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JayEll 10-23-2007 09:54 AM

Hey! Good morning meowee!

Someone kick me and get me to the fitness center, OK? Jeez!


Spinymouse 10-23-2007 11:51 AM

Kathy, I don't know if you have one of these sporting clothes stores in your area, but there are some that will custom fit you for shoes based on how you walk, run, the angle of your feet, whether you wear your shoes down on one side, etc, and they have treadmills where they watch how you move and fit you accordingly. I think that would be the best you can do, and I think the custom fitted shoes run about $80.
I haven't done that, but I have had really good luck with Saucony brand running shoes because they have some kind of thing in the heel part that prevents them from wearing down on the outside which is a quirk that my feet like to do to most other shoes. Oh, and I don't actually run, but the running shoes seem to be just fine for whatever else I do.

meowee 10-23-2007 12:09 PM

Oh phooey . . . Sorry to be the bearer of bad news . . . but it just never seems to stop . . . here's an article I just found in my e:mail in-box about the latest "invention" in the bad-for-us world of tampered-with fats . . . http://www.dlife.com/dLife/do/ShowCo...fake_fats.html . . . it's from D:Life but obviously applicable to more than just those of us with Diabetes.

gailr42 10-23-2007 01:12 PM

Yikes! "They" are trying to kill us! Thanks for sharing the article, Meowee. Since I am trying to eat as simply and homemade as possible, I guess this isn't a problem, but DH eats all kinds of junk that is probably full of it. Interesterified - what a wonderful weird word - (makes me think about a curious 'fraidy' cat).

pamatga 10-23-2007 04:22 PM

Hello, I am new to both 3fatchicks and this group. I am 54, dieting for the LAST time, I do have conditions and so on (but you will never know!----according to JayEll) and I don't mind being this age at all or the fact that I have more than 100 lbs to lose.

I am happy to be alive and I wish you all well.


meowee 10-23-2007 04:27 PM

Hi PAM . . . :welcome: and :wel3fc: too.

JayEll 10-23-2007 05:20 PM

Hey Pam!

Glad to "see" you!

Well... we do visit other threads, you know... ;) So we may get to know more about you!

I went to the fitness center! So there! :cheer2:


gailr42 10-23-2007 07:42 PM

Hi Pam - welcome! I don't have any conditions, but I do have grandkids! :lol:

I just got back from walking two miles. I had a terrible time getting started. Thought I was going to have to quit right away but, I.MADE.IT - gasp! Maybe tomorrow I will show a little weight loss.

JayEll, did you make it to the fitness center?

chopingirl 10-23-2007 09:21 PM

Spinymouse - thanks for the great tip! I have to get any kind of shoes kind of custom fit since I wear a size *%&#@. (There isn't even a number for how big my feet are!!;) Just kidding!) ...but they're pretty big!

Walking in the cool of Autumn, kicking up the fallen leaves, smelling the crisp fresh air...(please excuse me while I 'wax poetic.'):sunny: Seriously, though, what a great time of year to be outdoors. Happy walking/jogging/running/ everyone (or whatever you do!)

BTW, JayEll, I apologize for shortening your name when I posted before. I got these new glasses and can't see through the middle of them and have to tip my head clear up to see through the bottom of the glasses to see the computer screen. (and THAT's why I'm in the 50+ group :D) I thought your name looked like this....JayE!! Sorry!

JayEll 10-23-2007 09:24 PM

Not a problem, chopingirl!

Gail, yes, I did make it to the fitness center!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

And I can feel that I did... ;) Maybe the scale will look better tomorrow.


gailr42 10-24-2007 10:23 AM

I weighed 147 this morning! I have lost 35 pounds. I am not changing the ticker yet, because I expect it won't stay at 147 right away.

JayEll 10-24-2007 10:57 AM

Gail, hon, you go ahead and change that ticker!!! I treat any low weight as real, because you can't weigh less unless you actually weigh... LESS!!

:cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:


gailr42 10-24-2007 12:46 PM

You talked me into it. :lol:

meowee 10-24-2007 03:17 PM

Yippee GAIL . . . :high:

Hello all . . . I'm having a strange day today . . . can't put a finger on anything . . . just feel 'strange' :dunno:

pamatga 10-24-2007 06:40 PM


This is Pam again. I am new to how you keep conversing on these threads, is this one still going or what?

This is my diet/exercise plan that I am following in a nutshell.

I follow the WW Flex Pt Plan with liberal use of the exercise points. My starting weight was 259 lbs although in 2004 my highest weight was 287 lbs. I was able to lose the difference slowly over that time period but recently I have wanted to really go all out and get back to where I used to be. I am 54 years old, married, one adult daughter. I am 5' 7", blond with hazel eyes.

I have lost 17 lbs since September 1st, 2007. I would like to weigh around 125 lbs. and I am currently 243 lbs. I have a couple of blogs sponsored by 3fatchicks and when I hit my "first 25" lbs weight lose I will put them on the open forum. I plan on hitting that by Thanksgiving or early December.

I walk on my treadmill 20 mins 5x a week. I have a (unnamed) condition that prevents me from doing any more. I do upper body work out with free weights 3x a week and on the alternate days I do lower body workouts like crunches, leg lifts, etc. Since I began in September I have gone from 1.3 mph to 1.8 mph on the treadmill. I have increased my weights and reps up two lbs. and I am now up to 80 crunches, leg lifts, etc.

My husband exclaimed last weekend "You've got curves!" Bless his heart:hug:

I have always loved being active but my (unnamed) condition got me benched for about 18 months in the past couple of years and I am now bouncing back raring to go.

My "other" activity is wallpapering and painting my kitchen, doing housework, grocery shopping and putting it all away and any thing else I can think of.

Here's to another 50 years of good livin':carrot::carrot::D

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