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Wink Lyn checks in

Hi GGs,

Well, it’s lunch time here and I just had a great meal…Cajun pork and a mixture of beans, tomatos, and other great spices. Our cafeteria does healthy meals very well and I try to eat my big meal here and then go out walking. Notice, I should be out walking now, but am still at the computer.

So much to respond to, I don’t know where to begin….

Cat – I second the congratulations on joining the fitness center. We have one here at work and if it’s too hot or rainiy to walk I usually go there. I like the elliptical the best. I also have to force myself to do the wt machines ….I’d rather do aerobics, but they say you should do both.

Meoowee…My weigh-in day is Monday and I was up 3 pounds from before vacation. Yes..”Remember the Turtle”. I have to remind myself that oveall I’m down more than 10 pounds and that this added weigh is from splurging on vacation. I love cats too…we have was my DD’s but she decided that a studio apt was too small to live sanely with an energetic kitten. She’s now about 1 year and is my best friend. Follows me everywhere.

Paula – I’m praying for you and your dad. Hopefully this new place will work out fine.

Lynn – I laughed at the funny sprinkler story. Yes, I’d like to see that movie too.

Moxie: Humm, lasagna with turkey sounds delicious. Is it ground turkey or sliced?

Zoe, my dear…where are u today. I love to read your long wonderful posts. When are u going to Newport RI? I’ve driven through there, but have never stopped.

Well, just looked out the window…lots of rain clouds and very humid. Maybe I’ll walk around the pond so that it it rains I can run back inside. The canal path takes me a lot further away from the office. But I like it cause it’s more shady.

Stay cool girls…

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Good morning ladies

I have been trying to write this on and off all morning. In between running around town.

Today, I went to curves, The bank, Drug mart, Goodwill, and the Library.
Still, I forgot to get milk!
So later on the way home from work, I will stop to get that. I have a coupon for a free gal. at the grocery store.

If my dd will stop talking my ear off. I might finish this. LOL. She talks more than me! That’s bad.

Went to see I chiropractor yesterday. I hope to keep seeing her, if the insurance will cover it.

I also went to see a dr. about my left eye.
When Cat was talking about her eye with the needle… It was scaring me a little.
I have had a pink spot on one of mine…for over a month. Leads to a Vein. The dr told me it is called Episcleritis.

here is what that is…
Episcleritis is an inflammation (irritation and swelling) of the episclera, a membrane covering the sclera of the eye.
Causes, incidence, and risk factors
The sclera is composed of tissue fibers forming the strong white wall of the eye. It is covered by the episclera, a thin layer of tissue containing many blood vessels that feed the sclera. At the front of the eye, the episclera is covered by the conjunctiva.
Episcleritis is inflammation of the episclera, which occurs when there is no infection. Episcleritis is usually mild and rarely progresses to scleritis. The cause is usually unknown, but certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, and tuberculosis have been associated with episcleritis. It is a common condition.
So at least its nothing for me to worry anymore about either!
she is talking again, yak yak yak, Yes I love her, really! silly girl.

Congrats on the jumping off your plateau, you need to show me how, for the time I get there.
I just read about your Soaker hose. Told Hubby, too. You made us both giggle.
After all the heat we have had here, that would have felt lovely.
today is perfect weather. sunny, breezy and less than 80.
Where were you walking? To see a white swan, a grey heron, 2 beavers, lots of geese, goslings, ducks, ducklings, fish .
I wish I had my camera with me more often too. Seems like I never have it when I see something wonderful.

I never thought about fiber one for bread crumbs either. Not a bad idea. Good way to sneak the stuff into diets of stubborn loved ones.

Like the fun facts. Keep that up
NO SWIMMING. At least not in a swim suit! Maybe, in shorts and a shirt.

I think I must need one of those beds too. I woke up today… with the same sore hip? What would cause that? Oh well, maybe the chiropractor can fix it.

I am so glad to hear you are eating relatively healthy. Even if you can’t work out. that should keep you from gaining. Which is just as important.

How are things going for you and your dad today?
Did you get him settled in the new place? I hope you find a
really nice place. Where they care about the people, not
how much money they are going to make off them.

