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  • Yesterday morning we were swimming, only 1 other lady in the pool, it's about 11:30 a.m. A couple walked up to the gate and asked if there was a SALES office and how would they find out about condos for sale here!!! DUH, my hubby jumped out of the pool and talked to them about our condo and they are coming to see it Thursday.

    So now I'm a nervous wreck....maybe this place will sell sooner than I thought. But wouldn't that be wonderful, no realtor and having to show this place over and over.

    Karen thanks for all the tips you've given me, I will move ours up every couple days.....Girl your killing me with all your exercise. Good work..and I just know you will sell and be packing very soon.

    Wow, congrats Zoe, 2 lbs. off!!! Guess I will have to try the Wendy Plan now. We had a wonderful meal last night and I had 2 glasses of wine....lobster & crab legs. I was very light on the butter but need to try and figure out the points for that meal....I had saved some back for the wine. So I'm guessing I will count that as my high day! Hey, I'm not planning on climbing any mountain in S.C., my plan is to sit on a porch with a glass of good wine and watch the sun set!!!

    Lynn, you can find the Wendy plan here at 3fc in the WW is explained very well. I don't seem to mind figuring out the pts. this go round, maybe because I'm not working and have the time?

    Lyn, don't worry about a lb. up, probably water. I am always up 1 lbs. after I eat fish...but it will be gone tomorrow. Do you always walk just at work or in the evenings too? You didn't eat the fried dough, boy I head straight for that did great.

    Gary sounds like such a fun day with your family, that is why we are wanting to move back to Ohio area....right in the middle of where all of our grandchildren are. We have four 2 yr. olds, two 5 yr. olds. and one 7 yr. old. Oh, the 7 yr. old is a big boy and he is playing football this year in second grade!!! I may shoot his Mother....
    my hubby is thrilled.

    Linda D. I hope you will make your goal. That sounds reasonable.....good luck.

    Theresa, I am also going to try your recipe...sounds dh will like that. Good you don't spoil your GD it will help her in the long run.

    Hi, Marylynn, Cat, Ali, Linda and Sue....I'm sure I missed someone...Sorry!

  • Good Morning . . .

    Another gorgeous day . . . and I've got a bunch of things to do and a bunch of places to go . . . but I wanted to say HI and give you this link to a great new website I just discovered . . . . . . lots and lots of helpful information especially for those of us "approaching" middle-age.

    Have a great one, everybody . . . see you all really soon . . .
  • I'll have to check back in later tonight - the rest of my day is one meeting after another, but I wanted to post this link for you, Lynn, and anyone else who's considering the Wendie Plan. This is a pretty comprehensive description:

    Have a great day, all!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Phyllis, good luck with the people who want to look at your condo. I hope everything works out for you. Definitely we'll walk when the leaves turn.

    Theresa, I will definitely try your recipe. It looks yummy! Thank you for posting it.

    Lynn, thank you for the post about flaxseed. I do have a bag of it and I'll start using it. Down here in FL it's all flat so I'm not used to hills anymore. Anyplace we walk will have to be flat.

    Lyn, glad you had a nice 4 day mini vacation. DH & I used to go to the hot air balloon rally in Pittsfield, NH. We did get some great photos especially when the balloons hovered over a pond in the area. The only thing I didn't like about it was getting up at the crack of dawn.

    Gary, it sounds like you had a nice holiday weekend with your family and the GOLDEN MUTTS.

    Linda D., that sounds like a great goal to aim for. I know you'll do it.

    Linda-meowee, glad that you're having great weather. I just heard from a friend in NH and she said that it was so nice that she had all her windows open.

    Joanne, glad you had a good time at the wedding and that you and your friend reunited. That's wonderful.

    Zoe, Congratulations on your weight 2 lb. weight loss!! That's great! Thank you for the link to the Wendie Plan. I think I'll give it a try. I weighed myself in the beginning of the challenge, but will not weigh myself until it's over. I tend to get very discouraged if the numbers aren't going down quick enough. Yes, it is very humid here in FL. But, I don't find it as oppressive as the humidity up north. I have heard this before, but never believed it. I don't understand why unless it's because everything is air conditioned. Then again too, we sort of ease into summer so by July we're used to the hotter weather. Hendersonville it is!

