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Hey Everybody! Hope everyone had a good day. I can't believe it but I was sitting tonight and the phone rang and it was Wal-mart! They want me to go ahead and start working for them tomorrow. So I guess I will. I explained about having the house for sale and all that all over again but they really want me to start. If the house sells they will go ahead and set up a job for me in MO. when we move. So that is how my day went.

We also showed the house this afternoon to some people from here. He works in the mines at Cripple Creek so this would be pretty close for him. He also builds race cars so he really wants the big garage but who knows.. Guess we will just wait and see how things go.

Anyway, just thought I would pop in and say Hi... I'll catch you all later or tomorrow.
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Happy Thursday!

Hope all is well for everyone. Rainy night here & husband is still sick with a stomach thing. Looking forward to him getting well. He watched 8 movies today in our bedroom on full blast. I think the neighbors heard them as well.

Karen congratulations! The Walmart gig sounds like fun! Still sending those good vibes for your place to sell so you can get on down the road to MO to
enjoy the seasons there.

Lynn my workouts are a little long, currently I’m on a mind bend to be able to walk a marathon later this month. It’s one of those things I want to be able to look back & say “I did that!” it’s getting pretty boring on the treadmill, I’d rather walk in the rain at this point. Hmmm…. Wonder if I can sign up for Fat March?

Lyn we are the same height aren’t we? I used to be 5-11 & seems bumped down to 5-10 after some disk herniations a few years ago. I chose the lower end of my weight scale to get this weight off my spine. My back will tell me when I’m overweight long before I think to get on the scales. Unfortunately I’ve learned this lesson too many times. I like being active and really would like to avoid further back problems. It’s going to take FOREVER to convince this weight to go down but dancing is one fun way to work it off. Finally I learned that it’s okay to go into a bar to go dancing and order a Diet Coke. That was an Ah Hah moment for me.

Further! Some of the best eating plans I’ve seen allow you to have a free day every now & then (Body for Life is big on this theory) to allow you to feed the cravings & get back on track the next day. If you indulge a little every now & then it won’t be nearly as bad as an all out binge because you’re completely deprived.

Ali, we lived in Beverly for a couple of years while my husband worked some contracts in the area. In that time I had a ball working at the Blue Cross in Quincy. The commute was a real adventure and a heck of an opportunity for distance walking (I took the trains). It was a tiny little 3 room apartment that cost us as much as our rent on a 3 bedroom home in Texas. I was hanging laundry in my kitchen. Happily settled in MS now but very much miss my old friends in Bawston (as Zoe so well pronounces it) I really believe we were the oldest people in Beverly. The rest were college students, everywhere.

Meowee! The cat in the freezer? You win. Your days are stranger than mine! Kinda makes you want to put some kind of door alarms up. That’s worse than a toddler loose in the house. At least a baby won’t climb into the freezer or the dishwasher….. Oh no…. check your dryer too!

If I missed you, hello & consider you hugged as well.

Have a great evening everyone & be well!

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Paula, I'm so sorry you had such a rough and emotional week. It's not an easy thing to go through.

As for yesterday's BD, thanks so much to everyone for the wishes! I was so exited about going to eat crabs, but when we got there, they had just stopped serving till 5:00. I was so disapointed. So we decided to go get some raw oysters instead. I cheated and had crackers and sauce with ketchup in it, but didn't feel guilty at all and they were fantastic! Each one was perfect and salty. Around 6 my husband ran over to the crab place and got us 2 orders of crabs and they were great. I put lemon and 'spray butter" on I didn't in the least bit miss cake! Then we watched big brother..all and all a pretty good day despite the stormy weather.
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Default Tgif

Good morning all,

We had to cut our walk short this morning. The friend I walk with had a knee problem and didn't want to make it worse, which I totally agreed.

DH & I went to Sam's Club yesterday and they had their Christmas trees already up and lit. They also had some decorations for sale plus some of their food gift items. I think it's way too early.