The home I work in is making me very upset…they have a limit on
how much food a person can eat. Unbelievable small amounts of food
per serving.
There are about 40 dinners served per day. And the new cook was told
that 2 cups raw rice would feed them. That’s 4 cups cooked rice for 40!
When they have Fried chicken, They are only allowed 1 pc.
If you want seconds of anything, You are not allowed dessert!
I am not sure who to talk to about this. I find it truly unbelievable.
So far I have stayed out of the arguments, But that won’t last.

That cajun pork sounds good. Better than the stuff they cook for the old folks at work.
I am sorry to hear you went up 3 pounds. Just remember it will come back off. If you don’t give up. You can do it!

I hope you do well with the teeth. I would rather have them pulled. I will keep you in my thoughts and my prayers.

Well I know I have missed half of you again, I am sorry. I hope all of you are well,
I only have one ear left, after she talked the other one off.

I have to get off now that dd has shut up… and get ready for work.
later ladies.
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Ok, so I went to the gym and tried it out and I LOVE IT. It's the first time I've enjoyed being at a gym since I was young and skinny and belonged to a spa. It is part of the hospital wellness center. The trainer was adorable and helpful and spent about an hour with me going through everything. There were a lot of machines (I like the walking machine best!) to use and she had me do some stuff using the "ball" and some free weights for my "bingo arms". There is also a video room where you can go in and put in tapes to workout with or bring your own. But, this was the very best part about it...I had to be the youngest one in there. I didn't feel like the old fat lady having to deal with a bunch of gigglers. It was great. I went to Curves a couple of years ago and hated it. I thought I would like it because it was all older women there, but I hated all the stupid games. When the hurricane hit, I never went back again. "Let's play ring toss"..yeah, my fat aunt Fanny. I'm no ring tosser.
I really like doing the ball stuff and think I'll order a tape for myself to use there. I had back surgury about 20 years ago and it really cushions my back.

Yeah, Lyn on breaking that plateau!!!!! I hope to join you soon!
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Default Late Afternoon break

Well...I got halfway around the pond and it began to thunder and rain. I made it back to the fitness center a little wet, and then did 35 minutes on the eliptical. I didn't have anything to read so I really concnetrated on keeping my heartrate siad i burned 400 calories...woopie.

Hi Theresa - Good to hear from you. Nice to have your DD there to "inturupt" you. Mine are both in NC and the younger at a summer camp. Hey, the place you work for sounds very stingy. I would definitley say something. 4 cups of rice for 20 people is ridiculous!!

Glad we finally got some rain. My garden is doing well...I'll take photos when the daliahs, morning glories and zinnias bloom. Time to head home!!

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Well hello everyone -- hard to believe its almost going home time and this is the first chance I have had to pop on. I powered up my computer at home last night and when its hot the computer makes the most horrid noises -- I quickly entered my calories (I put together two 1700 calorie days - YAY!!!) paid a couple of bills and turned it off -- with the way our weather is going to be not sure when I will turn it on again. I might just have to venture into Manland and use my sweetie computer -- lovely and cool down there.

Paula -- sounds like things should be good with your dad's placement. I just hope once this has settled down you begin to take care of yourself - we are all guilty of putting everyone and everything ahead of ourselves.

Zoe -- its a big frikken coast -- heck it takes us 10 hours to only drive halfway between here and SanDiego. You just relax and enjoy the time with your darling son LOL as if I could drag you away for an hour let alone two days.

Linda -- it would be lovely if my friend wanted to reconnect with me -- but she cut so many friends from her life I know she has moved on. This is about the bride and her father and for those two reasons I will attend.

Cat -- too bad about the pilates but the gym sounds really good. LOL I had forgotten about the games at Curves - I usually avoided them depending on my mood and it was mostly "leave me alone" LOL. Although I am a great believer that Curves is an awesome starting point -- its where I started and now I do bootcamp.

Betty -- ohhh ouch take care of those teeth -- had to laugh at your family portrait description -- that's pretty much how us Canucks think all southerners look - NOT!!!

Lynn -- I thought you said you were 45 -- not "a 45". Loved the hose story - that is the sort of thing I would do to myself

Lyn -- your lunches sound fabulous - do you have to pay?? I am so cheap I pack my lunch every day. Although some of the cafeteria here on campus offer some great healthy options.

Theresa -- just enjoy the chatter with your DD and I am so pleased there is nothing serious with your eyes.

