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LindaD & Bobbi!!!! SO glad to hear from you! Bobbi, good grief, woman, you CERTAINLY DO need a break! Get some rest and then c'mon back and chat with us.
LindaD, I think I'm going to try to get out there sometime in October for a visit with ds & his gf. I think I ought to experience the west coast (or at least a little teeny bit of it) and its perfect weather before I get too old to appreciate it. You must be awfully good at what you do, being kept on when so many were let go. And, that being the case, whenever you finish up on this job, I can't imagine that you'll have any problem whatsoever getting another one. As far as MEN are concerned, I found this (good) one seven years ago. My ex was (and is) rotten to the core, trust me, so up to that point, my choices hadn't been anything to brag about, even though I only had one of 'em. (exes). With him, I would've been way better off if I'd left him a long, LONG time before I got up enough courage to do it. My point is that I was 54 years old when I met the NOW DH, so I'd say you've still got plenty of time if you have any interest in ever remarrying. On the other hand, I have friends who are single career women, and their lives are pretty darned nice. Either way, you're a very attractive, accomplished woman. You won't have to work 'til your 90!!! (I would have to if we stayed up here, though!)
More later...have to get ready and go to (ugh!) work this morning. It's chilly and rainy, and I have NO idea what I'm going to wear!

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Default Monday - July 23

Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Linda (Meowee), today, we have some of that rain you've been getting - but, for us, it's a good thing. It's been pretty dry around here.

Hi Phyllis, yesterday, I did some reading about plateaus - essentially, your body is trying to maintain the status quo - so, after you've lost some weight, it slows down your metabolism to keep you from losing more. Then, the fewer calories you eat, the fewer you will need to maintain your current weight. The only way to increase your metabolism with fewer calories is to gain muscle mass.

Hi Linda D, I've attached some unbelievable sand sculpture photos. I'm not sure where they came from, but I thought of them when I read your post.

Hi Bobbi, sounds like you REALLY need a break. Hope you get some time to enjoy yourself (and take care of yourself) soon.

Hi Zoe, rainy here too.

Tomorrow, I begin teaching my course - AND taking one - both online. Today, I'm off to the gym - try to build that muscle - and this afternoon, the women I scrap with and I are going to see Hairspray. My sil's son is a stage manager for a travelling Hairspray show - his production is in Japan until the end of August.

OK - check back later,


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Good morning everyone! Thank you for such a warm welcome. A little about me - I live in southeast Michigan with my DH and two mini Dachshunds. We have four grown children and six grandchildren.

I used to be quite thin but about 13 years ago I quit smoking and have been struggling with my weight ever since. A few weeks ago I decided to take charge by eating healthy and exercising and I am so happy to have found this site for support. I can't wait to get to know you all.......
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Heidi, good for you for quitting smoking. That will be next "self project" when this weight is gone.

