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Thanks for the encouragement. I needed it.

I'm checking in. I had my flu shot this morning, took dd to the doctor, got my hair colored and getting ready to go to bible class. I'm at the point in life that I do what interests me---and try to not let the adults in my home drive me too batty. I also managed to sneek in a couple of short walks. I guess I'm preparing for my retirment in a couple of years.

I surely have to get this eating back under control. Someone mentioned that the heaviest meal should be in the midst of the day and not right now... I think I'll try something different. Plus my decision to return to the gym has got to be a good one for me.... I'm seriously thinking of dropping WW and do the program plus the gym....Got to pay that tuition!!!

Cat you've got to tell us more about the green cream. Also your recipe looks very good. I, too, am going to try it.

Lynn---I hope you feel better soon!

Well off, I go!!!

TTFN Trish
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Starting over 11/03/16
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Lyn – 70’s are wonderful. I checked out the forecast and saw 60 for Saturday so I packed an assortment of clothes and a jacket. At least it sounds like I don’t have to bring the winter coat. I remember a lot of Halloween’s with snow.

Zoe – I can’t believe how cold it’s gotten by you already. I’ve got the suitcase packed with lots of warm clothes just in case the unseasonably warm temperatures in Rochester end and I’ve included my digital camera that I haven’t quite mastered yet. I do miss the seeing the leaves change but I sure don’t miss having to rake them. We’ve got lots of beautiful palm trees here in FL but nothing like the variety of trees up north. I still haven’t quite adjusted to seeing palm trees decorated for Christmas.

PS. The Walmart $4 prescriptions are available to anyone.

Lynn – I hope the pain is gone soon and you’re feeling better.

Joanne – That’s great to hear that your exercise is back on track. I started back to the gym about 5 or 6 weeks ago and am trying to go 3 – 4 times a week. It’s a constant struggle making myself go but I feel so much better when I do.

Goodnight All!
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Good Evening Everyone,

I feel like a grown-up getting online so late. My non-tooth is throbbing & I'm waiting for the meds to kick in so I can go back to bed.

Hi Cat - my dd & sil say you can design our recipes anytime! They LOVED the eggplant lasagna.

Hi Linda, I'm so happy to hear that your feeling better & your body is acting better. Tomorrow, I'm going to do a feedback post for everyone participating in the challenge.
You wrote about the Toronto Hurricane - "I was 11. We lived in the suburbs (where things were comparatively calm compared to downtown areas) and the scariest part for me was the fact that my parents couldn't get home from work downtown and I spent a terrible night, in the dark all by myself thinking that the world was coming to an end."
I realize it was a mere hiccup compared to what New Orleans went through with Katrina and compared to a lot of the storms that hit other parts of the Southern US."
For your little 11-year-old-self, it was the WORST HURRICANE EVER! That must have been terrifying for you - don't discount it. <<<HUGS>>>>

Hi Zoe, You wrote, "The photo album idea sounds like fun, but if it's easier to just post pictures on our intros, I guess that's okay, too. It would be fun to have them all in the same place, though, wouldn't it? Like a rogue's gallery... "
OK m'dear, I'll work on our "Roses - Gallery" - maybe we will each have a rose in our photo. Let's get some ideas about this & what we want it to look like.
I'm thinking of getting one of thos GLAMOUR photos taken (after I get to goal - not too long away if this tooth doesn't stop hurting) - I'll use that.

Hi Marylynn, 3 lb loss!!!! That's fantastic! I watch the Biggest Loser & Jilian used to scare me. Now, I like her better than that other woman.
Marylynn, I have so many recipes I wouldn't know where to start. If you could give us some guidelines for what you are looking for, I could get you some good things.

Hi Trish, I was just about to call in the malitia. Glad you're back with us.

I had to stop because I actually fell asleep in front of my computer!

Check back later,


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Ok..more info on Green Cream (not sure if links are allowed for beauty products, but it's You can't order it from the site, but they have a listing of places to order from. I use I started on the level 6 cause my skin is not sensitive and I'm ordering the level 9 soon. I can't promise it works for everyone, but for me it's been great. In fact, the guy at the health food store told me the other day what great skin I had (he used the word "glowed") I told him he could glow too if he bought the stuff...of course he may have just been trying to sell me something!! I used obagi for a couple of years before that and really liked it, but I like this stuff a whole lot more.

