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I'm giving myself until 12/15 to get to 152. If it doesn't happen by then, I'm declaring myself at goal for the next 6 months.
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Hello Everyone--- I thought that I would send a little "Christmas Snow" to all of you! This is Pikes Peak taken from my front porch! Have a Great Day!!
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Want to feel better
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Thank you for sharing the "snow" Karen. That is pretty. That is one thing I miss about living here. Well.....I miss looking at and how pretty and all, I don't miss having to shovel it or drive in it. It doesn't seem like December here ~ 77* outside today.You go out shopping with no coat That is different after all the snow and bundling up like when we lived in Maine.

Hello to everyone. Hope you all are having a nice weekend. One more night of work, then off a couple days ~ yippee!!

Take care
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Onward and Downward
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Absolutely beautiful picture KAREN . . . if you'd like a lot more than "a little snow" just let me know . . . I'd love to have somewhere so send some of ours; but unfortunately the jet stream doesn't run from east to west.
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Good (Monday) morning, all! Freezing drizzly rain here. Ack. Lovely picture of the snow out your way, Karen....that's how I like my wintry pictures! Really pretty picture of you with dad, too. I imagine that you could get back there if you're determined to do it. (Maybe an extra little line or two, but those are from laughing and experience in general, so they're actually worth holding on to, don't you think?) I have some pictures taken a while back, too, that I had considered putting up on my refrigerator door, but in my case, I'm going to call myself successful if I can hit 150 and hang there permanently.
We spent the most part of both Saturday and Sunday over at the apartment, painting with the kids and measuring and such. DH is putting shelves and dividers in all the closets, back hall and attic to make the most of the space -and I worked on the bathroom (which will be mine! ) - it has beadboard wainscoting halfway up the walls, and I painted all of that and the woodwork around the door and window in the palish teal blue/green, which matches my towels exactly. The walls, which we'll do next weekend, will be even paler than that, and then it will get properly accented with the pale blue/green towels, dark brown towels, shower curtain, rug and toilet cover, and floor-length curtains in a great waverly floral fabric that I found with a deep chocolate brown background with blossoms in the same pale blue-ish green as the woodwork. I found a complimentary stripe that I'll use for tie-backs and a valance. Oh! And I found the most gorgeous little antique mahogany table at the online auction that I check out occasionally - small - just 16" across and a little deeper than that I think, with some gorgeous detail and two small drawers with brass drawer pulls. I'm going to use it right in front of the window with my big hammered brass vase (which has that greenish patina in some of the cracks & crevices) filled with dried baby's breath. Oh, such fun! I'll have to take a picture to post when all the dust has settled and we're actually moved in. The living room & dining room walls are now painted with a darkish-tan - sort of tea-stainish - and the hardwood floors in there are being refinished next weekend, so it's good that the painting is done. Okay, well enough about that. DH starts his paid Microsoft course work today, and I'm off to work - hopefully not slipping and sliding too badly. I did get new tires on my car yesterday morning, so that'll help.
Glad, Lynn, that you enjoyed your DAR meeting - it certainly sounds like there's been an infusion of new blood, so to speak - well, new old blood, I mean...
Gayle, your temperatures sound like heaven to me. Who NEEDS this stuff (drizzly, icy rain, I mean - or snow!) anyway?
Cat, I certainly agree with Lynn about your talent as a photographer! Those pictures are downright wonderful. Straight out of "Southern Living". You're not their photographer by any chance, are you?
Well, Jo-annie, Lyn, Rosey, Freda, MaryLynn, Meowee-Linda, LindaD, Debbie, and every other Golden Girl because you know I mean you, too - Happy Monday and here's to a great week for all of us, right? (I'm still holding steady on those three pounds, so I guess I'll go ahead and change my ticker later on today).

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Good morning ladies, i got my 2 days in at work and i'm off untill wed. now. i hope everyone is doing well. my husband called me at work last evening, a first, to warn me that the roads were icy. i knew they must be bad, i've worked there for 15 years and that is the first time he's ever called. but i got home fine. i only live a few miles from work, which i really appreciated last night. a couple of the girls live an hour away. i got on the scale this morning, and it's moving a bit. in the right direction. not fast enough! does it ever move as quickly as we want? I have my husbands Christmas party to go to on Thursday and i have nothing to wear. I have clothes that are too large and I have clothes that are a bit too tight, but not much in between right now. So i suppose I will have to go out and buy a pair of pants today. I have a sweater that looks ok. sweaters are so forgiving, aren't they? I promise myself that I will not be in this fix again. I will remain the same size and i will clothes in my closet that actually fit the size I am right now.