Weekend is over and back to the grind. I've been working on "Elvis stuff" all morning for a client. (he is a "tribute artist") then have stuff to do for 2 others and hopefully can have some time off this afternoon to head to the gym and grocery store. I cleaned out my fridge on Sat. (not a job for the faint of heart or stomach) so now my cupboard is bare. So far, looks like nothing much but work happening this week, but trying to get as much done as possible as school starts again in a couple of weeks. no fair! I might try to get a bathroom painted between now and then if I have time.
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Well, I’m at work – got here in record-breaking time, and it’s not even 8:00 yet! What to do, what to do? Well, what to do is never a question around here – but I can decide WHEN to do it, and it’s not going to be yet! I’m sitting here drinking my large black coffee and munching on my homemade “bag-o-fiber”, which may have more calories in it than I’d care to know about (what I don’t know can’t hurt me, right? ) but I’m pretty sure that any excess calories are offset by the large amounts of fiber, plus drinking gallons of water and riding my bike. (After ALL, I DID lose 4 ounces this week!!!!! At this rate, I’ll be at my “desired weight” just about in time for my granddaughter’s college graduation, and she’s ALREADY going to be 7 in November! Is that quick weight loss, or what? I HAVE decided this week to be VERY careful, though, and see if I can’t drop a FEW more pounds because we’re having a couple for dinner Saturday night whom we haven’t seen in six months, and SHE tells me SHE’S lost 30 pounds! Holy Moly!
The weekend was a relatively quiet one for us. We had planned to perhaps take another drive down to Newport yesterday, but ….oh, silly me….I stayed up Saturday night watching “Roots” episodes until @ 2:00 in the AM! And, to COMPOUND the problem, I was drinking coffee to keep myself awake to watch it – drank down a whole pot – and then when I finally DID crawl into bed, I couldn’t get to sleep. I was too tired to stay up watching TV, but too wired to go to sleep. Yesterday, I went for my bike ride, got half-way around where I wanted to ride (I had figured on being out an hour and a half) but my stomach was feeling queasy, and I started getting that cold-sweatish feeling, so I came on home and had myself a nap. Then I got up and started a batch of chili made from the leftover pork roast that we had Saturday night. Put that in the crock pot, thought about sitting outside in the sun with a book, decided against that, and had just settled in for another “Roots” episode when my eldest daughter turned up. That was quite a surprise, as I don’t see her that often (she lives about an hour and a half away) but she’d come up to Worcester to go to church with my other two girls (their father goes to that church, too, the brazen hypocrite – but DON’T let me get started on THAT) and came by with some dessert (chocolate frosted raspberry brownies! ). So we chatted, she stayed and ate chili & brown rice & salad with us, and we ALL had a teeny tiny little smidgeon of brownie – AND I made her take the rest home for her kids, so that neither DH nor I would be tempted to indulge further. (I don’t want to do anything to interrupt this awesome 4 ounce-a-week weight loss momentum! )
Congrats on that pound, Phyllis! (I’m only 12 ounces behind you for the week! )
Lily, my MOTHER used to make the absolute BEST macaroni & cheese! I hadn’t thought of it in years! I never could make it worth a poop. I remember buying all kind of cheeses, making this complicated white sauce, melting all the cheeses into it, and it came out terrible! I only tried it a couple of times, and then didn’t try any more because my kids loved the Kraft macaroni & cheese served with hot dogs or hamburgers or something when they were home from school on weekends or during school vacations for lunches, and I never felt like they needed a more sophisticated version for dinner, too. I was ALWAYS watching my weight back then, too, so I wouldn’t eat it anyway. Congrats on dropping below 150! Wow! I would REALLY like to be doing that right about now!
Lynn! The chain restaurant nutrition counter just effectively put an end to Dh’s and my late afternoon lunches on Saturdays at our favorite restaurant chain. I found out that my “low calorie” baked scrod is nearly 1000 calories, without even any vegetables! I don’t even know how I’ve been losing the weight that I’ve already lost! Thanks for the info! (I don’t KNOW how a piece of stupid FISH can be so many calories! Jeeze!) I DO think that I could be a LOT more careful about what I’ve been eating, and that’s what I’m planning to do this week. We’ll see if it speeds things up a bit .
Heidi, I quit smoking January 1st of THIS year! That’s how I got myself up to 194 pounds! I started exercising and reducing calories/increasing fiber and learning to like drinking water towards the end of April, and here I am, a few pounds down, with more to go. Not smoking is pretty nice. Being heavy and klutzy is not, as we both seem to have discovered. Please DO stick around and do this with us! It’s WAY better than trying to do it alone, and that’s the truth.
Guess I’ll start doing a little work, now that I’ve had some “me” time.

Have a great day, all..

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Talking are just too funny!!!! \

Here's some help for losing this weeks ounces....

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Hi gang . . .

Wow, ZOE . . . wonderful to hear that somebody else loses weight at the same breakneck speed as I do . . . . . . never mind, every little ounce helps. I am worried though because my eldest granddaughter is 13.

Sorry to hear that some of you have rain. We are having an absolutely beautiful sunny, DRY, morning. So nice to see that glowing ball up in the sky. However, some days it's tough to keep your chins up in spite of the weather . . . The couch fell pray to the pee- again overnight . . . just when I was thinking that the "shoo" from Sergeant's was working. That'll teach me to get my hopes up.

Well, guess I'd better get to moving and shaking . . . speaking of that, here's a little tidbit I came across that I thought everybody could enjoy . . .

In a 25 year study of 13,000 people, those that did moderate exercise on a regular basis throughout the 25 year period had a premature death rate fully 50% lower than those were were mainly sedentary.

