THE GOLDEN GIRLS - September '07

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  • Lynn . . . IMO it sounds like you might be getting a flu . . . watch out for an increase in BGL. Almost always happens if you get sick.

    Wow Lori . . . you definitely have it. Take care.

    That's Purrecious, Karen . . . it was such a nice picture I couldn't resist. The orange eyes fascinate me. To me she looks like the 'real' version of the cartoon cat that was there before.

    Big HI to everybody else and goodnight to all. It's supposed to be sunny and a little warmer tomorrow -- we shall see?
  • No a Fly-by!!!
    Well tomorrow is weigh in!

    Happy Belated birthday, Gayle Hang in there ---you will find the job that suits you. I just know it.

    Zoe--- Congrats on your 2 pound loss!!---I’ve got to get in gear. Maybe I should follow the Wendy plan also.

    Meowee Linda---Is that one of your cats on your advar? Cute. Is that the ornery one? Have your cats finally forgiven you for taking them to the vet last month? I sure hope so!

    Karen—Looks like this might be it!!!! My fingers are crossed!! I use WATP also. I love it. Her constant talking is beginning to drive me crazy but I love WATP!

    LindaD----I missed you! I’m glad you’re back!!

    Joanne---It’s great to hear that the wedding went well. Sounds like you’ve been on the “Trish plan” of eating. It backfired on my 2 weeks ago, though.

    Phyliss---Someone will buy your condo soon. The last couple look promising. Then you’ll be with your family in Ohio. But I have to tell you we have been having a heat wave since August! It’s miserable here. There is nothing like Heat and Humidity----that’s right you’re in Florida. You’ll feel right at home I sure wish I could bottle up some of this heat and send it to Meowee Linda and Karen!!!

    Lynn—Thanks for the info on flaxseed. I’m having some fierce hot flashes at 3AM. I hope you are soon feeling better! You are so busy (yes, I can talk!) If you don’t feel any better by Friday, please go see your doctor. Keep us posted, OK?

    Is Paula, Bobbi, and Lily OK? I’ve just noticed that I haven’t seen a post from them in a while.

    Lyn, Sue, Heidi, Marilyn, Gary, and Lori Hi

    I hope I haven't left anyone out. If I have, please forgive me.

  • Yes TRISH . . . I think I'm almost back in their 'good books' again -- at least I haven't found any recent "mistakes" --
  • Linda (meowee) I hadn't thought of the similarities in the cartoon cat until you mentioned it but it does!! She is really cute!
  • Good Morning, Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that I woke up feeling MUCH better today. I'm running around this morning - gym, get ready for scrapping, straighten house for cleaning lady, make lunch - I'll check back tonight.

    Have a GREAT day,

  • Lynn, I agree with everyone to see your Dr. if your fatigue continues. I hope you're well soon.

  • Lynn, we were posting at the same time! Glad that you're feeling better.
  • I'm up and at work early again...more noise testing today. tHE BENIFIT IS i GET DONE WITH WORK EARLY.Woops...I hit the caps key...I hopped on the scale this am and am down a couple of pounds!! Hope it continues. Today is my low points day again and we have a group meeting at lunch with sandwiches provided.

    Lynn - glad you feel peppier today. Have fun at the gym.

    Meowee - love the cat picture...yes the orange eyes are unusual. Supposed to be very warm here today and tomorrow (in the 90s) may be coming your way.

    Trish - Good luck with the weigh-in today. Can't wait to hear the good news.

    Aleka - Hi.How are you doing?

    Karen - more good thoughts coming your way...something will happen soon. We now have 2 apartments for rent as we found out that our tenants on the first floor were having late night parties and serving liquor to minors. A neighbor finally called us to complain and we contacted the we told them they have to vacate. I hate being a landlord, but luckily my DH handles most of it. Can't wait to sell this place.

    Well, back to work..

    Hi to everyone else...

  • Good Morning everybody . . .

    Unfortunately I was up very early again . . . don't know why. At least it is a better looking day -- nice and sunny and a little warmer -- thank goodness.

    And now for today's little bit of trivia . . . Did you know that 7-UP got it's name from the fact that it contained 7 ingredients? It was introduced just before the stock market crash in 1929 and one of those 7 ingredients was lithium. It contained the anti-depressant until the 1940's. Guess the inventor, C.L.Griggs, was trying to compete with good old Coca-Cola which really did contain cocaine when it was first introduced.

    Have a great day, gang . . . see you later . . .
  • G’morning all! Here I am, spending another lovely day in beautiful downtown Bawston, stuck up in an office four floors above the street and looking out my window at the firehouse and the “Castle”, which is actually an old pre-revolutionary fort that has been refurbished numerous times and is currently owned by the Copley Plaza hotel and houses a steakhouse that I’ve never been to. All is not lost, however, as I am having lunch with my colleague Jack, another friend, Rachel, and my former boss, Michael, who now works elsewhere in Boston. And, miraculously, this luncheon engagement fell on my super high point day, so I don’t have to deprive myself too horribly while the rest slurp down great gobs of gourmet goodies…. Hey, say THAT ten times fast! Took out….oh, Lordie, you’ll never guess, Phyl….CHICKEN for dinner tonight, so if I indulge myself at lunch, I’ll fall right back into line tonight.

    Sue, yes, meditation – whether or not used in conjunction with Buddhist philosophy – can be very helpful in dealing with our day-to-day aggravations. Buddhism is an interesting path, though. I find ALL paths interesting, of course. It’s fascinating to me how varied a perspective humanity in general has developed with which to deal with the universal questions, and yet how similar most philosophies are when you scrape away all the detail and get to the core. Whatever works best and feels most comfortable for each of us, eh?