Cat, how did you make out with Humberto? I was watching the Weather Ch. and it looked like LA was getting a lot of rain. It sounds like you had a very nice birthday.

Marylynn, it is a good idea to have a free day once a week. There is this Dr. who has an article in the Sunday magazine section of the paper. He advises his patients to count calories Mon.-Fri., then eat what you want on the weekends. Unfortunately when I do that, I gain back whatever I lost during the week. When you lived in Beverly, did you ever go to Salem around Halloween? DH & I went with some friends of our's around Halloween once. There was a carnival atmosphere and we had a wonderful time.

Linda-Meowee, OMG a cat in the freezer! The little. Years ago we had a cat, Pepper, that could open cabinet doors. We had to put rubber bands around the knobs so that she couldn't get the doors open. All night long we'd hear the doors banging as she tried to open them and they'd slam shut. She found a way to open the cabinet door to the linen closet, jump in and lay on the clean towels. We had to have her put to sleep quite a few years ago. We still talk about the things she did, but now we can laugh about them.

Karen, congratulations on getting the job at Walmart. That's wonderful they called you wanting you to start work ASAP then arranging for a job when you move to MO. I do hope that the people who looked at your house will buy it.

Margaret, your culinary discovery sounds YUMMY!! It's amazing sometimes what you can come up with. I found this recipe on DWLZ. Take a sm. pkg. of fat-free/sugar-free pudding mix, any flavor. Substitute 2 cups F/F plain yogurt for the 2 cups F/F milk. OMG, it's to die for. Sometimes I use F/F vanilla flavored yogurt when I use vanilla pudding or cheesecake flavored pudding.

A big HELLO to the rest of you GOLDEN GIRLS!!
Have a wonderful day.

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Hi . . .

Feeling kind of crummy today . . . ache all over and have a bit of a sore throat . . . the weather is looking a lot better than I'm feeling.

BTW -- my freezer door now has a really 'posh' addition -- a strip of wide masking tape. Purrecious has not figured out how to get it off -- yet.

Hope everybody else has a good day . . .
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Just a quick hello...

We have a realtor coming to our condo in about 1 hour so I just have straighten up a bit and get myself presentable.

Karen, way to go with the you know you will sell your house soon don't you. Doesn't it all usually happen that way! It's great they will transfer you too. See finally some good news. Again good luck with the house.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about our condo....we do love it and if we can't sell at this time we are perfectly happy to stay here another winter.

We haven't been back to Sanibel for several years. Spent a week there with the kids when my daughter was in high school. This time I want to stay at that really nice resort on the end of the island, I can't remember the name but I see it on the net every once in awhile on special for around $169/night(cheap for staying there), don't know if I can twist my dh's arm hard enough to do that.

Right now we have the Disney World reunion in mid Oct. for a week and a three night trip with our best friends down to Key West in Nov. and a trip to Ohio the first week of Dec. so we are booked up for this year. Plus trips to Hilton Head area to help my youngest son get a place and settled in when he transfers.

Ok, I'll be back later to answer individual posts.....hope everyone has a great day.

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Default Friday - September 14

Good Morning, Everyone,

Hi Linda (Meowee), I saw an ad on tv yesterday for a new Friskies dry cat food & the cat in the ad looks like one of yours - the leopard-marked ones. That was the only time I've ever seen one other than yours.
Congratulations on getting back down to your ticker. I'll be watching for the eastern migration. Sorry you are not feeling good.

Hi Phyllis, you wrote, "A lot of retirees down here work at the schools as mentors for the younger children, there is a huge need for help here. If we end up staying I am thinking of doing that or maybe helping out at the womens clinic I go to by the hospital....something constructive with my free time." I am so positive about volunteering. When I worked at the prison & now, when I spend time with my Little Sister, it takes my mind off any of my little "problems." I think it's emotionally healthy to re-focus on others when you're feeling blue.

