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Onward and Downward
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Rosey . . . I've been driving a Forrester since 1999 . . . love it. It's high enough to see over some of the traffic and low enough for we shorties to navigate.
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Default It's HOT!!

We just broke a temperature record here in "RA-CHA-CHA" (Rochester). It's 92 degrees and the end of September!! I went out to walk at lunch and sweated my bunns off. Who says there is no such thing as Global Warming. Normally we've had our first frost by now. I shouldn't complain as my tomatoes are still ripening on the vine.

Congrats to all of you losers (wt wise) this week. I was a maintainer.

No time to reply to each and our group grows this becomes more of a challenge, doesn't it? Not complaining at all..mind you. I would be lost without my GGs.

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Hi Yall!

Itís so nice to hear about cooler/cold weather somewhere on the planet. Weíre still working with amazing humidity & temps up to the low nineties. Itís hard to feel like fall in the heat but after spending my entire life in Texas, itís not that strange. I clearly remember tee shirt Christmases back in Dallas.

Thanks again for all of the kind words & wishes! My birthday was fine. Iím not much for big celebrations (unless itís one of those milestone things) but there were many many well wishers online & on the phone throughout the day. My wonderful family stood around wringing their hands asking if they should be making a party & all I wanted was a decent cup of coffee & a chance to put my feet up! Done & ready to move on!

Paula itís good to see you again! Looks like youíre getting busy. Busy can be good sometimes. Stay with us & let us know how youíre doing.

Lynn to answer your question regarding my MIL.. as a nurse I was mortified by the care she received in a rural hospital. There is no lifestyle teaching, there are no dieticians & the nurses donít stop & explain post discharge information. Twice I sat in there for over twelve hours and did not see a RN. Her doc has been in the picture for the past 20 years & I declare he gets all of his continuing education from pharmaceutical companies! Most docs are in the dark regarding nutrition but they have the common sense to send their patients to Endocrinologists & nutritionists. This one didnít & wont because there are none in the area. To add insult to injury, the dear lady wonít listen to a word this nurse has to say because it didnít come from that vetÖ. Er her doctor. Sheís one of these diabetics that makes a rich dessert & then overmedicates herself with insulin to accommodate the food. Arrghhh!

Ellen itís not weird at all. Thereís really no one in my house with whom Iím willing to discuss my weight without suffering true embarrassment. Here I can be myself and itís okay. Weíre thrilled youíre here!

Lori Iím excited & proud that you turned the video on & gave it your best try! Think of all the people that have the means & equipment & donít power up. Lynnís right. Just keep at it & try to do a little more from time to time & before you know itÖ.. youíll be wearing out the kids! In my experience New Balance is one of the better shoes out there to support me when Iím doing this stuff. I have huge, strange shaped feet & they seem to give me perfect support.

Gayle! Your ticker moved & you didnít tell! Congratulations! All is well?

AhhhhhÖ the Alaskan cruise! Those of you who have always wanted to do that count me in! My inlaws (yeah, pioneered by good ole MIL) are orchestrating a family cruise up there next year & we have bowed out until we can feel a little better about tossing 3K for a weekís worth of fun. Weíre thinking in about 3.5 years weíll be doing it. Thereís always a good time & a not good time for these things. How about we all go together by then? That would be a riot!

Ann my thoughts & prayers are with you. Sending a hug to both you & your DH. Of course take care of him but take care of you too! Write when you can.

Linda your post about the wrong thighs made me smile! That explains everything!

Karen howís Sissy? Let us know how the vet visit went. Just so you know I found some Leslie Samsone ĎJogging a mileí video on demand cable today & found myself jogging in huge circles around the downstairs portion of the house. Every step of the way the dogs felt the need to follow me. After about 25 minutes of jogging one (Furby, the white delicate one) sat down to watch me go by but Rocky wouldnít let me do it aloneÖ. Now heís exhausted.

On a brighter note Samsone is pretty good! She can chatter but I was surprised at how nice the workout was. Try jogging with her, woo-flipping-hoo!