Moxie, Phyllis, Lynn and Linda thanks for the kind words -- its a bit tough but its something I want to do -- although I could really use the $600 its going to cost elsewhere -- hey maybe a Sleep # bed LOL
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Hi Everyone:

I was out of town on business for a week and just got home. I haven't had a chance to read the posts but will get around to it by tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten any of you ladies and didn't want you to think I fell off a bridge or something. Ha!

I have been doing well on my healthy eating plan and have lost 2 more pounds. I may have to go out of town again next week too. I hope not. I like to be at home and just go through my daily routine.

It's a beautiful day here in CA and I'm going to do a few things and take a walk instead of working out on the treadmill. I want to be outside. So, I'll catch up with the posts and visit with you tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening.
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Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy at work today, and thus no posting for ole’ Z. Home now, though, and it looks like there’ll be no bike ride tonight as it’s a black as pitch outside and that rain will be coming down any time now.
Good grief, Meowee-Linda! Three YEARS between visits????? Oh, jeeze, and here I am kvetching and complaining and feeling sad & blue because I had to go six months! Well, it STILL feels like an awfully long time to me, but I suppose it does get easier in time. Oh- and I’ll put up a little summary on the “all about us” sticky as soon as I get a chance -oh! And I want to put up that meatloaf recipe, too, if anybody’s interested. I don’t know how well it would go with anyone else’s eating plan. Will do, will do.
Hah, Cat! I BOUGHT a bathing suit . Without daring to try it on, you understand. A very plain & simple navy blue tank with built-in bra and lots of spandex to hold in the bulges. My sister is coming up from NC in September for a week, and we plan to go down to Newport and stay for a three or so days - pop in on a few relatives, and sit on the beach some. I PLAN to be down at LEAST 10 more pounds by then, and will feel a little less whale-ish in a bathing suit. She, the pain-in-my-butt, of course, is STILL a slim and svelte little thing and could undoubtedly carry off a bikini if she weren’t too prim & proper...and OLD...she’d probably die of shame if I even suggested that she throw caution to the wind and pull on a two-piecer...
Oh Gawd, Betty! Dental problems! My worst nightmare! So far I’m holding my own in THAT arena, but I have visions of needing those danged implants when I get REALLY old - as in even older than I am now... I don’t know if I could stand it, though. Maybe if they can put me to sleep or something...but with my luck I’d probably wake up with a mouthful of vampire fangs or something... I’m sending you a hug, and hope that all goes well for you.
A recipe for making tea with a teabag, Lynn??? You mean they actually PUBLISH stuff like that? If that’s the case, I’m going to write a manual for making popcorn in the microwave, making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, toasting English muffins.... Maybe I’ll have a luxurious retirement after all! (Oh, and yeppers...I use sun block fersure, fersure...)
Moxie, I’ll post that recipe, and you can use Fiber One for SO many things!!! Our friend Bobbi has all the REAL scoop. She told us about using it as a topping on fat free/sugar free puddings and it’s sooooo yummy!
Hey Phyllis! I’ll keep sending success vibes your way so you can sell that condo and get up to Ohio. Michigan! Yowza! One of my daughters used to work for a big international foundation that served the footwear industry, and she used to have to fly up to Michigan to see the CEO of Wolverine @ 4 times a year. We hated it when she had to go in winter, because her flights were always getting delayed or cancelled because of snow storms. WAY too cold up there for my liking. I’m even sick of the Massachusetts weather right about now.
Paula - PLEASE say that your Dad got moved and all settled in today! The poor guy must be so sick of waiting around for people to make up their minds! Good vibes, good vibes...I’m sending ‘em: I just hope those insurance people GET ‘em...
Here I am,, that cafeteria sounds like it makes your life a WHOLE lot simpler, eh? I have to pack my own lunch every day. All they have at my place is vending machines with the worst kind of crapola in them. Or, of course, being right in downtown Boston, there are plenty of restaurants if you don’t mind spending $10+ on lunch every day. And, of course, then you don’t even know the ingredients in half of what you’re eating, so I bring my own just to play it safe (and economical, too, of course).
Theresa! Of COURSE you need to file a complaint about what they’re doing to those poor people! They are WELL PAID, even for those who are paid for through social security, or whatever it is. I know that they have to be licensed, and I’m sure that the licensing regs require patients to be fed adequately! You can probably even file an anonymous complaint with the licensing board that would get them inspected, at least! Oh, what an awkward position for you to be in!
Awww, Jo-annie!!!! (I knew that). Yeah. We’ll have to wait until you come to Bawston again! (Or meet half-way between east and west sometime!) Keep up the good work with those calories, m’dear! (Although if I carried weight the way YOU do, I wouldn’t even worry about it).
Karrrrreeeennnnnn!!! Where you be, woman????
Okay. I gotta get outta here and get some supper out for me & DH...we’re just having some salad with shrimp in it, and some flatbread. Too muggy to cook anything tonight.