Hope everybody has a great day . . . See you soon . . .
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Good Morning Ladies

I hope everyone had a nice week end. Mine was ok.
We spent Saturday with the family. I made whole wheat spaghetti, with low carb sauce and meat balls. Garlic bread and a large salad.
Woke up Sunday to find my d-inlaw went to the hospital. She threw her back out.
Pour baby, went downstairs to do something, and couldn’t go back up the stairs.
Not such a big deal…. except the baby was still up there, alone.
Jessica woke up, realized she was alone and freaked out.
It was about 30 minutes before her other grandparents were able to get to her house. So By then the little one was really going crazy. It took her grandma half an hour to get her calmed down.
The dr. at the hospital said mommy had a severe strain, and can’t pick up the baby.
So Daddy is taking a few days off.

I hope to get the results of my scan early this week…
The dr. said they should get the info Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the kind wishes. My wish is that all test could be THAT easy. No half gallons of water, or white chalk or any other nasty’s to drink or ingest.

Welcome to all of you new girls, You could not have found a lovelier group of ladies.

Congrats to all of you big loosers!
I seem to be stuck at this weight. I need to get busy again, on my equipment at home. I have been so busy (and lazy lately). I just have not been working out as much. Add a few pcs. of bday cake! Oh well…only one more party… this coming Saturday. For Our granddaughter.
Then, I will get VERY SERIOUS with the work outs and food. I am trying to eat lower than normal this week, So that Saturday’s party won’t take me over to bad for the week.

Love the sand sculptures. I have seen many like those on line, Just imagine the time it takes!
You sound like a wonderful mentor. I could have used a big sister like you. Mine were too busy with their own lives. They were great sisters, but older and having family’s before I even finished school.

I am sending you some sunshine!
Sure wish you could send some of that rain here! We are at a deficit. And its looking like slim chances for any this week.

Four ounces…lol. that’s how I do it to.
I have a scale that shows ounces on it. I hit 157.00 this last week and keep bouncing up and down 1 pounds. I hope to see the 155 by the first!
How do you manage to stay up till 2 am? I am so ready for bed by 10 pm. I think 12 is late now days .
mmm. chili! sounds good. I might sneak some turkey in it next time… and not tell him. He hates it when I make him eat healthy.
chocolate frosted raspberry brownies! Oh my Gosh! that sounds like a little touch of heaven.

I quit smoking about 5 yrs ago. I am sooo glad. I can’t imagine the cost right now! I don’t even want to be around the smell now. Yeah! It took a few yrs for that to happen. Now I think it STINKS!

congrats on the smaller clothes. I can’t wait. The biggest problem for me is the tummy.
EVERY thing else is getting smaller. Well so is my tummy, but not fast enough, sigh…
I need to learn patience.

I am so happy for you… keeping your job, Its hard to do around here. So many company’s have closed. I believe that with your experience, you could get a job easily.
I am sorry you have the long drive now. I don’t like city driving either. Maybe you could car pool with a coworker, for company and to save gas.
Good for you staying positive… That’s the way to do it! You can vent anytime.

Boy, I wish I lived closer. I would love to help. Keep up your chin, It will be done soon… Then you can get back to where you were. Just think of all the exercise you are getting, for free.
My dog does not play that game, with the socks. she is about 10 yrs old. and gets up off the floor like I get out of a chair. Slow…
She still thinks she is our baby though. I can’t kiss hubby with out the dog wanting to be right between us getting hugs.

Well I have to work the early shift. Cool I will be home at 1:30 and be home for the day! I might have to think about the shift. NOT! Then I would only see hubby for a short time before HE leaves for work. This way… We have the mornings ALONE! (dd still lives here) I forgot how nice it is to have time for just us.

See you later girls.
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Well its a new week and hopefully I will have enough brain power to actually remember to get on the scale one of the three days I am over at the gym. I don't have any feelings one way or another -- I still feel stalled with my weight loss. Even though I am getting compliments on my shape -- I keep wondering if I should buy a scale but I am positive I would have to be replacing it or windows once a week when I step on the damn thing. At least the one at work I have to hold my temper when I do get on (too many witnesses if I do get mad LOL). I wasn't on the computer much this weekend. Like so many others we are on day 7 of rain -- this summer is really getting to me - its either frikken hot or raining -- nothing in between.
On Saturday we took advantage of a break in the rain and went out for a walk -- our intention was to walk to the butcher's but we went the long way around and through the park. We found a perfectly good abandoned frisbee in the park and just for fun I picked it up and threw it to my sweetie. We ended up playing for about 10 minutes -- funny how a simple kids game gets you working out. By the time we finished at the butchers and were walking up the hill home it was getting ready to rain again and it was hot and humid -- blech. We stayed in and watched The Shawshank Redemption - about the third time I have seen it and I love it each time. The story is glorious and of course listening to Morgan Freeman narrate is a joy.