Guess I need to run again, DH seems to think that heís going to the gym with me tonight (he always changes his mind after he gets home) so perhaps I need his dinner good to go so I can get & be home in time to see The Biggest Loser. Yeah itís campy but Iím hung up on it!

Itís a good day for random kindness, have a wonderful evening!

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Hello Everyone,

I have had a terrible day. One of my dogs is at the hospital with possble diabetes or kidney failure. he is an Americn Bulldog and so sweet. Tomorrow I get the test results.

Glad to hear everyone's good news.
Rochester still warm!
Amazing and tomatoes still ripening.

Got to take care of my other dogs now.
Thank goodness all are healthy.
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Hello Everyone, Marylynn, Thanks for asking about Sissy--- I feel so much better tonight. I called my regular vet. this morning and they said they could take her in the morning as a "drop off" which meant to bring her in at 7:30 am and leave her and they would work her in when they had a chance Or I could wait and bring her in Thursday. So I wasn't happy at all. BTW this vet took over for a wonderful vet that left about 2 years ago. So anyway, I called my neighbor and asked her who she uses and when I called them they said to bring her in at 3:30 this afternoon. I've never been to this guy before!! So he looked at her and was just so nice I will be changing vets for sure! The deal with her leg is that she actually pulled a muscle or strained it. So he gave her an injection of Rimadyl plus a RX for the pills too. Now I just have to try to keep her quiet for a week !!! This picture is Sissy with a little toy that she has really latched on to and I took it with me to the vet today. I was holding Sissy when he came in and her Pink blanket and this toy were on the examing table. When he looked at the toy he said, "Gee, I don't know if I can treat that!" She also has a little "bump" on the top of her left foot and he just said to watch it for now.... could be just a mole or it could be more serious but for now we can just relax.
I've never tried the "jogging" with Leslie but I think I'm going to have to try that. Ginger and Sissy both used to try to keep up with me when I walk but now they just lay on the bed and watch! They usually are snoring before I'm done. You should post some pics of Furby and Rocky. I just love them to pieces!!

Elliebelle, I'm sorry to hear about your Bulldog. They sure do become just like one our kids don't they? I'm hoping that things will work out just fine. Be sure and let us know.

Lyn, sorry about your temps there. Like I said in an earlier post it was 29 degrees when we woke up this morning and we got up to 58 Degrees!!! I think we should be able to compromise on some of these temps. It is to early to be getting that cold here!

Well, I need to go and clean up the kitchen and then sit and watch TV for awhile. I'll try to do more personals later. Take care Everyone!!