Bye bye, GG’s!!!!

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Lily! I didn't forget you! See?

Bye now (really)

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Originally Posted by LindaD View Post
Hi Everyone:

I was out of town on business for a week and just got home. I haven't had a chance to read the posts but will get around to it by tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten any of you ladies and didn't want you to think I fell off a bridge or something. Ha!
HI Linda, I was just getting ready to send a search party after you. I wanted to PM you, but when I click on your site name, I don't get the option to send you a message. Please PM to me a way to contact you offline. NOTE: your blog links don't work either.

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I'm still here....just had supper and figured I'd check back by. Welcome back, Linda!

Here is a picture of my beautiful children. Their eyes are all brown, not red. DH fixed that for me in photoshop for the one we printed out on photo stock & framed.



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Well, the weather is a perfect low 70's with no humidity so you East Coast girls will be very happy when it moves to your area in a day or two. I think the drop in humidity caused me to lose a pound. Actually, it was two, but I didn't want to put the second one on until it showed up a couple of days in a row. I started working in a different department and job title this week so I am in high speed learning mode. It's hard to think about food when I am so busy, so I am sure that may have something to do with it too.

Paula - what an ordeal you have been through. Here's hoping you see the end of your frustrations with the health system soon.
Theresa - I have heard stories about nursing homes and some of the things they do to save money. Now I know some of those stories are true. I would have a very hard time keeping my mouth shut about that one.
Cat - you are so funny with your "ring toss" remark. I used to belong to a gym but now prefer to exercise at home or just walk. I always felt uncomfortable around those skinny young girls and muscle-bound men. Although I do kind of miss the men.... What are "bingo" arms???
Joanne - hope your computer holds out. Maybe Manland won't be so bad if it's cool and comfortable down there.
Zoe - you are much more daring than I could ever be buying a bathing suit. I would probably order mine from Lands End and never wear it. My sisters are also on the slender side. I am the oldest, so their day will come.
Lyn - you sound like you have the perfect work environment - fitness center, good healthy food. I want to work for your company.
Lynn and Phyllis - those Sleep Number Beds must be good to hear all of the raves from everyone. I have never tried one, but I think our next bed will most likely be something like that since my DH prefers a softer bed than what we have.
LindaD - Yay for you on your 2 pound loss! Even while you were out of town.
Moxiesd - Hi neighbor! Don't send us any more of that hot humid weather you slid over here last week. Your lasagna does sound good. I need to experiment more with my old recipes to get them to conform to low carb.
Betty - Hope you are hanging in there and things come out OK with those teeth. Ouch! Makes me shudder to think about it.

Hello Meowee thanks for those encouraging words of wisdom you bring and hello to everyone else I may have missed. Karen must be busy showing potential buyers her house.
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Good Morning Everyone,

I'm off for a CAT scan this morning - but first I have to drink a pint of sodium sulfate - Yuk!!!!

My dermatologist is concerned bc I'm having pain in the bottom of my feet since my skin cancer surgery on my leg. I think it's coming from either the diabetes meds or from the Crestor for my cholesterol.

Are you gals sure we should be called the Golden Girls & not the Falling Apart Girls?

Check back later,

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Hi Girls- Well my dad was FINALLY transferred at 5:00 yesterday. Nothing like waiting all day again for something to get done. He seemed happy to be there. Everyone was still very friendly. I was impressed when the PT guy walked in and saw my dad and immediately walked out to get a wash cloth to put under his trach to help absorb the leakage. It was his idea not mine. Remember I told you I started getting the clothes as I walked in the hospital because I knew he would be a mess when I got there. The PT also said he thought that my dad my be getting too much moisture from the mask and he was going to discontinue the water and try oxygen instead to see if that helped with the amount of secretions. He was there for 15 minutes and we were already told more than we were for the whole month he was in the Speciality Hospital.