Hi Zoe, I used to HATE meetings. The rarely accomplished anything except giving the loud-mouths a platform for their diatribes. Once, I was in a meeting and happened to see a truck go by with a sign for some kind of restaurant with a chicken leg on it & a big sign - "Think Chicken." That became my mantra in meetings - "Think Chicken." Tell Wendie I wish her well.

I LindaD, since I switched to my new way of eating (50% fat - most unsaturated, 20% carbs, 30% protein), I rarely get hungry. However, I try to have a breadstick and a part skim cheese stick with me when I go out - just in case.

Hi Trish, someone probably already told you, but a nsv is a non-scale victory - things you feel good about, that are NOT losing weight, but are related to weight-loss.

Hi Marylynn, thank you for posting the article about the Biggest Loser. It confirms what I know - we need to be just as vigilant about maintenance as we are about losing & it's more difficult to be vigilant about maintenance because we're not getting the "pay off" of the lost pounds.
I'm beginning to plan now for what I'm going to do when I get to 150 pounds - my interim goal. I want to maintain there for at least 6 months - maybe for a year - before I try to lose the next 20 pounds. My strategy is to "re-set" my body weight at 150 pounds. In the meantime, I think I'll go out to get some asparagus!
Hmmmm - your goal is 140 and you're 5'10". You might also want to set an interim goal. I am just absolutely convinced that we need to get our bodies used to new lower weights in order to NOT get that re-bound weight gain after we hit goal.

Hi Cat, I watched your slide show of Katrina - made me VERY sad. Glad your coffee pot was there with you. Your birthday day sounds lovely. Glad you had a good time.

Hi Theresa, when do you start your new job?

Hi Lyn, tell your dh "Happy New Year." Any dancing plans in the near future?

Hi Ali, I used to drink my hot coffee black (no sweetner), but since I cut all real sweets out of my diet, I now drink my hot coffee light and sweet (Splenda-sweet). I think I needed to get something sweet into my day. Dunkin Doughnuts and I have become good buds. I'm at one or another several times/day when I'm out. At home, I make my own. BTW - all the flavored syrups at Dunkin Doughnuts are sugar-free. I like the cocoanut syrup.
You wrote, "There is this Dr. who has an article in the Sunday magazine section of the paper. He advises his patients to count calories Mon.-Fri., then eat what you want on the weekends." I ABSOLUTELY disagree with that doctor. First, as you said, you could ruin a week of good eating with that weekend. But, maybe even more important, you start seeing the low-calorie days as a "diet" that you go "on" and "off." I think we need to see low-calorie eating as a new lifestyle. I'm eating between 900 and 1200 calories/day to lose. To maintain 150 lbs, I think that I'll need to eat between 1200 and 1500 calories/day. NOT a big difference. Additionally, those numbers will hold ONLY if I continue to exercise at the rate I am currently doing.

Hi Joanne, I'm so happy to see you back with us. I read about the wedding on your blog. Did you take any photos? I'd love to see that dress.

Hi Karen, I am SOOOO happy that you got the job!

Hi Margaret, did you make the salmon? If you did & it turned out good, would you please post the recipe in the recipe thread? I LOVE salmon & need a new good way to make it.

Hi Paula, I wish we could get together for a real hug, but, in the meantime, please feel this one

I had a lovely day at the shore yesterday. One of the towns I used to work in MANY years ago has a TOTALLY upscaled beach. It was so strange to see what used to be broken-down places turned into this chi-chi place. Unfortunately, the part of the town (not on the beach) where I used to work is still pretty run-down.

Today, I'm off to the gym and then, work on my course for a while. Maybe do some food shopping and try a new recipe. This evening, I'm going over to my dd's to work on some genealogy.

Have a GREAT day everyone,

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Hello to The Group!!
Karen….Congratulations on the new job.

Phillis….Keeping my fingers crossed that the lookers turn into buyers!! Please let us know about the Disney World vacation……I’m betting it will be SUPER!!