Trust me I have read everyone's notes -- big congrats on the losers -- LOL one place being a loser is a GOOD thing!!! Cat getting into a 12 is my dream -- I wear loose 16 so 12 is my goal -- WAY TO GO!!!

Zoe -- as always you make me laugh and I just love reading everything you write.

LindaD -- Like Zoe I found a total sweetie later in life - my first marriage was good but this one is so good for me now and I found him online (lots of great people online -- LOL we are here right??)

Theresa - I sure hope you get good news from the MRI. I love how your insurance won't pay for chiropractic but will pay for an MRI. Did you know that just powering up that machine costs over $900??

Lynn -- I am so thrilled that the news is good about the masses. Geesh our bodies give us panic attacks too often.

Heidi -- WELCOME

Bobbie, Phyllis, Lily, Paula, Lyn, Trish and anyone I might have missed have a great day.
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Cool Monday Monday

Hi all,

Again it just took me the better part of my lunch hour to read through all of the posts over the weekend. Boy we are an expresive group! Congrats to all who managed to lose a few oz's and even pounds last week. I weigh in tonite and HOPE to show a loss. I put in a total of 24 miles of walking last week!!

We had a glorious weekend...sun and in the 70s and 80s. I played golf with my DH at a different course and had fun with that little white ball. Then we went out to a BBQ place and I indulged with BBQ ribs and 2 Sam Adams. (Well, I figured with all of that walking, why not?) While I was feeling magnamomous after the 2 beers, I told my DH I would go for a motorcycle ride with him on Sunday. Now...this is a new hobby for him and the bike is rather small...the rear seat has no back so when I woke up Sunday am I was sort of hoping he'd forget the offer....No, of course not. He was rare'in to go!So we toured around the countryside for about an hour and let me tell you - my butt was numb and my back was sore as heck by the end. I'm sure we were a sight with my long legs up around my ears on the back of that thing. This was my 3d time on the bike and I was a little more relaxed - but I still don't understand the thrill of the sport.

I need to go get out and walk a little now, before I get back to work. Other wise I'd stick around and repspond to each of you. I also still need to do the Introduction Thread...I see Zoe did hers. I promise I will.

I forget who mentioned the ShawShank Redemtion - bu that is one of my all-time favorites too. And yes, Lynn...I think it was Lynn...the German city I visited was indeed Rothenburg.

Oh and Lynn...So glad about your good news. All those prayers and positive thoughts paid off.

Theresa - my positive thoughts are coming your was for your results.

Happy monday to all.

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Bobbi- Are you going to auction off the house? A friend of mine told me once that she put her parent's house up for auction and that she was going through the stuff and putting all the things she thought was trash in a pile. When the auctioneer came though he asked what she was going to do with the stuff in the pile. She told him it was trash. He looked though it and asked her to not throw anything away. They would rather go through the stuff and decide what to keep for the auction. Some of the things that she had in the trash pile were small swatches of quilts that he mom had been making. It turns out that they brought in quite a bit of money. You just never know what might be worth saving. If you haven't already, you might want to talk to the auctioneer about it and see if they want you to clean it out or let them do it. I can't remember who told me this story. It might have even been here. I know it was discussed when we put my dad's house up for auction.

Margaret- My dad got your card first. I explained who all you ladies were and that he would be getting cards from you to help him get better.

Heidi- Our stats are pretty close. Good Luck.

Theresa- Ouch. I hope your d-in-law feels better soon.

I have to get some fabric out of the basement so I can made a whale costume. I also have to finish the laundry. I hope everyone has a nice day.
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Hello Everybody! Just have a few minutes here to post. I have taken time to read everybody's posts --- and Congrats to all who have lost pounds, ounces and I think this weekend I may have just found them all!!

On Friday night we sold the boat The guy who bought it left it here and picked it up on Saturday morning to go to Tarryall Reservoir. He didnt want to have to take it all the way back down to the Springs and then come right back by here on his way to the lake! That was good!

