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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

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Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be at my daughter's house, and she has taken over the turkey roasting (after a VERY long apprenticeship under my exacting standards ) and so I have been called upon to *just* make a few apple pies, some corn muffins, and green beans with slivered almonds. I need to get busy, don't I? Well, we're not eating until 4:00, and she lives 15 minutes away, so I can probably laze about (what luxury, now that they're all grown & cooking on their own!) for another few hours.

Like Cat, I'm planning on at least taking a taste of everything. Or mostly everything, anyway. And, like Cat, one of *my babies* is in California, so I'm missing him, but he'll be home, as always, for Christmas, which I am SO looking forward to!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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HAPPY DAY to all my US buddies . . .

. . . and a great big HI for everybody else, too.

Even if you can't feel bushy-tailed . . . hope you are all really bright-eyed all day . . . extra should help.

Have a great one, gang . . .
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Default Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone ready for Hope you have a good one.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Have a Great Day and we can all start new tomorrow! Enjoy the day!
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Want to feel better
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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To all my American Friends -- Happy Thanksgiving
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Hi Cat. I have 27 family members who live in Slidell. Out of 7 family homes, 5 were completely lost in Katrina, so I feel your pain. Even now that homes have been repaired and life is mostly back to normal, I see depression and even post traumatic stress in some of my family who lost the things that can't be replaced. That first Christmas in the trailers when they automatically thought to get out the decorations they've used for years and it began to sink in that those things were gone forever - well, we all just cried. Some of them have changed forever, I'm afraid.

So this Thanksgiving I'm thankful that they all survived, that they had insurance and were able to rebuild, and that life is returning to normal.
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I can't let this day go by without wishing the US GG's

to all other GGs!!!

I cooked today. Like a few others, the calorie counting will start again tomorrow!

I'm so thankful for so many things. Last year this time, not known to my dh and I, our ds was going through a major medical problem. When he arrived home after the Winter Semester....we knew that there was something seriously wrong. This year we had the whole immediate family and we are all relatively healthy. DS is now attending OSU. Step dad received a kidney transplant this year and is showing NO signs or rejection! Yes, I'm very thankful that God has kept us to celebrate another Thanksgiving together.

I'm flying by again. TTFN Trish
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Starting over 11/03/16
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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G,day to all you lovely fellow GOLDEN GIRLS, for all the birthday wishes, I had a great time in Sydney with family and friends and of course I overate. I was taken out to dinner a couple of times and where we live in the country we don,t have Krispy Kreme so while I could have them I must have eaten about a dozen of them I,m paying for it now though I put on 2lb and got an absess on my tooth so now all I can eat is yogurt and soup and diet shakes but I suppose it will help get rid of the 2 extra lbs .

I hope you all enjoy your .

I have skimmed over some of the posts I missed and good work to all those who have lost some lbs .

Bye for now.

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Happy LEFTOVERS DAY to the Yanks . . . Happy WHATEVER DAY to the rest of us.

Guess it will be fairly quiet around 3FC again today since so many will be out doing the major "shop 'til you drop" routine. Nothing exciting for this Canuk . . . Did quite a bit of shopping yesterday and am now down to one birthday gift that I need to get before December 6. Think I'll leave it until the beginning of the week because the weather isn't sounding too great for today . . . maybe I'll start the wrapping process. I need to stay out of the kitchen -- I get an almost uncontrolable urge to bake, bake, bake at this time of year -- that would be okay, except for the other uncontrolable urge to eat, eat, eat, that always goes along with it.

Anyway . . . Hope everybody has a great day of doing whatever you have planned for today . . . Try to keep things moving and shaking.
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Originally Posted by Craftyone View Post

So this Thanksgiving I'm thankful that they all survived, that they had insurance and were able to rebuild, and that life is returning to normal.
Yep, "normal" is now "the NEW normal" and it will never be the same. Even though things are getting better, there is a constant cloud over everyone's head that is always hovering. People laugh etc, but then the cloud still hovers. After over 2 years, the news here is still mostly about what is happening due to the storm...the new normal.

We had a really nice day yesterday, though I have to admit I was very dissapointed in the food. I guess it was just my anticpation of eating "forbidden" stuff...I thought it would be heaven, but it wasn't. It was good, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the orgasmic delight I was anticipating. Guess that's a good thing...I now realize I'm not "missing" a thing with South Beach. Even the creme brulee which I used to love so much was just "ok"...I had my one serving and there are about 5 left over in the fridge...hope someone eats them, cause I'm sure not going to!!
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Good Morning all, It's 8 oclock now and i've been up since 4. Yes, I was one of those crazy people that went shopping this morning. I was able to put a pretty sizeable dent in my Christmas list though. And the crowds were pretty good. There was a couple of incidents. My husband got a bit upset because i told someone to get in line that tried to take cuts. I hate people who do that. What would you do?

Since i didn't have Thanksgiving dinner yesterday I did ok! ha!! My day is coming Sunday, when I have to cook a big meal. Hope all of you did allright. I think Cat got it right when she said that, although the food was good, it just wasn't worth it. There will be plenty of other Thanksgivings. And we celebrate so many ocasions with food. we can't use them all as a license to eat out of controle.

Deb and Cat, I can't even imagine the devistation. And some things can't be replaced. My sister was in a flood a few years ago and barly excaped with her and her family's lives. They lost everything, with no insurance. The only thing she cried about was her kids pictures. All the rest of us took our pictures and made albums for her, but of course we couldn't replace all of them.

Juls, Oh you poor thing! An abcess tooth is so painful! Hope you get it taken care of soon.

everyone have a good day, Freda
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Since I got all my bargins by luck on Weds., I don't have to fight the masses at the stores now. But I only did that one time and will never do it again. My daughter in Michigan went out at 2 a.m. for a bargin at 4 a.m. so I hope she gets it.

I thought I did well with my eating, of course I had things I normally don't eat like mashed potatoes, gravey, rolls, butter, 1 glass of wine but I tired to not totally pig out and I am up 2 lbs. this a.m. and still feel I will make this a light eating day and do some walking to try and undo some of the damage.

I too am grateful for all my friends here....Phyllis
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