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Maryblu, I think it was 1962 or maybe '63 my ex and I went back to MN where his family is, for Christmas. The night we got there it was 30° below 0°. This was in the days before they factored in the wind chill. A few days later it "warmed up" to about a high of 32°. It felt like spring - like you didn't need a coat - until you started feeling really cold. My current DH lived in Wisconsin for several years. He hated the winters. Anyway, you have my sympathy. One of my children lives in Ann Arbor. It is pretty darned cold there, too. I think I will stay in the desert. It gets cold, as in down a bit below freezing. One year, it got down to around 0°. The cold caused all kinds of damage, because we aren't prepared for that kind of weather. I have lived here 35 years and that is the only time it got that cold.

Yes, I agree about Michael Pollan. I need to finish the book before I discuss, but I am glad to see a few folks are interested. I will hurry up and finish it.

Jay, it's not that I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could make myself want to do it. I am not exactly loving it yet, but there's hope. The dogs are also very hopeful that I continue my walking. They feel that I do it for their entertainment.
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Maryblu - you have my sympathy too! I lived in MN for a few years. I couldn't do it! At least snow shoveling is good exercise, huh? The only thing I miss about MN and Mich. is cross country skiing! I loved it where I could do it on flat land. Here in CA to get snow it means you have to go up in the mountains. I don't do any skiing that involves topography. That blasted gravity will get me every time.

On another note, have any of you read The Secret? There are some rather interesting ideas in there regarding weight loss. I have mixed feelings about it. I belive there is truth to the concept, yet, my left brain raises a lot of questions.

Have a good morning, everyone!
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Hey! Good morning. I've started a new thread, so hop on over to #2!

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