I had some major parentasis around my mouth, my neck skin was getting very crepey and wrinkles around my eyes..especially under my eyes where they "connect" with cheekbones and they are hardly even there anymore. It has also faded the "sun spots" I had around my eyes too. I swear by the stuff, but like I said, stuff works differently for different people so I can't promise it would work for everyone. It basically peeled all the skin off my face but I have very "tough" skin so it didn't look all that bad in the process.

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Good morning everyone,

It's still hot in our corner of FL. It's supposed to be close to the 90's the next few days with a chance of thunderstorms. So far Oct. has been a hot month. Usually by now I've been able to turn the a/c off.

I'm still in the process of reading all the posts that I missed. I can't read too long when I'm reading things on the computer, I tend to go cross-eyed.

I've read that some of you are struggling right now with your eating. You can count me in too. Ever since my gf left I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I haven't walked much either because the friend that I walk with everyday flew home for a week and won't be back until next Tues.

Cat, thank you for the info on the green cream. I'll have to check it out. I have sensitive skin, so I would have to start with a 3. Your chicken recipe looks delicious. I never thought of putting Laughing Cow Cheese in chicken. I will definitely have to make it some night for dinner.

Lynn, Sorry that you're still in pain from having your tooth pulled. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Barb, hope you have a wonderful time up north and enjoy the foliage for me. I'm originally from NH and I miss the leaves turning. I actually enjoyed raking them. What I don't miss is shoveling snow.

Trish, that's good you're returning to the gym and you will get your eating under control.

Lyn, your crustless pumpkin pie sounds YUMMY!!! Have you ever added canned pumpkin to f/f-s/f vanilla or butterscotch pudding for pumpkin pudding?

Zoe, How about if I send some of our heat your way so that we'll have temps we both can enjoy.

A big HELLO to the rest of the GOLDEN GIRLS that I missed.

Hope everyone has a great day!
BFN, Ali
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Onward and Downward
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Good Morning Golden Girls . . .

We have sun . . . yippee . . . it's beautiful . . . hope it continues for a few days.

Well . . . I know TRISH got her flu shot (good girl) . . . what about the rest of you ??? I'm getting mine this afternoon -- since today is my usual Thursday "shop 'til you drop" outing with my buddy LouLou, we will be making that part of the rotation for today. The shopping outing will probably be the bulk of my exercise for the day, too. I'm not as organized about exercise as some of you are but, I've managed to do a little something extra in that line everyday this month so far and, other than my two really bad days last week, my eating has been pretty OP all month too. I've been very tempted to drag the scale out but haven't given in to the urge yet. I promised myself no weighing until the end of the month. I'm keeping that promise.

Wow CAT . . . I'm going to take a look at that "blue-cream" website -- stuff like that is allowed when we know it's been posted by a long-time member and we are pretty sure the poster does not have any financial interest in the site being linked. What we are really guarding against are the people that only join 3FC to promote their own interests -- do you think it might help my 'turkey-wattles' (used to be my triple-chins about 50 pounds ago)?

BTW KAREN . . . I'm thinking of picking up one of those really gentle perms and trying your reverse perm comb-through idea to see if it would (a) give my fine hair a little more body and (b) dry out the nasty oiliness a little. What do you think?

Thanks LYNN . . . you are right, Hazel was 'my' hurricane and I hope I never have to go through one that is any worse. For the rest of you, I also hope you never have to suffer any terrible ones again either.

Well , guess I'd best get going with my rounds so I can pick up LouLou before noon as pomised. Have a great day everybody and I'll see you all later . . .
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Default my flu shot last week here at work. Was sore for a couple of days, but I survived. Supposed to be 75 today then BIG THUNDERSTORMS later. We still have not had a frost here yet. Weird.
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Good Morning!
Well, we are going in to town this morning to get "SHOT"!! Flu shots that is! In fact this will haveto be short since we have an appt. at 9:00am!

Meowee--- I think that you will be happy with getting a gentle perm and doing that. Let me know what you think.. How is Gadzella and your little Tramp??? Are you liking them any better?