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Hello all....I am rather annoyed that it is 8:00 (here) already and we just finished supper (as usual) and the evening is about shot. This is what always happens on weeknights. Home from work, exercise (maybe), cook, eat, and read for 15 minutes and go to bed. Well, tomorrow Iím going to HAVE to stay awake and alert...itís my YOUNGEST daughterís 30th birthday. The big Three-Oh, and weíre having a big ďdoĒ for her Saturday evening complete with a slide show of her life from the time I brought her home from the hospital in her ďittle pink blankieď. My middle daughter (the one who just got the award) is putting the slide show together, so sheís coming over after work tomorrow to go through albums and pick out pictures and scan them. I donít know how long it will take, but something tells me itís going to be a late night for us old folks.
Well, I am being SO careful about my eating this week - got menus for myself, and am even weighing everything. Iím following the Wendi plan, but because I havenít been exercising as much as I should, what with feeling tired and drained from all that coughing and sneezing (I still have coughing & sneezing fits four or five times a day) I just havenít worked up the energy to do it. So, anyway, Iím doing the Wendi, but I scaled the points back because of being so sedentary lately. For example, on my super high day (today) I had 32 instead of 37 points, and I scaled the other days back by five points each, too. I WILL lose this last eighteen pounds, dagnabit!
Elliebelle, can I tell you that if I snuck something after DH was in bed, itís highly unlikely that it would be three lousy cookies. If Iím going to cheat, I do some SERIOUS cheating, and thatís all there is to it. Three cookies would be a drop in the bucket. Heck, three cookies is hardly even cheating, when you come right down to it. (Best you dump them, though....if youíre anything like me, youíll get back to them sooner or later. I just canít keep sweets in the house anymore, period.) Oh - and you neednít feel weird about feeling better joining up with the crew, here....everybody feels that way! And Iím so sorry that you had a bad day!
Rosey, whatís it like, living in Alaska? Iíve always wondered. I know this sounds really stupid, but geography was just never one of my best subjects. Does it get really dark there in winter? I mean, like for most of the day?
LindaD! Smaller tops! OMIGAWD, thatís awesome, lady!!!! Way to GO! Congrats! Youíre doing SO well....
And congrats on YOUR two pounds, Marylynn!!! Wow! Iím really beginning to think that hanging out here with you folks is a GOOD IDEA!
Nice seeing you, Trish <picture me trying to grab for your tail feathers as you fly by> And I donít think you could EVER be as un-energetic as me....
Oh, Karen, you must be so sick of people traipsing through your house...I know I would be. But of course itís got to be done. What are they talking about, your bottom dollar? Like youíre going to cut to the chase and tell them the absolute lowest youíd take! Oh, man. You KNOW I would be getting nasty with these folks, right? Maybe when we get ready to sell, Iíd better make myself scarce when someone comes to look, huh?
Omigawd, Lori! Compared to me, you did GREAT with that walking tape thing. Iíd probably sit on the couch to watch it!
Omigosh, Ali...that lightening sure was a little too close for comfort! Be careful, lady...we kinda like having you around!
Hi Lynn (and everybody)...thanks for the nice remarks about Kimbie. Sometimes itís so hard for me to think of these children as grown fact, it never fails to take me completely by surprise when they accomplish these sorts of things. I guess Iím always thinking of them out in the backyard climbing the apple tree or playing hopscotch in the driveway. It dumbfounds me how they all got so old when I didnít age a bit!
Congrats, Meowee-Linda, on your ďtwo pounds below tickerĒ. Yay!
Hi must be hard with your DH in hospice. Just drop in here when you can, and weíll be glad to see you.
Good grief, Jo-annie! Iím glad you werenít there when that storm hit! You take care of yourself now, you hear?
Lyn! Itís haute here, too! Whatís going on???? Iíll tell you, those people who laugh at Al Gore are going to being laughing out of the other side of their face before long! The weather patterns are very definitely changing!
TEE....let us know about Le job!!!!!!
Okay. Thatís the best I can do. My old eyes are shagging at half mast.

Take good care, yíall, and anyone I missed...well, you KNOW it wasnít deliberate!

Gínitey-nite, GGís!

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Ellen . . . So sorry to hear about your puppy problems . . . My oldest cat has diabetes and I give him insulin shots twice a day . . . he really doesn't mind the needle. Hope everything works out . . . be sure to let us know.

Zoe . . . I know exactly how you feel. The last couple of years that I was still working, I was going to bed before the sun set during the summer months. Then, of course, during the winter you get to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.
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Hi girls.
just a fast note. I am tired!

I am scheduled every day this week except Friday.
My boss is giving me full time for some reason. I am supposed to be about 25 hrs a week. Not almost 40 hr.

It sounds like an easy job. and it is mostly. But its non stop, and very physical. Mostly washing dishes.

The problem.
My coworkers smoke.
So there is always at least one extra break per shift. 15 min. each time. They put us sooo behind.

By the time I come home... peel my very sweaty, dish water soaked clothes off and take a COLD shower, I am exhausted.

Its not what they told me It would be. Well thats ok, too. but I hope she does not plan to keep me at 6 days a week. We will have a fight on that.
I am not sure I can get on here to often for a while. I need to get used to the new hours.

Good point for today.
I went to Curves this morning.
Don't know how often I will do this for a while. But... I work so hard. I bet I lose weight better.
I am still counting my calories and taking my own food to work. So At least I can control one part of my night.