We met the aid and he showed my dad how to push the button if he needed anything. I told him that I didn't think my dad had ever been instructed to let them know when he needed to go to the bathroom. He said that if he thought he could use the bed pan he should let him know. He also said he might try to get the catheter out so he could use the jug to go in. He said where he comes from they let people do what they can and then help when needed. He said he didn't have a problem cleaning my dad, but if he could prevent it that would be great.

I got finished signing all the admission papers and getting my dad all tucked in just in time to still get to my Red Hat dinner. It was nice to relax a little. I was a good girl and didn't order any margaritas. I did have a sugary root beer though. I don't do diet pop and didn't feel like water. I had the grilled chicken stir-fry and a salad. NO DESSERT!!! Not too bad. I was really hungry because the rest of the day I didn't eat much.

Theresa- How sad the home limits the food. I know that there is probably a lot wasted too.

femme- I'm glad you enjoyed the gym.

Lyn- Sorry to hear you got wet. Good for you for working out though.

Ella- What a nice looking family. Thanks for sharing.

Lily- The cooler weather is here. Back into the 90s next week though. My daughter and grandkids will be in Delaware at the beach from Sunday-Wednesday. I sure hope she uses the sun-blocker.

Lynn- Good luck with your scan today.

The grand-boys are up so I'm sure they want breakfast. I haven't eaten yet either. After breakfast I have to cut out a pioneer dress for a rush order. It just never ends.
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Good Morning GGs . . .

Wow, I'm running late today . . . hopefully you'll be able to forgive me for not being able to comment to each and everyone of you every day Some days just seem to start busier than others. Trust me, I am thinking of each and every one of you . . .

Naturally, now that it is not "official" anymore, my weight this morning is back to 226.6. OMG this does get tiresome. Oh well, someday the lower number will stick. Just have to keep the faith and remember that we are definitely here for the long haul -- although sometimes it feels longer than necessary.

And that reminds me of a little collection of trivia for today . . .

D I E T is a four-letter word . . . that really means . . .

Disallowing Imperfection Equals Trouble
Dangerously Inadvisable Eating Tactics
Deprivation Inevitable Everything Taboo
Don’t Imagine Eating Treats
Definitely Inviting Eternal Torment
Deceptive Industry Eating Trap
Desperately Impossible Eating Targets
Doomed Investment Every Time
Determined Initial Enthusiasm Temporary
Done In Every Time
Deny Ingesting Everything Tasty
Did I Eat Today

Anyway girls I'd better get going and get my rounds done. Don't forget to check out our new Sticky "Introducing Us" and fill in your information when you get a chance. Hope eveerybody has a really great day . . . See you soon . . .
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Happy to report I can finall move my ticker for the month..down 1.5 lbs but of course ticker only shows 1 lb....but I'm happy.

Congrats Lynn on your loss and almost at that 20 lb. mark....going to the gym will help you too. That was too funny about the water hose.....Good luck on the test.

Cat, glad you liked the nice to be the youngest one in the room!!!
Now you'll WANT to go more often! lol

Lyn, 3 lbs. isn't bad for a vacation! It will come off quickly. Sorry your outside walk didn't work out. We get a lot of afternoon thunderstorms down here in Florida.

Paula, I'm happy your Dad got settled in and seems to have caring people helping him. The tv you got him would probably have closed caption, go to the menu and check in like the sound settings or basic set up.

Linda D good to see you back, we were starting to get worried. You must travel a lot for your job, do you get to go to interesting places?

Theresa, that nursing home makes me so mad and I am sure there is a lot of mother harldy ate much of her food but 2 C rice is not enough!! I think I would have to start complaining and not fair to take their dessert away if they ask for seconds......does it seem like they are actually getting enough to eat?

Lily, your doing great with your weight loss. Sounds like you like your new work and it's keeping you very busy and out of the snacks!! lol Keep up the great work.

Joanne, I have to shut my computer off a lot because of storms it is very annoying isn't it. You have such a good attitude, I love to read your posts.

Zoe, great looking one of the girls "the girlfriend"? I can see why you printed that one and framed it.

Well, It's 9:30 and I have not eaten yet, then I will do a bit of cleaning and walk 2 miles today and do the Oxycise this afternoon, I know adding that program has caused my weight to finally go down so now I have to keep it in!!!

We have a dinner out tonight with old friends that moved to So. Carolina last year, it will be great to see them again.....I will try to do well on the eating but I am sure wine will be included!

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