Karen, loved the picture! How beautiful! And you get to look at that every day!! I bet it's beautiful in summer too. Lovely picture of you and your dad too. and of course you can get to that point again if you truly want it.

Gayle, your last day of work should be finished by now and you are off!! YEAH!!! Enjoy the time.

Linda, Thanks for the offer of more snow, but we have plenty, thanks anyway! I'm like you, i like to look at it, i don't enjoy shoveling it.

Cat, beautiful pictures! And you got just what you aimed at. How come mine are lop sided and I cut off peoples heads?

Zoe, Your color 's sound lovely. I love those teal and chocolate brown together. And your little antique table sounds beautiful. I've never got anything online. I know, I'm behind the times and computer illiterate!! I do haunt the little antique stores near me and the sales people know my by name and they know my taste enough to pull things aside for me to look at. Did I say i collect antique jewlery too?

Everyone have a good day, Freda
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Good Morning . . .

The good news is that it is NOT snowing this morning . . . the bad news is that it is not snowing this morning because the temperature is currently -23C/-10F. Brrrrrr. Hopefully the sun will come out later because that would make things a lot more pleasant. Of course, it might just warm things up enough for it to start snowing again.

Anyway, gang . . . hope you all are having a great day . . . see you later.
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Default Monday greetings

Hello, GGs. Hope the weekend was a good one. I'm trying to stay on track, but it's hard these days.

Zoe - Love the description of your new bathroom. It sounds just lovely. Also enjoyed the bit about the DAR. I talked with a group from our local section about the possibilty of joining and they seemed rather snobby so I never followed up. With my English family background on both my father's and mother's side I know I have more that several relatives dating back to MA, VT and the Revolutionary war. When I retire I'll have to spend more time researching it all.

Meowwie - sorry to hear about the cat's eye problems. Hope he's doing better. Yes it's cold here too.

Cat - I absolutely loved all of your photos. Looks like you had a nice relaxing day on the plantations.

Karen - The photo of the snowy mountains was great. What inspiring views you have there.

Back to work now..

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Good Monday to you all!! I'm almost back to normal - well as normal as I can be I need to schedule another procedure on my back. It's the coolest thing. I fell because when I stepped on my right leg, the pain was so bad that I lost my balance trying to get off it. Last summer my pain management specialist did this thing where he went into the facet joints in the lumber and actually severed the nerves with a radio frequency super heated tip; and I was actually able to walk without pain for the most part.

But, it only lasts 6-9 months, and it's time to do it again. My insurance company loves this procedure cause it cuts down on the pain meds, and I'm able to use the treadmill or go walking, so they will pay for it whenever the pain returns. It's outpatient, and it only takes about an hour; but WOW! What a relief it is (think AlkaSeltzer commercial here!!!)

I'm so excited! It's so close to Christmas. Today I will be wrapping everything that has to be mailed, and tomorrow, out it goes along with all the Christmas cards. Then I'll spend the rest of the week wrapping for under the tree.

Zoe - you sound like you've really embraced this move thing. Do you still think you have a buyer for the house?

Meowee - I'm so jealous of your cold weather. I'm snowed under with work, but it's just not the same

Cat - where are you in LA? My family is in Slidell.

Y'all have a good one!!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Karen, Thanks for the snow photo. It's just beautiful!

Hi Gayle, I'll trade you the snow/sleet for the 77-degree day!

Hi Linda (Meowee), any photos of your area?

Hi Zoe, sounds like the apartment will be beautiful! You and your dh are so artistically talented. I wish I had 1/2 of your flair. Btw - did you have any ancestors who were at the Plymouth colony? I got a book by mistake - mine were at Salem.

Hi Freda, I'm with you about the clothes in the closet. I just dropped off another 3 full shopping bags of stuff that is too big for me.

Hi Lyn, if you want help researching, let me know - I'm getting my tree just about filled up.

Hi Debbie, that procedure on your back sounds great. Wonderful to be able to help reduce the pain without surgery.

Today is my 6-month cardiologist appointment. She should be VERY happy - always harping on my weight. She's about 5'8" and around 130 pounds. Her diet advice was to tell me to cut out the sweets.
Don't you just LOVE getting diet advice from people who don't know what they're talking about?

Take care everyone,

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Good Afternoon GG's:

It cold here in CA. In the mid 60's in the day and in the upper 40's at night. I had to break down and turn on the heater and add another blanket to my bed. It's kind of nice for a change especially for Christmas.