Lynn…How do you figure your percentages of fat, carbs, protein… you figure each meal, or by the end of the day? My nsv is deciding to buy smaller clothes even though I was in the middle of a binging spree. I am so glad that I did now….gives me much greater incentive to get back on program and keep on trucking.
The salmon turned out very good, very easy, very quick. The hard part was trying to figure out how many calories were in 4 oz of salmon. Every reference I checked said a different figure. The package of salmon said 100 calories per 4 ounces…(I don’t think that was right.) The recipe said 230 calories….and some of the calories ref. books said 300 calories. (It felt like 100 calories, but I used the recipes’ 230.)

JayJay…Hugs to you….Just know the funk is only temporary. Do trust yourself to not give up. Learn from the experience and take from it what you can….it may be helpful when the next bout hits. (And we all know….IT will!!!)

Paula…Hugs to you…So nice to have the funeral over….I expect the unofficial mourning period will last far longer than you realize. Go gentle with yourself. I wish I had my sewing machine….you sound like you are having fun along the way with making the customes.

Hello Meowee….you must order a winter coat from Paula for the cat that loves the freezer!!
Hello Zoe, Trish, Ali, and all the rest of Golden Group!!

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Originally Posted by moxiesd View Post
Hello to The Group!!
Karen….Congratulations on the new job.

Lynn…How do you figure your percentages of fat, carbs, protein… you figure each meal, or by the end of the day?

The hard part was trying to figure out how many calories were in 4 oz of salmon. Every reference I checked said a different figure. Margaret
Hi Margaret, I use Diet Power to track my daily weight and food intake. It gives me a nutritional breakdown.

I've been using it for a long time, so now, it's kind of natural for me, but in the beginning, I would input a meal, and then look at the nutritional breakdown and then figure out what else I needed to eat that day.

According to dietpower, 4 oz of baked or grilled Atlantic salmon - before you put anything on it - is 206 calories. Breaks down to 9.22 grams of fat, 0 carbohydrate, and 29 grams of protein. NOTE: salmon is the BEST food you can eat in terms of your cholesterol. It increases your HDL (the good stuff), and decreases your LDL (the lousy stuff).

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Default Happy Friday Everyone

Beautiful sunny day here in upstate NY. The trees are just starting to turn - a bit of yellow and red here and there. The apple farms are open and I just love biting into that first of the season fresh just-picked cortland or mac.

Had my end-of-the-year golf banquet llast evening. it was a fifties theme and most came in white blouses, capris pants, and neck scarves...we danced to fifties and sixties oldies and I even tried the hoola hoop, but failed miserably. There was one 50+ woman there who claims she hoola hoops every night - 200 times - and she looks it...thin and small. Our team came ina respectable 5th place out of 14. I had the stuffed fish, skipped the bread, but did have the dessert. (oh well).

Karen - congratuations on the job at Walmart. Also sounds promising with the house showing.

Lynn - glad you had a good day at the beach. I do agree with you that if I eat "regularly" on the weekend I don't lose. I need to change my eating habits for good.

Margaret - how did you do the salmon? I love salmon and have some in the freezer just waiting for a good recipe!

Phyllis - sounds like you will be busy in October and November with your travel and reunion plans. I too thought the photos of your condo were gorgeous.

Ali - I will have to try the pudding/yogurt recipe. I have a sweet tooth too. Also want to try the coconut, yogurt, and grapenuts

Cat - Glad you got your oysters and crab for your BD. Stay dry!

Marilyn - Yes I used to be 5'10 and a half in my prime. I am probably more like 5'9 now. I'm going with Lynn's philosphy of getting to an interim goal weight, maintaining it for 6 months to a year and then trying for a lower weight. WW puts my ideal wt between 156 and 173. Lat time I was 156 was 30 years ago just out of college.

Meowwie, glad you solved the freezer door problem. We had a dog (beagle) who could open our refrigerator door. It was a pain...lost a lot of leftovers to that dog!!

Paula, Give yourself time to morn. My thoughts are with you.

Hi to Zoe, Margaret, Bobbi, Theresa, Joanne, and others I missed!!!!