Ok, Well, I really have to get off and get going. I'll try to get back to you later this afternoon.
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Good Morning GG's:

I didn't post yesterday. I had some computer problems at work. It's finally fixed and I wanted to catch up on the posts. If you miss one day around here you are lost and it takes forever to catch up again.

I weighed yesterday and have lost 4 pounds so far on the October Challenge. I was sick with a migrane for a couple days and couldn't keep food down so I hope that some of the weight I lost wasn't caused by being sick. I'm officially out of the 200's now and it feels so good to be under 200. Whew! It's been a lot of work but the motivation and inspiration I get from all of you has helped me reach a goal I didn't I have the courage or determination to reach. Thank you so much!!!!

My friend and I went to see some dance groups at the Orange County Performing Arts "Dance For Fall" production last week. There was a group that I especially enjoyed and they danced on the side of a building. I have attached a link and if you scroll through the pictures beginning on page 6-12 you will see why I thought they were so incredible. I'm somewhere in the first few rows of the crowd.

Food Plan for today:

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoe, and low fat cheese
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Lean Quisine Chicken Meal
Snack: LF string cheese
Dinner: chicken strips, broccolli, salad, FF balsamic dressing
Snack: 60 calorie chocolate pudding with Free Kool Whip

Zoe: I love to read your posts. You write so well that I almost feel I'm right there with you. I have to laugh at your Scarlett O'Hara portrayal. Sometimes it's just best to get the craving out of the way. It seems when I want something very bad I'll eat other things to try to make up for the craving and then end up eating what I craved. It would have save a lot of calories if I just ate what I craved in the first place. We live and learn. Sending you some . You can do it!!!

Lynn: I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon.

Lyn: We all slip sometimes but that's life. The good thing is that we can turn it around and get back on program. We all face the same challenges so try not beat yourself up. You can do it!

Phyllis: Have fun on your vacation!

Cat: You sound like a wonderful cook! The chicken sounds goooooood. I'm going to try it. I'm checking out the greencream. I have very good skin but I'm getting some tiny wrinkles and this may help some.

Hello to all the other GG's I missed. Have a terrific day!

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I’m baaaaaack!!!!! So big deal right? Okay. This is my THIRD day of being back ON (and staying back on) PLAN! Okay, two and let’s say 3/4ths or so of a day. I know I’m going to be fine & dandy for supper, too – and reward myself with a yummy-in-my-tummy WW’s CHOCOLATE ice cream sandwich! (For some strange reason, those don’t set off my chocoholism!)
It’s been perused some on the blogs – this whole Mercury in retrograde stuff (for the astrologically-inclined among us) and its unsettling effects…feeling antsy, feeling unbalanced, having relationship issues on small AND larger scales (ie.; with family members AND with, like politicians or bosses or stuff like that. Maybe even having trouble controlling our cravings? I’m not into astrology much, but I can’t deny that this past little while has been feeling unsettled in my little segment of the stratosphere. So, I’m quite hopeful that once things move along their course astrologically, I/we will start to feel a bit more in control and a bit less at the mercy of our emotions. Now it doesn’t apply to ALL of us by a long shot – I mean, some of us are really in a very strong and determined weight loss/get healthy mode, which is sooooo great, but I’m one of the ones who just hasn’t been. But I’m feeling like I’m climbing out of that slump a little more each day, which is a good thing, eh?
Hiya Karen, I’m glad all is well. I’m sending really BIG, STRONG vibes your way and hope they attract a buyer SOON for your house, which is sooooo gorgeous, and if it were only located here in the northeast, I would snap it up in a heartbeat, except if it were here, it would probably be out of my price range. I showed DH that unattached garage building, and he had the same thought that I did – STUDIO!!!! It would be so perfect! Just one heck of a commute to & from our jobs every day, you know?
Rosey, don’t you just LOVE those kind of days? Stay-in-the-jammies, lounge around feeling absolutely self-indulgent? (Knowing me, there would have to be CHOCOLATE involved, too.) Sounds downright heavenly! Your DH wants to use the computer, too? What FOR? Doesn’t he realize that if you don’t check in to the GG’s every day, we send a search party out for you, and when we get to your house, we expect to be given some nice, comfy jammies and robes, and fed chocolate all day long?
Good work, Jo-annie! You go, girl! (Although, like I believe I may already have said, you’re so pretty, you hardly need to worry so over your little bit of few extra pounds!)
Trish, we ALL need encouragement on a regular basis, and I know I don’t get much of it at home. DH couldn’t care less whether I lose any weight or not. That’s why the GG’s are so great, eh? I don’t think I could get through a day without MY daily dose of GG’s.
Hey Barb, sounds like you’ll be prepared for your visit up here in Antarctica – better known as the “northeast”. Yep. I wouldn’t miss raking, either – OR snow, although I don’t shovel any of it. I have a DH and grown kids. ‘Nuff said. Hope you have a good trip!
Lynn, I love the “Rose Gallery” idea! Please do see what you can come up with once you start feeling better.
Ali? YES. YES. And YESSSSSSS!!!!!! (Send me some heat!) P.S. Thank you very much! Should I stay home from work? Do I have to sign for it? I think I’ll stick my feet in first – they have really been cold for a half hour or so after I get into bed at night – until it warms up down there beneath the blankets. I have to say that’s been one benefit of sleeping in the same bed with DH – he snores, but he also radiates body heat.
No frost here, either, Lyn, and it IS weird. Dare I say…..G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G ??????
LindaD, yep….you’re absolutely right! When those real, down and dirty gotta-have-it cravings strike, and you KNOW it’s one of the ones that blasts right up the Richter scale, it really is better to allow yourself to have some of what you’re craving, because you really DO eat a whole bunch of so-called “healthy stuff” trying to ignore the craving, and then you go ahead and give in, anyway. WAY worse than if you’d just eaten the dang chocolate to begin with! Congrats, incidentally, on those four more pounds! You’re really DOING this, sister!
Hugs to you Tee, and the vacationing Phyl….Bobbi , Marylynn, Gayle, and all…Take good care, and please feel hugged…