Zoe: I'm feeling somewhat better. My ears are still stopped up and I need to go back to urgent care to get the steroid perscription and have the tubes in my ears opened. I am resting as much as I can between everything I have, foolishly, schedled. The apartment sounds nice. I really like the teal blue and brown combination, which is popular right now. I'd love to see the pictures of your new home.

Linda: I hope Frack gets better. When it rains it pours. I can't even imagine living in a place with a temperature of -10F. Brrr is right! I was complaining about my mid-60 degree weather. I'll shut up now and be thankful.

Karen: Aren't you gorgeous. I know you will get back to where you want to be. I have every confidence in you. What a beautiful picture. You actually get to see that view from your house? Incredible!

Cat: Absolutely spectacular!! You are certainly a great photographer. Beautiful!

Lynn: Sometimes when we reach a plateau it can hang on for some time. I'm sure if you continue exercising and eating on your program eventually your body will catch up. Please don't be discouraged. You've done so well and it's just one of those times when nothing you try works. At least you've been trying and I know you will reach your goal in time. Why don't you try measuring yourself instead of weighing for a while. I only weigh twice a month but I'm not weighing this month because I haven't been able to exercise. I am going to begin walking today and doing some band exercises... but just staying away from the scale because I feel like I may have gained some. For me, it's discouraging to go by a number on a scale. I'd rather go by a measuring tape or clothing. Hang in there! I'm sure your cardiologist will be thrilled with your progress. People who have never experienced losing weight have no concept of the process.

Freda: Have fun at your husband's Christmas party. I'm in the same fix you are. I have dressy clothes that are too big, which I want to have tailored because they cost too much just to give away, and I have dressy clothes that are too small. I have a few Christmas parties to attend so I'll have to break down and buy something too. Eeeeks! I'm glad I won't have to go through this next year. I'm going to reach goal and stay there.

Lyn: Hi there! It's good to hear from you.

Debbie: I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm sorry you have to go through the back procedure again but I guess it's worth it if the pain decreases.

Well, I'm leaving work early, mailing my Christmas cards, stopping by the mall to pick up a few more gifts, and going home to rest.

Hi to all the Golden Girls I missed. I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon.

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Hi Everyone, Happy Monday!
The biggest problem with working from home is that I'm not clear when it's break time. Just self imposed 15 minutes all to myself darn it!

Zoe! Those colors sound beautiful! Some of us have a talent for decorating & blending colors, some of us hang a towel in the bathroom & hope that does the trick. I envy your gift. Take a pic when it's done. Give DH a wave for both of us!

Karen, thanks for the pics. Yesterday I caved and turned the air conditioners BACK ON. Starting to feel a lot like a Texas Christmas over here in the mid south. Your pic is wonderful. More than one person has mentioned Colorado as an absolutely beautiful spot on earth. I'm going to have to check it out.

Lynn you speak wisdom. Maybe your new weight is now your new spot in life at least for a while. I'm still thinking keep up the activity, don't starve yourself & then see what happens after the dust settles. Yeah, I'm still six pounds from Onederland.... feels like sixty since I'm on a month long plateau. Getting more focused on my food journaling & starting a new running training program. Maybe I can drop those six by oh.... Easter? BTW, some of the most inane dietary advice I've ever seen as a nurse usually comes from a MD. Those folks mean well but they're not trained to tell you what to eat. Someday I'll score & find a doctor who's managed to pull off over a hundred pounds via diet/exercise & has kept it off for five years. Then I'll listen to her food advice.

Debbie! Are you okay? I'm so sorry to hear of your fall & really glad to hear about a procedure that cuts down on pain meds. There are so many problems related to chronic pain med use it's refreshing to see a fresh approach. This is coming from a nurse that has very little trust in medications at all. Imagine that.

, a party! Woohoo! Get a pic & wear RED! (Can you tell I'm from the group that believes in making both memories & the neighbors talking?) You only go around once, enjoy. Now that I've said that it will probably be a black & silver pantsuit for me on Christmas. Maybe I should find something with PURPLE!

Linda, -10 isn't cold, it's hostile! Quick, get out of there! I remember visiting my daughter a few years ago in Calgary. The entire two weeks the temp never went above 0 F. It was actually refreshing to get back to a balmy 23 F. Degree Boston environment. How's Frack?

Lyn, glad you're doing okay but looking for notes about whats happening in your world. All is well? How's DH? Done anything fun lately?

Hey Gayle! Ready for Christmas? Me neither! Thinking of you & hoping all is well.