    Hi Ali – getting your points in will get easier as you get used to it. At least that was my experience. Now I pretty much know how to plan so that it comes out where it’s supposed to each day. As for N.C., yes it is beautiful, but DH’s point is that my family, with the exception of DS, is all up here in Massachusetts, and I get depressed if I don’t see them all at least once a week, so I can only imagine how I’d be living that far away from them. He’s right, of course. I’d be miserable despite how pretty – and inexpensive to live – that it is there.
    Good job, LindaD….if people are already noticing, I’d say you’re certainly doing something right! Keep up the good work, chickie!
    Hey Lyn…I’ll be interested to know how you do with *Wendi* - it sounds like it’s already working for you, right?
    Phyl, like I told Ali – getting your points in is hard at first, and then once you get into a certain rhythm, they seem to just fall into place perfectly – and in just the right sequences so that you’re never hungry, which is pretty awesome for me!
    Karen, I’m still sending those vibes…and hoping…and wishing for some positive movement on the house.
    Hey, Trish, good to hear from you! Quite a few of us seem to be doing *Wendi* now, although I’m the only one (I think) who has gone through the actual week-long sequence of up & down points. It worked for me, and hopefully for the others who are trying it out. Jump right onboard if you want!
    Glad you’re feeling better today, Lynn.Jo-annie & Tee
    Marylynn, Meowee-Linda, Bobbi, Cat and ALL of us GG’s everywhere…

    Have a great day!
  • Hello Golden Girls..........................(remember me????)

    Well I'm Back!!!! Thanks for keeping the fires warm in my absence. Hello to all the new gals, and wishing you a lot of success on your journies. I haven't had time to catch up on the post, and already have one foot out the door today. Am afraid I have no good news to report on the weighty issues....I have to back step and restart again. The good news is....I'm back on program once again, and have a good attitude....hopefully that will last the month!!

  • Hello everyone,

    Had my morning walk. I got to greet and was greeted by some of the dogs on my route. I even got a morning slurp from one of them and I was in deep do-do when I got home.
    Today is a low point day, and I've planned my meals accordingly.

    Margaret, welcome back! Glad that you're back on program.

    Linda-meowee, that was a very interesting piece of trivia. I never knew that about 7-UP or Coca Cola. Thank you for sharing.

    Lyn, congratulations on your 2 lb. loss. It really makes your day when you see the numbers on the scale going down.

    Trish, how did the weigh in go? Hope everything went well.

    Zoe, I can tell you from experience that living so far from your loved ones is no fun. I do have relatives and friends who I am close to, and who are still living in MA & NH. It's been a very difficult adjustment for me, but DH has taken to FL like a duck does to water.

    Phyllis, I hope everything goes well with those people looking at your condo today.

    Hi Sue, Trish, LindaD., Gayle, Cat, Marylynn, Bobbi, Paula, and Gary. I hope I didn't miss anyone.
  • Yipee, rah, rah, rah, goodie, ! I have my computer back after 7 whole long days and nights without it. Someone mentioned that my computer was new before, it is! But I have a sleep mode that won't wake up sometimes. It's happened 5 or 6 times and the only way to get it started is by unplugging it, which is a no-no. After the new Vista downloads still didn't solve the occasional problem, they suggested I take out all the automatic running programs that I have on start up. I followed their instructions to a T. They failed to mention that I should keep the important ones. Unfortunately I took them all out. I couldn't find the important ones, like my internet, my Norton anti virus, etc. They were all disconnected and gone. So that's why I had to take my computer into the CP Doctor. Am I going to give Hewlett-Packard a piece of my mind? Does a bear poop in the woods?

    Glad to be among the living again. I was going to delete myself off this months challenge but don't see the edit button. What happened to it? Someone please advise this idiot.

  • Thursday's Weigh-in
    Hi Everyone,

    Today was weigh-in. I gained 0.6 lb. I'm not bummed out about this considering that I only met my point goal yesterday. If I hadn't exercised almost everyday, I can only imagine what the scale would have read. Today is a new day!!! I've already done 2 miles WATP today. This past week I also added walking my entire building at work including 7 flights of stairs [up and down]. It takes a little over 20 minutes to complete when you power walk. I had too many meetings today to meet this goal---I'll squeeze it in tomorrow.

    I'm not updating my challenge thread until dinner is over. I've planned some healthy fish, a salad, and one starch.

    Margaret and Bobbi It sure is great hearing from you. You were both missed.

    Lyn Congrats on your 2 pound loss!! I'm aiming for the same next week!!! I just haven't yet gotten the nerve to start the Wendy plan. You and Zoe are really getting some results. I'm going to read up on my WW plans and consider the Core Plan for this week!!

    Lynn I am so glad that you are feeling better! With all of the exercise that you are accomplishing, are you eating enough calories? Just wondering. But you're feeling better and we are very glad.

    To all of the GG that I have missed. I've got to cook dinner. See ya!!!

  • Good evening girls

    just a fly by for me. I have been quite busy. With everyday stuff and working out. Add Job hunting and Possible interviews into the pic. Just seem so busy lately.

    I am so happy to hear you are feeling better.
    I imagine that eating the low calorie count you have to eat, might be the cause. When you work out as hard as you do, maybe an extra 100 cal??
    When I eat too few calories, I get so exhausted. Anyway. Glad your better.

    so glad you got the pc up dated and fixed. What would we do with out them. Even when I don’t get online… I use it for Fitday.

    Hoping that this couple works out for you.

    congrats on the loss!!
    Keep it up, I am so proud of you. I know for a fact, I could not keep up with you. On a bike, or anything else.

    How did it go with the new looky- lou’s?
    I hope they love your condo. Good luck.

    I have to get some house work done while hubby is working, Can’t make some noises while he is sleeping!
    Any way have a great Friday.
    hugs to everyone.