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floridarusty 07-01-2007 08:49 AM

~Golden Girls~ July
Hi, seems I lost my orginal post:dizzy:

Just wanted to wish everyone a very successful July....

We are going to have a great month with successful weight loss for everyone of us.

Lets start the month off with healthy eating, exercising and 8 glasses of water a day.....:carrot:

Have a great week.....:grouphug:


littlered 07-01-2007 09:54 AM

Good Morning everyone,
Happy July,

I am happy, I got up today to 159! I might reach my goal of 155 by the 19th! And If I don't... well I will be darn close.

Hope all of you are having a great week end. Or vacation for you lucky girls.

I am wishing for a good month for everyone, with many pounds loss. and healthy days http://www.barricksinsurance.com/smi...02gudl_prv.gif


Karen31 07-01-2007 10:48 AM

Good Morning Girls!
Congratulations on the 159 Theresa!! That is great! :) I hope to catch up to you in the next couple weeks at least!! ;)

Cat-- your pork chop recipe sounds really good and I will have to try that this week.

Joanne-- my brother was born on the 4th of July so we always had a big celebration for his birthday! I will be so happy to be able to move closer to my family once we get our home sold here. Right now back in MO. where they live they are having the big air show which was always fun to watch. We could usually see it just great from my Dad's back yard and not have to pay the money or stand on the HOT pavement to watch it!!

Phyllis!! Caongrats to you on the weight loss!! I love to see that scale go down! :carrot:

Zoe, you must be enjoying your visit to tne MAX!! I know you have to be happy!!

Lily, lyn, lynn and anybody else that I missed Hope you have a great day! Hello Bobbi--- hope to see you pop in for a little while.

Take care, Karen

meowee 07-01-2007 11:00 AM

Oh gee . . . I just can't stand it anymore . . . have to ask . . .

Theresa . . . where do you get all of those wonderful emoticons? BTW. :high: on being so close to your birthday goal.

littlered 07-01-2007 11:57 AM

Karen, I am up to a challenge. I do think the way you are loosing weight recently… I would be in for a hard one.
I think that unless I find some magic weight loss program.. I will be short of 155 by 1-2 pounds.
but its ok. I am just tickled pink to be out of the 180’s!

You know… I have shared my birthday since 1969.
My sister’s bday is the July 20th.
(yes, I remember it...the week they walked on the moon. Big memories for me) :)
Then I had my daughter on the 20th. 1985.
I think the only birthday party since 69. that was Just mine.
When my hubby gave me a surprise party on my 21st.
I don’t mind. I always told dd she was the BEST bday gift I ever had.

If you really like the emoticons. do a search for free smiley‘s.
here are some links I use.
I know… I do use lots of them. Sometimes,
I find just words do NOT tell what I am really trying to say.
And I just get a kick out of them. You know… it’s the little things in life.http://getmesmileys.com/smilies/happy0065.gif


floridarusty 07-01-2007 12:17 PM

Theresa, how great almost at your goal.....You can do it.:hug: I am thrilled to be out of the 190's.....I sneaking up behind ya!

Karen you do so well, are you on a special diet? I know you use to walk so much....I have finally made it up to 2 miles most days with my walking dvd, too hot to walk outside now in Florida unless your up at 5 a.m. or walk in the evenings. I usually walk my Doberman about 15 min. each evening as the sun is going down.

You sound really excited about your move, we are starting to get excited but won't happen until spring I don't think and then who knows how long it will take to sell this place....hope the market perks up by then.

Well, lunch time here so off to make something low cal. and healthy!!!


meowee 07-01-2007 12:29 PM

Thank you . . . now for my next stupid question . . . how do I get them to come out on here ?????

Wow . . . I am soooooo dense sometimes, I even amaze myself. :D

moxiesd 07-01-2007 02:41 PM

Hi Golden Girls!!! Seems like I have been gone for forever!!! (Meowee you could never be as dense as I!!!! I haven't even tried to get up the courage to dog the issue of the trackers until I reach success!!)

Anyway...June was a busy month traveling and visiting. Hope this month settles down to a peaceful pace. Good news....I actually lost 6 pounds during the month of June. :faint:(8 pounds during the month of May). I will be elated to leave the 80's behind and looking forward to the 70's.

I went out to eat yesterday with family to (Chicago's??), and ordered a ceasar grilled chicken salad. It was very good....BUT....I figured out that they served a 1200 - 1500 calorie salad....but I was able to cut it down to about 400 calories. I was so proud of myself. All afternoon I felt energized and totally happy with the meal. After thinking about it, I figured out a little trick that I could have done that would have made the meal even greater....they had the opportunity of ordering a ceasar salad minus chicken that was fairly cheap....if I had ordered that salad "to go", then put half of the chicken from my salad onto the "to go" salad, I could have had another great salad for the next day.

Oh, well....in round figures this is how I dropped the calories from the salad.
Ordered dressing on the side.....minus 400 calories
Gave the garlic toast to friend...minus 200 calories
Gave the (1/2 cup or so of) croutons to a friend...minus 200 calories
Gave some of the chicken to friend....minus a few calories
Didn't eat all the parmesean cheese...minus a few more

Couldn't believe how many calories there was in the total salad....if eaten as was normally served to a customer, it would have been fewer calories to have ordered a hamburger!!