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Hi everyone..get your flu shots.. i should have listened as i had the flu last night and this am.. im feeling some better and managed a cup of its another jammie day..zoe i luv your posts u def have knack for writing.. hello to all the other gg dont get sick! ill check in later rosey
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Thumbs up

I have just returned from the gym!!

A group of us took our supervisor out today for a belated Boss' day lunch. I have spinach salad Maybe that old scale will read correctly.

I missed today's weigh in....but I'm joining Zoe's rebellion! SCALES LIE!!!

I'll return later today and write a longer message....At least that is my plan for now!!


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Default Linda Is In Onederland!

Congratulations to LindaD for your arrival in ONEDERLAND!!!

So very excited for you! Go pick out something really cool to fit into for Christmas!

Great big hug to everyone but don't breathe deep around me. Just back from the gym & on my way to the shower!

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I can sure empathize with those of you that are fighting the cravings right now, and my worst enemy is lurking right around the corner - Halloween.
There are candy dishes popping up all over the office and they are filled up as fast as they empty. I try to stay in my office to avoid the temptations and only venture out to grab a cup of coffee now and then, but I am starting to feel like a mole. This can only get worse as Halloween passes because everyone will bring in the candy that they don't want their kids to eat. Argh!

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Good morning!
Logging in early to wish everyone a great weekend. Will be a busy one for me and not sure I'll be around much. One week till my Mother and Sister get here and I have a tons of "to-do's" on my list.

Wanted to share a good dessert first. I saw this recipe and tried it out. I added pumpkin spice to the recipe and since I didn't have any muffin pan liners, I just made it in a round torte pan (any round pan would do). It came out kind of thin like a pie crust. I had it in the fridge and wanted "something" last night, but not sure what and I spied it. I cut it in a pie wedge and put some all natural peanut butter on it and a little cool whip
....uh,,,yum!!!! It was good for both salty and sweet cravings.

I need to go do some shopping after school..need a pair of jeans that fit desperately to go out in tonight. Going to a gardening show with speakers/exhibitions put on by LSU with 2 other couples. They will be serving brisket at the show (dammit) so I guess I'll have to load up on a big salad or something before I go. I adore brisket, so it will be a real test.

I decided to give this soap making thing a try..thought it would be good little Christmas gifts if I'm caught without something or for co-workers at school, so I ordered a fleur de lis mold and a few different smells...bay rum, bergamot and apple jack.

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