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I am HIS Workmanship
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Default Best things since I turned 50

I was pondering this today and here is my list (though I'm sure I'll come up with more!)

I'm now an official "Red Hatter"!
I can legitimately say I'm worth something...I'm an Antique!
We moved to Tennessee from FL and it is AWESOME here!
I've mellowed
I give myself more breaks
I can blame my mistakes on "old age"
I've started taking piano lessons!
I give myself birthday parties every year
I don't try to impress anyone anymore
I really do stop and smell the flowers
And pick up colored leaves
And make snowballs and throw them at my son (who is 8)
I am satisfied with more areas of my life
Enjoying what I have, not seeking for more
I'm doing little "nice" things just for fun, and it is!
I take more time to read
I don't demand perfection of myself anymore
or of anyone else
I forgive easier
and expressing my feelings for those I love more often
I'm walking out my faith
Being a witness for God's love
I sing whenever I want
I've started a blog
And I'm writing a book
And I found this place

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I just turned 50 in October 2008, and I have been making many changes in my life too, over the last few years, looking forward to this time ...

* I call this my JUBILEE year, so ...
* I forgive myself and others more
* I try to ignore petty things and petty ways
* I try to focus on the positive more often
* I do more things that "I" want to do
* I take the time to smell the flowers
* I watch and listen to the birds
* I take peaceful walks in the country
* I spend more time reading
* I watch much less TV, if any
* I rest more and don't feel guilty about it
* I sleep in longer and enjoy it
* I taught myself to play piano again
* I spend time on my PC whenever I want
* I come here often and enjoy it
* I eat much healthier now
* I spend more money on myself
* I think I am worth a splurge here and there
* I write poetry and songs
* I sing all the time and out loud
* I am trying to share GOD's love with others
* I believe in the power of prayer much more
* I spend some time each day being a prayer warrior
* I accept myself more, foibles and all
* I know that I know that GOD loves me
* I am so grateful for each day of my life
* I am so grateful for all the blessings I have
* I wanted to move for so long, and we finally did
* I am so very happy that we moved to this new place
* I am more satisified with myself and my life than ever before
* We are working on a dream we've had for many, many years ...
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Onward and Downward
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both of your lists . . . my favourite things came a bit after fifty --

-- no more TOM
-- retirement
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I am HIS Workmanship
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TOM is still hanging on for me. Not every month, and it always surprises me. Can't wait for it to be over!
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