For myself I've decided to attempt another marathon in six months. Started the training to tighten up my time & really think it will be much easier if I could pull off 30 pounds before the event. It's a wonderful way to tour a city. Now the plan involves four runs a week, four strength trainings a week & five core sessions a week while taking in 1400 calories. Am ignoring the scale & decided that as long as I shrink into a size ten I don't care if I weigh twice my current weight. We'll see how that works. (See Lynn? I'm being patient!)

I do agree that the real challenge is in the maintence & not in the weight loss.

Break is over, back to the grind. Everyone take care & consider yourself hugged!

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Thanks so much for the compliments on the pictures (of course ya'll didn't see the ones that got deleted!!) I am going to take a photography class in Jan/Feb that I'm really exited about. I really don't know how to use my camera...correctly..the technical stuff. The guy who is teaching it is a cinamaphotographer for CNN. Can't wait.

And, Debbie, I'm about 30 minutes from Slidell...Hammond. (but orginally from New Orleans. I came here to go to college and just never left!)

Quickly popping in. I'm trying to code a shopping cart and should have the letters H,J, N, M,Y and U firmly imprinted on my forehead soon from banging it on the keyboard. Some days are better spent in bed...uh, that didn't sound right, huh?

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LOL actually Cat that was one of the wisest things we can think to do --- spend the day in bed. Although I am finally of the age with no children running around and if I lie in bed for too long the old joints protest -- nothing is fair it seems.

Wow can't believe I was away for so long -- I read back on everything but sadly just not enough time to write down everything. It was a busy busy weekend and as I noted in my blog I broke with my plan -- not sure what happened I had a great day Saturday but ended up eating the wrong things and a bit too much -- so my tummy protested and I was way over on my calorie count. No problem reset to day 1 today and working on another good run at it.

Lynn -- there is nothing wrong with maintaining your weight for a while -- let your body get used to this before you shed the rest of your weight. That is how I sort of felt with my (almost) year long plateau. Maintaining is way more important than losing -- I have lost lots but never maintained - this is the first time in my life.

Zoe -- you never cease to amuse me. Love all the geneology accounts. Of course I haven't ever researched my English ancestory but my Scottish side is rather interesting -- in fact my great-whatever grandfather was a true highlander who was captured by the English during the Cullodean wars (anyone ever read the Outlander series). He was taken as a slave to somewhere in the Eastern Caribbean and then made his way to Canada -- I think my mom's cousin traced directly back 7 generations. My grandfather was 5th generation Canadian but my mom was born in the states so it reset again with her LOL. Its all interesting and neat and always fun to figure out where we really did come from -- I am wondering if I do start to actually look how far back I could truly go -- if you can go back to 80 AD -- WOW!!!!

Freda -- I think being comfortable is worth the purchase. I found myself at a stage where I needed a size larger even though I had just started to lose again (does that make sense ??? LOL) anyway I decided to just get a couple of items to get me through -- I am back in my other clothes comfortably now but I am betting if I kept trying to stuff myself in the smaller size I would have just gotten mad and eaten out of frustration - but that's me.

Karen -- love the snowy pictures -- our mountains are pretty much covered in snow now and I love that we are not LOL.

Well I best get going my ride will be here soon. Big hi's to Linda, LindaD, Lyn, Marylynn, Gayle and Debbie
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Hello Everyone,
First I want to Thanks everyone for the compliments on the picture of Pikes Peak---- I just thought that it was really pretty.
I've been kind of in a daze since yesterday about 1:00pm Than is when the shooter came into the New Life Church and started shooting people. The church is down in the Springs and is where my son goes on the handicapped bus. I Thanks the Lord that they had decided it was too cold to send them yesterday otherwise he and is housemates would have been right there in the parking lot too. It is pretty sad when a church has to have 12 security officers there for services, but if they hadn't the shooter would have done so much more damage. He had a backpack on that had over 1000 rounds of ammunition not counting the 2 hand guns and the assault weapon that he had. Pretty scary stuff. At least the lady who was one of the armed security officers there said that she just prayed that the Holy Spirit would be with her and just did what she needed to do. It seems this guy had also shot and killed people in Arvada, Colorado just 12 hours before. I don't know if we will ever know why but I know so many prayers are going out to the families of the 2 young sisters (18 and 16) and everyone in the church family. There were about 7,000 people in attendance at the time this happened. And yes, prayers need to go to the family of the shooter. If you would like to read more on the story you can go to and there are several stories there.
Well, I just wanted to write a little bit about it here and see if it made me feel any better---- it does.
Take care everyone. I'll be back.

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