Then on Saturday we had a wedding to go to down in the Springs. My cousins son got married. I saw so many people that I hadn't seen in ages!! It was really nice and there was probably 200 people there! Big wedding!

Yesterday afternoon a man came and looked at the tractor and bought it! Another !! He doesn't have any way to get it to his house so we are going to deliver it on Wednesday.

This morning a man called from Raton, NM and is coming to look at our house on Thursday! So things have been pretty busy around here. We still have the 5th wheel RV that we would like to sell too but if it doesn't sell we can always take it to MO. with us.

I am hoping to get on the Introductions page later this afternoon and post there. So glad that things are going well for everyone.

Theresa-- I hope you dil feels better real soon.

I'll try to get back on later today and answer more personals.. Everybody have a good day!!! Karen
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Hi All:

I forgot to mention that I lost 1 pound last week. I'm like Zoe, it just is very slow to loose it. I will also reach my goal when my grandchildren graduate!!

Zoe, it's so much fun reading your posts. I laugh out loud. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm 57, so I guess at some point I will at least date a little. I have learned that if I ever do have someone in my life it will be because I want them in it, not because I have to have a man in it. At this point I'm not ready to date yet. Have fun in CA. Make sure you visit the ocean.

Bobbi, I remember when I moved my mother into an assisted living home. It was a lot of work and it was a little sad too. Don't worry about sticking to your diet. Just try to eat as healthy as possible and after everything is over you can get on track.

Lynn, the sand castle pictures are incredible. Some people have all the talent.

Heidi, I was born in Detroit and moved to WVA when I was 6 years old. My father was a pastor and he got a pastorial position with a church in WVA. I lived there until I was 31 and moved to CA. It's very nice to meet you.

Hello to everyone else. I'm at work so I better go now. Take care.
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: Congrats on the pound gone Linda D.

I got a call from the rest home and they said my dad had congestive heart failure. They did an X-Ray of his lungs yesterday to see how the congestion is doing and found the other. They are going to do a blood test today.
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Hi Everyone,

I just got online to work on the course I'm teaching and the one I'm taking - both begin tomorrow - and the Univ website is down. Soooo - here I am.

Hi Heidi, I quit smoking around 13 years ago also. Next to changing my eating habits, it was the most difficult thing I ever did.

Hi Cat, you cleaned out your fridge & I cleaned out my pantry. I got rid of all the stuff I don't eat anymore. Next comes my freezer & fridge and then, my cookie-making supplies.

Hi Zoe, you really are an EXCELLENT writer. Amazing that grant-writing never stymied your creativity! So, when you move down south, won't you miss your dd's & grandchildren?
Sorry I spoiled your outings at your favorite restaurant chain.

Hi Linda (Meowee), glad you remembered the name of that "growing ball up in the sky." Hopefully, you will get to see some more of it this summer.

Hi Theresa, I am SOOOO sorry about what your dear granddaughter went through. You and your DIL need to stop all those acrobatics!
I had the same issue as you with my older sister and brother. They were 12 and 13 years older than I. More like another set of parents than siblings.

Hi Joanne, I LOVE Stephen King - my FAVORITE author - and I LOVE Morgan Freeman - my FAVORITE actor.

Hi Lyn, good luck with your weigh-in tonight. Be CAREFUL on that bike - I HATE those things. Even when you're a good driver, you still have to be careful of all those crazies out there.

Hi Paula, I'm so sorry to hear about your father's congestive heart failure. Who wants the whale costume?

Hi Karen, Congratulations on all those sales! Glad you had a nice time at the wedding.

Hi LindaD, I'm with you on the "man in my life" issue. I miss my dh - especially the communication and the affection - but when I look around, I just am NOT interested in what I see. This is the first time in my life (since I was about 11) that I haven't had a man (boy) in my life.

Today I went to the gym, went shopping & got a few pair of gym shorts/tops on sale, went to see Hairspray (what an ADORABLE movie), and had a DELICIOUS dinner - salmon w ff lemon-dill sauce, spaghetti squash w tomatoes, onions, garlic AND 1/2 a Flat Out - I FINALLY found them. Here's hoping that it won't raise my blood sugar too much - tasted REALLY good.

OK GGirls,

Check back tomorrow,

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