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TGIF!!!!!! SO. GLAD. IT’S. FRIDAY!!!!!!! I’ll go have some lunch (baked chicken breast, a whole baked potato skin and ten (count ‘em – TEN) green beans AND a great big oversized locally grown (but bought at a farm stand, not pilfered) tomato! Won’t see too many more of those babies. Anyway, lunch is leftover from last night’s supper. Tonight we’re having taco pizzas on lavash bread. Yum. And so quick and easy! Tomorrow we’re spending the day – just the day, so we’re leaving at @ 7:00 AM – up in the White Mountains of NH with our “crowd”…we’ll cook out, hang out, have deep and meaningful discussions, solve all of the world’s problems, and then drag ourselves, kicking and screaming, back to reality by nightfall. On Sunday DH & I are planning to attend a screening of this movie: in the afternoon and then meet up with the kiddos for supper.
This has been a super busy week for me at work, been tired when I get home, and looking forward to the weekend, although that’ll be busy – just a different, more relaxing sort of “busy”, if you know what I mean.
Thanks for the tourist advice for southern Cali, LindaD. I imagine we’ll take in a few of those spots, but probably not all. I’m too danged old to be schlepping around to see everything on this short little six-day trip. I’ve managed to convince myself that I can’t see EVERYTHING in the world, so I’ll see what I see, and that’s that. Maybe next life I’ll be more inclined to travel. This time, I’m just happy to see my son in his (adopted) native habitat and reassure myself that he’s doing well for himself.
Trish, that turtle sundae makes my mouth water. I actually drive by a dairy bar place on my way to & from work every day, and they just have fabulous ice cream…but I really haven’t been tempted to stop although one of my past passions was most definitely for hot fudge sundaes. Now I seem to be very satisfied & happy with my WW ice cream sandwich. It’s probably my age…I’ve noticed that a lot of elderly people start eating less…
Marylynn, the place where you went dancing is Worcester, not Worchester…. Everybody mispronounces/misspells it if they’re not from here. I am, actually. We live in Worcester. It’s pronounced “Worster”, btw. I’m unfamiliar with the dance place, but old stick that I am, I’m probably unfamiliar with MOST recreational spots. Once the news is over with when I’m listening to the radio on the way to & from work, I listen to Oldies 103 and frequently tap my fingers on the dash to the beat while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. So, I guess there’s a little life left in these old bones yet. (My foot twitched a couple of times, too).
Tee – yup, that’s how I grew up, too. Nice, wasn’t it?
Meowee-Linda, it sounds like you have a real talented khat, there. Hope the tape works. Mine would probably just chew – or scratch – it off. Yoko, that is. Daisy the meek would undoubtedly look at it, think to herself, “Oh, poor me…” and slink unhappily away. I swear, that khat just feels so sorry for herself all the time. Sometimes I just want to shake her and say, “Listen here, you hussy…you should have MY commute and have to sit in on the danged meetings that I have to attend!”
Karen, I’m willing to bet your house will sell pretty much as soon as you finish your orientation at the new job. That just seems to be how things go. But then, once you’re settled out in MO, you won’t need an orientation when you’re ready to start working out there, so it’s all good, right?
Omigawd, Ali! Christmas stuff already??? That’s downright depressing! Bah, humbug, and all that! I want to really downsize it this year; our family – and extended family – is just getting too big to have everybody for dinner and buy gifts for this cast of thousands. Gotta figure out a better way…
Phyl, I hope it goes well with the realtor…but like you say, another winter in that gorgeous place wouldn’t be such a bad thing…
Glad you enjoyed your trip to the shore, Lynn…I can’t wait for my sis to get up here so we can go to the ocean for a few days…I just love it.
Happy Friday to you, Lyn…yup, we were loving those new Macs that we got at the orchards last weekend. ‘Course we loved them best in the pie…
Joannie -
Have a mahvelous weekend, all…

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IT'S FRIDAY!!!! This has been the longest week. Maybe it's because I've been so tired for the last few days. Not sleeping too well. Last night I didn't sleep at all so I read a book and finished it at 6 am this morning and then got ready for work. I'm meeting a friend for lunch (salad). I'll be glad when I can go home for the day.