    Hi Karen, Marylynn, Trish, Cat, Sue, and anyone else I may have missed.

    Enjoy your day everyone.
  • Wendie Plan
    Ok, Ok you convinced me. I'm going to give it a try. I read over the info, Zoe, and it looks intriging.

    Just walked at lunch - about 80 minutes total. Felt great even with my darned allergies.

  • Good Morning:

    I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. It was so hot that other than going to the swap meet on Sunday morning, I stayed home and read 3 books I picked up from the library, cleaned house, listened to music, exercised on treadmill and weights, called all my family back east and spoke to brothers, sisters and daughter. I really enjoyed having the time off.

    Gary: Sounds like you had a good time at the BBQ. It's always nice to spend time with family.

    Lyn: Your holiday weekend sounds fun. It's nice that you always enjoy yourself with creative entertainment.
    Zoe: Congrats on the loss. I've got to check out the 'Wendy' plan. Thanks for the website.

    Meowee: Thanks for the website.

    Phyllis: Hope the condo sells quickly.

    Hi to everyone else.
  • For those of you interested . . .

    The WENDIE PLAN is explained in much the same detail right here on 3FC . . . please take a look at the 5th STICKY from the top on the following Weight Watchers General Information Forum . . . . . . in fact it looks like the WW Moderator (Mauvais) may have imported it from the same source.
  • Hello all,

    Well, I guess I must be some sort of computer klutz or something. I tried that note pad thing for making responses here. I got only part way through and saved it (or thought I did) until I could finish and post. I went back just now to find it and get a post made ~ can't find the thing Guess I will have to practice that some more.

    It has been sort of a disappointing day. I went for that job interview. I was out of there within 10 min. They had incorrectly listed the position on their web site as full time, when really it was part time. I am needing full time as my husband is going to retire at the end of the year. I guess this one wasn't meant to be.

    Came back home and looked at some more job listings. I have applied for yet another position. Third time's a charm maybe?

    Forgive me ~ I am going to have to do the personals another time.

    Take care
  • Ackkk no time for anything but to say - Zoe thanks for the link I might also fall into the Wendie plan also. I just need to find an online list of food=points.

    Hope everyone is well. I hate this week -- no time for anything at all.
  • Joanne, here is a good site... ..... Dotti's Weight Loss Zone....tons of info there.

  • Zoe, I have a question about the boca burgers you eat. All the WW info I can find says they are 2 pts. for 1 burger. Do you have a different brand that is lower? I am starting to eat them for lunch now....

    Appreciate the info. Phyllis
  • Here's the WW points calculator I've been using:

    Hope that works as a link.

  • Phyl, Using the Zimbio points calculator that I linked in my previous post, the Boca burgers I was eating when I added that point calculation to my little chart were 70 calories and minimal to no fat and like maybe 3 grams of fiber if I remember right. Worked out to .8 WW points, anyway. Went shopping on Saturday and bought the Boca FLAME BROILED patties without reading the nutritional info because I assumed they were the same as the last ones I bought. I just looked at them and guess what! These are 90 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber! The point calculator says they have 1.4 WW points! I guess despite being Boca burgers, there are different kinds, so you have to check the labels closely. I guess it hasn't interfered with "Wendie" working for me, but there definitely IS a point difference!

  • Hi gang . . . just me again

    Don't you just hate it when they change the recipes on some of those standbys. I mean, I know that BocaBurger has a few different kinds . . . but I've also found some instances of yogurt and frozen chicken patties where the ingredients (and the nutrition information) has changed without so much as a comment on the packaging that anything is different.

    BTW -- WW points are fairly easy to calculate manually, too --

    Calories / 50
    . . . less . . . Fibre grams / 5
    . . . . . . plus . . . Fat grams / 12

    Later, gators . . .
  • WOW! - If we keep this up, we may need to change our name to the Wendie Women.

    (Just kidding)