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Onward and Downward
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Height: 5'2"


Happy Spooky Day . . .

Still having a dreadful time regulating things with the new insulin. Hope to get everythin g back together for next month . . . I seem to remember saying stuff like that before
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Hello all...phew, it is 6:30 and I just sat down. Be moving since 10am and now my bones are weary. The door bell will start soon. Think I'll just sit by the door with my book. Got my nail repaired, Petco gave me credit for even the opened bagless treats and we won hugh at bridge. It was Swiss teams which I actually hate to play, but today we beat everyone....literally killed them. Played all the big players and pow blew them out of the water. Think we had a 79% game.....just HUGH! Made a big salad for dinner......

Have to wash and pack clothes this week and cook meals for DH. Boy when I grow up I want a wife to take care of me. He asked me if I had plans on cooking Dash's turkey...well, in all the years I have never left him or the dog foodless or hungry! GESH!

Bow hunter just killed a big boar at the end of our street this week. It filled up the back of his pickup pretty good. Can't imagine anyone wanting to eat it. Had wild boar once and tasted like rubber bands. Of course I think bear tastes like soft pork.....and after 50 years of eating it I'd rather strave than eat anymore vension unless it is made into sausage. Still like elk and moose ...

Rosey...Glad that big ole moose didn't stand on your DH! Those big old hoofs would do a number.

Bobbie....I started back in with my hand weights this week. But not packing them with me....Think Nov will be like Oct a lost period. Oooops door belll....BOOOOOO Happy Trick or Treat......Karen3

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We had 72 kids visit our house tonight. Most of them know DH or me as he's a school bus driver and I'm only retired not quite 2.5 years. I was reading with mom and I could hear the older kids asking DH where I was so I'd come out of mom's room and have a little chat and got a few hugs too. I've only eaten one or two mini tootsie roll pops and I finally gave up on the Halloween chips and bought mini pretzels. I don't like them and never opened a bag. I do however have a boxful of Reeses pieces, peanut butter cups and O Henry bars (treat size). DH wouldn't give them out unless we ran out of the other stuff because they're his favorite.

Weigh in tomorrow. I ate a huge supper tonight because I had all my calories left because I didn't eat much today. Hope that doesn't weigh me down too much tomorrow morning.

Catch you all later.
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