Anyway...New Month....and, I'm more confident about this month than last, even though last month was a good learning curve in regards to living with myself ie cravings/emotions/eating out etc.

Will change my numbers next post.
Happy to see you all back.

Karen31 07-01-2007 04:00 PM

WOW moxiesd--- I can't believe all the calories they try to "hide" in a salad!! Congrats :woohoo: to you for thinking ahead and cutting them out before you started.. I don't know if I would have thought about that. It looks like you are really doing good on your weight loss too!! :carrot: Doesnt that make you feel good and motivate you to do even better.

Hi Phyllis, Thanks for the compliment:thanks: When I first got back from vacation I decided to try the South Beach diet (kind of) and wanted to see if I could get rid of the 4 pounds that I had gained. So the first week on that I had lost 5 and then the second week I lost the 2 pounds. But believe it or not I've really missed the Slimfast Shakes so I started back on that yesterday and will incorporate weight watcher points in with it. That seems to work pretty good for me. If I find that I don't lose or :fr: start gaining I will go back on the South Beach.
I haven't got back into my walking yet but I am going to do that too. I was doing 5 miles a day before we went on vacation so I know that has to be started all over again. And I will use the WATP's dvd's to get started again. And also get back on that ab lounger!! It really does help a lot!!

Well, I thought I would take a break from "cleaning" and see what was happening here. I dont have to much left to do and then the house won't be so cluttered when someone comes to look at it. Just trying to get it all organized but not ready to start packing anything yet.

Take care, Karen

meowee 07-01-2007 04:40 PM

Hi Moxie :hug:. . . You did great stuff, Chickie. I could never have passed up the cheese . . . the rest I could probably manage to avoid . . . but never the cheese. :drool:

Maybe I can help you with your ticker . . .

Step 1
Scroll to the top of the current page
In the purple navigation bar at the very top, click on "Quick Links"
In the little pop-down list, click on "Sig.WeightTracker" about half way down.

Step 2
Carefully read and slowly follow all the directions

Step 3
Highlight the code in the first box - the one that says "use this code for 3FC"
Right click your mouse and you will get a little drop down box
Click on "copy"

Step 4
Scroll to the top of that page
In the purple navigation bar at the very top, click on "User CP"
In the list on the left side, click on "Edit Signature"
Scroll down until you come to the little box for typing stuff
Right click to get the little drop-down box again
Click on "paste"

Step 5
Under the box you just pasted into, there are two choices.
Click the left one to save your new tracker or click the right one to see what you've got first and then you can click the left one for saving.

You should now have a ticker :high:

If it doesn't work . . . after you stop :kickbutt: cyber-me, come on back and we can talk about where you got stuck. :D

littlered 07-01-2007 06:55 PM

Hi, again http://www.barricksinsurance.com/smileys/a_hello.gif

there are more than one way to do the smile’s. I most often just right click them(the smiley it self.)…and copy and paste.

Yea! Moxie, http://www.barricksinsurance.com/smileys/18_1_107v.gif
6 pounds gone. you girl, are doing fantastic. I had better watch my back side. You girls are going to run me over yet. :D
If you gave all those goodies to your friends at dinner… what DID you eat? Good for you , watching what you did eat. It is amazing how many calories and how much fat can be in something you would think is good for you.

you do the South beach diet…is it hard on you to follow a specific program? I have never did any real program. I just try to eat healthy. and count the calories, fat and water… the rest just seems to follow.
I have tried the slim fast. They leave me wanting something else. Never seem like enough.

meowee 07-01-2007 08:30 PM

I think I'm missing a step, Theresa . . . do I have to download them to my hard drive first?

If I go to one of those sites and right click to get the little pop-up, I can click on copy, but when I come back here and right click again, the little pop-up doesn't have any of the possibilities highlighted so I can't paste the smilie anywhere. It just disappears while in transit. :?:

Maybe I'll try to play around with them a little more tomorrow.

littlered 07-01-2007 10:08 PM

Right click on the smiley you like.
the option to copy is there.
Copy it.
Then come here to the post you are writing. and right click the spot you want your smiley.
Click paste. it should appear.

I don't down load them. I just do the above. you can do the same with most small pics. If its to large this website does not always let it work.

Just Carla 07-01-2007 10:32 PM

Hi! If you all don't mind, I would like to lurk here and glean your helpful hints. I'm over fifty and really trying hard, but still need all the help I can get. Thanks.

Karen31 07-01-2007 10:51 PM

Hi Theresa, I really intended to do the South Beach for just the 2 weeks for Phase 1. What it was was lots of veggies and no fruit, bread, pasta, potatoes or stuff like that just for the 2 weeks. I'm kind of a person who needs some structure to make it work so that has helped me in that respect. You might want to go to the slimfast site and check it out now--- it isn't just shakes anymore. They have a pretty good meal plan and it is about 1300 calories a day. I like them because they are easy to use and great when you need a quick meal on the run.:running: I dont usually do the 1300 calories though --- I try to stay right around 1000.

:welcome3: Just Carla!!! I think you will find us a fun group and we all try to help each other out as best we can. We look forward to getting to know you.

Well, I guess everybody must be tired from the weekend. Hello to everyone and I'll catch you all later. Karen

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