Have read your post. and some night will post more, I hope.
but not tonight.
sleep well, be well. and Be happy.
hugs as always.
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Hi All
This is my first visit to this thread and I just wanted to say hello.

Lyn I'm from Rochester and lived last in Churchville and worked in Albion. It's great to see someone on here from the same area. I moved to Jacksonville about 5 years ago with my job. There's things I miss and my family is still there so I visit about every 3 months but I must tell you, I don't miss the cold or snow. I do miss the tomatoes and the corn. You just can't find anything like it flavor-wise here. Oh yeah, and the Zweigles hots. Yum.
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Onward and Downward
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The scale definitely has it in for me.
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Hi Everyone,

Can't stop to chat today & won't be around tomorrow. Today I'm off to scrapbooking with my friends and tomorrow we're going to a genealogy workshop in NYC - we need to leave at 5:30AM.

Check back on Friday,

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Hi, we are leaving in a minute for an out of town trip today also.

Will check back in later........Y'all be good Ya hear!

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Good morning everyone,

It was cool this morning when we started out on our walk. But, we warmed up pretty quickly.

Did some much needed fall cleaning around the house yesterday, not as much as we had planned because we had to make a trip to Walmart and got late start. We got the curtains down and washed them plus we got the windows washed. Today I am going to tackle our closet.

Lynn, have fun scrapbooking and a good time in NYC. I absolutely love NYC.

Barb, Hope you'll come by often. I moved to FL 3 yrs. ago from NH. Like you, I don't miss the winter, but I miss everything else, especially the fall.

Theresa, it sounds like they keep you really busy at your new job. Hopefully things will get better as you go along.

Ellen, I am so sorry to hear about your Bulldog. How quickly they become our babies. I do hope everything will be ok.

Zoe, a Happy Birthday to your DD. That's a great idea about having a slide show of her life. She'll really enjoy it.

Karen, glad the Sissy is doing better.

Marylynn, you really are getting some FL weather. It's still humid here and in the high 80's/low 90's. I can't wait until it cools down a bit. Come Jan. we'll be opening up all the windows and doors.

Hello to all the GOLDEN GIRLS I missed.

Enjoy your day
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Default Wet Wednesday

Hopefully it WILL be wet today...we had a littlemuch-needed rain last night, but not enough to help with the drought here.Doing better with the Wendi plan this week...Resisted an ice cream social at work yesterday and today is my higher points day so I'm leaving extra points for some cake tonite (a farewell party for some friends moving to AZ).

Ellen - Sorry to hear about your puppy - hope everything turns out ok

Lynn - happy scrapbooking today

Zoe - happy B-day to your youngest. Wow, oldest just turned 26 and that means I should feel ancient....but I don't. Not yet.

Tee - Woah..that job sounds hard. Hope you can work out the hours to be less demanding. I'm pulling for you.

JaxBarb, Welcome to the 50+ group. Yup, I actually live in LeRoy so I know past it every morning! We also play golf there quite a bit. I went to grad school in FL (Gainseville) many eons ago but spent some time in Jacksonville doing air sampling for my Masters Project. I had a sampling station on the roof of one of the municipal buildings...I'm sure it's changed a lot in 30 years!

Karen - glad your puppy is doing better. Love the photo.


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Okay . . . I'm back and I've calmed down a little. Had coffee; wrestled the garbage to the curb; fed everybody; -- and banished the nasty scale to the corner.

After three days of reading 226 . . . now that it is my official weigh-in morning, he had the audacity to register 228 AGAIN . . . we have been doing this same routine for two month's now. Let's see how he likes standing face to the wall for a while. He won't be coming out until the end of the month -- I know, it's not far off -- but it is a Sunday (usually one of my low days). Maybe this will at least break the patter of the personal vendetta he has going for me. Then he will return to the corner until the end of October (a Wednesday ) Hopefully Mr. Scale will learn some manners by then.

Other than that, SSDD -- hope everybody else is having a great one --
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