice handmade plates I buy at art fairs and I use these instead of dinner plates. My portions are small, but pretty!

Today I'm making risotto for my husband's birthday. He's Italian-American, I'm not. I grew up German-Irish, strictly potatoes. Anyway, I've been learning Italian cooking and love the food. I have yet to make a killer risotto, though. I'm trying to channel Julia Child this time, following her recipe. I have fresh mushrooms, onions and a bottle of good French vermouth.

One thing that's helped me a lot with this diet, different from every other time I've dieted, is that I don't deprive myself of my love of cooking. I cook stuff I love, and I eat it. I just figure out how many WW points are in the recipe and adjust my portions accordingly. This is the first diet on which I don't feel like I'm missing out, either on the fun of cooking or the joy of eating. I think that may be a big part of why it's been working. Anyway, off to slice mushrooms!
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Hi everyone for all the suport i see the dr in anchorage first,then i will know more and can answer your questions and mine too..after my surg and 5 month hosp stay last yr i came home handicapped..wheel chair and walker,i can walk with the walker but my feet and half way up my legs have no feeling they taught me in rehab how to make the most of what i have left..altho i function fairly well at home its a big problem to get out of the house,hence if a weighed less it would be easier for me and my i get older it will only get worse for me and him as he wont be strong enuff to get me down the wh ramp and into the looking at the future and dont want to be a burden or a prisoner in my home.. now that im less mobile exercise is harder..i feel blessed that i survied my back surg last yr and try and find joy everyday some days are better than others tho and i have new respect for anyone who is handicapped doing ordinary things somtetimes takes temendous effort..having the surg for wt loss is a tool im willing to do in order to give me a better future.when i know more about it i would love to dd came thru her back surg fine..i miss her terribly and i would have liked to be able to help her like she did for me but i can breath again knowing she is im rambling and need to do some house work yes from my wheelchair..its amazingwhat you can learn to do just takes longer and in a diff way ttfn and have a great day rosey
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Rosey, glad you got good news about your dd. It's hard being away from our children even though they are adult.

The Biggest Loser irritates me at times. I wish they'd leave everyone at the ranch and work with them and then let the real biggest loser win the money. I've watched a show called XWeighted a few times and they follow one person for several months. It's an hour long and you can really see the difference at the end of the show. And the trainers are not shouting, yelling and swearing. They work on their weight, self-esteem, and any other problems that might get in the way of weight loss. There's my rant for the day.

DiverGal, I love to cook, too. I'm a calorie counter and haven't given up much of my favorite foods. Like you I have portions that are acceptable to my diet and enjoy my food. I have had to ban potato chips from the house, though, but I rarely made them myself. I have my dessert on the weekend.

I'm slowly but surely bringing all my dishes up from the basement where they've been living in boxes for the last 2 years. I had no where to store them upstairs after we took the shelves down from the dining room wall and put in the patio doors. Now that mom is gone I've turned her closet into a dish cupboard with lots of shelves. The room itself has reverted back to a study. DH painted the room last week and I'm slowly sorting out things in there as well. DS's bedroom has become a catch-all until I can get everything cleaned up. I figured it was easier to clean one room instead of the whole house. Everything was everywhere!!

DIL had our GS on the webcam today and we were talking to him. He's only 6 months old and wasn't paying much attention to us. Wish we lived closer. He's such a little butterball. He'll slim down once he starts to crawl and walk. He's a poster child for breast feeding. I keep telling DIL he's getting top cream. He's only started solid foods this month and taking to it with relish.

Not too much work at the church today. Only 10 people looking for clothes today and not too much came in to sort. We sat around and chatted for most of the time.

I came home and colored my hair and took a nice long soak in the tub and then clipped my toe nails (tmi, ha, ha). Now I'm sitting in my pajamas, watching a bit of tv and writing this message. Supper is next on the agenda. Don't know what I'm having yet but the possibilities are endless.
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Hi Everyone,

About the trip - I have a friend (used to post as Serenity) who moved to NC. I live in PA. I plan to meet my friend on Saturday in Raleigh, NC. However, I am leaving here on Friday - so, if I feel tired or stiff, I can stop somewhere between here and Raleigh on Friday night.

From Raleigh, we will either drive directly to Savannah, or stop along the way in Charleston. We have reservations in Savannah from Sunday through Thursday. Then, I will drive my friend back to Raleigh & maybe stay there for the night, or maybe drive further and stay somewhere north of there.

My main reason for driving is that I am getting to absolutely HATE airports and flying. We will see if I like driving better.

I made my observation of the 2nd Student Teacher today. She is also VERY good. So nice when they are good & I just have positive things to report.

About the biopsies - the 2 that I had are to see if a rash I have all over my body is some kind of lymphoma. When I get back from trip, must have some kind of procedure (probably another biopsy) to see of ovarian cyst is a problem. For now, I am just going to enjoy my vacation and worry about health issues when I get back.

About the Halloween Challenge - it served me well. I lost 4 lbs this month. MUCH better than I have been doing. Also, it has really helped me to stay away from sweets and keep my calories down.

Check back tomorrow,

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I posted the October Golden Girls this morning, see you all there!
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