Karen: I'm so happy you got the job with Wal-Mart! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your house sells.

Paula: I hope you're doing okay today. Thinking about you.

Cat: Happy Birthday!

Meowee: Get better soon.

Lyn: The 50's banquet sounds fun. Right down my alley!

I've got to get back to work. Enjoy your day!!
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Below is a post from a friend from my DietPower website. She is in her 2nd year of maintenance & is VERY diligent about her diet and exercise.

Somthing to think about:

I’ve often shared the truth:
"I’m responsible for my Efforts (food input & exercise),
But not for my Results (weight-loss, timing and amounts)”
This is a concept that is hard for many of us to truely Accept.

Again, comparing finances to weight-loss,
Like weight-loss is the Reward…or Results of our Efforts…food-input & exercise;
Payday is also when one receives the Reward, or Results, of our Efforts…time spent on the Job.

For most people working in this world, Payday doesn’t come every day.
Although most people must show up for work and put in one’s 8 hours every single day,
Almost never is Payday every day.
Usually, Payday is weekly, every two-weeks, or once a month.
There are jobs where Paydays come on an irregular basis.

Frequently, those of us involved in the weight-loss process, truly believe that Payday should come every day,
or every other day, or every couple of days…and certainly…expect it to come at least once a week.
After all that’s after 7 twenty-four hr periods of putting in EFFORT.
Even very “patient” dieters are usually displeased with Bi-weekly or Monthly Paydays.
Every dieter has difficulty with Irregular Paydays,
but Irregular Paydays are the most common type of payday within the weight-loss process.

We hate the fact that we can’t control when our rewards will come.
We suffer from the fear that if we aren’t paid on a regular, consistent, predictable basis,
that we will not be paid at all.
If one doesn’t much like the job,
AND believes they might not be paid…
they simply aren’t going to work at that job very long.
That is one of the big problems of the weight-loss process.

I imagine everyone understands that most of us who are overweight have difficulty with “delayed gratification”.
We want to eat what we want, and we want to do it right now.
That “fault in us” which caused the weight gain in most of us,
Is the very thing that keeps us from taking off the weight now.
Consistency and Patience involves delaying gratification.
We put in our effort re lower calorie food-intake and exercise,
And ….someday….at a time out of our control…we will be rewarded by weight-loss results.

It’s a simple concept. One we should all be able to grasp and hold on to,
But it turns out to be as elusive as the ball in Harry Potter’s sport, Quidditch.
Even the most successful and experienced dieter seems to start getting restless
if they don’t see the scale drop after 4, or 5, or 7 days of low-calorie food-intake and exercise.

The longer we put forth Efforts without seeing Results,
the less faith we have in the “laws of science”..i.e. 3500 calories = 1 fat lb.
But all scientific studies have shown that when ….over time…
One doesn’t achieve weight-loss Results based on Efforts,
It is because one is under-estimating the calories of their food-intake,
Or over-estimating the calories their activity…including exercise...burns.

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A quickie check in & then off to bed for me.

My MIL went into the hospital last night, seems she had a Myocardial Infarction & went into denial and couldnt believe it really was as bad as it could have been, so she ignored it. Finally her husband & a co-worker convinced her to get to the emergency room where they confirmed that she did have a heart attack & a kidney infection to boot. The bottom line is we spent the day with her today & will be going back in the morning. I don't like family in the hospital without someone there to run interference for them. She's way too shy to ask for help. I'm not though!

My husband suddenly got well when he heard his mother was in the hospital. Amazing.

Lynn you show good information about delayed gratification regarding weight loss & I especially liked your comments about interim goals & planning maintenance. Everyone seems to have figured out how to drop the pounds but keeping them off is the real challenge. I'll have to think on this & come up with some numbers for an interim goal. It makes good sense.

Hello to everyone, going to bed now because tomorrow's almost here already. Hope all is well. Take care!

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